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RIP John Heard 😭#HomeAlone

I'm trying to look at moments in life as undeserved blessings, it helps me appreciate them more.

Happy Birthday Ace, I love you so much @laurenscruggs

Monday night with this one... come hang @enews @iamcattsadler

Montage Laguna Beach


Flashback to everyday when I set up a camera in my room and talked about the news. 👋🏻 Kathie Lee Gifford @klgandhoda

Deep down this is who we are @iamcattsadler

Idaho Springs, Colorado

Small town livin

Steamboat Springs, Colorado


Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Holding on to her uncle JJ

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Summer nights in Colorado

Big moment! Finally got to incorporate my dream of becoming a weatherman into the show tonight ⛈🤷‍♂️

Fort Lauderdale International Airport, Departures

Be home soon Laurie ✈️

Jupiter Island, Florida

I hate goodbyes

Jupiter, Florida

The airline lost our luggage

Jupiter Island, Florida


Lunch with this beauty

I swear we only had one glass of 🍷each

I love commercial breaks with @zurihall @enews

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