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Американский автор-исполнитель, являющийся одним из основных представителей нео-соула — ретроспективного направления в современном ритм-н-блюзе.
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get someone who looks at you the way Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse look at my hair. but for real... my friend @justinbaldoni made this extraordinary film called “Five Feet Apart” and it’s in theaters TODAY. it truly is an amazing, inspiring, and moving film. if you can, check it out this weekend- i promise you won’t regret it. (and yes, I know the photo’s kinda blurry but your boy needed a photo to post) Ps. Donate to @clairesplacefoundation to help families with CF:)

so.... my childhood dreams have officially been fulfilled because I just got the crazy news that not only did BUNKD get nominated for a #KCA but so did I 😝 if you guys are up for supporting your boy go to www.kca2019.com to vote!

Know I’m a little late but thanks @teenvogue for having me and giving me that rad star stamp on my hand. I will cherish it forever. #TVYoungHollywood

@away making me feel all young and hip like the kids these day with their new (limited edition) statement gear. Ps. this is how the kids pose right?

this week on: “Karan doesn’t have anything to post so he pulled something random out of his camera roll from months ago.” ...... it’s a working title. wish I had an explanation for this one but best caption wins.

few blurry Polaroids from our recent venture to NYC.

Saw this wonderful human on broadway again. Love you Kev- thanks for the show and tour, we’ll be back soon.

@underarmour gear keeps you warm but it doesn’t keep you from getting run over so stay off the street kids.

Birthdays celebrated in: Los Angeles ✔️ Vancouver B.C.✔️ Sydney✔️ NYC ✔️ More to come...

Close enough. But also best birthday gift I’ve ever gotten. @thecameronboyce @anniejoneslew

New York, New York

Turning 20 today. Though I love and appreciate the birthday wishes, this year I wanted to do something different. I wanna ask you guys a question I’ve been asking a lot of my friends recently: What’s the best piece of advice you have to offer someone going into their 20s? Don’t care if you’re younger or older than me, just wanna hear what you guys have to say. And once again, thanks for the love :)

granite & games

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled program of “Karan doesn’t have anything to post so he pulled something random out of his camera roll from months ago.” Shout out to @gabesachs for having me model a glass jar. Without you this photo wouldn’t have been possible.

These two amazing humans you see right here are Susie and Monica (or Mama Suz and MonBon as we like to call them). They worked with us throughout Jessie/Bunkd and to say they were a huge part of our childhoods growing up is an understatement. Anyways, a few years back we made a promise to take them to Disneyland and we finally got to make it happen. Love you both.

Can’t think of a funny caption. Sorry to disappoint. 📷: @thecameronboyce

CAN YOU SAY REPRESENTATION. Thank you @disneyjunior for working to make your channel more and more diverse/inclusive for young kids. Can’t tell you guys how much I’ve loved working on this project the past few months. This show makes a huge difference and I’m forever grateful to all the people working behind the scenes that made this show happen.

Fun fact: these stairs were burning hot when we did this shoot. so just know I suffered for this shot.

And that’s a wrap on #Stargirl . To the cast and crew- just know that I feel so immensely lucky to have worked with each and everyone one of you. I’ve never seen a group of people so loving, talented, and hard working on one set. And to be able to work with all of you really was a blessing. Even though I dreaded the thought of filming being over I truly can’t wait to sit next to all of you in the near future to watch what we made together. Because I know it’s going amazing. So... thank you all. For everything. - Kar (aka Dad)

We went to Santa Fe. 10/10 highly recommend.

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