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Американский актёр, режиссёр, дизайнер, бывшая модель. Наиболее известен ролью Спенсера Рида в сериале «Мыслить как преступник».
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I love the Irish economical approach. 4 cans of cider for 8 pounds. Sounds fair right? Until you receive the 4 cans...

At a Gaelic Football Match in West London. Great game. Great people. Great Craic.

London. Boat. Sunshine. Perfect :)

To all my friends in the Ukraine, #wishyouheremovie is screening tonight as part of the Wiz-Art Film Featival. Karl the lonely zombie's global adventure continues :) x


Thanks #upbeats for the chat about my training philosophies. You can see the full article on my Twitter feed :)

Back to the breakfast of champions. This meal hits 60% of my RDA's for the day in all vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients. Tastes fab too. Food is medicine :)

CHEESY BEANS!!!! My happy celebration meal!!! Just finished cutting the trailer for #offrampmovie. It looks amazing. And I figure I deserve myself some cheesy beans and a jacket potato to celebrate!!!!! #cheesybeans #backonthehealthystufftomorrow

Sunrise beach workout by Santa Monica Pier, captured by that irascible devil @steveschofield. I don't know who I'm imagining I'm punching, but I guess I don't like them very much!! Probably the guys that stole my shirt!!!

New class. New people. New skills. New challenges. New lessons. New defeats. New successes. New goals. New bruises. New aches. New friends. New day!

Been a couple of months since I last rolled! Excited to join this new school in London and get back on the mat. #rogergracieacademy

Caught very much enjoying the avocado toast at @goodeandwright on Portabello Rd. #OpenWide!!! #goodeandwright #gwfoodcomp

I like this guys style!!! #ManaquinMe


The outpouring of love on this set is overwhelming. #affectionatebanter #loveyoutoobecks #loveteamore

Meet Simon Lake is all his 60's glory :) #setlife #PolarNeckExpress

Another day. Another trailer. #setlife

Happy St George's Day - the patron saint of England. Today is a day for (metaphorically) slaying dragons. A day to face fears or challenges with an adventurers spirit. It's also kinda fitting that I'm flying back to England today!!! #stgeorgesday #english #dragonslaying

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