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Vancouver, British Columbia

Tennis Pro. Short for "tennis problem."

Me back in high school as a freshmen in The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys- my first movie.

Top Of The Grouse Grind

View from the top with @officialfranzd

Top Of The Grouse Grind



Sexy time

Taking the rocks

First 2 minutes...

First steps...

Grouse Grind®

Beginning of The Grouse Grind with @officialfranzd

Quickie (the dark circles on my eyes are make up!)

Can I get a ride?

Stunt Doublin' Life

🎶All the lonely meatheads, where dooo they all lift from?🎵

Warning: Small talk

Much harder than it looks... I think these are called static. Static something's. Someone tell me. They are a really simple way to test and strengthen your willpower- just sit into the hold and go for as long as you can, and take down how long you can do it. Don't worry, the worst thing that'll happen is your legs start to tremble and you fall over or something. Get it DONE!

What a beardo.

Don't give a Kung about Fuu After a long day, I like to get my body in motion in whatever way I can. People go "how can you workout now?" But I think after a day of work a good strenuous workout is the perfect thing to clear the mind and bring a mellow end to a day. Not to mention a great, deep sleep. Some people like working out til they hit their "wall." It's strangely addictive- I recommend it!

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