Райан Келли


Американский актёр, больше всего известный зрителям по ролям в фильмах «Жестокий ручей», «Молитвы за Бобби» и «Бен-10: Инопланетный рой», а также в молодёжном телесериале «Волчонок».
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Carl knows the Monday routine... stay in bed and wish it was Friday 😉 #mcm

As a kid it was a real struggle to finish one of these. Now as a man child I can crush a whole box! #FuckYa!


We had the #TeenWolf wrap party last night and I didn't take a single picture because I was white girl wasted 🤗 This about sums up my night..

Best. Day. Of. The. Year.

Happy St Paddy's Day!!!! 🍀☘🍻

Stopped by set today for one last behind the scenes interview 😢 #PeaceOutOldFriend

Words can't express my gratitude towards this man. He created the magic we all fell in love with and forever changed my life and so many others for the better 💚 #JeffDavis #ThankYou #TeenWolf Oh and spoiler: Jeff kills Parrish :)

Magic 🖐🖑 #TeenWolf #FinalDay

Today is my official last day on #TeenWolf! At least I'm going out as a Hellhound 😈

Nom nom nom

With #TeenWolf ending I'm forced to take odd jobs on the side.. some mom paid me to scare her kid into putting his toys away at night 💲💲💲

This picture was taken during my last scene in that uniform. Photo cred: the man who created this whole magical world.. Jeff Davis 🚔

You know it's coming to an end when they have you start signing stuff.. 😭😢 #TeenWolf

Linden? Linden???

Got a thousand of these bad boys to put up around town 😜 #ParkingWithParrish

It takes a full team and hours to make me look good every morning.. you don't want to see me right out of bed 👾🛇☡

Just a typical Thursday..

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