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Mom I love you but that’s our WiFi router...🤣🤣

She asked me to shave bc it hurts when we french 🤯

Great Guana Cay

I miss this chair

On now with the latest on Demi Lovato 🙏 @enews 7/6c #demilovato

Weekend goal = drive to water and stay as long as possible...

When someone tells me to do intermittent fasting...

Any good record producers looking for talent? Asking for a friend... cc: @giulianarancic

She has no idea how much she means to me.. Happy 30th bday best pal ❤️

When you aggressively face tune your belly for the family photo...

When your arm gets away from ya... #inmyfeelingschallenge #outtakes #prosthetic @laurenscruggs

Don’t come for us... #InMyFeelingsChallenge your move @giulianarancic @billrancic

When you date my friend @savannahchrisley you’re gonna get grilled... hope you pass my test @nickerdiles. Tonight 7/6c @enews 🤔

Lactose w/ Laurie

Baker's Bay Ocean & Golf Club

If you look closely you will see @laurenscruggs putting 2 small shells in my ear and pretending they were mini snails.. we do weird stuff folks but that’s why I love her...

Baker's Bay Ocean & Golf Club

I laughed a lot this weekend... I’m thankful for new and old friendships, great conversation and overeating...

Baker's Bay Ocean & Golf Club

She likes it here

Baker's Bay Ocean & Golf Club

My caddie 😏

Looked short... I apologize @justinthomas34

This never gets old.... #happy4thofjuly

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