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Американская актриса, добившаяся успеха благодаря ролям в телевизионных комедиях.
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Sean and me catching a cat nap in the middle of taping our 1st episode. @seanhayes @nbclaura

Say “Cheese.” @meganomullally @nbcwillandgrace

Universal Studios Hollywood

BIG CHANGES!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 @nbcwillandgrace

Gracie Season 10.

Gorgeous men. #setlife #episode1 @maxmutchnick @eric_mccormack

Getting cheeky with Malcolm. @iamabfalecbaldwin @nbcwillandgrace

Los Angeles, California

#BTS Linethrough before filming. @seanhayes @nbcwillandgrace

Los Angeles, California

Papa Jimmy. @nbcwillandgrace

Universal Studios Hollywood

Just so I don’t forget. #Grace #necklace @kailinzjewelry

Universal Studios Hollywood

There might as well be locust and plague because it is down pouring rain in LA. #LA

Painted up for Grace! Somehow @elaineoffers made my lips look like Angelina Jolie’s with just lipliner and lipstick. What is your voodoo magic Elaine. Teach me your ways. 💄#plumppout #makeupmagic

#Repost @sophiabush ・・・ For all the partisan folks who couldn’t be bothered to swipe through the previous slides... Stop claiming this is fine so you can go on pretending that you aren’t ashamed that you voted for a traitor. You got duped. It sucks, I know. And I feel for you. But this is about our country. Period. There is NO EXCUSE FOR WHAT HE’S DONE. Don’t wanna take it from a gal who should “stick to acting?” Take it from the former head of the CIA, 17 Intelligence agencies, and the REPUBLICANS who are bringing mounting charges against the POTUS. Wake. Up. (And PS, if our jobs keep us from being educated participants in our society, then stick to banking/cooking/prescribing/driving or whatever the fuck it is YOU do for a living.) ✌🏼♥️🇺🇸

You guys all know how much I love my Henry boy. He suffered a shock and as a result became extremely anxious, especially around other dogs. It made me so sad and I felt completely helpless. I’m so grateful to Steve and @packleaderdogs. Steve is pictured here with my Henry on his lap who helped him learn how to love being part of a pack. After spending time with Steve, he is so much more relaxed and curious about every dog we pass on the sidewalk. I’m so grateful and if Henry could talk (I know it’s going to happen someday) he would thank Steve and his team! @packleaderdogs #biggiesmalls #puppypals @bethennyfrankel ( because so many of you have asked- NO, Steve is NOT single. )

The man loves me, can’t you tell? #jimmyburrows @nbcwillandgrace #legendlounging

Universal Studios Hollywood

Set hijinx, #setlife #willandgrace @seanhayes

#Repost @csiriano. Christian if I’m the Queen you are the KING.👑 # photoshoot #velvetgown #losfeliz ・・・ A gown fit for a Queen! That Queen is the amazing #debramessing. Such a beauty! 🖤🖤🖤

A fancy, glamorous day with the extraordinary designer, cinematographer and friend @csiriano. All days should be this fun. ❤️📸 @elaineoffers 💄 @marcusrfrancis 👧🏻

That’s right. This silver fox IS BACK! My friend @iamalecbaldwin is back and we are all peeing our pants, laughing!🤣 first day of filming is tomorrow. Season 2- put your seatbelts on folks, LOTS of changes! @nbcwillandgrace

OMG. I’ve never seen this, thank you so much for paying @will_n_grace_fan4life . One of the great honors of my life while campaigning for #HilaryClinton was traveling around the country and meeting people from all kinds of communities. This was in #PA. Gabriella, you are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you @maxmutchnick & #DavidKohan for writing a show that changed peoples hearts and was a proponent of inclusiveness. #loveisloveisloveislove 🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 @nbcwillandgrace @HilaryClinton

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