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The past 3 days I've worked non-stop on this vegan shoe line I've been developing. Gotta submit my final drawings for the launching collection before leaving for France next week! Needless to say, I'm tired as fuck but flying super high on all this progress! More to come soon. ❤ In the meantime, here's a crappy photo of Piaf and me sending you all our love! #sweetdreams

One of my faves from @emilio_villalba's art show tonight. 🖤

Had the pleasure of getting to see @emilio_villalba's new work up close at his art show tonight. If you're in LA, highly recommend seeing it! 🖤 #oil #painting #inspirationdujour

Just got these lettering books in the mail from my favourite lettering wizard: @bjbetts! 🖤✍🏻Truth be told, my lettering would be nothing without the help of BJ's lettering books - whether it's lettering I've tattooed, drawn, or artwork I've made for all my @katvondbeauty packaging. 🖤✍🏻 Thank you @bjbetts, for these books, for the inspiration, and more importantly for your friendship and kind words you wrote to me.🖤 #imnotworthy #keepletteringalive #bjbetts #computersarecoolbuthanddrawnisbetter

little pine

Thank you @moby, for treating me and my beautiful friends to the most delicious vegan desserts EVER! ❤🌲 @kelseyannaf @janeenersss @ginafrey

Who came by the @katvondbeauty booth at #IMATS today?! Without planning it, my girls created a hair rainbow! 🌈👩🏽‍🎤🙆🏾💁🏼👨🏻‍🎤🙅🏻💘 @lipstickittty @sstrazzere @ginafrey @iamleah @juscallmetara @risadexter

Sweet dreams, from Piaf and me in bed. ❤ •song: "i'm alright" by stereophonics •creep show shirt by: @greatwhitegrizzly

Hey everybody who loves this shade of @katvondbeauty lipstick named #Roxy! Please, do me a favor and wish my dear friend, @msroxan a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY! I named this lipstick after her! 💜

Farm Sanctuary's Animal Acres

I won't bombard ya'all with anymore farm-party photos - but I do wanna leave you with this: If any of you are attending IMATS this weekend, stop by the @katvondbeauty booth and give these girls a big hug/high-five for being so damn awesome in everything they do - from their passion for makeup to their compassion for animals. ❤ *and special thanks to @farmsanctuary for letting us help today!

Farm Sanctuary's Animal Acres

This photo of Paul and @kelseyannaf makes my heart melt. 💘 @farmsanctuary

Farm Sanctuary's Animal Acres

I posted a photo a little while back when I first met this sweet little black lamb named Kelly. 🖤 She was such a small little baby back then that I was able to hold her in my arms! Now Kelly's all grown up, and way too heavy to pick up - but still cute enough to cuddle! 🖤 @farmsanctuary #friendsnotfood

Farm Sanctuary's Animal Acres

We couldn't think of any other rock-related puns...🗻 @juscallmetara @sstrazzere

Farm Sanctuary's Animal Acres

Volunteering at @farmsanctuary this morning w my entire @katvondbeauty team - we broke out into groups to clean out the barns, lay out fresh hay, and transport this mountain of rocks over to the front entrance to avoid flooding from all this rain! ☔️ But seriously though, even wearing trashbags, how cute are @sstrazzere and @juscallmetara ?! 😻

Farm Sanctuary's Animal Acres

You KNOW you have the best beauty team when everyone is so damn excited to get up early to go volunteer at @farmsanctuary on a rainy day before prepping for Imats. I love my @katvondbeauty team SO MUCH, for caring about the animals, the environment, and humanity - more so than makeup! ❤ #farmsanctuary #beautythatgivesback #crueltyfree #vegan #animalrights

But how cute is this teeny-tiny miniature sculpture of my fave @natachamarro shoes?! Made by @smallfashionworld! ❤

My new red rubberized [vegan] platform bubble shoes, handmade by: @natachamarro ❤ #casualattire #vegan #supporthandmade #highashell #nosuchthingastootall

Milk Studios

Shout out to my homegirl [and latex wizard]: @nina_kate [ @janedoelatex founder/designer] for custom making all my rad latex outfits for this shoot! ❤❤❤

Milk Studios

Can't have the Saint without the Sinner. @juscallmetara did an amazing job on this Sinner makeup look! Sharp cat eye + ruby glitter lip = epic @katvondbeauty combo. 🖤🏆 •makeup [and photobomb] by: @juscallmetara •hair by: @hairbyadir •nails by: @debbiedoesnails •latex suit custom made by: @janedoelatex •photographer: @marianovivanco

Milk Studios

In love with this Saint makeup look created by @iamleah - I swear if I ever go back to blonde, I'll wear nothing but @katvondbeauty Bow N Arrow on my lips! That nude is the perfect shade for blondes! 💁🏼💘 •makeup by: @iamleah •hair by: @hairbyadir •nails by: @debbiedoesnails •latex suit custom made by: @janedoelatex •photographer: @marianovivanco

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