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Американский актёр, режиссёр, дизайнер, бывшая модель. Наиболее известен ролью Спенсера Рида в сериале «Мыслить как преступник».
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Happy St George's Day - the patron saint of England. Today is a day for (metaphorically) slaying dragons. A day to face fears or challenges with an adventurers spirit. It's also kinda fitting that I'm flying back to England today!!! #stgeorgesday #english #dragonslaying

Back making music #OneCreate

It's done, son. Got my movie in my hands!!!! #offrampmovie #paperdragonproductions

#offrampmovie is officially "in the can" (though they don't actually use "cans" any more so it's actually on a digital file in a hard drive, but that's not the point). It's done!!! That you so much to everyone who supported me and this film. With a little sweat and a lot of love we have created a truly beautiful film that I am beyond excited about. Next - I start the submissions process for festivals. But now - margaritas!!!!! A huge thank you to #AlphaDogs for their post production. And to my amazing editor #scottjacobs, and to these reprobates for their love, support and artistry @boekstar @jameelahlee @locksy @malenky

Escaped another one. Thank you #thebasementescaperoom. Such a fun and inventive experience. @malenky @heusinger #kindofaddicted

Finalizing the audio mix for #offrampmovie today. Almost ready :)

Working with the colorist on the final edit of #offrampmovie. He's making it look all perdy... #shortfilm #colorgrade #filmmaking

#thuglife #crackedtooth #dentist

Amazing evening at #Amaya Indian restaurant in Belgravia, London, with these reprobates @badanos Having a little #absentia reunion... and some gin...

I've never seen mountain goats before. I may have gotten a little excited to see these nimble hairy buggers!! #BraveBilly #themanwhostaredatgoats #StopKiddingAround

In celebration of the weekend, here's a picture of Batman throwing some confetti.

Working with @kristo_official today on our collaboration. Here's me in the music video sharing how big my catch was on my last fishing trip. As you can see, Kristo is super impressed by the story. It was a big fish!!!! #IAmAFighter #FishRap

It's lovely and warm today in Sofia...

The Martiniza's worked. Sofia is in bloom. #beautifulbulgaria

Time for another adventure...

"Do you think this'll leave a scar?" Post mauling by @therealjosephmorgan in #theoriginals #thecw Joseph said he wanted a role he could get his teeth into... #dadjokes

What is it they say about making plan? 😂

Gettin mean and moody in the music video for #IAmAFighter with @kristo_official. That's my #greensteel look. I probably burst out laughing ten seconds later...

London in the sunshine!! Love it...

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