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Catchin up w/ Kilimanjaro homies Jimmy & Kick.

Good morning... okay so this day was crazy. Shot this in Ireland. Great experience Love all you guys and your amazing comments. I'm honestly really lucky to have such intelligent and loving people following this account! Sending thoughts of love throughout the Earth! 🌎

Life was brutal back then- it was 'every man for himself'. Never Grow Old still.

...not exactly a walk down 5th Avenue. (Never Grow Old)

Looking awfully rustic in Never Grow Old.

Talking to Ivan Kavanagh on the set of Never Grow Old.

Hollywood. 1969. Link in bio.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood- first TRAILER in bio- So grateful to have been a part of this film and been able to portray Jay Sebring- a legendary hair stylist and unique soul.

Okay now I'm really excited.

Never Grow Old still: character puzzled looking at 21st century invention edition.

Well I'm excited.

"Never Grow Old" in theaters & VOD tomorrow. Horses are such amazing creatures- crazy how they are on the menu of the hotel I'm at right now WTF? Update: the horse burger is at the restaurant next door.

- "Never Grow Old" - but if you do, be sure to grow a fat beard and get mistaken for Jack Black as much as possible. Movie out tomorrow, muffakaz.

"Never Grow Old".... Except today, since it's my birthday ;)

Here is the US poster for "Never Grow Old," which comes out on March 15th. A great follow up feature to 'The Canal' for writer & director Ivan Kavanaugh. I dig it hard.

Happy Valentines Day! ❤

Been working a lot on more music projects the last few months- it's going in some really cool directions and styles- but I'm still grateful to have been able to make this record. Since then we've all gone in different directions creatively, but we all were in sync here. Imagine me recording the vocals between the nook of a bathroom and hallway at Brian's apartment almost four years ago, with a crazy cat messing up our takes by meowing between my legs, and you'll get a picture of the thrifty way we made this record.

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