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Американский режиссёр, актёр и сценарист, создатель кинокомпании «View Askew Productions», продюсирующей все фильмы Смита, а также автор комиксов.
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I'm Mary Poppins, y'all! #KevinSmith #marypoppins #guardiansofthegalaxy #disneyworld #waltdisneyworld

For her 18th Birthday, @harleyquinnsmith_ became a firefighter, mastering the flames... #KevinSmith #harleyquinnsmith #birthday #birthdaygirl

Happy 18th Birthday to my only begotten child, @harleyquinnsmith_! I was the first person on Earth to see your beautiful face, and I hope I get to see that same beautiful face every day for the rest of my life. You have been an excellent kid and I've loved watching every second of your childhood - but now I look forward to seeing what you do with your adulthood! Go get 'em, Kiddo! #KevinSmith #harleyquinnsmith #harleyquinn #birthday #birthdaygirl

When in rural Ohio, @jayandsilentbob get their dogs washed at the @snoochy_poochy. (Photo credit goes to #simontatum!) #KevinSmith #jayandsilentbob #snoochieboochies #snootchiebootchies #snoochypoochy #TheSnoochyPoochy.

Where's the AT-AT at? In 2017, we stare agog with wonder at the #whitewalkers of @gameofthrones. But in 1980, we stared agog in wonder at the #snowwalkers of @starwars! The Kenner version of this bad boy that I had as a kid is my all time favorite toy. Been looking all over but no sign of Dak - the kid who felt like he could take on the whole Empire himself. Maybe he flat-left me... #KevinSmith #empirestrikesback #starwars #disneyworld

"Just Because They Defend You Doesn't Mean They Like You." If #thedefenders is meant to be a lower budget #avengers, then the #clerks poster similarity is kinda genius. #KevinSmith #marvel #netflix #netflixandchill

HOLLYWOOD! Watch the amazing @ralphgarman morph into other people when we bring BABBLE-ON back to the @hollywoodimprov on SATURDAY NIGHT! For tickets, click the link in my bio! #KevinSmith #ralphgarman #babble #hollywood #podcast #hollywoodbabbleon

Smith/Schwalbach Family vacation on #pandora! No sign of Jake Sully and the Blue Cats (which, coincidentally, was also the name of my high school ska band). @waltdisneyworld spent a buck or two to bring #avatar to life and the motion ride where you fly on a Banshee's back is a spellbinding and breathtaking immersive experience. Worth a visit if you're near #florida. Doesn't even cost unobtainium kinda dollars either. #KevinSmith #waltdisneyworld #harley #harleyquinnsmith #jenschwalbach

Me & Pooh, holding our rumbly tummies in @waltdisneyworld! A couple hot Bears like us give all the Twinks hundred acre wood. I was wearing my #Mooby's jersey at #disney, which was meta as Hell because #Mooby was based on #mickeymouse! #KevinSmith #winniethepooh #disney #disneyworld #poohbear

I spent Father's Day with my Mother in #Florida. When I was a kid, Florida was one of my favorite places in the world because @waltdisneyworld was there. Now Florida's one of my favorite places in the world because my Mom's there. We spent the day hopping parks with my brother Don, @harleyquinnsmith_ & #jenschwalbach. The highlight of the theme parks this trip: #pandora in #disneyworld. The Banshee ride is nothing short of astounding. When we made the link and jumped on the back of a Banshee to soar high over Pandora, I heard Mom utter "Wow..." in total awe. My parents took me to #disneyworld for the first time in 1977. Forty years later, my Mom's still taking my fat ass to the Happiest Place on Earth! Love you, Mom! #KevinSmith #amazinggrace

‪Happy Father's Day to all you Motherfuckers out there! Thanks to flinging our DNA in the right directions, we have conquered death by inventing a clone army of mini-me's to carry on our great work when we have expired! Here is MY clone, Biological Duplicate #3703681931a, aka @harleyquinnsmith_. For a clone she's unique, full of her own personality and dreams. In fact, the Kev Clone makes me smile - but best of all, she makes me a Dad! And being a Dad is not only one of the most moving miracles a man can be a part of, it also serves as proof that you had sex with your kid's Mom. After sex, most women have always denied even knowing me - like Peter when questioned about Christ. But thanks to Harley, Jen Schwalbach HAS to admit she porked me at least once. And that kinda non-denial denial from a lover is good for my reputation. #KevinSmith #harleyquinn #harleyquinnsmith #fathersday #clone

