Джим Парсонс


Американский актёр, известный по роли доктора Шелдона Купера в комедийном сериале «Теория большого взрыва», выходящем на телеканале CBS.
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This is an actual shot of @missmayim laughing at a @themelissarauch line during run thru. She's so supportive... ❤

The wonder of it all.

Wall art.

aaaand one final piece of cake. Thank you, Todd! ❤️

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes! At the risk of sounding cheesy for a moment: I always take such comfort when, as an actor, I am working on my birthday. I imagine most other actors understand this (and maybe EVERYONE understands this, actually) and today was extra special as I got to report to not just one but TWO jobs with such special people at both; a smattering of love-shout-outs to @normancook @sanctionedjohnnygalecki @kunalkarmanayyar @missmayim @themelissarauch Simon Helberg @brianposehn @iainlovestheatre @bummersis and so many others... I am a lucky boy, sharing the day with all of you and, again, WORKING! Xo

At work with @bummersis

Today's guest, William Ruckelshaus, being sworn in as the very first EPA administrator @radioandysxm

Back in the studio for Jim Parsons is too Stupid for Politics and today's show deals with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and our guest is William Ruckelshaus, the VERY FIRST head of the EPA... an excellent person, I believe, to help explain why the EPA was created, how it's changed and what lays ahead for the agency. Join us at 7e/4p on SiriusXM 102, @radioandysxm 🇺🇸😊

I'm very comfortable sharing a foam roller with a Victoria's Secret model... thanks, @barbarafialho1

@jaimiealexander back atcha 💪👍😘thanks for posing, @benbrunotraining

Today: Russia! Jim Parsons is too Stupid for Politics on @radioandysxm at 7e/4p 844-305-2639 channel 102

Ha! @benbrunotraining you were great on the Today Show! Not sure why you don't make them push a sled but, whatever... still fantastic 💪😁👌PS you were a great student, @jaimiealexander !

Done. 🇺🇸👍

Hey! Friends in LA! (And in 6 other Cali counties...) we have another election tomorrow! This is a dense little booklet to get trough (at least for me!) but I'm doing the best I can and if you're eligible and registered, you should get out to vote tomorrow! We're voting on mayor, school boards and measures that decide things like who will dictate how we spend tax dollars from legalized Mary-J (edit: that's not exactly worded right but I'm trying to figure it out haha) and housing issues! Again, it ain't the plainest English to read sometimes, but well worth the effort! Vote! Tomorrow! 🇺🇸👍

Pretty in LA #wiltonplace at #hollywoodblvd

Changes. #wishireblvd

Yup, still "Too Stupid for Politics!" Today at 7e/4p on Radio Andy, channel 102 on Sirius XM! Today we're talking about the budget! Doesn't that sound like fun??? We're at 844-305-2639 if you have any questions!

Color inspiration on a rack @flouncevintage ... what a fantastic shop.

Whatever else happens, Meryl and I shared a laugh. Kind of. #oscarsupdate2017

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