Кристен Риттер


Американская актриса и бывшая модель.
  • Все 2036
  • Фото 1909
  • Видео 127

More from @harpersbazaarus #harpersbazaar 📷 @nadyawasylko dress @alexandermcqueen 💀💀🖤🖤 Hair and make up @rheannewhite @dilokritbarose

Cutest ever 🐶❤️

I’ll be on @teamcoco #conan tonight talking all things #jessicajones season 2 #bonfirethebook and my knitting kits with @weareknitters ! Tune in!

New photos from @harpersbazaarus 📷 @nadyawasylko hair @rheannewhite make up @dilokritbarose 💀

Just beating up our first AD Wex again for giving me an early call time. We have fun. 🤪🤣😂 #bts #jessicajones 🎥 @ekadarville

fun behind the scenes on #jessicajones 2 - #bts

The #jessicajones 2 press train continues! Make up, hair, and styling @amynadinemakeup @pamwiggy @ilariaurbinati 🤪🤪❤️❤️ here we are backstage at The Talk! Adorable boots by @sarahflint_nyc !

👊🏻 #Repost @amynadinemakeup with ・・・ Backstage with @therealkrystenritter rocking her @timesupshirts! $10 from every shirt is donated to the Times Up Legal Fund! 👊💋👊

Nerd alert 😂🤣🤓🤓 #krystenknitter - this sweater is my EASY KRYSTEN SWEATER kit from @weareknitters - get yours ASAP!

Wait? @bklynraised aren’t you supposed to be booming ME? 🤪🤪 #bts #jessicajones 2 🤓🤓❤️❤️

Post bath Mikey cuteness 🐶🤪

This is how I roll up to set on #jessicajones 2 - that scoot life 🤪

Behind the scenes - trying my hand at operating B-cam under Josh’s (pictured) tutelage.🎥 #jessicajones 2

Fun red jacket and Levi’s look for last nights appearance on @thedailyshow - #jessicajones 2 press tour ❤️

Tune in tonight! The Daily Show! @trevornoah @thedailyshow (Hair make up styling @rheannewhite @dilokritbarose @ilariaurbinati )

Rocking the Sirius radio tour talking all things #jessicajones 2 and my novel #bonfirethebook ! So fun brining sissy along. ❤️

The camera boys teaching me the ropes (and how to pull focus) - behind the scenes of Jessica Jones 2 📷 @jrihaly

Love this power photo of our Jessica Jones 2 directors - Neasa Hardiman (ep 10), Jennifer Getzinger (ep 7), Jen Lynch (ep 11), and Uta Briesewitz (ep 13 and who I’ve worked with three times!) 👑👑👑👑 @latimes

📷 @thekateowen for @nylonmag

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