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Happy #nationalpuppyday Kitty, we love you ❤ I apologize to my daughter who is going to be very confused when we point to Kitty and try to explain that she's a doggie 🤦🏻‍♀️

#thenandnow Such a wonderful reunion with @officialkjb & @jcila We met many years ago when we were all in Les Miserables on Broadway together. So thankful that we are still friends. Love you both to pieces❤

#tbt to fun times at the beautiful wedding of @alifedotowsky & @kevinmanno Wishing you guys a life full of love and joy! 💑

Huge thanks to @johnnystuntz for the shade and the pretty hair-do ☂️ You're the best! *just for the record, I always feel embarrassed when someone holds an umbrella over me on set, like, "what a diva!" But he insisted and I really appreciated it 😘 #springfling

Thanks to these wonderful ladies @theheartofmakeup and @gabyfkool for 💄 & 👗 #SpringFling

Not a bad day at the office when they ask you to play with golden retriever puppies on a gorgeous socal day 💐I'm a lucky lady! I may or may not have put one in my purse to take home ;) #SpringFling @hallmarkchannel

Monitor shot! #SpringFling @hallmarkchannel

Getting into the spirit of #SpringFling for @hallmarkchannel 🌸🌷💐

#internationalwomensday To my mom, grandmother, sisters and girlfriends...thank you for having my back. I promise to always have yours 🙌🏻 #regram from @monicapottergram

Excited to add this to Julia's collection of books! This book is so adorable @danicamckellar Great job! #goodnightnumbers @mckellarmath

Wanted to let you know my latest @hallmarkchannel movie #MoonlightinVermont will air April 8 at 9/8c Please set your dvr! #springfling

Saturday afternoon hangout with my girls. Kitty loves watching over her little sister. The lounger pillow is officially hers now ;) How cute are Julia's butterfly moccasins?! I wish they made them in my size! 🦋🦋🦋🦋

One of my favorite parts of my job is meeting new people who then become friends. Love these ladies and hope we have the opportunity to work together again soon. @ninafarrauto (hair 🦄 ) @taylorstan (costume 👗) and Tracy-(makeup💄)

We have too much downtime today. #sleepdeprivedsilliness #funonset

Having so much fun working with this lady @fionavroom


Behind the scenes 📽 @hallmarkchannel

Trying our best to not freeze on set up here in snowy Vancouver! Enjoying working with @carlohmarks on our new @hallmarkchannel movie

Desperately trying to keep warm on set! @carlohmarks @elise_gatien #jessemoss @hallmarkchannel

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