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Американская киноактриса. Стала знаменитой после сериала Ходячие мертвецы
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my hair is a lil dramatic

salute to me, im your birthday queen // ok but don’t bc this is based off a @taylorswift song

Alexa, stream “New Years Day” by Taylor Swift.

today’s mood is sponsored by coffee

don’t read the last page

are you really gonna scroll past without saying Merry Christmas🎄🎄

I’m captivated by you.

North Carolina Museum of Art

you painted me golden

Counting down to Christmas... How do some of you celebrate the holidays??!!

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

happy birthday to one of the kindest people i’ve ever met! thank you @taylorswift for taking to time to hang out with my family and I!!

NC State University

winter (wolfpack) wonderland

a ~natural~ selfie with a smile that may or may not fade because of finals

N.C. State Fair

choose happy thoughts 💭

choose your non-photogenic fighter

i know places🔒


Icool ice cream

what would your post-it say?

I #justvoted for the first time and I’m so excited! All throughout school I’ve learned about how women fought for the rights we have today, and by voting I am honoring those rights. Make sure your voice is heard and vote!!! ❤️💙🇺🇸 #vote #ivoted @taylorswift

comment your feels about tonight’s episode of twd !

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