Нил Джексон


Американский актёр, режиссёр, дизайнер, бывшая модель. Наиболее известен ролью Спенсера Рида в сериале «Мыслить как преступник».
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#absentia ... the musical...

Caption competition @absentiaseries @cara_theobold @angelbonanni33

This is Yurgi. I met him in Bulgaria. He was hitch hiking. We picked him up. He had been to the beach, a 3hr drive away, in search of work, but found none. He slept on a bench in the station. He was returning home and had no money. He'd been waiting for a lift for 4 hrs. We were the first people who stopped. He laughed with his whole body in a way that demanded you laugh with him. His story broke my heart, but his spirit made it whole again.

Be fabulous. Be amazing. Shine your light as brightly as is humanly possible. Because in doing so you give other's permission to shine theirs x

What a scorcher!!! Last night I had a cold shower and lay wet on the bed with a fan on me and STILL couldn't cool down. I gave up at 3am and did some work instead. Hot hot hawt!!!!

I just heard that Off Ramp has been officially selected to be in competition at the Largo Film Awards. I'm so excited and grateful to see this little film we made be recognized like this. @largofilmawards #offrampmovie #filmmaking #createyourdreams

Thank you so much to all the fans who showed up to support us this past week. You guys are simply amazing. And I know you're gonna love what we've put together with #absentia. #montecarlotvfestival #sonyTV #sony #absentiaiscoming

After a little over a week off of training due to strep threat and some antibiotics, it feels great to get back in the gym again...

#beardart phase three. I meant Chaplin not Chan, but you guys know that. That's what almost 19hrs of traveling will do for you!!!

#beardart part 2 - the trimmer strikes back!!!!

Starting a new job. They don't want the beard. Know what the means? Beard art!!! #beardtrim #beardart

Sad to leave. Thanks to the #montecarlotvfestival for hosting is so graciously. I and the rest of the #absentia mob had an absolute ball. See you next year for season 2...

@heusinger getting jiggy wid it

@rikrankin getting down...

@ralph.ineson really unsure about the next shot...

My fist boomerang... @rikrankin getting set...

And me with a gin the size of a fish bowl.. #afterafterparty #absentia

Chilling on the last night... Day by the pool, night playing it... #absentia #montecarlotvfestival

A pre-party pic. Always best to do a before shot. Can't guarantee what the after shot will look like!!! #getmetothebar #whereisthewhiskey

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