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Today’s dilemma? The city wanted to take my basketball hoop down bc it “teetered” over the street.... not on my watch

She’s full of wisdom and we just love being around her. Congrats on #ivebeenthinking @mariashriver 👏🏻👏🏻

Testing out dad’s new hearing aids...


Bet you didn’t know that cats “hatch”.... #tbt

Should my mom host with us tonight?

Tonight’s a big night... I’ve always wanted to produce shows that help and encourage people. In a few hours we kick off a 2nd season of The Book Of John Gray. We pick up days after Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston. It would be awesome if you could check it out. @owntv 10/9c @realjohngray @grayceeme super producer @richwilkersonjr

Happy Birthday to one of the best dudes I know who loves Beer, Golf and the Miami Dolphins in that exact order. I’ll take an Egg McMuffin @ryangood24

Kids love me... ps @carissaculiner is back next week! 👏🏻🙏👶🏻😭

My WARRIOR who makes life infinitely greater for anyone she encounters. #internationalwomensday

Bangs or no bangs? G is back tonight 7&11 @enews @giulianarancic

90th Academy Awards Ceremony

Ready #oscars

This is our Super Bowl... kicking it off LIVE from the Oscars in a little bit. @zurihall #eredcarpet 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific

Excited to host with you tonight Jim... @giulianarancic

Moments after I convinced them all to move to LA... p.s. my salmon sweater really pops in this photo...

Am I bothering you @laurenscruggs? #wow

I’m not supposed to be eating cookies right now...

Laugh and act natural...

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