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Американская сноубордистка. Олимпийская чемпионка в хафпайпе, двукратный бронзовый призёр Олимпийских игр в хафпайпе. Многократнай победитель и призёр X-Games. Чемпионка мира среди юниоров в хафпайпе.
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Laax, Switzerland

Last run of the day. ✌🏼

Laax, Switzerland

So far, I am liking retirement.

Laax, Switzerland

These mountains have a way of making you feel small.

Innsbruck, Austria


Munich, Germany

Eisbach - Ice river wave 🤙🏼

I got the chance to collaborate with @donnacarpenter to develop a completely new and highly sustainable women’s snowboard called, The Rise. It’s playful, floats in deep snow and holds an edge once you are back on the groomed trails. The board has a tapered directional shape, it’s rocker with camber under back foot and it’s quickly become the only snowboard I want to ride! And to top it off it’s simply stunning thanks to the watercolor art from my friend @art.by.kel. They are available now for limited release online @burtonsnowboards. Photo: @deanblottogray

Aspen, Colorado

Last night was perfect. @blattphoto

This project was a lifetime in the making. I don’t think I have enough words to say thank you to everyone who invested in me and helped make my dreams a reality. I’m forever grateful for the opportunities I have and I’m excited for what’s next. Perhaps Mr. Rodgers said it best “Often when you think your at the end of something, it’s because you are at the beginning of something else.” Click the link in my Bio to watch the full video. Cheers to the future and cheers to snowboarding! @burtonsnowboards #rise

One more throwback for the lead up to my project launch tomorrow. There’s been some really good days on my snowboard these last 20 years. Thank you snowboarding. @burtonsnowboards #rise

Aspen, Colorado

Powder pipe was pretty fun tonight. @xgames

Do you ever want to party like it’s 1999? This is what I was doing in 1999. I can’t decide what I like best about this video... how excited I was when they said I could drop, the size of the halfpipe, the cast on my right hand, my claims at the end of my run 🙈 or the frontside 540 off the flat bottom😂. This was one of my first professional snowboarding events, I was 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. I have come a long way since then, and so has women’s snowboarding. @burtonsnowboards #Rise

I have been working on a project with @burtonsnowboards these last few months that had me going into the archives. I have every competition bib from every event I have ever done... it was wild to flip through the last 20 years of contests. My project comes out on Friday the 25th, I’ll be sharing more with you this week as we get closer!

Yellowstone Club

Up and up we go. Thanks @jakeburton77 and @donnacarpenter for another fun day ✌🏼

Such fun day ripping around with the boss lady @donnacarpenter and crew. Thanks for showing us around @anniefast!

We found a winter wonderland @baldfacelodge


It was fun to check out a new zone yesterday. The skin up was worth it just for the view, the turns were just as epic🏂

Bamboo forest for the win.

@Bose SoundSport Frees are pretty great. Box step ups on the other hand, not so great. 💪🏼 #AD #feeltheburn #soundsportfree #wireless #bose

This summer I went to Zambia with @worldvisionusa. It was so powerful to see firsthand the impact they are making. This photo is from when I met the child I sponsor. #imnotcryingyourecrying Swipe up in my story for ways to make a difference. And ANY Giving Tuesday gift given to @worldvisionusa today will be matched with a donation of product by @thirtyone. #GivingTuesday #shinebright

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