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Rehearsal grind - tour starts in 3 weeks, pray we can get on the same page. @laurenscruggs

Montage Beverly Hills

A few thoughts: - A picture of us today in case you forgot what we looked like - My belly looked decent in this one - Laurie’s swimsuit is tangerine - God bless 👋🏻👋🏻

I only give toasts in a tracksuit - Happy Bday week @ryangood24, open your eyes.

Missed you @giulianarancic. So glad you’re ok 🚵🏻‍♀️

Weirdest picture in my phone #tbt

Didn’t feel like working out - tried to psyche myself up - wife secretly films behind pillow - enjoy

Tip Of The Day...

This is Molly - we’ve never met but she did a book report about my wife. Looks like an A+ to me...

Pink eye chronicles 👁

I’m showing ankle immediately after the Oscars.... see ya momentarily

Oscars 2019

It doesn’t matter what I type - you’re all staring at @zurihall’s dress - we’re LIVE at the Oscars. Turn on E!

Oscars 2019

Tomorrow is our Super Bowl, let’s hang all day. I’ll be LIVE starting at 1p.m.ET/10a.m.PT Ryan and G are up at 5pmET/2pmPT and then after the Oscars I’m back with the crew for 90 mins on our E! After Party #ERedcarpet

Eye infection in 3, 2....

Archetype Napa

We’re dating

Model Bakery

I come to Napa for the 🍕

Thanks for my blueberry muffin in bed today. I’m planning on grabbing flowers after work bc everyone’s doing it but I’m glad we agree that this is just another night. You’ll run to the door, we hug for 1 whole minute, order a pizza, you throw on 3 episodes of Friends and then we work on a baby. Be home at 6 best pal. ❤️

Sometimes a DM from a complete stranger can move you to tears. Thank you for sending this ❤️.

This is quickly becoming my favorite night of the year. A prom held all over the world honoring those with special needs. I cried 98x, I wanna be @timtebow when I grow up. Swipe for more —>

This was our Super Bowl - I wish I had your nerves @rickiefowler - congrats bro!

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