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Американский актёр, режиссёр, дизайнер, бывшая модель. Наиболее известен ролью Спенсера Рида в сериале «Мыслить как преступник».
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4/4 How they made the bite scene in #theoriginals Now that's one hell of a shaving cut!!!! #theoriginals #thecw #moviemagic #painintheneck

3/4 How they made the bite scene in #theoriginals I laid on the ground and they filled the scored area in the latex with fake blood made from red dyed corn syrup. @therealjosephmorgan then bit into the scored area on camera, ripping out the pre-prepared chunk, complete with fake blood and stringy bits. The end result was super gruesome and effective. And all made from a bit of rubber, some paint and corn syrup. #theoriginals #thecw #moviemagic

2/4 How they made the bite scene in #theoriginals Once the latex was painted to match my skin tone, it was time for costume. We shot the whole scene without the latex prosthetic, then shot the very last moments before the bite scene again with the latex prosthetic attached... #theoriginals #thecw

1/4 How they made the bite scene in #theoriginals First they stuck some latex to my neck with an area scored to be bitten out later. Beneath the scored area was lots of red gunk to look like flesh. They then pained the latex to match my skin tone. This was a real work of art to watch happen as the artists gradually graded the latex until they could match the skin of this jaundiced Brit. No small feat!!!

My amazing stuntman, Duke Jackson, took this brutal hit for me to make this scene so incredible. Thank you for your skill, commitment and toughness, brother. You're the best. #theoriginals #thecw #stuntsrule

Creating atmosphere for last nights shoot, the guys cut holes in cardboard, producing shafts of light that catch the smoke from the smoke machine. Simple effects that create amazing results. #filmmaking #musicvideo

That's a wrap on the music video for my collaboration with @kristo_official Thanks to #PulseFitness for the location, and the amazing crew who helped us put this together. And sorry about all the sweat!!! #IAmAFighter #NewSingle #musicvideo #nightshoot

@kristo_official laying down the rap for our collaboration. We're filming the music video tomorrow. #makingmusic #sweetsweetmusic #notthatkind

Walking through the park on a sunny Bulgarian day listening to these beautiful gentlemen. #beautifulbulgaria #myway

Aaaaaaaand that's a wrap for me. I've had such a blast bringing Jack to life for this incredible story, and working with our amazing crew and cast. So grateful and in awe of everyone who has worked on this project. Can't wait to share it with you all x #absentia

That's one hell of a shaving cut!!! #setblood #setlife #absentia

Tonight on the CW, Alastair is coming for Klaus (@therealjosephmorgan) in the season premiere of @theoriginals and he's bringing his HUGE collars with him!!! #theoriginals #vampire #beard #sickcollars #cw

Ingesting refined sugars and refined grains causes a spike in insulin, changing your system from burning fat as a fuel source to burning glucose. This happens each time we eat refined sugars and refined grains. If your diet consists primarily of breads, pastas, pastries and added refined sugars then your system will never return to burning fat as a fuel source, causing increased production of fats around your body, organs and arteries. #saynotosugar #reducerefinedgrains

Met this incredible artist and had a fascinating discussion about his work. His use of light was so natural and I enjoyed the space between his lines... #plovdiv #pLOVEdiv #beautifulbulgaria

I stayed the night in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. It's a beautiful town that has been named European City of Culture. These were my hotel room curtains 😂 #homeawayfromhome #LondonBulgaria

Sampling time #rakia #beautifulbulgaria

Wiser words have never been written... or heeded. #donotgiveup #donotgiveupwhat? #mywine? #never

Sometimes you just need an angry gym session. #workoutcatharsis #betterthandrinking #probablydrinktoo

We are all powerful enough to fight monsters x

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