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Американский актёр, режиссёр, дизайнер, бывшая модель. Наиболее известен ролью Спенсера Рида в сериале «Мыслить как преступник».
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Oh Varanasi, you mad mad zoo. You’re starting to grow on me...

Add sheep to the wild bunch #Varanasi

I’ve seen wild dogs, wild cows, wild pigs, wild camels and now we have wild monkeys. #wild

So beautiful...


I dropped my bags in my guesthouse room and went exploring Varanasi. It turns out today is a huge religious festival and as I stepped onto the banks of the Ganges I was met with this. The energy was beautiful and palpable. Hundreds and hundreds of people gathered on land and water to worship. Though I didn’t understand the ceremony or the words it still made me emotional, like my soul knew something powerful was taking place.

Varanasi is an intense maze of tiny streets crammed full of shops and vendors all vying for your custom, stray dogs and cows all eating and excreting, food stalls and chai sellers. It’s an almost overpowering assault on all 5 of the senses. But this is the land of Shiva - the destroyer god. The god of energy, of vibrancy. And you feel their power throughout every inch of the beautiful and crazy place.

Goodbye Jaisalmer. Thanks for the amazing memories...

I’ve heard of flying carpets, but...

These women wanted to sell me some jewelry, but ended up showing me their family and sharing the sunset

Dogs and cows rule the streets in India. Us humans, we are barely tolerated guests...

@blueythesockpuppet went looking for love in the desert...

I’m very conscious of feeling like a tourist in these peoples lives, but they often invite me to take a photo and then the most wonderful conversation springs from that proving that though we have different lives, different cultures, different clothes and faces, different languages and histories we are all, deep down, the same #love

A weary but happy traveler...


Yesterday I met with Ali Barbar, a local desert man who runs camel safari’s. He took me and some friends into the desert to sleep beneath the stars. The camels were beautiful and so loved and they gave us a magical experience

As we rode out, a white stray desert dog started following us. He had scars on his body and wild eyes. I named him Jasper. We sat in the dunes to watch the sunset and Jasper sat a short distance away. I stood to approach him and he tensed. I held out my hand and walked closer. He lifted his nose and sniffed me. Then with a heart melting moan he rolled on his back and leg me rub his tummy. That was it - he was our companion for the rest of the journey. At night he slept about 15ft from me. Then, in the middle of the night, I felt something at my feet. It was Jasper bedding down on my blanket to escape the cold. All night he growled away whatever was in the dark and slept by my side. My guardian. In the morning I thanked him and he thanked me and we parted ways. So beautiful

It’s like Bethlehem here.

My rooftop view in #jasailmer

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