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The Bund

Cool mf

The Bund

All aboard the Shanghai Express.

Hysterical Kindness @rockandrollaintdeadyet @rocktothefuture

The face I make when I see someone blowing me out of the water with their Fidget Spinner.

fifty shades of green

What direction is up on a Saturday?


Pretty exciting getting so close to the completion of this project Hysterical Kindness

Going to the Shanhai film fest next week for this - really excited.

When your buddy @jimmy_chin sends you a photo he just took... and it's of Alex Honnold free climbing El Capitan in Yosemite.

I came. I saw. I Fidgeted. Okay a little explanation here. This is a Fidget. It's just this little spinny thing with ball bearings inside of it. I saw an article- I think in The New Yorker -about how they are the downfall of our culture into mindless stupidity. I immediately bought one after I finished the article and now can't stop Fidgeting good heavens what have I DONE?!

💲In select theaters and on iTunes now💲

Today on Memorial Day, I am so thankful for the men and women in uniform who have given the last full measure of sacrifice. Getting to learn about and portray Navy SEAL Danny Dietz continues to be one of the most spiritually enriching and inspiring experiences of my life. A fearless, selfless warrior. A loving son. A truly talented artist. And a great example for people everywhere about courage and integrity in the face of adversity. Never forget.

Vincent N Roxxy is coming out soon yall

Hollywood Hills


This is rad, @dcbolduc9390

Wow! Everyone follow my talented 13 year old niece Diamante @dcbolduc9390 who made this "Father And Son" Charcoal, acrylic paint, pencil and glitter on paper, 18 × 24. What an upcoming talent.

My painting in the morning

The Sunset Strip

Even faux Hipsters wear seatbelts . Excited for the premiere of ALL NIGHTER tonight!

Don't remember even shooting this but I like it.

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