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So proud to be a part of this incredible sister march. the streets are FILLED - crowds wildly surpassing expectations - peaceful and united #womensmarch 👊🏻 #nyc

Women's March! 🥊💪🏻🥊😻

Love my new sweater!!!! Winged it, came out great! Getting better at this ❤ #krystenknitter #knittersofinstagram @weareknitters

#Repost @entertainmentweekly ・・・ #JessicaJones is back in #Marvel’s #TheDefenders! 👏 Popularity has never been Jones’ goal, which makes the idea of teaming up with the #Defenders particularly unappealing to her. 😑 “She’s going to have to let three men into her life who she doesn’t 100 percent trust,” showrunner Marco Ramirez tells us. 😮#KrystenRitter #IronFist #LukeCage #Daredevil 📷: FINLAY MACKAY FOR EW

Everybody loves Mikey 🐶😍❤ @finnjones #defenders #jessicajones

Here comes trouble! #Defenders baby! 💥 @entertainmentweekly

Look who's on the cover of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY!!! 💥💥 @entertainmentweekly - pinch me! What an incredible career highlight and I'm so thrilled to share it with these boys. Ok - NO SPOILERS - but get pumped for #defenders because it is going to be EPIC! #jessicajones

Made this over the holiday break and I love it so much!! (It's the super cropped cardigan from @loopymango and it's really fun😍) ❤❤ #krystenknitter

Behind the scenes from my photo shoot today. I THINK @heidiheartsclub got the money shot. Omg 😂😂😂 @weareknitters

@p_ssyhatproject one down!!! Who's making Pussy Hats for the Women's March on Washington! #janurary21 (and if you can't make it to Washington- there are solidarity marches all over the country!) #womensmarchonwashington @thelittleknittery

Rollin with my homies for a little work on a Sunday 😜😜

Has everyone seen this movie? Oh man I LOVED IT! #viggomortensen #alltheawards #Repost @carrieannemoss ・・・ Be a radical disruptor as inspired by @gurusinghyogi and see this movie :: voting season here for movies and such :: #viggomortensen and the whole cast are so good :: my favorite movie of the year :: #mattross I bow to you :: #sagawards #powertothepeoplestickittotheman

RIP sweet #tilikum 😞- #emptythetanks

Ok who's making Pussy Hats for the march ?! I am!! @p_ssyhatproject #pussyhatproject @thelittleknittery

🎉👏🏻Major CONGRATS to my friend and one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE scene partners ever @vanderjames !!! He's producing, writing, and starring in a new comedy for @viceland !! 🎉🎉 I am so proud of him!!!! So much so that I just had to post this beautiful and incredibly flattering photo of us from @donttrustthebitchinapt23 #apt23 😂😂 love you James!!!!!!!

Best SLAY of 2016 - one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES - 😂 styled by @ilariaurbinati - hair and make up by my JJ girls @sarklmakeup and @hairbender212

Best doggy/bestfriend/sidekick 2016

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