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Американский актёр, известный по роли доктора Шелдона Купера в комедийном сериале «Теория большого взрыва», выходящем на телеканале CBS.
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Well, alright, I'll play...

Backstage is cramped but full of love ❤️ with @norahodonnell @gayleking @iainlovestheatre @charlierose at Carnegie Hall #cbsupfront

Here we go...! #youngsheldon #cbsupfront @iainlovestheatre

She's our best friend, she was our wedding planner, she was our officiant and she played all three parts brilliantly this past Saturday: thank you and love you, @melissamcneeley (that Chuppah ain't bad, either, @doan_ly !) photo cred @ambergressphotography

Reception, first dance... (have to say thank you to #anniepsaltiras who was supposed to just be a guest but worked really hard to help us get the @tomford tuxes we loved so much AND she tied the bow ties of several guests that night. Annie is a champ and we love her ❤️) photos by @ambergressphotography (why can't I figure out how to tag @melissamcneeley and @doan_ly ??? Oh yeah, cuz I'm old. 👌)

5.13.17 ❤️Rainbow Room, NYC 📷 by @ambergressphotography 🎉 by @melissamcneeley 💐🌸🌺by @doan_ly (more pics to come)

Go, @geniebouchard go! (Again, forced to watch these digits change oh so slowly on my phone since I can't find the damn thing anywhere on tv!)

Lap 🐶 #otis

Season 10 finale tonight! Big stuff happening, hope you check it out.. return of @rikilindhome as a special added treat! #bigbangtheory #cbs 8/7c

Ok, @geniebouchard is serving for the match... now the lack of a visual is killing me. #madridopen edit: she won! But I don't know how. Cause I didn't see it. Did Kerber retire before last game was played??

First set to @geniebouchard There are betters ways to watch than this, but until @tennischannel gives us a peak at her match, this will do and I am very happy! #madridopen

Real life. Repost from @radioandysxm Living laughing learning ...

Also starting tonight on the delightful @chelseahandler Netflix show, @chelseashow , you can catch footage from this fabulously fun dinner party we had to discuss education! W/ @marycmccormack @rashidajones and #gabyhoffmann

Today, on Jim Parsons is Too Stupid For Politics, I am going to get the chance to discuss the workings of our US Senate with a man I have much respect for and who knows the Senate as well as any human being possibly could, Senator John McCain. I don't know who talked the good Senator into this, but I am really grateful. 7e/4p @radioandysxm SiriusXM channel 102.

❤️#georgbaselitz @friezeartfair

What a great time: saw the fantastic @wecomefromaway with the equally fantastic @iainlovestheatre 🎭👍

For your birthday, @sanctionedjohnnygalecki You can thank me later.

For your birthday, @kunalkarmanayyar You can thank me later...

Happy birthday, @kunalkarmanayyar and @sanctionedjohnnygalecki 🎉👍🍾

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