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Американский режиссёр, актёр и сценарист, создатель кинокомпании «View Askew Productions», продюсирующей все фильмы Смита, а также автор комиксов.
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My boys got POPPED! For the grand opening of the @originalfunko store, #funkohq made @comicbookmenamc Pop Figures! We shot a whole episode around this amazing pop culture nirvana but seeing my boys in plastic was a highlight of my life! The Pops here are exclusive but we'll be selling versions later this year at @jayandsilentbobstash! #KevinSmith #comicbookmen #funkopop #funkofamily #funko

I was headed to #vancouver last year to shoot my second ep of @cwtheflash and director @jasonreitman was on my flight. I've known @theacademy award nominated talent behind #juno & #upintheair & #casual on @hulu for awhile, having first met him at #sundance years back. We chatted briefly and then went into earbuds-wearing flight mode. But before we landed, #jasonreitman gave me a storyboard sheet with an endearing note attached. One year after receiving this vastly validating missive, I still carry it in my bag whenever I go to work. I'm in Vancouver again (this time for my third episode of @supergirlcw) and I bumped into it again while looking for my passport. It was a pleasant reminder that while some cats may think I'm an idiot, other cats see me as an influence, or maybe even a peer. Thanks, Jason. This meant the world then and still does now. #KevinSmith #director #directing

In honor of getting to direct my third episode of @supergirlcw, I asked storyboard artist extraordinaire @jeremysimser to design a new crest for my jersey. Simser came up with this image of the Maiden of Might showing her pure power and strength by carrying my fat ass. The image (which calls to mind the #superman3 poster) is so insanely accurate: whenever I "direct" an ep of #supergirl, the cast & crew carry my fat ass as well. They do phenomenal work every week; I'm the interloper who could fuck things up just by having a "vision". So I let everyone do what they do best and I kick back and watch wonders happen. I'm useless in pre-pro but when cameras roll, I tend to be more helpful. The best thing an episodic guest director like me can do is cheer on his cast & crew with words of encouragement and lots of Timbits from @timhortons. Once more into the breach, dear friends, with some of the best in the business. I may not be the best choice to helm an ep of this spectacular show, but I am dressed for the part. Thanks again to @gberlanti, @andrewkreisberg & @thecw for the gig! (Crest built by the kings of crests @jeffquigley & @jimedelston. Wanna dress like me? Visit the jersey store at the link in my bio!) #KevinSmith #supergirlcw

Getting Squanchy with the men of @rickandmorty - @danharmon, @jroiland & @ryanridley (who voiced one of my favorite one-off characters of the show, the lighthouse keeper in the Purge episode). Season 3 is back and the new ep is on tonight. Last week's #picklerick ep was a series best and tonight's show looks like an homage to comic books. I love #rickandmorty! This show is my creative crack and these genius gents are writing some of the smartest, funniest family comedy I've ever repeat-watched in my life. #KevinSmith #danharmon #justinroiland #ryanridley #adultswim #wubbalubbadubdub

My new jersey, celebrating my time in Hell's Kitchen, writing #daredevil for @marvel and my editors @joeydaq & @jimmypalmiotti back in 1998! Being involved with the Guardian Devil run of #themanwithoutfear is one of the projects I've been involved with across my entire career that I'm proudest of, and to this day, affords me crazy credibility in the world of comics. But all I did was suggest shit to say for cool characters I'd long loved: Joe directed the shit out of this book and Jimmy inked it to vibrant life. Ol' Horn-head had fallen out of the top 100 on the sales charts but the Marvel Knights imprint put Matt Murdock back in the top spot where he belonged. Nearly 20 years later, @daredevil is a @netflix show, Jimmy writes some of @dccomics top selling books (including #harleyquinn), and Joe is a top-ranking #marvel multimedia muckety-muck! And me? I still get bragging rights about being buddies with living legends who saved a superhero! The crest (by the always amazing @jeffquigley & @jimedelston) is based on a #joequesada piece embroidered into leather jackets the #marvelknights family received as a gift back in 1999. #kevinsmith #marvel #jimmypalmiotti #comics #daredevilthemanwithoutfear

