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What more could I ever ask for? Well, aside from a president who doesn't deny climate change, set women's rights back a century and promote bigotry amongst many other horrors. Other than that, life is perfect. 🖤

Good news! @katvondbeauty's beloved #Alchemist palette is BACK IN STOCK on sephora.com. 🌈🖤 [epic swatch by: @london.fame]

Sweet dreams. 🖤

Meet the newest member of the Von D family. I just adopted this poor little guy. As much as I have selfishly wanted another hairless sphinx cat for a while now, after learning about how many unwanted cats [and dogs] are currently on death row at shelters, there just was no way I'd want to contribute to the unnecessary breeding of a "designer pet." This little guy [who I'm having the hardest time naming] had at one point been purchased from a breeder probably for his "perceived" value, and once they realized this specific breed is truly high maintenance compared to "regular" cats, they lost interest. Here's the deal with sphinx cats for all of you who comment and say you want one: the truth is they ARE high maintenance. They aren't toys or a designer purse you can hand down to your friend. They require 1000% more attention than most cats. They are more susceptible to health problems [heart murmurs, respiratory problems and allergies, eye infections [due to lack of eyelashes], skin disorders, extremely sensitive digestions, amongst other things. Because they have no fur, they require baths in a regular basis and nail trimming sometimes twice a week so that they don't cut themselves from scratching. Their teeth are far more likely to quickly decay, and their bodies are obviously far more vulnerable to temperatures and injury. As much as they tend to be affectionate to humans, they aren't necessarily compatible with a lot of other animals [furry cats included]. Side note: just because they have no hair, does not mean you aren't allergic to them. A lot of people are allergic to the dander that cats and other furry pets can produce, but a majority of people are allergic to their saliva more than dander. [And yes, they are constantly licking themselves]. My point being is that taking on any animal as a companion shouldn't be treated like a trend. When you commit to an animals life, think about the animal and not yourself. Because as I type this caption, innocent animals who did not ask to be bred into this world are paying with their lives in overcrowded shelters. #adoptdontshop

Who is ready for the limited edition @katvondbeauty #ROCKCANDY collection?! This limited edition collection of electric shades will launch in a set April 11! 💘 Yes, those are color matched studded components! But more importantly, this will be my way of introducing you to the new and improved #StuddedKiss formula I will be introducing! I know I haven't announced this yet, but for the last year, I've been working like crazy with my head of Product Development [@nmcg30] at @katvondbeauty to take my #StuddedKiss lipstick formula to the next level! I plan on relaunching the entire #StuddedKiss collection in a new and improved formula this next year [as well as adding many new shades]! So, this is what you guys can look forward to experiencing with the new formula: Intense pigment, smooth glide [no dragging!], full coverage, all-day wear, delicious creme brûlée fragrance we already love so much. And of course, like always this is a #crueltyfree and 100% #vegan formulation. *follow @katvondbeauty for more details on the #rockcandy launch! And special thanks to @juscallmetara for helping me test this formula and creating these immaculate swatches!

#JohnWillie-inspired paper cuts by: @monpetitfantome ❤

Today was THE DAY! @lipstickittty took me to eat #vegan ramen for the very first time! Now I understand what all the hoopla is about! 🍜😵🖤

Happy birthday to the world's BEST DAD. EVER! Te quiero muchísimo, Papi! ❤🏆 #dadvond


Cleared my dining room table from the various art projects, architectural plans, makeup prototypes and art supplies. Tonight, we dined! So much to celebrate! 🖤 #casavond #sweetdreams [virgin mary oil painting in the background by @llewellyn]

When @ttgopp texts you about what perfect weather it is to listen to The Cure [Disintegration] and it just so happens to be playin' on your record player while you edit photos of the @katvondbeauty Artistry Collective, surrounded by cats. Fucking perfect. #heaven #casavond #disintegration #thecure #crazycatlady #forever

Los Angeles, California

Backstage with these babes. Can't wait to announce the @katvondbeauty Artistry Collective! Coming soon!! ❤ [custom sunglasses by: @valleyeyewear]

After @katvondunlimited posted this old sketch of mine, it reminded me that I should start my One-Sketch-A-Day journal back up! 🖤

Off to find me some stop signs now. 🛑

High Voltage Tattoo

Valentine-appropriate tattoo by my beloved/talented coworker: @natefierro ❤ @highvoltagetat

High Voltage Tattoo

The best club to be a member of. 🏆 [thanks @iamlefou for making me an honorary member of the #veganclub] #animalliberationishumanliberation #vegan #fortheanimals #forthepeople #fortheplanet

High Voltage Tattoo

White whispies + whiskers.🌪 @highvoltagetat

High Voltage Tattoo

Slo-mo action on the world's most adorable cat tattoo I did here at @highvoltagetat on my fellow crazy cat lady friend: @sstrazzere 🖤

High Voltage Tattoo

Tattoo time at @highvoltagetat ❤ [photo by: @ndrewstuart]

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