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Американский режиссёр, актёр и сценарист, создатель кинокомпании «View Askew Productions», продюсирующей все фильмы Смита, а также автор комиксов.
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MONDAY NIGHT, the 2nd @supergirlcw I was lucky enough to direct airs! I got to fly around on a space ship! And that's all because of @andrewkreisberg! Kreis Almighty has been like my savior for the last year, gifting me with gigs on both @cwtheflash & #supergirl. In a year when some folks were using @yogahosers to say I'm a bad director, @thecw shows I helmed served as proof I hadn't lost my mind. Never mind the colorful characters he writes for and makes amazing episodes of TV about every week - #andrewkreisberg is my real hero. #KevinSmith #flash #daxam #daxamite #supergirlseason2

The windows at @jayandsilentbobstash now celebrate our 20th anniversary, with art by jolly @jeffquigley that includes a sweet rendition of #tellemstevedave as #kiss! (Our window treatments are masterfully made by #madeyalooksigns!)

Watch @jaymewes redefine the Rise of Cobra with "...And Blowing is Half the Battle." We close every ep of #jayandsilentbobgetold with a ridiculous round of #letusfuck. If you're in #detroit a week from today, come see me & #jaymewes Get Old at the #freepfilmfest. If you're in #chicago a week from tomorrow, come see #jasonmewes "Fuck" at #thevictheatre! #KevinSmith #gijoe #podcast #cobracommander #gijoeriseofcobra

The Kid himself, @bryancallen, teaches me how to be a fighter (and how to pose) on the set of @thegoldbergsabc. Bryan is pretty genius as the Coach on the show, but to me, he'll always be the brother of the @joerogan character on #newsradio - one of the best & most realistic performances of a family member put on film. And mind you, it was one episode for about 4 mins, tops. You know how funny and real you gotta be to make that kinda impact on a show with that many geniuses on it? Callen is one of those geniuses. #KevinSmith #thegoldbergs #bryancallen

These people are doing the Lord's work. I moderated a #paleyfest panel celebrating @thecw @dccomics shows: @cwtheflash, @cw_arrow, @supergirlcw & @cw_legendsoftomorrow. The panel took place on the @dolbytheatre stage, where @theacademy awards were just held. But we didn't need Oscar gold because we had Silver Age #dccomics heroes there to save the day: @stephenamell, @grantgust, @candicekp @melissabenoist, @davidharewood @caitylotz, @davidramsey2 & @brandonjrouth. Between those heroes and the creators who make them, run, fly & fight, the 90 minute panel zipped by too fast. #KevinSmith #supergirl #flash #legendsoftomorrow #arrow

We wrapped @thegoldbergsabc season finale last night on a heart-breaker of a scene that @iamaj & @troygentile08 totally crushed! I had a blast returning to the 80's in the time machine #adamfgoldberg built, with a cast & crew of some of the hardest working pros I've ever watched make media! But there was something surreal about rolling cameras on a goofy, rap-loving kid from the 80's as he poured his heart out to a girl wearing finger-less, fishnet gloves and an acid-washed denim jacket. 31 years ago, on the other side of the country, I wasn't shooting a moment like this, I was living it. I'll see my #goldbergs family again on 3/31, when I moderate a panel about the show and screen the #batman1989 themed episode I got to direct at @wondercon, a few days before the #batman ep airs on the @abcnetwork. Come see us if you're in #anaheim for some oral gold with #thegoldbergs during the wonder of #wondercon! #KevinSmith

Thanks to 1 million folks for coming to my @instagram page and following me! You're forcing a writer to be more visually oriented - which helps because I've been known to make films from time to time. #KevinSmith

My new happy place: the @yogahosers poster for the #japanese release! In #japan, they've wisely retitled the movie "The Convenience Store Wars". The translation is "Part-time High School girls VS Miniature Nazis! An all-out girls horror awakens!" Love that the entire cast made it onto the @starwars influenced art - especially @ralphgarman! I know nobody but me liked #yogahosers so I'm probably the only one excited by this. But this made my day! #KevinSmith

I had a #groundhogday moment with #nedryerson himself, the immortal #stephentobolowsky! Stephen plays the principal on @thegoldbergsabc (this week I'm directing my second ep) but his list of cinematic credits and tv appearances number in the hundreds. Author, Podcaster, icon - and the man who brought Ned Ryerson to life. Needlenose Ned. Ned the Head. #KevinSmith #thegoldbergs

Never forget...

