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Zuma Beach

Are we not supposed to try and see what these bags of bones can do while we’re in’emm?? #JustSayin 🔊🔛🎶💪🏽🤙🏽 The futures bright, but right now if you’re not learnin or earnin- at least be burnin.. do something New RIGHT NOW! Shock the shit out of yourself, with what YOU CAN do. I can, U can.

Zuma Beach

Hefe Filter; Boss. Warm-up Flow- lately. Digging the Pro-Bar it’s opening my shoulders 💯.. and the Hyper Vest Pro has been Gold💰💪🏽 #InVESTment #grind #charge2018

Breath Work.

El Porto, Manhattan Beach

Everyone deserves a few waves to start 2018– Stoked for my Brothers in SoBe today! 🤙🏽 #HappyNewYear #charge2018 #supsurf P: @coastalflow

Zuma Beach

Based upon the Top 9 from 2017.. A.) I’ll be shopping for T-shirt’s.. a lot. B.) 405 posts.. overkill- no way this should occupy time everyday. Social media cutback ✅ 2018. C.) The ocean makes me happy. Stoked & Grateful 🤙🏽 D.) Do what ya like; Don’t do 💩 for “likes” #2018SendIt

2017: Thank You. For every test, lesson, and re-affirmation that I was always exactly where I was supposed to be along the way. Perhaps I’ve finally learned what I AM NOT... and that in itself has been liberating beyond explanation. I am Not: this face, the name, or the body I am experiencing.. I am not my past experiences or the future. I’m not mistakes, failures, or triumphs.. I’m simply AWARE. Conscious. PRESENT. The Ride is so Beautiful. Every interaction DIVINE. I AM GRATEFUL. #EveryBreath #Grateful #LetLightSHINE #IAM #Breathe #escapedoubtnotreality #bepresent #charge2018 #HappyNewYear

South Beach, Miami

Last little Pass with the Locals... Merry Christmas Everyone! #Stoked #Readyfor2018 #Grateful #merrychristmas #swimfriends #landloversaswell 🤙🏽

South Beach, Miami

Sun Up to Sun Down🔥🤙🏽 🏈 🌊 🏝 #Playground

3rd St Beach Yoga, Miami

I’m pretty sure they were just as interested in us @paulowasthere 🤙🏽 🦈 #SouthBeeeeeeach #gopro #sharky #bathtub

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