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Los Angeles, California

I'm gonna be taking a break from social media [and my phone all together] for a bit, so please pardon my silence. 🖤 With Love, KvD

🖤progress🖤 Drawing on airplane. Can't fuckin wait to get home and hermitize it up for an undetermined amount of time. X

🖤 @kembrapfahler_

I cannot express enough how awesome it is to have a vegan Dad to share compassionate meals with. ❤️ #dadvond #bestdadever #vegan #noanimalsharmed #allyouneedislove

Barcelona, Spain

Even though I've been working 99% of the time on this trip, it's been so great having my Dad out here with me! *and yes, my Dad has an Instagram now [@renecdrachenberg] - but only follow him if you're gonna be nice, please! The man has a heart of gold, and I'm the luckiest daughter on the planet. 💛🏆 [sunglasses by: @adelemildred] #dadvond #bestfriend #bestdadever

Barcelona, Spain

Hola, Barcelona! Oh, how I've missed you. 🖤

Milan, Italy

Farewell, Italy! 🇮🇹 I adore you. X

Milan, Italy

Before I leave Italy, I just HAD to repost this clever/hilarious eyeliner look by @makeupbylandon: "How Italians do eyeliner" 😂❤️🇮🇹

Sephora Corso Vittorio Emanuele

Oh, Italy! Today was so special!!! Big thank you to @katvondworld for designing this panel for me, and collecting signatures for me to take home! [without you, I'm nothing] 🖤 *and special thanks to @sephoraITALIA for hosting such an epic event today, and letting me blast my playlist and hug each and everyone of you. Thank you for welcoming me and @katvondbeauty to your beautiful country! ❤️🇮🇹❤️

Milan, Italy

Good morning, Milan! I'm so excited to meet you today! BUT! I regret to inform those of you who are coming to today's meet up at @sephoraitalia that I won't be wearing high heels today! 😢 Because so many of you are coming, I wanna make sure my little feet survive the whole day! So you'll just have to love the non-Amazonian 5'8 version of me today! See you soon! ❤️ [bubble platform shoes by: @natachamarro]

NEW! "Soul Eater" diffused+glossy lip tutorial by @kelseyannaf is NOW UP!! [click link in bio to watch now!] 💋👹❤️🗡#KvDArtistryCollective #THISISARTISTRY #katvondbeauty #eatyourheartout #souleater *ps. will you guys lemme know if the video went up ok? I know some of you were having trouble viewing our last vid!

Rick Owens Boutique


Only a few more days before I finally launch the NEW Everlasting LIP LINERS!! 30 SHADES!! ❤️✍🏻 follow: @katvondbeauty for details! photo: •makeup by: @juscallmetara •art direction+concept: @juscallmetara •everlasting lip liner in "outlaw" red by: @katvondbeauty •hair: @hairbyadir •nails: @debbiedoesnails •photographer: @marianovivanco #katvondbeauty @sephora #EverlastingLipLiner #crueltyfree #crueltyfreebeauty #vegan

Milan, Italy

Having the #KvDArtistryCollective girls with me on the road has been such a dream! Now, they're off to NY for this years #IMATS while I finish out the week here in Milan w @sephoraITALIA! As happy as I am for all the folks who are gonna get to meet the #KvDArtistryCollective team this weekend at #IMATS, I'm so sad that the girls had to leave me! 😩😩😩 miss you already: @kelseyannaf @iamleah @juscallmetara @sstrazzere

I'M SO F*CKING PROUD of the new video I just uploaded onto the @katvondbeauty YouTube channel! [link in bio!] watch the full video if you wanna be completely inspired + blown away by @kelseyannaf's process! ❤️ *plus! the video features one of my favourite songs by The Music! #KvDArtistryCollective #THISISARTISTRY

Even though I did this lip look a while back, I think it's worth posting again. ❤️

Milan, Italy


Milan, Italy

Hello, Milan! 🇮🇹 ARE YOU READY FOR ME AND MY TALENTED GIRL GANG?! @katvondbeauty @sephoraITALIA #KvDArtistryCollective #ciao

I miss my little Nietzsche. ❤️

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