Джим Парсонс


Американский актёр, известный по роли доктора Шелдона Купера в комедийном сериале «Теория большого взрыва», выходящем на телеканале CBS.
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Absolutely stunningly beautiful. Cried like a baby, I’ll be frank about it. Three brilliantly executed performances and oh my God how effectively directed by #joemantello Thank you to everyone involved #lauriemetcalf #glendajackson @msalisonpill

🐶, harness, lap, 🚗

That was fun! Backstage just before we presented @thetonyawards @zacharyquinto @mattbomer @andrewrannells @boysbandbway

yeah the flowers are real. well, I was wondering, even if you weren’t. so i touched them to make sure. @thetonyawards

@thetonyawards bound with @therealtoddspiewak

Well, this is terribly exciting... thank you, @samuelfrenchnyc and Happy Tony Sunday to you all! @thetonyawards @boysbandbway

“It’s our job to protect him.” Halloween costume decision time for Jake with @clairedanes in #akidlikejake @akidlikejakefilm

A scene from @akidlikejakefilm with the incredible @amylandecker #akidlikejake

Very excited to tell you that #AKidLikeJake is NOW PLAYING in select theaters in NY/SF/LA and available on @iTunes, @PrimeVideo & everywhere on demand TODAY! @akidlikejakefilm

Driving home in the rain. From a most fabulous bday party. Happy bday @zacharyquinto ❤️🎉 and hello @akidlikejakefilm

Rufus 🐶

Rufus 🐶

NOW PLAYING! @akidlikejakefilm Aaaaannnddd... some wonderful Q and A sessions, including one that I will be in attendance for this Sunday! So excited...! 🎟🎭🎉

Hard to believe we are just now at opening night for @boysbandbway This has already been, for me, an experience of a lifetime/career; and a whole hell of a lot of the reason for that has to do with the men pictured here, all of whom I feel so much love for... and a couple NOT pictured, too, namely #JoeMantello and @mrrpmurphy THANK YOU all @mattbomer @brianhutchison3 @zacharyquinto @tucwatkins @michaelbwashington @charliecarver @robinofjesus @andrewrannells ❤️🌈🎭🎟🎉👍

haha YES! #lauriemetcalf #ilovelauriemetcalf

We all want the best for the ones we love. See an exclusive clip for my new film @akidlikejakefilm opening in NYC June 1, LA and everywhere on demand June 8! Link in bio to find a theater...!

I’d been looking for this pic, I knew we had it somewhere... this was our go-to position, me and Otis (other than the lap, that is). I spent countless hours of our lives holding him exactly like this, where he’d give me the FULL weight of his body and, whenever we were in this position, I would rock back and forth from one foot to the next, almost like rocking a baby. I don’t know why I did that but he seemed to be just fine with it. It’s fascinating how easily and clearly I can feel him when I look at this photo... Anyway, just thinking about Otis... ❤️🐶❤️

This handsome boy left us today, but he will forever be with us. When we got Otis, we had no idea how much joy he would bring. Everyone on our block in Brooklyn knew Otis, and they would scream "Ottttttis" as we walked him. When Jim went off to do a show for a few months, Otis went from sleeping in his crate at night, to sleeping in bed with me, and when Jim returned, we went from a full size bed to a king. Make room for Otis! The move to LA was ok – except for the mail slot in our front door. Every day, the mailman would drop the mail through, and Otis would scamper across the hardwood floors, horrified. He traveled coast to coast with us countless times. He preferred NY – hell he was from Bensonhurst. And even though he was so anxious that he clawed his way through the mesh on his travel bag, he loved being in the city, where he could meet other dogs. But more importantly their owners. He was truly a people-dog. He would give a "ruffruffruff" to everyone he met. When people would ask us "what is he?", our answer was always "we think a maltese mix", but then we did a DNA test and when the results came back stacked with maltese, great-grandparents all the way down, we felt we had slighted him. He deserved to be treated like royalty. And so he was. He gave the best licks, even when his teeth started rotting and it seemed like his tongue would burn your flesh off. He was the sweetest, gentlest dog, except for when i would try to pick the "guck" from under his eyes and he would snap at me like one of those chattering teeth toys. And even when his health declined, and he became a regular at the vet, he never complained about going there for checkups. He loved getting to see the people and the dogs, and he always bounced back. I will miss Otis more than words can say, but I will always remember his underbite with his tongue hanging out, the sound of his claws tapping on the floor (his dog stilettos), how even though he couldn't stand it, he always let me hold his face and kiss him in that spot between his eyes, the way he would look at me when I rubbed his ears, and how he never listened, turned his back, walked away and did whatever the hell he wanted.

Otis October 31, 2003 - May 8, 2018 Otis came into our lives as an 8-week-old puppy just after Todd and I had been together for 1 year. We were living in Brooklyn, NY, which is where Otis learned to take walks on a leash and, in doing so, got socialized to other dogs - which he liked - and to other people - which he LOVED. Otis loved people, loved seeing people and seemed to brim with an expectation that they would all be equally thrilled to see him. Otis thought all visitors to our home should be there to stay and he would bark in a near-panic as soon as the first hints of “goodbye” were uttered (this was true whether the visitor was a close friend or even an electrician, handyman, etc). One of Otis’s favorite places to sit was my lap and as soon as my butt hit a chair or a couch, Otis would hop on board; Otis wasn’t just comfortable on my lap, he also needed me to know that he owned me - and he did. And still does. Todd and I were truly blessed by the universe to have Otis at our sides for over 14 1/2 years of the over 15 1/2 years we have been together. As such, he was and will remain a major part of who we are as a family. Todd wrote some beautiful words about Odi that I am going to repost here, just after I post this. We will always miss you terribly, Otis, but are so grateful you came into our lives.

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