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I think it's safe to say a lot has happened with this family over the years. Tonight we're looking back on their 10 Year Anniversary. @enews

The Magic Castle

Took the birthday boy to the Magic Castle last night. We came with 7 but the other guy got sawed in half 🤷‍♂️

Emmy Awards

Never gets old working with this one... thank you all for watching!

Live in 20 #Emmys #eredcarpet

How hot is my arm candy?

Dallas, Texas

This will make you smile... it's my wife talking to Diana Gazzano, she's getting married on Dec.16th and a lot of you reading this gave money so she can walk down the aisle with her first prosthetic arm. This is HUGE for her and @thelskfoundation. Thank you for giving, let's keep it going!

I BLANKED OUT.. DID THIS JUST HAPPEN?...behind the scenes of my favorite shows this week on @enews @therealpriceisright

I can't get enough of interviewing people who drop everything to help others. I realize giving up a vacation may seem trivial but @scooterbraun is always the first to jump in after a tragedy happens. The guy hasn't slept and the benefit he's working on for Hurricane victims will be incredibly special. @kellyrowland you're an angel and we are praying for your family and all families affected by Harvey. More tonight on @enews

Blog life

She keeps saying she's my Lobster?

Gozzer Ranch, Idaho

Best pal

This just happened

Waking up this morning with our best friends on my mind. They've been trying for years to get pregnant and it finally happened. Did I cry? YES.. Will I be the weird uncle who buys him every beanie baby in the world? YES.. Do I love miracles? YES.. Will this baby look like Leo DiCaprio Jr? NO.. he will be cuter, duh. We love you for life @dawnchere & @richwilkersonjr


Ol baby deer legs got up on his first try

Gozzer Ranch Golf and Lake Club

The lake was her life before the accident, this was her first time back in almost 6 years and she didn't skip a beat. I still can't do this with 2 hands! You're my hero @laurenscruggs. Thx captain @billrancic

12 years ago! I remember this like it was yesterday. My first week on @enews, I woke up that morning and couldn't even finish my cereal bc I was so nervous. It was a rocky first day lol #tbt

When #TaylorSwift drops a new song

Las Vegas Strip

Bucket list moment... I've been watching @millionairetv since I was a kid. Today I was a contestant raising money for @charitywater. Thanks @chrisbharrison for being awesome and giving @enews a tour.. both airing soon!

Proud of you @mahhhc, raising money to fight breast cancer #ArtWithPurpose

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