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Bali, Indonesia

Bali Thank You 🙏🏽

Badung, Bali, Indonesia

Mood after surviving rush hour traffic, with minimal scooter driving skills. Every time. #Bali #theyGO #beepbeep #watchyour6

Canggu, Badung, Bali

What a journey life is.. I am grateful for my shortcomings and for the desire to put real effort into remedies, the list is endless, as is the process.. part of the process is the cultivation of real relationships and the desire for our lives to benefit those around us; that’s not easy in the world we live in, but it is essential for happiness. I am grateful for the opportunities I have and will have to impact others- it is a WHY. This amazing villa here in Bali has such amazing energy and I am so fortunate to be here for a few days I intend to make the most of. @bern_teo thank you so much for opening your home to me 🙏🏽. Friends in California I’m thinking of you all and I will see you soon. ANYTHING I can do for you- please reach out.

Woke up to the devastation that’s destroying the Malibu area right now.. I’m sooooo grateful to have heard Family, friends, and pups have evacuated and are safely observing from distance. Thank You for the call and images @johnpwalter !! Pleeeeease 🙏🏽 for all of our circles and the entire area.. 🤯😖😫this is horrific.

Monkey Forreest

I’m sure I’ve been accused plenty, but now, it’s official. I monkeyed around most of the day, and all I have to show for it is a few videos and pics.. #monkeybusiness #radexperience 🐒🐵🐒🐵🤘🏽😂


ACCOUNTABILITY noun: accountability the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility. synonyms: responsibility, liability, answerability Life going well? Awesome. Life not going so well? 🤔 Perhaps, Decide to make it better?.. That is what I did; but I knew I had to have ways to reinforce that decision... #1 these time-lapse sessions and/or filming my daily attempt at IMProveMent.. I’m proving to myself repeatedly- that was a method that would keep me on the path. Obviously if you don’t film it, it didn’t happen 🤦🏼‍♂️😂 J/K But it worked for me.. (no, i didn’t always share them) I’ve eliminated a lot of distractions from my goals.. other social media platforms was part of that; I held onto IG with a bit of Hope for it.. Hope that I would find a way to share something positive here, because honestly I didn’t feel that what I was accomplishing sharing Modeling work alone. I’m stoked to say I’ve been fortunate to find other people trying to make the world better online.. I hope one day the contents of the internet and social platforms are overwhelmingly positive, as that would surely make All of our Lives BETTER. Whatever it takes. #accountable #message #positivity #focused #grateful #lovemoves #BePresent #kookilosophy

Bali, Indonesia

I enjoyed this. Got lost in it & immediately felt liberated in some way.. Perhaps just playing for a few minutes can re-invigorate us when we’re feeling a little off.?. What activities do you get consumed by enough to fully engage in and be present for? #Present #Stoked #Movement #Mobility #flexibility

Bali, Indonesia

This morning I realized how grateful I am for the determination to prioritize making my life better.. I believe it was that genuine intention that helped me instill discipline in all kinds of personal tasks.. I’ve found the instilling of habitual self-care to be the most beneficial in areas I judge myself to be falling short, of what and where, I desire to be. It is reflected in the work I’m doing for others; and while that will always come with challenges- it also makes breakthroughs much more frequent as well as more fulfilling. I’m wondering... What have YOU brought into your life with the intention to better your life, or the world (through you); that has paid similar dividends? Help me; help us. It is my humble opinion humanity will always benefit from shared intentions for Peace ✌🏽 #InnerPeace #begets #WorldPeace #Share #ChooseLove

Bali, Indonesia

This is not easy for me. Meditation is not easy. Stillness is not easy. Breathwork is not easy. Routinization is not easy. Living Consciously is not easy. But then again, the things that have come easy to me have not served me well at all. Balance- in itself, was perhaps an odd goal- it isn’t/wasn’t easy. But everyday I’m grateful for setting that single intention... it was just the doorway I needed to start reprogramming. #gratitude #mindfulness #discomfort #growth #escapedoubtnotreality #lifesRad

Bali, Indonesia

Giving > Taking I have found giving breath back, to be humbling and yet empowering.. Perhaps it’s the door that may lead you to answers of your own.. if nothing else, you’re sure to function better; isn’t that enough in itself? #Breathe #GiveBack #fulfillment #yoga #meditate #youreworthit

Bali, Indonesia

I’m so fortunate for the opportunity to Be Present; and i am so Grateful for every day.. The realization hits me more every day— I received a second chance: for LIFE, at LIVING, and an opportunity to fulfill purpose, and to share with anyone going through turmoil and despair. Life is not easy, but you are worth every breath and your journey is special.


Technician at work & I am fortunate enough to be the beneficiary.. Always stoked to get a few enlightening critiques and a plethora of data from my Brotha & Coach Rob G👊🏽💪🏽 #grateful #grind #challengeYoself

Nag Hamadi

Restoration Software.. whom said, Nothing is free? BREATHWORK 💥🙌🏽🔮 (Side note I can’t believe the extremes I’ve gone to in the past, to mimic results I could never attain with devices or distractions) I’m grateful.

Malibu, California

100% All Natural, Zero Additives, and No Preservatives. Also #NoFilter those are for 🤥. #Zuma #Rosa #olas #gracias

Every cell in your body requires oxygen. Every breath supplies blood with oxygen to be carried throughout your entire body. Oxygen is converted to energy in a process known as cellular metabolism. •KNOWING this, from school etc- didn’t do much for my own implementation. Shallow breathing, imbalance, atrophy, and systemic discourse was completely prevalent in my own system and daily functioning was impeded for a LONG time- and it’s a continuous process of improving for as long as I can foresee. I’m grateful for inner dialogue, emotions, and feeling especially considering the inadequacy of knowledge, for healing. 🙏🏽 #brokenrecord #breathebetter #livebetter #feelbetter #healyoself

Helluva way to start the day, We promise. #naturenurtures #runhills #enjoytheview #grateful

A bit of real me time, works better than happy hour ever did, for me. Sharing is Caring. #breathe #expand #gratitude

A lot of work, a little dew, some cloud cover; and this view... 🕷 You have fascinated me this morning. Thanks👊🏽

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