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In the studio with @davesitek - Quick break from working on my album to wish Ludwig Van Beethoven a Happy Birthday! 🖤 #Beethoven #Forever

Who pre-ordered the new @IAMX album?! I know I did! ❤️🗡 #iamx #AliveInNewLight #AINL

On set with @majestyblack for our collab film project - can’t wait to share all that we’ve created together for this... ❤️🗡 [photo: @ndrewstuart]

Good morning. ❤️🗡

Nothing like a good ol’ smoky eye in the morning. 🖤🚬

Sweetest of dreams. X [photo: @reflectivedesire]

TOMORROW!! Presales for the new @iamx album is happening! Can’t wait for you guys to hear it - and hope you’ll love the songs I sing on, too! *make sure to follow @iamx for song previews and tour dates! 🖤🗡 #IAMX #iamx7 #AliveInNewLight #AINL

I love these trashy drums just as much as I love overdoing eyeliner. Getting so fucking excited about this album. 🖤⚡️

Sorry for being so MIA lately! Working NON-STOP finishing up mixes for my upcoming album as some of you already know. Good news is: we are almost done AND I haven’t killed @davesitek with having to listen to synths/my voice over and over and over again... yet. 🖤🗡

Buenas noches. X

When I first teamed up with @juscallmetara to brainstorm on art direction for the @katvondbeauty lip-liner campaign, I was struggling to come up w a way to truly SHOW lip liner in an image. Lip liner is one of those funny products that are rarely used alone, ya know? I asked @juscallmetara, “How the hell are we gonna do lip liner justice?” And thanks to her genius, this is what she came up with - one of my favourite @katvondbeauty campaign photos to date.❤️ [fun-fact: absolutely no photoshop was used on @juscallmetara’s immaculate line work] #teamwork #KvDArtistryCollective #EverlastingLipLiner #handdrawn #ThisIsArtistry

Behind the scenes with the talented makeup-genius: @juscallmetara during our @katvondbeauty Everlasting Lip Liner campaign shoot. ❤️ #katvondbeauty #KvDArtistryCollective

High Voltage Tattoo

Big thank you to @teloch1 for coming all the from Norway and letting me tattoo this huge portrait of Bela Lugosi. 🖤🧛🏻‍♂️ This tattoo filled his entire upper thigh, and @teloch1 sat like a motherfucking champ through the entire session. 🖤🗡 @highvoltagetat #belalugosi

High Voltage Tattoo

Highlight detail on @teloch1’s Bela Lugosi tattoo. 🖤✨ @highvoltagetat

High Voltage Tattoo

Not enough words exist to explain how honoured I felt to tattoo this doggy portrait on my coworker @artofkevinlewis. I was already so grateful just to work alongside his talent, let alone be asked to to tattoo him! Thank you, @artofkevinlewis for trusting me! 🖤 #highvoltagetattoo #HvT #tattoofamily

Just got a text from @prayers that they’re playing in downtown LA tonight - looks like I may just come out and sing a little somethin’ somethin’. 🖤

Perfect Sabbath for writing lyrics. 🖤🖋 *ps. I’ve strictly used my collection of these books for years to write my lyrics, and is in no way meant to disrespect the Wiccan religion. To me, songs are equally powerful as magick rituals or spells, and hold them in the same sacred regard. So, please don’t leave negative comments.

Feeling so damn lucky to sing on @IAMX’s upcoming new album! Been such a huge fan! 🖤 *dont be a ninny-muggins and make sure to follow @IAMX for release dates, sneak previews, and all around radness. 🖤 #iamx #iamx7

This is what mixing a song from my album with @davesitek looks like. So fucking excited about FINALLY releasing this album and going on tour to play it for you. 🖤

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