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Los Cabos, Mèxico

Clothing optional

Every time I drive down Melrose near that pink wall....

El Dorado Golf & Beach Club

Hi Laurie

They captured me in my element but said I was a bad singer... should I pursue or let it go?

When you turn on the @todayshow and your friends are calling you out for sleeping in the guest room when your wife is sick LOL. *DISCLAIMER* I made 83 manuka honey tea concoctions for @laurenscruggs but she kept coughing on me in the middle of the night so I had to get out 👀😷🤭. Am I the only one?? Love you @hodakotb @keirsimmons

Favorite interview moment last night with @sterlingkbrown. When he talks you just listen and try not to cry... more winners tonight @enews

Do not adjust your TV.. this is really happening! See you tonight @giulianarancic @enews 7&11

Yo this flu has knocked my wife out but she’s still 🔥... I’m in the guest room telling her about my day on FaceTime lol. Doc said it’s the worst flu in years.. wash those hands 👏🏻😷

I feel like a proud brother, I’ve been a @hodakotb fan for a long time. She makes it look easy, she’s incredibly kind, talented and genuine. Congrats friend on getting the anchor chair on @todayshow 👏🏻🙌🏻🥂

She hasn’t looked at me in 6 hours... our NYE plans keep getting more lit... #happynewyear

4 amazing things about this photo: 1) @jlo & @arod’s daughters are fans of the show and came to visit 2) A couple of them are interested in broadcasting 3) We are all representing the U @univmiami 4) @zurihall went to Ohio State 🤭

That holiday work week vibe... see ya at 11pm @enews @zurihall

Merry Christmas from Mom

Working out with my 60 year old father in law

She’s the boss

I love you @laurenscruggs thank you for what you just posted 🙏

I’m actually horrible at goodbyes but we are sending @iamcattsadler off tonight with so much love. This will be tough... @enews 7 & 10:30


Happy Anniversary best pal

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