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Is it lunchtime yet??? Oh yes!! Soy-free Vegenaise mixed with tumeric, raw cheese, cucumber, yellow tomatoe, sprouts, avocado spinach and iceberg lettuce sitting cozy between Ezekiel sprouted flax seed bread chatting it up with watermelon chunks😋 #organiceverything #portionsizes #superfoods

This is awesome! Thanks @pastorbatchelor #foodforthesoul #Repost @pastorbatchelor ・・・ AFCOE Is Now Online! Hi, friends! We're excited to announce our first AFCOE Online course, Amazing Disciples! Become a confident, EFFECTIVE SOUL WINNER in your community—or wherever God calls you to be His amazing disciple! You can register through the link in my bio.

Most do not pray enough and some do not pray at all especially living in a world where prayer is not encouraged BUT my brothers n sisters in Christ I encourage u to pray on a regular basis and I hope u will encourage me to do the same . When we worry less n pray more it shows God that we have faith in Him to guide us through all the turbulent times. We just have to do it wholeheartedly🙏🏽 HAPPY SABBATH!!!!! #trustinHim #praiseHim #proudChristian #SDA #thankyouJesus @seventhday_adventist @granitebaysdachurch @pastorbatchelor @amazingfactsministry

We comin to #Netflix!!! I can't wait! Aug 1st! 💜💜🎶🎶

This is 💯 correct and so powerful!!! #peach! #proudsda 🙏🏽🙏🏽 #Repost @seventhday_adventist ・・・ Not only are we to seek His kingdom, we are to seek "His righteousness." That is, not only are we to be seeking God's control over us, but we are also to be seeking God's character within us. The kingdom of God is not only to be inwardly experienced. It is to be outwardly expressed. You see, if God is ruling over you, then His righteousness will be within you. Because a man's character is simply the outward expression of whatever is controlling him inwardly. Faith is always seen by its fruit. Character is always seen by its conduct. Proverbs 20:12 tells us, "The hearing ear, and the seeing eye, the Lord hath made even both of them." You see, as we seek the kingdom of God, people ought to be able to see the kingdom in us.

Baltimore was a sea of love and we loved giving it right back😍 30 thousand strong💪🏽❤ #baltimoreartscape2018 #demtlcfans #demtlcguls #demtlcbabies #demtlcdancers #demtlcbandmembers 🙏🏽

Happy Sabbath Everybody!!! Temptation is all around us in so many ways but understand that God's commandments are meant to protect us..NOT condemn us. Stay in the Word, hv like-minded friends...so u keep eachother accountable and stay in prayer! 🙏🏽🙏🏽 #Godblessyou #SDA #proudChristian #remenberthesabbathday #JesuskepttheSabbath @pastorbatchelor @amazingfactsministry @granitebaysdachurch @seventhday_adventist

It was such an honor to moderate the #Siren panel today!!! What a beautiful cast...so humble n adorable AND talented! Cannot wait for season 2!!! Thanks for having me!! @siren @freeform #mermaidsquad #sandiegocomiccon 👏🏽👊🏽😗

The stage is my friend!!! 🎤🎵🎶 I am so blessed to still be here doing what I love to do..even tho it's so hard at times, not fair and a whole bunch of yuckie things ...I wouldn't trade it for anything! #m2b #TLC #demtlcguls #demtlcfans #thankyouJesus 🙏🏽

All Ten Commandments are to be kept...NOT ONE has been abolished. Happy Sabbath everybody!!!! Many blessings to u all🙏🏽 #jesuskeptthesabbath #Godisreal💯 #SDA @amazingfactsministry @pastorbatchelor @granitebaysdachurch @seventhday_adventist

Look at this colorful and GUILT-FREE plate of pesto deliciousness right here!!! Gluten-free organic green lentil penne spending the evening with organic broccoli, zucchini, n squash tossed in my homemade pesto!!....and it is divine😋 #organicisbest #portionsizes

Collard Green Wraps!!!!! Yellow tomatoes, turmeric black beans, sprouts, avocado n @nobullburger all snuggled up on my special sauce inside a lightly steamed collard green leaf! And I don't wanna hear a word or emoji outta u @originalkevinmac Lol #organiceverything #healthylifestyle #eattolive @gimmesomespinach eating real good😋 #naturalvitamins #guiltfree #proteinpacked

Me and @gimmesomespinach just made some HOMEMADE (from scratch) coconut curry vegetable udon noodle soup!! The love in this bowl right here is real!!! Sauteed scallions fresh ginger and garlic in a pot with a blend of turmeric, muchi n balti curry powder and a beautiful WATERFALL of coconut milk n just a hint of coconut sugar. Add ur favorite veggies along with udon noodles!!! Slap🖐🏽 goodness 😋 #organiceverything #eattolive #portionsizes

It doesn't get any clearer than this! HAPPY SABBATH everybody!!!🙏🏽 #Godisreal💯 #studytheword #blessingstoyouall #JesuskepttheSabbath #SDA @seventhday_adventist @amazingfactsministry @pastorbatchelor @granitebaysdachurch

Dinner!! Sauteed french green beans n sprouted tri-color quinoa, mingling with tandoori masala sea bass, rubbed to perfection n topped with clover mango! #ilovetocook #eattolive #organiceverything #portionsizes

My friend @jollb88 cute little boy thinks I look like #moana lol I'll take that😉 #Chillilovesthekids #ijustwannabitehim #demtlcbabies #demtlcguls

THIS is how u #turnup with H2O!!!!! Good clean fun💃🏽 #mypeeps❤️

It is not to late, HE will take u right where u are with open arms. You just have to make the decision to seek HIM which will be one of the best decisions you could ever make for your life! HAPPY SABBATH!!! #SDA #Sabbath #JesuskepttheSabbath #seekHimdaily🙏🏽 @pastorbatchelor @amazingfactsministry @granitebaysdachurch

Yes THIS is HAPPENING!!!! Thank u @siren n @comic_con #sdcc #siren #sdcc2018 #Chilli #TLC #mermaid

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