Джаред Гилмор


Американский актёр кино и телевидения, сыгравший в таких телесериалах как «Безумцы» и «Однажды в сказке».
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First day officially streaming for @ATLReign ... Huzzah! This is gonna be epic! Let’s go doods! #LetItReign⁠ ⁠ ... gonna being streamin’ in about an hour ... link in bio

Viewer PUGs at 2 PST ... no facecam today feelsbadman. Link to stream in Bio #streaming #huzzah #letsgodoods

Think this pic speaks for itself #kitty #huzzah #hashtag

Blizzard Arena

Hanging out at @overwatchleague ... it’s high noon and time to hand out some exclusive @atlreign gear ... let’s go doods, team signing and other epic stuff #LetItReign ... it’s team day!

Blizzard Arena

And I patiently await the Reign’s game ... let’s go doods!! Huzzah! #LetItReign ... tomorrow is @atlreign hype day and I’m hyped xD if you’re gonna be in Burbank or at OWL let’s make it Reign

Attempting to fix my PC while Lily chills #ldonotknowwhattohashtag #huzzah

Huzzah! Hanging out with @emonggtv and @karqgames at @overwatchleague opening day. Tis epic! #Huzzah #OWL2019

I don’t know why but I love this shot of the beast ... Also I’m streaming at 4 PST link is in my bio. Huzzah! #streaming #overwatch #OnceUponAGrind

Tis the day streaming begins! From 5 to 7 PST I shall be playing some Overwatch Competitive possibility with a few friends of mine ... now remember all of that was said a in old English accent ... link bio ^^ #overwatch #streaming #OnceUponAGrind

It is quite a chill night I doth say, listening to some #anime openings while waiting for food here in San Diego. Streaming to begin on the 15th, link in my Bio ... Huzzah! #OnceUponAGrind

Huzzah!!! Repin’ the new team. So hyped for #OWL2019 it’s gonna be epic. @atlreign thanks for the gear and can’t wait for an epic season. Start of something beautiful #OnceUponAGrind #LetItReign #overwatchleague

Mentioned it last night in a tweet and thought I’d reiterate mostly because lately it’s really meant a lot to me. I believe that Dungeons & Dragons is simply one of the greatest forms of expression ... The chance to create your own little piece of the multiverse, to create unique characters, and a world that is to you and your merry band of friends living and breathing is unlike any other. I’ve only DMed a hand full of games with hopefully many more to come ... but the look in my players eyes when they really get into character, best a beast, take part in a bit court intrigue, or solve a intricately woven puzzle is unlike any other ... it’s honestly magical. I’ve been going through a rough time lately, we all have them. I’m proud to say that D&D has really been helping with my anxiety and depression of late ... tis all #dungeonsanddragons #DnD #dungeonmaster #hashtag ... side note preparing for my second campaign (first one was short and probably complete garbage but I learned a lot) however I’ve noticed it’s becoming more like Dungeons & Airships a Steampunk adventure. In any case hope it’s going to be epic

#throwbackwednesday cause I feel edgy rebelling against the all mighty Throw Back Thursday ... Pic from the #OUATBurbank concert. I had a blast that night

New monitor! Huzzah! Holiday gift to well myself ... gonna have some fun with this. #overwatch and #fortnite prepare yourself for the wroth of Jared S. Gilmore!!!!! Or not you know that’s cool to ... also Happy Holidays and what not!!!!! Now then back to preparing for some #dnd

Aw how I love the rain. As the sky turns grey my creative juices begin flowing. The sound of rain falling upon my window fuels me #writing #dungeonsanddragons #gloriousday ... side note new cosplay? Percy from #criticalrole maybe?

@playoverwatch or @critical_role tis the question this fine evening’ ... I mean I could do both? Side note I need to get my hands on some @atlreign gear #goodtimesandplanningworlddomination

Glorious 🍥🍜 @beshockramen

Snapchat filters can be quite glorious #huzzah #random

Wait ... wha? @creationent @onceabcofficial

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