Николас Родригез


Американский актер, лауреат премии имени Хелен Хейс в номинации «Лучший ведущий актёр в местной постановке мюзикла»
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Arena Stage

Baby girl came home to the Mother Ship!!! #cantsayno #bicicletas #arenacarousel @arenastage

Arena Stage

You can take the girl out of Rock of Ages, but you can't take the ROA out of the girl! @katerockwellnyc always in her undies. #sherriecirca1908 @arenastage

Arena Stage

Tim-mini just lurking outside my dressing room. #perv #arenacarousel @arenastage

Martin Luther King Jr, National Monument...Washington DC

I went up to the mountain Because you asked me to Up over the clouds To where the sky was blue I could see all around me Everywhere I could see all around me Everywhere Sometimes I feel like I've never been nothing but tired And I'll be walking Till the day I expire Sometimes I lay down No more can I do But then I go on again Because you ask me to Some days I look down Afraid I will fall And though the sun shines I see nothing at all Then I hear your sweet voice, oh Oh, come and then go, come and then go Telling me softly You love me so The peaceful valley Just over the mountain The peaceful valley Few come to know I may never get there Ever in this lifetime But sooner or later It's there I will go Sooner or later It's there I will go

Shakespeare Theatre Company

Stepping out on the town with this gorgeous lady to celebrate our friends in Secret Garden at @shakespeareindc #betsymorgan #arenacarousel @arenastage

Arena Stage

It's not everyday you get invited to shoot with a Pulitzer Prize winner. Thanks @niccolina @arenastage #arenacarousel

Arena Stage

#ifilovedyou #badhombre #nastywoman #strongertogether #arenacarousel @msmitharena

Be the light....

Arena Stage

I mean, who's luckier than me?!? #betsymorgan @arenastage #arenacarousel

Arena Stage

Treading the boards with this broad is always an honor. @e.fayebutler @arenastage #familyreunion #Carousel #oklahoma

The Capitol, Washington D.C.

Civic Duty ✅#imwithher #comeout #hillary&harvey

Carousel on the National Mall

Come take a ride on our #Carousel @arenastage @RnH_Org

Diego the Wonder Dog goes to DC! #roadtrip

Signature Theatre

The Snow's and the Bigelow's double date! #whenthechildrenareasleep #siggulf @arenastage #arenacarousel

Arena Stage

Reunited, and it feels so good! @e.fayebutler @arenastage #dreamteam #imwithher #powercouple

Arena Stage

Heading into week 2 of rehearsals with this fearless lady! @msmitharena @arenastage #imwithher

Arena Stage

Happy #dreamerday from 2 OG dreamers in rehearsal for Carousel @arenastage @mybroadwaydreams @skye_mattox

Smithsonian Institution - Castle

Behind the scenes of @arenastage Carousel photo shoot! @msmitharena

Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History

Behind the scenes of Carousel photo shoot! @arenastage 📸: @alicelov3

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