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Happy Valentines Day! ❤

Been working a lot on more music projects the last few months- it's going in some really cool directions and styles- but I'm still grateful to have been able to make this record. Since then we've all gone in different directions creatively, but we all were in sync here. Imagine me recording the vocals between the nook of a bathroom and hallway at Brian's apartment almost four years ago, with a crazy cat messing up our takes by meowing between my legs, and you'll get a picture of the thrifty way we made this record.

Check out Hysterical Kindness' album Simple Things. Spotify link in bio. You can also get it on itunes or YouTube or wherever. Still a labor of love. We are making more music right now in different directions, but this was still a special experience making this strange record. What are your favorite songs?

Check out my moms website megdavenport.com

#TBT My brother in law, Samuel Bolduc, and my niece Diamante. Happier times in Puerto Rico, before the devastating hurricane hit. Sam was raised by his parents with a sharp eye for social justice, as he was the child from a marriage that in the time was considered socially unacceptable by many- a white father and an African American mother. Sam was raised to be courageous and to fight for the minority and rights of others- and his non profit organization Gathering The Outcasts Ministry continues to carry on his parents message of love and humanitarian work. The amount of sleepless nights Sam has had in Puerto Rico tirelessly helping others since the hurricane hit is truly inspiring for me and the entire family. Check out their page on Facebook- Gathering The Outcasts Ministry- they are on the ground in Puerto Rico making real differences in people's lives!

My mother Meg Davenport is the artist that inspires me the most. She's never made art for money or fame, she makes it because she's truly a loving and creative soul who finds freedom in creativity, and continues to teach me so much. Ever since my memories first came, she makes art and explores ideas and always looks at life through a lens of compassion and empathy- and she's never stopped. For those of you who know Meg, you know there is truly no one else like her.

Hysterical Kindness album Simple Things- we appreciate everyone taking the time to check the record out - its streaming on Spotify and also available on Itunes and other platforms. We are in the middle of recording the next record now and couldn't be more excited about it. ❤❤

This is mind blowing.

Happy Father's Day! The greatest joy and adventure and love of my life is the privilege of being a parent. I want to learn and grow everyday so I can be the best dad I can. It feels like only yesterday this guy was in diapers, and now he's busting up the Baldwin Hills Stairs! Love Emile

Thank you for all the amazing responses to Hysterical Kindness album Simple Things- we really appreciate it! Much love




Check out Hysterical Kindness' album Simple Things.

#tbt . I'll work on more childhood pics and fewer pirate ones in future.

Super humbled to get to work with so many great actors on this and of course the maestro himself, Quentin Tarantino.

Disclaimer: Parody

Thanks for checking the record out you guys! We're stoked on the responses and inspired to make another.

Dog Day Afternoon.

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