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Американский актёр, режиссёр, дизайнер, бывшая модель. Наиболее известен ролью Спенсера Рида в сериале «Мыслить как преступник».
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Candid post workout photo. I set myself a goal while I’ve been filming in Bulgaria these past months to increase my functional muscle mass. When I arrived I had a broken left wrist and a torn wrist tendon. I needed to modify the way I trained to allow it to heal and strengthen without losing fitness. It’s been fun to explore new ways to move my body, playing with kettle bells and more power based exercises. As a result, I’ve honestly never felt stronger or more stable in all of my joints and I’ve also managed to gain a few functional pounds along the way... #fitness #lifting #traininggoals #ineedashower

Perfect Pair has its World Premiere this evening as part of the prestigious Key West Film Festival in Florida. If you’re in the area and are able to support, please go along and take a bunch of photos. I wish I could be there to celebrate this beautiful little love story with you #perfectpairmovie #sockpuppets #lovestory #romanticcomedy #shortfilm #filmmaking @blueythesockpuppet

Salt and pepper are real good friends in this restaurant. I hope they used a condiment #PracticeSafeSeasoning

Hey sweetie... @heusinger #m&m #eminem #realslimshady

#neonpalace #lonelylifter #solosweater #gymtomyself #beuller

I found this recoding from a gig a did a couple of years back in The Troubadour in Earl’s Court, London. This makes me miss my guitar. I didn’t travel with it this time and I regret that. Its always nice to have it with me when I’m away from home, and a great way to piss off the neighbours 😋 Click on the link in my bio to hear more :) #thelittlethingsalbum #holdingacandle #livemusic #accousticguitar

RIP and thank you, Stan Lee xx

Perfect Pair, starring @blueythesockpuppet, gets its world premiere this coming Saturday at the prestigious Key West Film Festival. If you’re in the Florida area then please go along and support the festival and my little film that’s being shown for the first time on the BIG screen. Swipe for me details... #perfectpairmovie #shortfilm #filmmaking #sockpuppets #lovestory #keywestfilmfestival @keywestfilmfestival #storytelling #romanticcomedy #filmmaker

#neonpalace #gymtomyself #echoechoecho #TrainLikeYoureAlone #BecauseIAm


Check out my fat batch! #chickensoup #formysoul #andmystomach #naturalfoods #healthyeating

I love this so much. It’s so easy to look at people and associate them with their status - the CEO is more important than the cleaner. But we all know that simply isn’t true. We each have power and purpose regardless of where we fall on the hierarchical ladder. And just because my career or social status may not be as lofty as another persons, that does not mean that my thoughts and feelings are in any way less valid. We all share one undeniable truth - that we are playing on the same board in the same game - the game of life. And though we may stand in different places on that board, we are all playing it together. A king cannot win the game all by itself. Nor can a pawn. Each piece must respect and value the other as they play their individual part, for, in life as in a game, pawns can become kings and kings can become pawns. Treat everyone with love, respect and compassion #thegameoflife #chess #chessmetaphors #pawnstars

My romantic comedy short film, #perfectpairmovie, has been honored with a nomination at the Largo Film Awards, which is super exciting. Bluey is going to Switzerland!!! #moviemaking #largofilmawards #sockpuppets #shortfilm

Tired of the usual photoshoots? Messing around with some rubber with the amazing @bernardodoral #photoshoot #actorslife #absentia

One more month before the LA premiere of this amazing film by #robertzemeckis that I was lucky enough to work on with @falkhentschel @eizagonzalez @lesliemann @dianekruger @gwendolineuniverse #merrittwever #stevecarrell @janellemonae @lesliezemeckis @therealve #welcometomarwen #moviemaking #dreamcometrue #dreamworks #universalstudios

Who’s your Mummy!!! Saw a few monsters wandering the Las Vegas strip and not just @falkhentschel. #vegas #monsters

My view on set today. Staring at this beautiful weirdo. Just another day at the office #Absentia #actorslife #tvfilming #bulgaria #morecake @absentiaseries @amazonprimevideo @cara_theobold

History repeating itself?!? Today in the UK we celebrate Guy Fawkes Night. An evening where we set off fireworks and burn effigies of the man who tried, and nearly succeeded, to blow up the Houses of Parliament on this day back in 1605. In school we were told of the foolish Catholic zealots who wanted to kill the King of England, but, as with most things, the true villains were not necessarily the ones that were persecuted. After Catholicism was outlawed, Catholics were forced to practice their religion in secret under penalty of ever increasing fines and imprisonment. But England relied upon the money from these fines to bolster the ailing Royal finances. Catholics were exploited and persecuted until one devout group decided to fight back. What they wanted was religious freedom, freedom to practice their beliefs without condemnation or attack. What they received was hate, misrepresentation and, ultimately, death. We celebrate this day as a victory over tyranny, but really it is the tyrannous who won. It is the tyrannous who wrote history. And, if we are not careful, it is the tyrannous who will shape the times we are living in now through fear, misunderstanding and ignorance. #guyfawkes #rememberremember #nov5th #history #historyrepeatsitself

Such a beautiful and succinct quote that speaks to me so loudly. We are meant to explore and voyage and get lost at sea. Only then can we come back to harbor with all the riches of the world. I’m reposting this from @richardbranson. #explore #getlost #challengeyourself

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