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Индийский актёр, продюсер и бывший модель.
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1 billion miles. With @Refugees . Each year, refugees travel 1 billion miles to find safety. Now there's a way to make your steps count and show solidarity with those who have had to flee violence and war. . You're doing the steps anyway, now you can make them count and show refugees they're not alone. . #StepWithRefugees Photo: © UNHCR/Åke Ericson

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“95 mins that took 8yrs to be resolved and changed his life forever.” The story of India’s most Decorated/Controversial Cop. #BatlaHouse . #BhushanKumar @nikkhiladvani #RiteshShah @tseries.official @emmayentertainment @johnabrahament @bakemycakefilms @batlahousefilm

Encounters: 70 Cases: 33 Convictions: 22 Gallantry Awards: 9 Accusations: 1 “When everything you’ve achieved could be wiped out in that one moment.” The story of India’s Most Decorated/Controversial Cop #BhushanKumar @nikkhiladvani @tseries.official @emmayentertainment @johnabrahament @bakemycakefilms

Every story has two points of view. One WRONG. The other RIGHT. But what if the lines are blurred? Very very blurred! #WaitForIt #BhushanKumar @nikkhiladvani @tseries.official @emmayentertainment @johnabrahament @bakemycakefilms

‪Great track day @brandshatchofficial circuit. @superbikeschooluk #livetoride #speed #loveforbikes #bikesfirst #oncearideralwaysarider ‬

“Traveling in a car is like watching a movie. Riding a motorbike is like starring in it.” #livetoride #bikes #love

Love wins over hate today in India 🇮🇳. Stay positive always. #loveislove #weareallthesame #equal

#Repost @sdpthefilm (@get_repost) ・・・ प्रोत्साहन आणि प्रेमाबद्दल आभार.. 🙏😊 #SDPFilm #Reviews @subodhbhave @truptimadhukartoradmal @raqeshbapat @s_w_a_p_n_a @thejohnabraham @johnabrahament @panorama_studios @tseries.official @pvrcinemas_official @paytm

My Bailey, my bike... my sanity.

#Repost @sdpthefilm (@get_repost) ・・・ उद्या बघा तुमच्या जवळच्या सिनेमाघरात ... Booking Link in the bio. #SDPFilm #31stAugust @subodhbhave @truptimadhukartoradmal @raqeshbapat @s_w_a_p_n_a @thejohnabraham @minnakshidas @sanyukthac @yogendramogre @johnabrahament @panorama_studios @tseries.official @pvrcinemas_official @paytm

#Repost @sdpthefilm (@get_repost) ・・・ फक्त २ दिवस बाकी.. #SDPFilm #31stAugust @subodhbhave @truptimadhukartoradmal @raqeshbapat @s_w_a_p_n_a @thejohnabraham @minnakshidas @sanyukthac @yogendramogre @johnabrahament @panorama_studios @tseries.official @pvrcinemas_official @paytm

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Soulful and surreal! Immerse yourself in the feeling of love with #TereJaisa! Link in Bio #SatyamevaJayateOn15Aug @milapzaveri @aishasharma25 @bajpayee.manoj @tulsikumar15 @arko.pravo.mukherjee @amrutakhanvilkar @tseries.official @emmayentertainment @nikkhiladvani #BhushanKumar @smjfilm

Imaandaari jiska Dharam, Woh Maseeha aaya leke Tajdar-E-Haram. Link In Bio @milapzaveri @bajpayee.manoj @tseries.official @emmayentertainment @nikkhiladvani #BhushanKumar @thesajidwajid @aishasharma25 @amrutakhanvilkar @danishsabri12

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#Repost @smjfilm (@get_repost) ・・・ Parakram aur Kranti ka naya janam… leke aayega Tajdar-E-Haram. Coming ​tomorrow! ​#SatyamevaJayateOn15Aug @milapzaveri @thejohnabraham @tseries.official @bajpayee.manoj @emmayentertainment @nikkhiladvani #BhushanKumar @aishasharma25 @amrutakhanvilkar @thesajidwajid @sajidk21 #DanishSabri

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