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Американский актёр, известный по роли доктора Шелдона Купера в комедийном сериале «Теория большого взрыва», выходящем на телеканале CBS.
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Thanks for my pins, Claire! I love them! And u ❤️#akidlikejake

Today's dressing room. 😷 #akidlikejake edit: this is literally my dressing room for the day, that wasn't code for something else. I'm very healthy. VERY. You can't get much healthier than me. At least I don't think you can... 🤢🤧🤕😬

@amylandecker @silash ❤️

In dressing room #akidlikejake

Thank you, @hungryghostbrooklyn for having delicious coffee and kind service. You made the two-week shoot in Brooklyn much more energetic for me. #akidlikejake


That's me in the middle: the ham between two slices of incredible talent: Claire Danes and @danielpearle #akidlikejake

Huge congrats to @themelissarauch and Winston as they announce they are expecting a baby and a major "bravo" to Melissa for the beautiful piece she wrote about it for Glamour; link in profile. ❤️

As seen in my holding area #akidlikejake

Happy Pride, everyone! 🌈 We don't normally land ourselves in the thick of the parade, but we sure know how to proudly raise a glass in a bar! Hope it's been a fantastic day for all ❤️🌈🇺🇸

Live video in under an hour... @radioandysxm Sirius XM channel 102

Do you recognize this structure? If not, it's the Watergate Complex, site of a break-in that turned into a political scandal which almost all political scandals are named after and compared to now. We've heard a lot of comparisons lately to Nixon and Watergate, as we watch Senate and House hearings asking questions about Russia, our current administration and hinting at charges of obstruction of justice. How apt are these comparisons, really? What are the specifics of the Watergate scandal that apply to what we're seeing now and where are the comparisons incorrect? Today we will be joined by @tim.naftali whom you may remember from my very first episode of Jim Parsons is Too Stupid for Politics. As director of the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, Tim worked very hard to show and tell an objective story of the Watergate scandal, making him a perfect person to ask these questions of and I am thrilled to get to talk to him again. 7e/4p @radioandysxm Sirius XM channel 102

Congrats to my mom and my sister, two of the hardest working, most devoted teachers one could ever know. Today they cleaned the final files and books out of the first grade classroom they have shared for 11 years as they both retire from the teaching field. My mom taught for 41 years in total, my sister for 19. They touched literally thousands and thousands of young minds and the hearts of those children's families and, even though they won't be in the classroom anymore, the work they did lives on in all those people. I am very proud of both of them. And so happy for them, too! Now go get margaritas, both of you! 🎉🍾❤️👌

Hell yes! Congrats to my tv mom on her well deserved @thetonyawards award! I love u, Laurie Metcalf!

An appropriate film for this @thetonyawards weekend, @stephenkaram 's movie adaptation of his stage play, "Speech & Debate," is available for iTunes download/rental. Through June 11, 10% of proceeds will go to @trevorproject to provide crisis intervention services for LGBTQ youth. Most importantly, however, I bet you'll just really enjoy the story! @speechdebatefilm #theaterkidsunite

Hump Day madness with Otis.

Rufus finds Mondays so stressful.

#veraneumann @melissamcneeley 👍❤️

OMG totally forgot to wish @bravoandy a VERY happy bday while on the radio show tonight! Andy, I hope it's been a great one... count me among the MANY people who are very glad you were born ❤️🎉🍾 (image stolen directly from @bravoandy page ha)

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