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Американский актёр, известный по роли доктора Шелдона Купера в комедийном сериале «Теория большого взрыва», выходящем на телеканале CBS.
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Thank you to Willow and Lillyrose for my fantastic handmade card! I love it and it was so great meeting you both on set today! Show tape night #2 here we go...

Congrats to my mom, who is absolutely taking retirement by the horns: today is the first first-day-of-school in DECADES that she hasn't had to report for duty and look what she did instead: finished a margarita and started on a dessert sundae before 1:30 pm! My hero. #lifelessons ❤️🍾😀

Mexican food! Saturday night! 🌮ps I am not alone. Todd was in the bathroom. Just wanted you to know...

Today on #jimparsonsistoostupidforpolitics we're talking all things "immigration." Our guest is Irene Bloemraad, a professor of sociology at UC Berkeley and an expert on today's topic. Join us on @radioandysxm at 7e/4p

I just did my third film with Ann Dowd (Garden State; Gardener of Eden; A Kid Like Jake) and, for the third time, I fell in love. There could not be a kinder, more intelligent friend to hang with when the cameras aren't rolling. That being said, the work she does as an actress when the cameras ARE rolling is astonishing and can sometimes make you forget how kind she is (and that's a compliment!). I've linked in my profile to a piece about her in which @justintheroux and @carriecoon also gush about Ann. Ann is nominated for two Emmys this year: one for #theleftovers and one for #thehandmaidstale If you don't know Ann (or even if you do!), check it out. ❤️👍

So many things in the world are absolutely baffling to me right now. This ice sculpture, however, truly represents some welcome consistency. Happy season 11, @bigbangtheory_cbs It all feels normal and unbelievable at the same time ❤️Tape night number 1; 23 to go!

I'm doin' this. Tonight. @realtimers #firstinhuman @billmaher

The building in this photo is Building 10 at the National Institutes of Health. Starting tonight on @discoverychannel find out about the incredible, life-saving, world-changing work that goes on there. #firstinhuman 9pm Eastern 8pm Central @nationalcancerinstitute

Look, a real, professional, adult picture of me and @jimmykimmel @jimmykimmellive Tonight.

Tonight with the delightful @jimmykimmel on @jimmykimmellive 👍😀talking #firstinhuman on @discoverychannel and @youngsheldoncbs

I am telling you, HARD at WERK! 🐜 🐜 🐜

These ants are hard at work! Digging digging digging in their disco blue... 🐜 🐜 🐜 ❤️👍

Thank you, @iainlovestheatre for my ant farm! (It's the blue thing behind us) on set of @youngsheldoncbs

Happy happy birthday to one of my favorite people in the world, one of my best friends and just a fabulous fantastic kind loving stylish party-loving girl, @melissamcneeley WE LOVE YOU and are so grateful you were born and that we get to share in your life! ❤️🎂🎉🍾

They've been frozen like this for ten minutes on the screen #jimparsonsistoostupidforpolitics @radioandysxm

Otis insides.

The comments section of the @nytfood recipe pages is one of my favorite things to read. As it should be, people are violently opinionated about their foods. In this recipe for grilled cheese that calls for mayo on the bread for a good crust (which happens to work, I've had it!), nothing tickles me more than the fact that 26 people (!) found this middle comment "helpful" hahahahah I LOVE FOOD SO MUCH ❤️🍕🥐🍩🍟🍗🥓🍔

Did that feel good? Because I'll tell you what this latest policy decision looks like to me: a way to try and make sure a certain group of people "know their place" in our society; make sure they understand "where they rank" on our social ladder. And, I feel certain, if our Commander in Chief could find a way in which gay military service men and women were "too expensive" to have around, we would get our similar "thanks but no thanks" Tweet tomorrow. Would love nothing more than to not wade into these thorny areas on my sweet IG account but, let's be honest: #ifyouseesomethingsaysomething

Thanks for my pins, Claire! I love them! And u ❤️#akidlikejake

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