1/3 of supergroup TLC, Mommy & business woman newest member of beach body family!
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Don't stop doing good and DON'T give up!! Gods reward is glorious and its the only one that counts!🙏🏽 #stayinlinewithHim #ourGodisamightyGod #prayersarepowerful #patienceisavirtue

{SWIPE} Thx @tmz_tv 4 stopping by @fixmyplatetv & @joclive 4 coming thru. Can't wait 2 share more w/u all!!! @enchantedpr @frenchspencer @kasstheish

So much fun w/these guys yesterday 4 @fixmyplatetv @ @joshventura @blu_kimble thk uuuuuuu 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

@joclive thought Lil Big Momma couldn't pick him up n twirl him around😆😆😆 yall know I'm strong💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 @fixmyplatetv

Big thank u to @joclive 4 being such a good sport today! Why is he soooo funny though?!?! Lol 🤣🤣🤣 Follow @fixmyplatetv 4 more!

Production for @fixmyplatetv this am! Stay tuned.....

How colorful is this toss up of yummieness(👈🏽 is that even a word) penne pasta made from chickpeas, freshly cut baby carrots, broccoli , petite green peas and my homemade pesto sauce just having their way with each other!! Bon appetit!😋 #organiceverything #eattolive #proteinfromveggies 💪🏽💪🏽

This lil blindian bout to hv a meeting with these weights!! #hammerandchisel max hammer strength....gotta put on some more muscle😩 who worked out today?

Happy Birthday Lil Big Daddy! 🌻@usher

I heard @pastorbatchelor say, " THE TEN COMMANDMENTS ARE NOT MULTIPLE CHOICE" and he is 💯 correct!! The first four are all about our love for Big G and the last six are all about our love for one another. HAPPY SABBATH my brothers and sisters in Christ 🙏🏽 Love You!! #JesuskepttheSabbath #thesabbathwasneverchanged #SDAallday #praiseHim @granitebaysdachurch amazingfacts.org

Hanging with my sweetie @spatel109 #Garba #teamblindian

@nish.00 got caught at work gettin it!! 🎥 @kasstheish #mypeeps #TLC #tlcarmy #demtlcfans💜

Issa date! This awesome medley of cabbage, kale n swiss chard completely engaged in conversation with beyond burger submerged in my raw honey bbq sauce 😋 soooo yummie!!!!! #portionsizes #cookingislove #organicisbest @beyondmeat @wholefoods

I cannot with these two partners in crime....just loaded with vitamins, protein, fiber, calcium and iron. I had to eat them..could u blame me?!! Roasted coconut aminos sweet potatoes snuggled up next to collards sauteed to perfection😋 collard greens are life!! #pirtionsizes #Ieattolive #collardseveryweek #organicisbest

Yes, miracles do happen when we put ALL of our trust and faith in HIM! And I'm not talking about that surface, straddling the fence kinda faith. I'm talking about that deep down in your soul, all of ur heart kinda faith.The Bible says, "Every word of God is pure: He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him." Proverbs 30:5 HAPPY BLESSED SABBATH EVERYBODY !! May Big G bless you all🙏🏽 @pastorbatchelor @amazingfactsministry @granitebaysdachurch @seventhdayadventistchurch #sabbathdayholy #JesuskepttheSabbath

My little plate of green heaven!!! Let's just start with the fact that this rotini pasta is gluten free ANNND made out of green lentil, kale, broccoli n spinach tossed in my homemade pesto sauce mingling with perfectly sauteed brussel sprouts!! sooooo gooooood😋 #Ieattolive #organicisbest #portionsizes #guiltfree #getcreativeinthekitchen @cybelesfreetoeat

This pretty much sums it up! Work on your walk/relationship diligently everyday with the almighty Jesus Christ🙏🏽 Hope everybody is having a blessed day!! #readyourbible #Godblessyou #Godisgood #Godisreal💯

Yes, TODAY is the Sabbath! I hope that you all are enjoying this day of rest, this day of worship, this day of fellowship, this day of getting aligned with our Holy Father, Jesus Christ! If there are any prayers needed pls let me know and I'll pray...we should all pray for one another🙏🏽 HAPPY SABBATH EVERYBODY!!!! @pastorbatchelor @seventhday_adventist @granitebaysdachurch @amazingfactsministry #JesuskepttheSabbath #SDA #proudChristian

Just whipped up this stackable late lunch..isnt it PRETTY?!!! One slice of #Ezekiel sprouted bread, butter head lettuce, clover sprouts, 🥑, @beyondmeat sweet Italian sausage, raw cheddar and for kicks n giggles I sprinkled a little turmeric on top😋 #plantbasedprotein🌱 #vegetarianandveganlife #portionsizes

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