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Just 2 dudes from the @univmiami. One’s the biggest star in Hollywood, the other’s on basic cable. 😜

When life gets extra busy don’t forget the importance of GRATITUDE. - @therock is keeping it honest tonight @enews 7/6c. I love this guy, he’s the busiest movie star in the world but he’s always present and brings it for every interview. His new show @nbctitangames is insane!

Savannah, Georgia

Kenneth was homeless, he has Aspergers and was recently robbed on the streets. He’s a legend in my book and now he’s on staff @bittyandbeauscoffee. They hire people who never get a shot. If you’re down in Savannah, Georgia stop by and give him a hug. I heard he makes a mean espresso ❤️

Quittin time...

Dreams are coming true tonight... @nkotb @giulianarancic @enews 7/6c

When you love what you do and get to do it with the people you love. God is good 🙏❤️

Game time - Live at 7 @peopleschoice

She’s backkkkk

Lo and I have watched this 11x this evening....

In the lab

Montage Los Cabos

Forgot my glasses, bought these, Laurie won’t take me seriously, feel kinda like Elton John. Ba ba ba Benny and the jetsss

Montage Los Cabos

Met a 🧜🏻‍♀️

I’ll never forget these guys making the move to Hollywood and working so hard to make this music dream happen. From Coachella to James Corden, they’re touring the world and I couldn’t be more proud. @pauljasonklein you nailed that grocery list, love you boys. @thisislany

They told me I had 15 minutes with @juliaroberts and @samesmail but we talked for almost 30. Julia’s always been one of my favorites, she’s kind, always present and gives the best relationship advice. She and Danny just celebrated 16 years and she still gets emotional talking about him. Link in my bio for our talk this morning on @todayshow about her TV debut — @homecomingtv is GOOD!

So many takeaways from this 1) love how you throw papers at a killer 2) G screaming “I HATE EVERYONE” 3) I felt bad that you almost cried at the end but then I got over it and can’t stop laughing 😂 @giulianarancic

Be safe out there tonight - ❤️ Bob and artwork Laurie #happyhalloween

When a dog offends you...

“Happy Clouds Happy Laurie” - Bob Ross

Low washer fluid? Let me help... #diy

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