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Американский автор-исполнитель, являющийся одним из основных представителей нео-соула — ретроспективного направления в современном ритм-н-блюзе.
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And that’s a wrap on #Stargirl . To the cast and crew- just know that I feel so immensely lucky to have worked with each and everyone one of you. I’ve never seen a group of people so loving, talented, and hard working on one set. And to be able to work with all of you really was a blessing. Even though I dreaded the thought of filming being over I truly can’t wait to sit next to all of you in the near future to watch what we made together. Because I know it’s going amazing. So... thank you all. For everything. - Kar (aka Dad)

We went to Santa Fe. 10/10 highly recommend.

just your usual fiesta of balloons.

So my ridiculously talented friend @annaakana made this amazing short film called “When I’ve Wanted To Die” that I had the honor of being in with my spiky blonde hair and very trendy puka shell necklace. Not only did she act in it herself she also wrote and directed it. If you have the chance please go check it out on her YouTube channel ( @annaakana ) - it’s honest, moving, and has a great message behind it.

Didn’t know #femalefilmmakerfriday was a hashtag until today but I wanted to participate and share these 2 photos I took of our director @juliahartowitz on the set of #stargirl today. And yes, that’s her 4 month old son she’s taking care of WHILE directing. And yes, she can do both those things simultaneously without skipping a beat. And yes, she’s an absolute badass. Julia is living proof why there should be no excuses for the lack of female filmmakers in our industry. Anything we can do women can do better. Period.

thanks @away for hooking me up with the new #AwayxDwyaneWade carry on before I head off to my next movie 😝 ps. the collection drops tomorrow if you guys wanna check it out!

Soooo.... this happened!!! Can’t describe how excited I am to be working with such amazing people. You guys are gonna love this one (I know I always say that but trust me on this one hahah) Ps. Full article in the link

#neverforget ❤️

Pt. 2 @boysbygirls

Had a lovely chat with @boysbygirls about masculinity, stress, leaving Disney Channel, and much more... one of the few times I’ve been this candid in an interview. If you guys wanna check it out the link is in the bio. Feature for @boysbygirls Photography @ashleyfrangie Styling @veronica.graye Grooming @selina.hair.style

I normally don’t do long posts like this so bear with me for a second (and try not to attack me too much for my horrible grammar). I just got home from watching “Crazy Rich Asians” and all I have to say is.... wow. Holy shit. WOW. I know everyone is excited for this film simply for the great job it’s doing for representation in the industry but it truly is a great movie. Everything from the acting, to the writing, and to the directing is amazing. This film is just great. Period. Now, let me take a second to talk about why this film means so much to me... (I know, I know, you’ve heard everyone’s story about why representation matters to them but I gotta throw mine in there). Growing up in this industry I told myself as a kid that I’d always be a sidekick to the white guy. Not out of jealousy or hatred but simply because that’s what I felt like the rules of this industry were. I felt like you were either a white leading man/woman or you’re the ethnic side kick who makes jokes and tags along. To change this mentality took me a second but now it’s my driving force because I’m determined to prove that thought process wrong. Not just for me but for everyone else around me and for kids like me. But what’s exciting about CRA is it’s a symbol of progress for this industry. It’s showing that there’s a change happening. Slowly but surely we’re getting to a place where regardless of your race, gender, or sexual orientation you can be the hero of a story. That there’s more than just one kind of story to be told. And to see that change happening before my eyes is so exciting. CRA is here to prove to the world that these stories deserved to be told, that you’re ethnicity/heritage is just as important, and more importantly- PEOPLE WANT TO HEAR THESE STORIES. It’s not just a movie- it’s a changing point. And films like this are here to show a new generation of kids that they should never have to limit themselves and that their story is just as valued. So, if you can, go out and watch this movie. Not just to support representation but to support good storytelling. Oh! And one last thing, if anyone from CRA is reading this- thank you.

Happy Birthday @annaakana !! Thanks for being the dope human you are and inspiring everyone around you. Ps. This is a still from Anna’s new short that I can’t wait for you guys to see.

I don’t have anything to post so here’s a random photo of me in a lobster costume. #BUNKD

and that’s a wrap on #TheFuckItList . gonna miss you fools.

album/movie dropping soon. #thefuckitlist

Highly recommend friendships where they take photos of you without asking.

Can’t wait for you guys to see this one.

GUYS. #PacificRimUprising is out on DVD and Blu-ray TODAY. Idk about you but I’m buying 15 copies: http://uni.pictures/PacificRimUprising

Happy Father’s Day Dad! I really don’t know where to begin but let me just start by saying I don’t know where I’d be in life without you. You are the greatest friend, teacher, and father a guy could ask for and I can’t thank you enough for that. You have sacrificed so much for Sabreena and I over the years and I hope you know that doesn’t go unnoticed. We love you more than you could ever know and I hope this Father’s Day is amazing :) Love your son who doesn’t know a single thing about grammar, Karan

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