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Fryman Canyon Trailhead

Fighting through the hike fatigue

Is he gloating or miserable?

Okay so this was in Milan at a Prada show a couple years ago, the beginning and end of my career as a runway model. Funny but super embarrassing story all these actors showed up for their winter show and we were all a foot shorter than the models. Models hated us, we were like Hobbits and they were Elves- and then I walked the runway to this really snazzy music and I realized after I watched it I need a pair of stilts and walking lessons before doing another show like that. Side note: all the actors got applause when they walked out, as opposed to the models. Which made those models hate us even more. The sunglasses on my pocket are I guess for when I go into Bond villain mode?

California Science Center

almost forgot... tag on

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

We're not so different, Mr. Bond...

In a way, we're all just chillin out.

Los Angeles, California

Open or closed?


rain in la. sad palm tree.

Good morning

Mount Kilimanjaro

Tbt- Trip of a lifetime- climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2010. Great experience, with an ultimate end goal of raising awareness about the importance of having clean drinking water for all people- something many of us take for granted. @okkenna 'S awesome forward thinking with Summit On The Summit.

Hawaii back when... photo by Dave LaChapelle

Santa Monica Pier

Happy Valentine's Day!

Eureka Inn

Family visit on set with The Dangers @plazadeaubrey

That moment when you realize you're not nearly as strapped as you think you are...

Trinidad Bay, California

Gorgeous day by the bay.

More earpiece please.

Redwood National and State Parks (NPS)

Feeling like such a big man

Redwood National and State Parks (NPS)

Everyone feeling a bit overwhelmed

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