Нил Джексон


Американский актёр, режиссёр, дизайнер, бывшая модель. Наиболее известен ролью Спенсера Рида в сериале «Мыслить как преступник».
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Me: "So wait, you hold this little box up and press that button and it records the image on a film that you can't let see the light and has to be sent away to a special place and go through a whole process before it can be turned into a photograph?" @angelbonanni33: "Yeah." Me: "Why wouldn't you just use your phone?" @absentiaseries

You storking to me?! @absentiaseries

#tbt to some St Patrick's day drinks with, well, Patrick (@heusinger) and one of our amazing Sony producers, #kathrynbusby. #HeAintNoSaint #GuinnessIsComing #absentiaiscoming #absentia @absentiaseries

Weary at the end of the shoot... @absentiaseries

Where you're doing a serious scene and someone forgets the car! Acting is making believe. @absentiaseries @drstanakatic @sony__tv

Back in this green and pleasant land...

Always time for tea. See you next time LA. Back to London...

#tbt the evolution of a vampire. From Marcus Van Sciver in #bladetheseries to Alistair Duquesne in #theoriginals, I've played a fair few vampires in my time and love portraying every one of these undead powerhouses. It's great to be the hero, but it's delicious to be the villain. #vampire #sallowskin #ilookundead #ilovemyjob

What dragon? Thanks to the amazing make make-up artists on set yesterday for covering my tattoo so expertly. I'd forgotten what my ribs looked like without my dragon/Pisces talisman emblazoned across them. #blankcanvas #setlife #thegoodnessformakeup #trueartists

Time for a quick gym session before work... Bed hair and all!!!!

Good morning LA. Time to go to work...

Training for a new show. Nothing like knowing I have to get my top off on screen to have me doubling down on the workouts/nutrition. I'll take the motivation where it comes...

A caterpillar called Kevin seems to like popping up in my food. It's always nice to see him, but he's getting in the way of my breakfast. I found him a nice new home on a rose bush. See you soon, Kev...

A nice cuppa in the #virginlounge before I fly again. #planelife #ilovemyjob

Finally a cause I can get behind!!!! This insanity has to stop!

Happy #internationalkissingday Pucker up, you beauties 💋💋💋

@cara_theobold bombed you back x @absentiaseries #absentia #photobombing

Happy 4th of July xx

Fun fact: every 4th of July tea is served to the Queen made from water collected from Boston Harbor.

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