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Американский актёр, режиссёр, дизайнер, бывшая модель. Наиболее известен ролью Спенсера Рида в сериале «Мыслить как преступник».
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Had an amazing time filming with these two reprobates. Haven't laughed so much in ages... especially with a vicar and a detective!!! #Grantchester #FiftiesFun #NotActualHeights

Beautiful Brighton down by the sea, A great British paradise waiting for me, The water is frigid the sky is gloomy, But I'm drinking wine with some great company.

Had the great honor to work with this fantastic chap, Nick Brimble. Been a fan for years. #LittleJohn #PrinceOfThieves #Bollocks

When you know you've had a hard evening of sparring!! #Jitsufeet #SocksSting

Back in Blighty!!! #FryUp #priorities #ProperBacon

A wee performance from a little soiree on Friday... #fixyou

Meet John, the focus of my film, Off Ramp. He's played by @boekstar. The film follows John, a homeless war vet, as he meets a young homeless girl and in trying to save her ends up himself becoming saved. Please click on the link in my bio to learn more and support x

Dear Google alerts, although we share a name, I am not, however, The Pumpkin King. I have never grown or "loved" my own pumpkins as this Neil Jackson claims. This is not me. Though he does have an impressive array of carvings. #pumpkinking #pumpkinlove #halloweiner

First production still from my directorial debut, Off Ramp. It's look my amazing. Please click on the link in my bio to learn more and support x #offrampmovie #nofilter

So, yeah, this happened. #halloween #AlbinoAladdin

It's official, I am a director (he says with a smile). We wrapped shooting Off Ramp on Wednesday and it went so amazingly. The actors were incredible, the crew worked tirelessly through two grueling days, and we shot some stunning footage that is gonna make for a beautiful story. Thank you to everyone who has supported, donated and helped to make this film a reality. I am so incredibly appreciative of all of you and owe you each a debt of gratitude. Once we have raised the last part of the budget we will start editing, but for now I am one very happy director x Please click the link in my bio to learn more about the film and support. Thank you x

We started day 1 of filming today on my short film, Off Ramp. It felt great to finally call action on my first day as director... but we still need support to raise the last bit of money to complete this film. Please click on the link in my bio and share this with the world. I really appreciate it x

Uber have really relaxed their employment policy for new drivers.

Thankfully these dorks showed up 😍

I was the first to arrive at the Facebook Live event. #LonelySasha

#throwbackthursdays to only yesterday when we had a little MIOBI reunion for Freeform TV. So great seeing these stud-muffins again. @aylak @zacharyburrabel @cassiescerbo MIOBI movie? Anyone? Bueller?

Except the Joker was a little less scary!!!!

I thought Jared Leto's homage to Miley Cyrus in Suicide Squad was note perfect.

Face. Held. Together. Slight. Headache. Lights. Too. Bright. Does anyone smell burnt toast?

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