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I had a top Hollywood editor put this together for your birthday @giulianarancic orrr I did it on my iPhone...Happy Birthday kid

People always ask me, who's your favorite person to interview? Lately it's been @sterlingkbrown, he's gracious, kind and a great father. I'm with the entire cast of @nbcthisisus tonight on @enews

I love when great people do great things, you're a class act @justinthomas34, congrats on a MAJOR! Thanks for making us cry, we love you JT!

Umbrella not included

We just love being around these two, your cooking skills are 🔥🔥@katebosworth @michael.polish

This was fun, thanks for having me on @talkstoop 👌🏻

Pre show @iamcattsadler ... I was always afraid people would see my combo in middle school

I love doing life with these guys

Grayton Beach State Park

She won't stop shopping

Wicked winds #fbf

I'm really bad with secrets so I've been waiting a long time to say CONGRATS to our good friends @mattlanter & @angelalanter, can't wait to meet the baby!

Seaside Beach

We like it here

WaterSound Beach

Whoa... 📷@mattlanter

30A Rosemary Beach

Summer stroll with Laurie @laurenscruggs @hey30a

WaterSound Beach

We found our spot #30a

night night

Friday night with these hooligans 🍷

Satellite Center #mydeskhadwheels #fbf

What happened last night was wrong on many different levels..

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