The genial genius known as @sethrogen takes up permanent residence on many of my lists of favorites. He's one of my favorite writers, favorite actors, favorite directors and favorite Canadians. He's a Made Man, inasmuch as he's made fun flicks and tv shows, made me laugh, made a movie with me once and made me an altogether better person (and what some would argue is a worse filmmaker) by introducing me to the wisdom of weed when I was 38. The interview we did for @imdb during @comic_con is worth a listen to anybody who wants to be in show business. #KevinSmith #sethrogen #imdb #imdboat #sandiegocomiccon #sdcc #zackandmirimakeaporno

Pod Pals. A big salute to the hard-working @hardwick, who ended his show @midnight last week! I was on the program a handful of times and it was a blast on every occasion, even when I lost. This pic was taken when Chris stopped by the @imdb boat at @comic_con this year, shortly after he'd gotten off the Hall H stage for the @justiceleague. I could still catch a proximity-whiff of BatFleck off him. Then, like the Dark Knight himself, it disappeared into thin air. #KevinSmith #chrishardwick #imdboat #imdb #podcasts #podcastersofinstagram #comiccon

Makin' Records in Red Bank! On Saturday, to celebrate the 20th birthday of our store @jayandsilentbobstash (and my 47th birthday), we organized the largest gathering of @jayandsilentbob cosplayers ever assembled in an attempt to make it into the @guinnessworldrecords Book! Before we had cable TV or the Internet, the imaginations of kids the world over were fired up by the #guinness Book. I'd spend hours flipping through the pages of obscure honors & rural records, dreaming of doing anything with my life noteworthy enough to earn my fat ass a place in the #guinnessbookofworldrecords one day. On August 5th, that day finally arrived! And as if that wasn't enough of an accolade, the Mayor of Red Bank Pasquale Menna gave me the key to the city, declaring it Kevin Smith Day! And all of this happened mere blocks from the hospital where I was born 47 years before. It was an unforgettable day that we captured on cameras for @comicbookmenamc, so if you weren't able to make it, you can see it when the show returns for Season 7 this Fall on @amc_tv! (Photos by @redbankpulse!) #KevinSmith #redbank #jasonmewes #pasqualemenna #comicbookmen #nj #newjersey #guinnessworldrecord #guinness #birthday #anniversary #brickandmortar #comics #isellcomics

Bobbing at @jayandsilentbobstash with #jenniferschwalbach for her @comicbookmenamc debut! Hundreds of @jayandsilentbob lookalikes filled the streets of #redbank on what mayor Pat Menna officially declared as Kevin Smith Day! Many thanks to everyone who traveled to Jersey to celebrate both my 47th birthday and the #jayandsilentbobssecretstash 20th birthday! Thanks also to Adjudicator Michael & the @guinnessworldrecords folks for officiating our cosplay capers, as well as the amazing crew of @comicbookmenamc for working on a Saturday! This was a blast and meant the world to me! More pics later! #KevinSmith #jenschwalbach #redbanknj #guinnessworldrecord

Shooting @comicbookmenamc Season 7 w/ my boys @tellemants, @mingchen37, @michaelzapcic & #waltflanagan at @jayandsilentbobstash! This is how we look this year. #KevinSmith #mingchen #comicbookmen #bryanjohnson #mikezapcic #amc

Behind me and Mom is Riverview Hospital in #redbank, #newjersey. We were both here 47 years ago, when I sprang forth from her nether regions on 8/2/1970. After a whirlwind trip to #londonfilmandcomiccon and #notredamecathedral In #paris, it felt fitting that our mother-son journey abroad end where it truly began: here at #riverview. Thank you to everyone for all the birthday well-wishes you've sent me today. And thanks for supporting me & my bullshit for nearly 25 years; it makes every day feel like it's my birthday. #KevinSmith #birthday #leo #mom #amazinggrace #nj

Today is my 47th Birthday! But I don't want you to get me a gift - I want you to buy YOURSELF a gift: one of Kev's New Jerseys! To celebrate my 47th birthday, my online jersey shop is now open to the public! Wanna buy brand new replicas of my jerseys or snag a game-worn sweater that I've actually sweated in? Kev's New Jerseys (from @jayandsilentbobstash) allows you to dress just like me (although why you'd want to is a mystery)! Link is in my bio above! #KevinSmith #jerseys #hockeyjersey #birthday

