Джим Парсонс


Американский актёр, известный по роли доктора Шелдона Купера в комедийном сериале «Теория большого взрыва», выходящем на телеканале CBS.
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#wickedcrew #johnnycarson 🤷🏻‍♂️

arguing with Ted Bundy (aka @zacefron ) in some period garb... #wickedcrew

‘70s courtroom vibes #extremelywickedshockinglyevilandvile

A beautiful piece in the @nytimes about one of our most brilliant actresses, #lauriemetcalf Link in profile.

🐶, harness, lap, 🚗

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ha! y’all so cute... @youngsheldoncbs @iain @lanceb.actor @zoeperryveri

As North and South Korea come together for the winter Olympics (the Korean Unification Flag is pictured above), it seems a good time to talk about South Korea. Today on #jimparsonsistoostupidforpolitics we will be joined by Mark Lippert who was the US Ambassador to South Korea from 2014-2017. Have any questions about South Korea? Please ask in the comments! Also, link in bio to a fascinating piece from the Washington Post about Kim Hyon-hui, who worked as an elite North Korean agent and played a part in killing 115 people in an effort to interfere with the Olympics the last time South Korea hosted the games. Now she lives in South Korea. How this all played out is very interesting. Today at 7e/4p on @radioandysxm

Typin’... check ur inbox. 🐶💻🤔

This is one of Otis’s favorite new things to do: lay on the floor in the kitchen with his head nearly under the fridge. I have nothing funny or profound to say about this, nor do I know a hashtag to apply to the photo or situation. Just knew I needed to document this particular era in the life of this 14 year old dog. He’s a magical wonder of a living being. ❤️🐶❤️

Few things make me as happy or excited as receiving a paper-copy of a new script to work on... Ready to dive in! 👍🎭❤️ @boysbandbway

this is a very very old pic of me and @normancook during a taping for an episode during season one, i think, 10 years ago. My point is this: there’s a new @bigbangtheory_cbs and a new @youngsheldoncbs on tv tonight (in less than a half hour in the east and central time zones!) and this is not a picture from either of them. Ha ❤️ Edit: Todd has corrected me - this is a pic from season two so... 9 years ago. still not from tonight’s new ep haha

With a mother and a sister who were both teachers and with myself having stayed in school for TWENTY years (!) all told, I am very excited to learn more about the US Department of Education on tomorrow’s #jimparsonsistoostupidforpolitics Do you have any questions or thoughts about this part of our government? Leave any comments below and I will try to answer some things when I speak with our guest, former Education Secretary, Margaret Spellings, tomorrow at 7e/4p on @radioandysxm 👍

So thrilled to be teaming with @ifcfilms to bring #akidlikejake to theaters this summer! Congrats to everyone involved! 🎉🍾💥 @clairedanes @octaviaspencer @priyankachopra @amylandecker @danielpearle @pbernon @ifcfilms @silash @capitanocalitri @leojamesdavis


A @normancook photo bomb of me and @missmayim

More people on tape night. @kunalkarmanayyar @normancook

A visit to the Wowitz’s kitchen.... tape night. @themelissarauch

Due to our need to work tonight, we’ve sadly had the Grammys on mute in the background most of the evening... HOWEVER, when Patti LuPone suddenly appeared on our tv, that shit went off mute and up loud FAST hahaha The pic on the right is of the album “Patti LuPone - Live!” which, if you’re at all interested in Patti, is a tremendously fun and rewarding listen to one of her concerts. Good good stuff... GO PATTI!!!! 🎭👍❤️

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