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I was lucky enough to get a quick squeeze outta @katvondUK here in this photo after the @IAMX show in London! Gotta give a quick shoutout to all of my beloved fan clubs who have always given me so much love and kindness! I adore you all so much! ❤️❤️❤️ @katvondunlimited @katvonditalia @katvondmexico @katvonduk @katvondworld @katvondrussia @katvondmx @katvondgermany @katvond_ireland @katvond_poland @katvond_france @katvondturkey @katvondserbia @katvond_fans @katvond_spain @katvonditaly @vegankatvondfan

Spending the day with Dad Von D [ @renecdrachenberg ] ! He has made so much progress at restoring this Victorian gem for @prayers and I and our soon-to-be baby boy! 🏰 🖤

Happiest of Father’s Day to my beautiful, inspiring, talented and compassionate esposo: @prayers 🖤

Just got sent a copy of the interview I did with @IAMX for this French rock magazine. Now all I need is a sweet French friend to come over and translate it for me! #myrockmagazine #IAMX #ouioui

Crossroads Kitchen

So hard seeing my dear friend @iamrobertharvey head back home to the UK, after having him fly out to attend our wedding. Not only is he one of my closest friends, but also my favourite song bird! Can’t wait to get our wedding video back to share with you all his epic performance at our wedding - but for now, here’s a little cell phone video one of our guests sent me! We love you, Robert! 🖤

My husband @prayers and I are NOT anti-vaxxers. We are not against vaccines. Just because we have hesitancies and valid concerns about injecting our baby with specific chemicals and toxins does not mean we are anti anything. As a soon-to-be-parent [and especially as a first-time-mom] I do feel it my responsibility to have questions, and to listen to my motherly instinct to question things, and do my research. What we have found is that sometimes it isn’t always so black and white. While we believe medications, including vaccines, are not all bad - we also can’t dismiss the fact that some may not be good for everyone. There are plenty of studies that show some vaccinations can work wonders. And there are also studies that show some people [including mothers, and babies] may be more susceptible to vaccine injuries more than others. It’s unfair for anyone to expect me [or any parent] to take the word of the pharmaceutical companies who have much to gain from and industry worth billions without question - and then have to dismiss any concerns of my own. Our personal medical records are no one’s business, and why we would feel it important for us to explore all our options when it comes to vaccinating our child, is also no one’s business - regardless of what I post on Instagram. So, perhaps before any of you feel inspired to harass us, spew hatred, or send ill-will our way, I hope you would try and understand that this is our first child together, and we are simply just trying our best. Lastly, I don’t plan on continuing this topic, and have no interest in fighting anyone. As much as I hate doing this, I will be turning off the comments on this post - and I think you would too, if you were constantly receiving death wishes onto your unborn child. I am sending extra love to everyone today. X

Girona, Spain

Mi puerta favorita en España.

From my black garden: Black Asiatic Lily Landini 🖤 These lilies are the darkest of all Asiatic Lily available, and are some of my fave bulbs to plant. #gothgardening #blackflower #blackthumb #blackgarden #casavond

Every month is #pridemonth 🏳️‍🌈 [glasses: @gucci] [lipstick: Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in “Damned” by @katvondbeauty]

Buenos días! 🦇🦇🦇

Eagle Rock, Los Angeles

Beautiful Sabbath spent visiting my dear friend, @spidersnakewoman 🖤 [photo by: @prayers ]

High Voltage Tattoo

Owl portrait I tattooed on @timothyhungcom a little while back here at @highvoltagetat. This beautiful owl wrapped around his arm so perfectly and is probably one of my fave owls I’ve had the honour of getting to tattoo - Thank you, Timothy! 🖤

Los Angeles, California

I knew the minute we announced our pregnancy that we would be bombarded with unsolicited advice. Some good and some questionable - unsolicited none the less. I also was prepared for the backlash and criticism we would get if we decided to be open about our personal approach to our pregnancy. My own Father flipped out on me when I told him we decided to ditch our doctor and go with a midwife instead. If you don’t know what it’s like have people around you think you are ridiculous, try being openly vegan. And, if you don’t know what it’s like to have the entire world openly criticize, judge, throw uninformed opinions, and curse you - try being an openly pregnant vegan on Instagram, having a natural, drug-free home birth in water with a midwife and doula, who has the intention of raising a vegan child, without vaccinations. My point being: I already know what it’s like to make life choices that are not the same as the majority. So your negative comments are not going influence my choices - actual research and educating myself will - which i am diligently doing. This is my body. This is our child. And this is our pregnancy journey. Feel free to follow me on here if you like what I’m about - whether it’s tattooing, lipstick, Animal Rights, sobriety, feminism, ridiculous gothiness, black flower gardening, cats, or my adorable husband. But if you don’t dig a certain something about what I post, i kindly ask that you press the unfollow button and move the fuck on. So before anyone of you feel inspired to tell me how to do this, I would appreciate you keeping your unsolicited criticism to yourself. More importantly, for those who have amazing positive energy to send my way, I will gladly and graciously receive it with love! X

Although short, our honeymoon sure was sweet! Spent the last two days in the cutest little Château, secluded in the middle of nature, just the two of us ...eating delicious vegan food, taking romantic baths, and reading to each other from a book about home births. We’re getting so excited about having our baby drug-free at home with our midwife and doulas! 🧛🏻‍♀️🖤🧛🏻‍♂️ @prayers

Château life with @prayers 🖤

First day into our secret honeymoon getaway, and this is happening... @prayers ❤️

@Prayers and I are off to a secret undisclosed destination for our meditative honeymoon... con todo el amor en el mundo, y un million besos! ❤️🗡

Lastly, our BIGGEST thank you goes to our amazing wedding planner Michele Fox Gott [@center_of_attention_events] for making our vision for our eccentrically obscure wedding come to life! We love you, Michele!!!

I wanted to sing @prayers our song [which happens to be: “Into My Arms” by Nick Cave] at our wedding. At first @prayers was sitting at our little throne table, but after the first verse he started walking down toward me and the piano, and I just lost it. That chorus fucks me up every time I hear it, but singing it out loud to my beloved husband... well, there’s just some things that all the practice in the world can’t help. Rafael, I love the way you make me feel bulletproof and fragile all at the same time.❤️ [ps. thank you to @yamahamusicusa for lending us your beautiful red piano for our wedding]

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