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Hollywood Hills


This is rad, @dcbolduc9390

Wow! Everyone follow my talented 13 year old niece Diamante @dcbolduc9390 who made this "Father And Son" Charcoal, acrylic paint, pencil and glitter on paper, 18 × 24. What an upcoming talent.

My painting in the morning

The Sunset Strip

Even faux Hipsters wear seatbelts . Excited for the premiere of ALL NIGHTER tonight!

Don't remember even shooting this but I like it.

32 years old today. So grateful for this life. Treasure each moment, we are all part of an unbelievable journey that is ultimately unknowable. But we have each other! Peace and Love.

Who the F*#K is Salt Bae??

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Had the pleasure of attending John Goodman get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today. Classic moment when Jeff Bridges showed up and took off his tux jacket and put on his sweater from Big Lebowski. Then I looked down at his sockless thin leather strap sandles and thought, wow Jeff wore those too as The Dude... Then realized those were just Jeff Bridges' sandles. Great day to celebrate an icon and someone I've been lucky enough to work with and even luckier to count as a friend. OVER THE LINE!

San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant

Me and mom chowing down at lunch yesterday ♡♡♡

San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant

Un-chill lunch companions

A 2017 Hello

Castro District, San Francisco

In honor of #whenwerise airing on network tv, it's time to celebrate the life and times of Harvey Milk, a pioneer in the gay rights movement, portrayed to Oscar winning perfection by Sean Penn. Franco and I were just happy to be there ;) ! Proud to have portrayed @realclevejones , a courageous fighter for equality for all. Check out When We Rise! And also Cleve's BOOK of the same name! (Also, that's me on the upper left w/ curly hair n' glasses...)

The question is whether or not the guitar was placed for shameless selfie like "ooh look at my goatee and guitar woww"


Good Morning! She's on her way to get a haircut today. You're gonna get a Miley, Stella.

All Nighter is coming out in a few weeks. Had a great time shooting this, right here in the city I call home, Los Angeles. I got to see a unique side of the city I hadn't seen before- K-Town, Silverlake, Downtown, back alleys of West Hollywood. It's a uniquely LA film, and I think people will love getting to know aspects of the city through it. It's the clash of tofu gorging hipster versus man behind the curtain establishment. JK Simmons is one of the best actors I've ever worked with.

Me, like, what the hell happened with the #oscars this year? Somewhere an envelope boy is being flogged in a basement somewhere.

Bill Paxton was a one of a kind actor. A great guy on top of that. Rest In Peace. True Lies, Twister, Ghosts Of The Abyss, Aliens, Titanic- he was in so many of the films we all love. He brought things to the table nobody else could- because it was in who he was as a human being that was irreplaceable.

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