"Nothing can kill the Grimace." I'm in #florida shooting #KillRoyWasHere - a horror anthology flick along the lines of #creepshow. Tonight we're rolling cameras in sunny #stpetersburgfl! David Shapiro and #semkhor struck a cool deal with @ringlingcollege in #sarasota that allows their students to work on the show for college credits AND @imdb credits (and a small wage)! The kids & the local crew base have been amazing and our many night shoots haven't been rained-out once! @mtverbal & I wrote this script years ago, calling it "Comes the Krampus." After someone else made a Krampus movie, so we shelved ours for a couple years. But then I got the idea to simply change our bad guy framing device from the Krampus (or #AntiClaus, as the movie was called at one point) to another figure of menacing mystery. I thought about #slenderman but he seemed too trendy. Then I remembered Kilroy! I looked online and believe it or not, there is no movie called "Kilroy Was Here." So I reached out to #bobkurtzman (the builder of the @tuskthemovie walrus suit) and asked him to design the creepy #KillRoy look. Our guy looks like a cross between Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers and the 80's horror kid in me is in Heaven! To celebrate our temporary wrap, I'm wearing a new crest (drawn by @jeffquigley & built by @jimedelston) that calls back one of my favorite moments from the #clerks cartoon: Big Mac uttering the immortal line about his immortal friend. Yes, it makes me look like a walking ad for @mcdonalds. But let's be honest: a guy of my size always looks like a walking ad for #mcdonalds. #KevinSmith #florida #horror #bigmac #horrormovies #grimace #nothingcankillthegrimace

The town of #brantford built a beautiful memorial to the #gretzky family outside of the #waynegretzkysportscentre. It's a sculpture that features l'il #waynegretzky (in a #gordiehowe jersey) flanked by his parents Phyliss and Walter. All three are looking up at #thegreatone grown up as number #99 holds the #stanleycup aloft, captain of the @edmontonoilers. It's worth a trip to #ontario for any dreamer to see but a tearjerker for a Gretzky fan such as myself. I wanted to blaze and gaze for an hour but the sculpture sits outside of a community recreation center that was packed with kids. So I asked @malcolm.ingram to take these pictures instead. #KevinSmith #canada #waltergretzky

Goldielocks & the 3 Bears remake with @kellyripa! While hanging out with @malcolm.ingram last week at the @niagarafallscomiccon, we ran into movie-me (or Dante from #clerks) @briancohalloran! Then, all three of us ran into Jersey girl #kellyripa, who was geeking out at the Con with her kid (which is incredibly endearing). Look at how tiny she is compared to us. Tiny of body, big of heart. And a true genre fan who raised her kid in the faith too. #KevinSmith #brianohalloran #niagarafallscomiccon

Happy Birthday to my hetero life mate on and off screen, @jaymewes! He's always stood next to me in movies - but more importantly, he always stands by me in life. Jay's the best friend a guy could ask for, in film or IRL (and he's an even better Dad)! Slappy Berfday, Jason! May your Snootch be Nootched, old friend! #KevinSmith #jasonmewes #jayandsilentbob #birthday

At @jayandsilentbobstash, we ran a fun contest to be in #jayandsilentbobreboot - the sequel to #jayandsilentbobstrikeback that we start shooting in September. So far, 8 of the 10 Golden Tickets have been found inside the limited edition #secretstash 20th anniversary commemorative chocolates by these lucky winners! So they'll all be joining us onscreen in the @jayandsilentbob Reboot! Still waiting on a pair of Charlie Buckets to come forward and claim their place in movie history... #KevinSmith #jayandsilentbobssecretstash

Oh Batman my Batman! I'm standing on my chair to honor #adamwest - the man whose portrayal of costumed justice made me wanna be a good person when I was a boy. The #adamwestbatman was my first Batman at age 4. His performance was campy to most, but to me, that's how true heroes spoke. A lifelong love of the character started with Mr. West's interpretation of what he called, instead of the Dark Knight, the Bright Knight. He brought joy to a somber character and a Fatherly tone to a TV role model. I was lucky enough to meet Adam many times, including the day at @stanleecomiccon when super-fan @ralphgarman and I hosted Adam, Boy Wonder #burtward and movie Catwoman #leemerriweather (where we took this pic). He was pure love and joy. He remained my hero, even in adulthood, as well as a real life role model for interacting with fans. Adam loved his fans - especially #ralphgarman, who worked tirelessly to get Adam a star on the @officialhollywoodwalkoffame. Farewell, Caped Crusader. Off to Superhero Heaven you go, where all your rascally rogues are ready to see you again! Atomic batteries to power. Turbines to speed. Heart to broken. #KevinSmith #adamwest #batman #foreverbatman #rip #legend #icon

The Force was with us at the premiere of #jayandsilentbobstrikeback back in #2001, thanks to @hamillhimself, @jaymewes and @shannonelizabeth! I hope to recreate this same pose at the premiere of the sequel, #jayandsilentbobreboot! (We start shooting this September.) #KevinSmith #jasonmewes #shannonelizabeth #markhamill #jayandsilentbob

Suddenly... #madmartigan! #rescuedog #dogs_of_instagram #dogsofinstgram

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