Каран Брэр


Американский автор-исполнитель, являющийся одним из основных представителей нео-соула — ретроспективного направления в современном ритм-н-блюзе.
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our eyes look crazy but i promise we’re not.

Well since everyone else is doing it might as well jump on the bandwagon. #best9of2017

a little blurry but #TB to the Star Wars premier.

@thecameronboyce you’ve been replaced.

Thanks for having me @gq - last night was amazing.

Since I’ve got nothing else to post here’s me being self absorbed and sharing another photo of myself.

Look closer.

If you guys wanna be IN #PacificRimUprising here’s your chance! Go to: www.gojaeger.com to enlist @legendary @pacificrimmovie

My hoodie defies gravity. 📷: @pippiphooray1

"You're gonna post this one cause I look bomb in it.... and it's my birthday" Happy birthday Sabreena love you sis :)

Wish I had something more interesting to post but this is all I got kids.


nothing better than dramatically looking out into the distance for no reason.

going to Disneyland with friends- 10/10 highly recommend.


GUYS ITS HERE!!! Check out the first official trailer for #PacificRimUprising Ps. Hope you don't mind me and @levi_meaden ridiculous fighting faces 😂😂😂

We got something new for you guys to check out... 😏 http://gojaeger.com/ #PacificRimUprising

Get ready. #PacificRimUprising

Salt Flats.

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