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High Voltage Tattoo

Yesterday, I had the honour of tattooing a portrait of a Tasmanian Tiger [Thylacine] on my fellow animal activist: @the_ol_ashel. The reference for this tattoo was taken from one of the last photographs of this beautiful creature, prior to its extinction in 1936. Because of the relentless efforts by farmers and bounty hunters, unnecessary hunting wiped out this extraordinary species. How many more species is it going to take before we stop this madness? 💔 #animalrights #animalliberation #speciesism #extinction #huntingisforpussies

Good morning. X

High Voltage Tattoo

Tattoo time with my beautiful friend, @the_ol_ashel here at @highvoltagetat !

High Voltage Tattoo

This is what it looks like when @gspotla "helps" me build the red chandelier in my office at @highvoltagetat ❤️💁🏻‍♂️❤️

I'm such a HUGE #GlennGould fan, and still can't believe I got the chance to be interviewed for the Glenn Gould Foundation where we talked about Music, Life+Art. [check out the interview by clicking the link in my bio!] 🖤 #musicislife #forevermymancrush

Teeny tiny teeth. 🖤

High Voltage Tattoo

Tattoo time at @highvoltagetat 🖤🗡

London, United Kingdom

Man! I sure do miss hangin w my @katvondbeauty Artistry and #KvDArtistryCollective team! LONDON! If you happen to be going to this year's #imats make sure to go and give my homegirls a big hug for me! ❤️🇬🇧

Que tengan dulces sueños. X

High Voltage Tattoo

A little bit of script to fill in one of the few spots @frankieromustdie has left to tattoo! 🖤 @highvoltagetat

High Voltage Tattoo

Can't believe I've been tattooing @frankieromustdie for more than 10 years now! Fucking love this guy! 🖤

High Voltage Tattoo

Can't wait to make the @highvoltagetat chandelier epic again! ❤️

High Voltage Tattoo

Can't believe so many of you guys easily identified my last post! Currently repairing all the red glass Jesus pieces for the chandelier at @highvoltagetat. Originally, there were 66 total - but after last year's fire, a lot were damaged. Lucky for us, a good amount are repairable! ❤️

Whoever can guess what these things are, wins 100 major cool points.

Good morning! ❤️ #Piaf #Poe #Nietzsche

High Voltage Tattoo

Always a pleasure tattooing my beloved friend, @David_LaChapelle! 👦🏻👩🏻👨🏻 *ps. the best-t-shirt award goes to @jasonaltaan.

High Voltage Tattoo

From my collection: Eye oil painting on glass, painted by @henrikaau ❤️

I've been testing out 4 NEW SHADES for the upcoming @katvondbeauty charity this year which proceeds will benefit @farmsanctuary! I'm naming this beautiful terra-cotta brick shade: "Hilda" - after the very first animal rescued by @farmsanctuary in 1986. Hilda was a sheep that had been found discarded on top of a pile of dead animals in a stockyard left to die slowly from starvation and neglect. Thankfully, because of compassionate activists like @genebaur and the folks over at @farmsanctuary, innocent animals [just like Hilda] are rescued, rehabilitated, and given a chance to live a long, loving life - and I can't wait to raise money from these 4 new Everlasting Liquid Lipstick shades to donate to @farmsanctuary! @katvondbeauty will be posting sneak peeks of all 4 new shades from the Farm Sanctuary Collection soon, so stay tuned! [one of them is a metallic foil midnight blue that you're gonna go crazy about!] and as always, all @katvondbeauty lipsticks are #crueltyfree and #vegan! 🖤 #comingsoon #limitededition #beautythatgivesback #farmsanctuary #nothingwrongwithkindness

Yeah, I know my harpsichord is outta tune, but how damn cute is this cat?! 🖤 #piaf #casavond

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