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Американский актёр, режиссёр, дизайнер, бывшая модель. Наиболее известен ролью Спенсера Рида в сериале «Мыслить как преступник».
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Throw back to the world premiere of #absentia in Monte Carlo. I can't wait for you all to see this show. It's gonna BLOW - YOU - AWAY!!! @absentiaseries

My brother, @iainjacksonptboxer, enjoying a laugh after his fight today in London's famous #yorkhall. He lost a close decision, but it was an incredible fight. So proud of you, mate. Now go have a well deserved steak and a pint xx

Strangest looking shamrock I've ever had on a pint of Guinness. Still... not a bad head

Brrrrrrrrrrrr! ❄️⛄️🛀🏻 Time for a cup of tea!!!!! #icebathchallenge

Thanks to everyone for following me on this chilly journey x #icebathchallenge

Recap of the benefits of getting chilly!!! #icebathchallenge

About to commence on my last #icebathchallenge. 2 chilly weeks of health benefitting wonderment. Congrats to my lil' brother @iainjacksonptboxer for losing 13lbs in two weeks to make his catch weight for his 43rd professional boxing match tomorrow (Sat 23rd). Amazing achievement. I love you, mate. Right, time to get chillllllllly!!!

That's a pretty unfortunate looking bald patch. #baldpatch #ballspatch

My brother, Iain Jackson (on the left of the pic), is fighting in his 43rd professional boxing match this Saturday. He's been documenting his training on his Insta page, which is @iainjacksonptboxer. He's manages to cut 13lbs in two weeks for the fight. See how he managed it by following his journey. A true journeyman.

Part Two of why I do these. I love you @iainjacksonptboxer. Thanks for inspiring and educating me every day xx

Part One of the story behind why I do these. All thanks to my amazing and inspiration brother @iainjacksonptboxer. Apologies to Ve (@therealve) as well, I added an "O" to your name when we all know there isn't one. I blame the ice water freezing my brain xxx

Just shot my visa photo for my next job against the wall in the hotel launderette. Oh the glamour 😂

For the longest time I didn't understand what this phrase meant. Not truly. Sure, I understood the words and I believed that I understood the meaning. But I was still lying to myself on a daily basis. I was wearing so many masks that I had forgotten who the real "me" was. I was more concerned with who others wanted me to be or, more specifically, who I THOUGHT they wanted me to be. I had twisted and distorted my own sense of self to such a degree that I could no longer distinguish my true self from the abstraction. And for me that was primarily the result of a near crippling lack of self worth. A fear that I was not enough. In any given situation. And this fear of inadequacy lead to me adopt personality traits like a peacocks shows it's feathers - to distract people from really seeing the fearful boy beneath the layers. But then I grew older. I became fascinated by that nagging question of who I truly am. Without the bells and whistles and feathers and masks. I began to look for that scared child and fall back in love with him, inviting him back to the fore, until he now stands (predominantly) front and centre safe in the knowledge that he is enough. I am enough. I now know what Shakespeare meant with this quote. I can't say that I embody it at all times in all ways. Sometimes the old masks find their way back and the bright feathers creep onto display. But that's the process right - to keep searching. To keep asking questions. To thine own self be true. #iamenough #tomineownselfbetrue #shakespeare


My challenge to you... #IceBathChallenge

Spread my wings and chance for greater things. The bath time poet. Challenge yourself to be uncomfortable. #IceBathChallenge

Thank you to #southernshortsawards for honoring #offrampmovie and me with this Award of Merit. It is hugely appreciated 🎉

#miobi reunion part 2 😍😍 @chelseaxhobbs @erikpalladino

#miobi reunion part 1 😍

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