Бакари Санья


Французский футболист сенегальского происхождения, правый защитник, игрок английского клуба «Манчестер Сити» и сборной Франции.
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🤵🏿Dsquared 🤵🏿

I just


My squad

✈️flight mode ✈️ #mancity

🔥Him 🔥#myangel

I don't really like seeing you "dabbing"..but because that is your birthday i'm ok with it , but today only😂 You're growing too fast my son 😤 😍I LOVE YOU😍 #Elias #8yearsold #myangel @paulpogba i blame you !!!!👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿😂

Throwback to Capital one cup final.. 1year ago...Passion is the key, and that key opens doors 🙌🏿💪🏿 #mancity

Eithad Stadium, Manchester

What a crazy game !!!! 😱😱 we sticking together as a team.. thanks guys for the support.. 2nd leg will be as hard as tonight.. but we will always give 100 pr cent 💪 #mancity

Manchester City Football Academy

👐🏾T.Hugs Life👐🏾 we ready for tomorrow's game.. it's all about working together,sticking together and loving each other.. isn't it @aleixgarcia97 ✌🏾 #togetherasateam #mancity #youngtalent

Because of you, i really had a special day..i thank you sooo much for all your birthday messages, all the love you show me again.. one love to all of you 🎂❤️ #valentinebirthday #love #happyvalentinesday

My Valentine🔥my woman🔥my crush #happyvalentinesday #mavie

Ton pied 👣 mon pied... ton tete 👨🏾‍💼 mon tete 😂😂 bon anniversaire a toi mon petit frere @eliamangala one love for you 👊🏿✨ #mybrother #hisbirthday #imisshim #myG

Starting a week of birthday celebration.. and you are the first one @nagib_bon 🎂bon anniversaire 🎂

👐🏾hands up👐🏾 today's training session. #mancity #football


Ahah mon frero c'est un tueur 😂😂🙌🏿 @fethe75 #monfrerosur #Paris #home

Cesar Paris Restaurant

There is @nusr_et ... and there is @mehdicesar 🔥 "Le Cesar" , my favourite parisian restaurant.. i highly recommend it to you 👌✨. Il y a @nusr_et .. puis il y a @mehdicesar "Le Cesar", mon restau parisien préferé.. 😍😍. #foodporn #myfavouriterestaurant #tryitloveit

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