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Omg! I bought this @weareknitters sweater kit months ago and I finally finished making it! I LOVE IT I AM NEVER TAKING IT OFF!! 🎉🎉🎉👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️❤️ #krystenknitter 😂 (it's the 'chewing gum sweater' but I made my own modifications to the pattern- for those asking 😘😘)

I screamed when I heard the amazing news. Great day for #standingrock - thank u #waterprotectors #thanksobama 🌎 #love #Repost @e.l.o.d.i.e.y.u.n.g ・・・ The POWER of the PEOPLE! Obama administration has halt the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline 👊🏻🌍🙌 #standwithstandingrock #powerofpeople #nodapl

Made this cute hat tonight in like an hour! I love me a SUNDAY! Hello and nighty night! 😂😂👏🏻👏🏻 #krystenknitter @the_rare_creature

Wow thanks everyone !! #strengthamongfriends #standwithstandingrock #worldcauseday 🌎 #nodapl @laurenbrat @cjcolando @feraflora @joyfuljess1620 @xafierro @whiskeyandspite @jesscraney16 @e.l.o.d.i.e.y.u.n.g @rachaelmaytaylor @ekadarville @jhenwick @finnjones @carrieannemoss @jonnybernthal @stephanie_stuff

Yesssss !!!! Keep em coming!!! Thank you all so much for joining us and showing support for #standingrock !! @ekadarville @jhenwick @colby.minifie @kadiasaraf @alwaysandforeverfangirling @rizvi313 @brit_ten_eee @wizardworld @mikecarlsen #standwithstandingrock #strengthamongfriends

Heart explosion!! Keep em coming guys!!! #strengthamongfriends #standwithstandingrock #nodapl 🌎 #worldcauseday

#standwithstandingrock #strengthamongfriends #mikecolter #worldcauseday #nodapl

Yay keep joining in!! #strengthamongfriends #standwithstandingrock @e.l.o.d.i.e.y.u.n.g #mikecolter #jessicahenwick @finnjones @jonnybernthal @ekadarville @rachaelmaytaylor @carrieannemoss #nodapl #globaldayofaction #standwithstandingrock #waterprotecters #everyday #strengthamongfriends #letsgetloud 🌏👊🏻 please donate if you can - and if you can't that's ok too !! just post a pic like us, join in, and I'll repost it!! The more voices the better!!! ❤️❤️

1st of December guys! Let's take some action this month! Join me, @e.l.o.d.i.e.y.u.n.g and all my friends in this chain in support for Standing Rock!! This is very important for not only the indigenous people of Standing Rock but for EVERYONE and our future and our water!!!! Get informed, take action and invite a few friends to participate!! I'm inviting ...#mikecolter #jessicahenwick @finnjones @jonnybernthal @ekadarville @rachaelmaytaylor @carrieannemoss and YOU #nodapl #globaldayofaction #standwithstandingrock #waterprotecters #everyday #strengthamongfriends #letsgetloud 🌏👊🏻 please donate if you can - and if you can't that's ok too !! just post a pic like us and join in! The more voices the better!! I will post a collage of people who participate a little later. ❤️ (tag me and I will repost you!)

I'm jet-lagged and up too late so I made a hat! Hi and goodnight! 😂😂

The Hero - a movie I shot over the summer with LEGENDARY Sam Elliot got into SUNDANCE!! Yay yay yay! So exciting!!! Woo! Congrats to all involved!!

YESSSSSS! Christmas came early! Ok! These are THE pattern books to get if you're into super chunky yarn and edgy/cool/fast/modern knitting (like me!) EVERYDAY and WEEKEND by @jengeigley #knitting #knittersofinstagram #extremeknitting #krystenknitter

We clean up ok 😂 fun fun! #mikecolter #jessicajones #lukecage

Sick! Thanks @enews 💪🏻👊🏻❤️ #Repost @enews with @repostapp ・・・ We're not sure what's more fierce: Jessica Jones' attitude or Krysten Ritter’s style. We won't mess with either. 👊 (📷: Matthew Eisman/ @gettyentertainment for IFP)

Dear young Krysten, when you grow up you will be in the same room as Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke. Bye. 😂😂🙈🙈

Tonight's look for the fabulous Gotham awards! Dressed by @ilariaurbinati hair and makeup @hairbender212 and @sarklmakeup and we had a BLAST! My tummy hurts from laughing all night with my peeps! ❤️💪🏻😂

Oh hi. Got a hot date tonight. 😂 gotham awards for Jessica Jones!

Blurry but we feel cute 😂😂 date night tonight for the Gotham Awards! Jessica Jones is nominated for best tv show 😂😂 @princesskylenyc (hair and make up by @sarklmakeup @hairbender212 )

I think this is the first note that has been passed to me since 2nd grade 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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