Mission Accomplished! Mom saw the shit out of #notredamecathedral - easily the most beautiful house of worship I've ever seen in my life. We took her to see the outside last night when it was closed, then we went back today and toured the inside and saw the famous flying buttresses. The cathedral is truly a marvel of engineering and a beautiful classic - just like my Mom. And now, we eat chocolates! #KevinSmith #mom #gracesmith #amazinggrace #notredamecathedral

The Smiths en Francais! After an excellent weekend at the #lfcc2017, Mom, Don, @va2view & I took the @eurostar to #paris, the City of Light! Gonna see Paris-based @samosier one more time before I head back to Jersey on my 47th birthday to shoot an ep of @comicbookmenamc in which the @guinnessworldrecords folks come to @jayandsilentbobstash for the largest gathering of @jayandsilentbob cosplayers ever assembled! But tomorrow, Mom finally goes to #notredamedeparis! #KevinSmith #france #london #mom

Last night, @samosier and I celebrated 10 years of #smodcast at the #lfcc2017! Mos was on fire and the crowd was super receptive to our ramblings. A decade back, we started recording a conversation that would change my life forever again. And just like the first big change back with #clerks, #scottmosier was at the epicenter, saying funny shit to me. He's always been my battery - the guy without whom I have a hard time operating properly. Halfway through the show, we brought my Mom up on stage as well and she killed! It was a fantastic night spent bullshitting with two people I love dearly in front of hundreds of well-wishers - an excellent end to a great day at a terrific Con! Happy Birthday, #smod! May you live to be 1000 years old! #KevinSmith #scottymo #podcasts #anniversary #london #england #londonfilmandcomiccon

Day 1 of the Traveling Smiths Abroad ended in an amazing Swiss restaurant called St Moritz for fondue with forks and spätzle. We walked around London Town and took touristy pics and then all went to bed under the same roof at an @airbnb in #soho. Mom is having a blast so far. Today, I'm at the #lfcc2017 all day signing and taking pics before doing the first ever live #smodcast in the UK with @samosier, celebrating 10 years of the podcast! #KevinSmith #london #england #londonfilmandcomiccon

The Traveling Smiths take flight! I'm headed to the #england and #france with my Mom, my brother Don and my sister @va2view! On Saturday & Sunday I'll be at the #londonfilmandcomiccon signing & taking pics! On Saturday night, we celebrate 10 years of #smodcast with my first ever live #smod with @samosier in the UK! Then on Monday, the family heads to #paris where lifelong #catholic Mom will finally see #notredamedeparis for the first time in her 71 years! But before all that, it's up to the good folks at @british_airways to get all of us there in one piece... #KevinSmith #london #mom #mother #familyvacay #britishairways

The @originalfunko folks popped me! #funko gave out this limited edition #funkopop Fat Man at a #funkofundays event during @comic_con! @jaymewes & I were on hand to give out the exclusive pops to the loudest quadrant of the room. The energy in that joint could've powered #sandiego for a year. Next year, I'm going as a fan! Y'know, there was a time folks would call me fat man to try to hurt my feelings or belittle me. So like lots of folks before me, I just flipped the script and took the insult on like a mantle instead, using it for #podcasts and splashing it across my chest. If they try to hurt you with dopey words, make their unkind sentiments your logo in life. Take their bile and make it your brand. Don't ever let yourself be toyed with - unless the toy is something as cool as this pop. #KevinSmith #fatmanonbatman #funkomania #funkopops #comiccon #funkofunatic

I got to talk to the cast of @cw_arrow for @imdb at @comic_con. As the interview ended, @stephenamell invited me to direct an episode. Just wanna let everyone in the @arrowwriters know that I am WAY down for this. A looooong time ago, I brought #oliverqueen back from the dead in @dccomics; so working with the living one on @thecw would be tremendous! My quiver is full and I'm ready to nock and release (which sounds dirty but is legit archer-talk)! #KevinSmith #arrow #stephenamell #imdboat #imdb

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