1/3 of supergroup TLC, Mommy & business woman newest member of beach body family!
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Trust in HIM and only HIM! Happy Sabbath 🙏🏽 #thankyouJesusChrist @amazingfactsministry @pastorbatchelor

Do u see the miso glaze on that eggplant???? I had to slap myself it's so good and my first time preparing it. Broccoli is pan-seared just right n still crunchy alongside a very flavorful and fragrant daal😋😋 #organiceverything #portionsize #eattolive

Okay... @natgeowild and @animalplanet I need a little help here. I have never seen a dog this big and why is the window all the way down??? @therealtboz wouldve fainted!! He looks like a human in a costume but he is REAL like a REAL dog okay I'm done

Congratulations @iamcardib on all of your success and ur bundle of joy! U deserve it! Oh and ur outfit is the 💣👍🏽 #TLC n #cardib I LIKE IT💃🏽😘

Ending the Sabbath with a deeelicious meal I just whipped up. Gluten-free penne made with brown rice and quinoa, tossed in my homemade rockin pesto sauce, topped with sauteed portobello mushrooms n kale. Bon Appetit😋 #cleaneating #homemadeisbetter #eattolive #organiceating #organiceverything

Happy Sabbath 🙏🏽 #praytoHim #JesusChristisourSavior @amazingfactsministry @pastorbatchelor livestream.com/amazingfacts

Get it girls 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 I want that little girl to be mine!!😍 adorbs on every level

Simple but gets the job done WITHOUT the guilt! Greek yogurt (great source of ur proboitics n live cultures) organic locally grown strawberries hanging out with some flaxseed n chia seeds...and a bit of raw local honey! Good for those allergies 🍓😋 #healthyeatingistasty #yummie

This super stuffed portabella mushroom is a tasty lil number! Soaked in coconut aminos ( it doesn't taste anything like coconut) with a blend of red n brown sprouted rice n quinoa topped with crispy, roasted brussel sprouts.😋 #getcreativeinthekitchen #organiceating

Issa playdate for these two! Massaged kale with avocado tossed in nutritional yeast hanging out with a 100% plant-based burger patty!!! #bragg #beyondburger #organiceating #itsalifestyle @thecandacehaynes

Lunch time!! Issa #wildplanet tuna, soy free vegenaise, organic kosher dill pickles, clover sprouts n turmeric chillin on a bed of bibb lettuce! Next time I'll use jackfruit in place of the tuna. #healthyeating

@phillipjchandler I'm SO proud of u and happy for u!!! The body is the temple. Just being myself #Godmademethisway

Spinach, baby red butter lettuce, tossed with shredded broccoli n carrots , accompanied by salmon cooked to perfection with fresh herbs, n sprinkles of toasted pumpkin seeds with homemade miso dressing drizzled on top😋 #organiceating #portionsize #healthyfood #eattolive @enchantedpr would luv this

Soooooo for myself, I hv the same veggies but I used gluten free organic red lentil spaghetti noodles n tossed in some coconut aminos....so good😋

Made this vegetable spaghetti for my mommie n my niece. Sadly I can't eat it because of the red sauce. ( I hv acid reflux) Spinach broccoli, zucchini, squash and loades of fresh basil, tossed in organic sun-dried tomato sauce and gluten-free spinach linguine. 😋

AMEN! 🙏🏽 @amazingfactsministry @pastorbatchelor Happy Sabbath!

Oatmeal Toast! 5 grain oatmeal made with a touch of dark roasted peanut butter, laying on #Ezekiel Flax toast ( loaded with seeds) cinnamon n raw honey drizzled on top! #organiceating #eattolive sooooo yummie!😋 my little concoction in the kitchen😊

Happy Sabbath 🙏🏽 All glory to Big G! #thankyouJesus @amazingfactsministry and Happy Birthday @pastorbatchelor

And THIS is what happened to those yummie potatoes! Along with red quinoa, broccoli , French green beans n mushrooms tossed together in my special sauce🙊 #eattolive #healthybowl #healthyeating

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