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Американский актёр, режиссёр, дизайнер, бывшая модель. Наиболее известен ролью Спенсера Рида в сериале «Мыслить как преступник».
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Here’s a wee teaser for Perfect Pair. I’m still very much in love with this adorable movie. And I know you’re gonna love it too. Please click on the link in my bio to help me finish it. Thanks guys #perfectpairmovie #heysocksy 🧦❤️

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. We’re getting there :) #perfectpairmovie

As you can see from this little teaser, Perfect Pair is coming along amazingly. It’s gonna be so adorable. Thank you to everyone who already donated. We’ve raised an amazing $4060 of our required $6798 budget, which I am so grateful for. But we’re really gonna need that extra money if we are going to complete the film, and that’s where I could use all of your help. Please click on the link in my bio, donate if you are able, share the campaign with all your friends, and help Bluey finally find his Perfect Pair. Thanks guys xx 🧦❤️ #perfectpairmovie #HeySocksy

Ah, I miss dear ol’ Sasha #makeitorbreakit #sashabelov

Spoiler alert: my character from #Westworld is actually the young Bond villain, Mr. Scaramanger, from “The Man With The Golden Gun”. #threenipples

I am so sorry to hear the news about Barbara Windsor. My heart is with her and Scott and her family xx

Someone sent me these two stills from two different #jonathannolan shows - #personofinterest and #Westworld. Fun!

Spoiler Alert: whilst filming #Westworld we featured two gorgeous elephants. This one with me is called Kitty. These beautiful creatures were treated with the utmost love and respect by their handlers and everyone else on set. Every step was made to make sure that they were comfortable and rested and taken care of. I was fascinated by them and asked a load of questions about how they were transported, where they live, and how they live. It’s important that people know that everything with regards to the treatment of these beautiful animals was done with love and integrity. As it should always be.

What a day yesterday was for me - a film premiere and a TV premiere all in the same day. My mind is still boggling from it. 2 years ago I was living on the generosity and kindness of two friends who put me up as I didn’t have enough money to rent my own room. Then #AlanRudolph cast me in his film thanks to the introduction by Pam Dixon, his casting director. Alan made me feel so welcome on his set and gave me the freedom to play and create. My experience shooting that movie was so full of love and respect that it reinvigorated me at a very low point in my life and I will be eternally grateful to Alan and the entire production for giving me that. So, as you can imagine, to share the premiere with them all yesterday was a beautiful return to that space. Then to debut in #westworld only a few hours later... well, that’s just ridiculous and amazing. My 17 something years in this profession have been a wild ride of highs and lows, but yesterday stands out as a highlight amongst many highlights. Both jobs came to me during times of personal turmoil and were, in many ways, an affirmation to keep going and keep doing what I love. Thanking you to #raymeetshelen and #westworld for having me as part of their amazing casts 😍

Ah Nicholas...

Hollywood sunset... now to watch #Westworld

Great premiere tonight for #raymeetshelen. So cool to see everyone again, including this legend, Keith Carradine.

Ray Meets Helen is now in select theaters and available to rent on iTunes, Amazon and Google. #raymeetshelen #alanrudolph


The end result. Whadya think?

Haircut and beard trim time. Gotta get ma self perdy for the premiere... #raymeetshelen

As if my character in Ray Meets Helen wasn’t douchey enough... 😋

Ray Meets Helen, this wonderful film I worked on by the incredible award winning director Alan Rudolph, is finally released today in limited cinemas and on all VOD platforms (iTunes, Amazon, google). If you’re in the States check it out in theatres, if not rent it and snuggling in with this endearing and original love story. It’s a good one. #raymeetshelen #alanrudolph

Nice International Film Festival is starting this coming weekend (May 5th - 12th, 2018) and Off Ramp has incredibly been nominated in 3 separate categories - Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Editing. This is a big one and a HUGE boon for our little film. Very exciting @filmfestint #niceiff2018 #offrampmovie

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