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Meet Rehmatulla Ali urf ‘Romeo’. An ordinary man who set out on an extraordinary mission for his country. #Bulleya song out now! (Link in bio) 'Romeo. Akbar. Walter' releases on 5th April 2019! #RAW @imouniroy @apnabhidu @sikandarkher @RomeoAkbarWalter @viacom18motionpictures @kytaproductions @vafilmcompany @redice_films @timesmusichub @sohailsen @rabbishergill @shahidmallya #AjitAndhare @ajay_kapoor_ #DheerajWadhwan @vanessabwalia

Before he became a spy, he was just another guy. Meet Rehmatulla Ali urf Romeo. #Bulleya song out tomorrow! @imouniroy @apnabhidu @sikandarkher @RomeoAkbarWalter @viacom18motionpictures @kytaproductions @vafilmcompany @redice_films @timesmusichub @sohailsen @rabbishergill @shahidmallya #AjitAndhare @ajay_kapoor_ #DheerajWadhwan @vanessabwalia

Our very own Indian Youtube channel, Tseries is on the verge of becoming the World’s number one YouTube channel. Let’s put all our hearts into winning this! All we have to do is subscribe to Tseries on YouTube and make India win!! @tseries.official , #BhushanKumar #BharatWinsYouTube

Ab jo hamari taraf badhe koi kadam, Itihaas se mitaa denge buniyaad unki hum. #VandeMataram, song out now! (Link in Bio) 'Romeo. Akbar. Walter' releases on 5th April 2019! #RAW @imouniroy @sikandarkher @apnabhidu @sonunigamofficial @ektakapoor2003 @RomeoAkbarWalter @viacom18motionpictures @kytaproductions @vafilmcompany @redice_films @timesmusichub @gaana.official #AjitAndhare @ajay_kapoor_ #DheerajWadhwan @vanessabwalia

धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः His dharma was to protect his nation against all evils and enemies. Here’s presenting the trailer of ‘Romeo. Akbar. Walter’. In cinemas on 5th April. #RAWTrailer (Link In Bio) @imouniroy @apnabhidu @sikandarkher @romeoakbarwalter @viacom18motionpictures @kytaproductions @vafilmcompany @redice_films @timesmusichub #AjitAndhare @ajay_kapoor_ #DheerajWadhwan @vanessabwalia

Romeo. Akbar. Walter. A story of sacrifice, patriotism & undying love for the country. #RAWTrailer releasing at 1 PM today. @imouniroy @apnabhidu @sikandarkher @romeoakbarwalter @viacom18motionpictures @kytaproductions @vafilmcompany @redice_films @timesmusichub #AjitAndhare @ajay_kapoor_ #DheerajWadhwan @vanessabwalia

A brave-heart, a patriot, a hero! His only existence was to exist for his motherland. #RAWTrailer releasing tomorrow. @apnabhidu @imouniroy @sikandarkher @RomeoAkbarWalter @viacom18motionpictures @kytaproductions @vafilmcompany @redice_films @timesmusichub #AjitAndhare @ajay_kapoor_ #DheerajWadhwan @vanessabwalia

This fact ‘sort’ of makes us proud. 500 never done before sorties executed by India during the 1971 war! Know some facts about the 1971 War? Use #RAWReality and tell us! @apnabhidu @imouniroy @sikandarkher @RomeoAkbarWalter @viacom18motionpictures @kytaproductions @vafilmcompany @redice_films @timesmusichub #AjitAndhare @ajay_kapoor_ #DheerajWadhwan @vanessabwalia

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The story of Pakistan's surrender, India's victory & Bangladesh's freedom. #RAWReality @apnabhidu @imouniroy @sikandarkher @romeoakbarwalter @viacom18motionpictures @kytaproductions @vafilmcompany @redice_films @timesmusichub #AjitAndhare @ajay_kapoor_ #DheerajWadhwan @vanessabwalia

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When her home was destroyed by bombs and her husband was paralysed by snipers, Um Murad and her family fled to Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan. Um Murad left behind her wedding business in Syria, but she didn’t close shop. She did the exact opposite. To support her injured husband and six children, Um Murad opened a wedding shop in the camp with support from @refugees, offering dresses and beauty treatments to brides-to-be. In her first 13 months of business, Um Murad prepared more than 700 brides for their special day, proving that love is a force far stronger than bullets or borders. . Got a heart-warming story this #valentinesday about someone committed to spreading the love? Stand #WithRefugees and share your stories in the comments! . #LoveRefugees #instavalentines #instalove . Photo: © UNHCR/Kaplesh Lathigra

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Thank you @dabbooratnani for a fantastic picture!!! @manishadratnani #DabbooRatnaniCalendar

A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. Let's strive to keep our flag flying high and spread love & happiness wherever we are.. Team #BatlaHouse wishes everyone a very Happy Republic Day! 🇮🇳 #ProudToBeIndian #RepublicDay2019

Dedicated to all those who hold the motherland above all else, 'Romeo Akbar Walter' is based on the true story of a patriot. #RAW in cinemas on April 12th. (Teaser link in bio) @imouniroy @apnabhidu @sikandarkher @RomeoAkbarWaltr @viacom18motionpictures @kytaproductions @vafilmcompany @redice_films @timesmusichub #AjitAndhare @ajay_kapoor_ #DheerajWadhwan @vanessabwalia

As we celebrate our nation's 70th Republic Day, let's remember those who have lived and died to protect our freedom. Presenting the teaser of 'Romeo Akbar Walter'. #RAW based on the true story of a patriot in cinemas on April 12th. Jai Hind! #RAWTeaser (Teaser link in bio) @imouniroy @apnabhidu @sikandarkher @RomeoAkbarWaltr @viacom18motionpictures @kytaproductions @vafilmcompany @redice_films @timesmusichub #AjitAndhare @ajay_kapoor_ #DheerajWadhwan @vanessabwalia

Where do you draw the line when you live and die for your country? Presenting ‘Walter’ from #RAW based on the true story of a patriot. #RAWTeaser coming out today. Stay tuned! @imouniroy @apnabhidu @sikandarkher @romeoakbarwalter @viacom18motionpictures @kytaproductions @vafilmcompany @redice_films @timesmusichub #AjitAndhare @ajay_kapoor_ #DheerajWadhwan @vanessabwalia

His mission to protect the nation is now his obsession. Presenting ‘Akbar’ from #RAW, based on the true story of a patriot. Teaser out tomorrow. #RAWAkbar @imouniroy @apnabhidu @sikandarkher @RomeoAkbarWalter @viacom18motionpictures @kytaproductions @vafilmcompany @redice_films @timesmusichub #AjitAndhare @ajay_kapoor_ #DheerajWadhwan @vanessabwalia

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