Эмиль Хирш


Американский актёр.
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The smug, self satisfied look you get when you're watching Westworld and realize how happy you are to have a moustache while watching it, because it makes you feel more cowboy like.

Fryman Canyon Hike

He's either an 80's cop on a stake out, or a semi out of shape dude exhausted from half a hike in his gym shorts...

The little movie that could. Won David Gordon Green the Best Director prize at the Berlin Film Festival.

Fairfax District, Los Angeles

When u get a straight flush...

Gold's Gym


Venice Beach, California

Still life of dog begging with purple vest on.

When the wardrobe lady catches me on the fly.

Oh look, it's me and @nabildo 7 years ago in Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls.

Los Angeles, California

Git back 2 worrrrk!

A Chinese Elm behind me. Good morning

Carney's Hamburgers & Hot Dogs on Sunset

Coming soon!

Now that's a real Fanny Pack.

Jet Rag

Hat shopping Part Deux

Jet Rag

Hat shopping

Doin' Runyon

Manns Chinese Theater

**Our movie is available online, but I guess they are putting it in THEATERS now due to popular demand. It'll go even wider Friday the 13th- love the 13th. Apparently it's shattering a bunch of records, which is always nice- the audience has spoken**

Face off.

The way we dress in LA when it's remotely cold. #Wussies

Here's to 2017....

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