I'm having a Mr. Sparkle moment: someone painted this amazing @jayandsilentbob mural in an alleyway in #seminyak #bali. I don't know who the artist is or why he chose me & @jaymewes but I'm flattered as fuck. And like Homer when he found the fish-bulb box at the Springfield garbage dump, I'm baffled. Anyone know the story? #KevinSmith #myhoodisgood #jayandsilentbob

OG Randal & Dante: me & @tellemants from #comicbookmen (which is on TONIGHT after the Dead shows on #amc)! Nothing I've been doing for the last 25 years would've happened without Bry. You folks never met Kevin Smith - you met Kevin Smith + Bryan Johnson + @jaymewes + #waltflanagan. I'm not the person you know today if I don't start hanging out with Walt, Big Bry and #jasonmewes in #1989. That's one of the reasons I love our dippy little late night show so much - because it reminds me of how I got to be @thatkevinsmith in the first place. You gotta have friends, Kids. No one is an island. You wanna live a happy life? Spend as much time as you can laughing with the people you love. #KevinSmith #clerks #newjersey #highlands #tellemstevedave

UPDATE: Artist located! @freakandpocky made the poppets (yes, that's a word)! I'll be in touch soon! Who gave me & @jaymewes these poppets after #jayandsilentbobgetold at @lex_con last night! I love 'em and I wanna hire you to make more! This is like #cinderella, only the poppet is your glass slipper! #KevinSmith #artsy #jaymewes #jasonmewes #poppet #jayandsilentbob #kentucky #artsandcrafts

I met @www_brothertedd_com at @lex_con today. He stole my heart wearing a #clerks2 shirt but he bent my mind with his #shawshankredemption ink. THAT'S loving a movie, folks! #KevinSmith #tattoo #tattoos #lexingtontoyandcomiccon #andydufresne

After getting to direct two episodes of @cwtheflash and two eps of @supergirlcw, now I have the honor of moderating this year's 4-way #paleyfest panel for @cw_arrow, @cw_legendsoftomorrow, #supergirl and the #flash! The @paleycenter event takes place at the @dolbytheatre MARCH 18th! It's the same theater where the #oscars happen so you can sit in the same seats the stars sat when Best Picture-Gate happened! Link to tix in my bio! (Amazing art courtesy of #armenkevorkian - the VFX master of the #berlantiverse!) #KevinSmitg #arrow #legendsoftomorrow #cw

Avengers Assemble! Okay... Two #avengers assembled at #sundance: @officiallyelizabetholsen & @renner4real. The lady was magic and knew exactly where the camera was, but the guy's hawk eyes missed the target completely. Before they left, I think I overheard him giving her a big lecture about stepping out of doors and being an Avenger... #KevinSmith #elizabetholsen #hawkeye #scarletwitch #jeremyrenner #sundance #imdb

Went to a #tuscon @walmart looking for a water pitcher, found a flick I love called @yogahosers for sale cheap on DVD & BluRay. It's like bumping into an old girlfriend you never quite got over. That all the time and effort to make the movie ultimately ends right here just feels right... #KevinSmith #yogahosers #walmart

TENNES-SEE me shoot my new stand-up show at @theryman in #Nashville THIS OCTOBER (tickets on sale FRIDAY)! This is a big deal for me and we're rolling cameras on it because my Dad was a huge fan of country music who LOVED #TheRyman the way old @mapleleafs fans loved #mapleleafgardens. When I was a kid, Dad took the family on vacation to Nashville and brought us up onto the stage at the legendary first home of the #grandoleopry. A few months before he died, Dad entered an online contest at a country music web-site. He wound up winning a trip to Nashville for a music fan fest that included a stop at the #rymanauditorium. There, one of the last photos ever taken of my Dad before he died was snapped. It's an epic Polaroid: Pop standing next to the love of his life (my Mom), on stage at his favorite place in the world, where all his favorite artists once stood and sang their hearts out. So to honor my Dad's lifelong love of a venue that showcased his favorite storytellers, I'm shooting my next stand-up special (entitled "The Grand Ole Bob-pry") at #therymanauditorium in October! If this sort of thing interests you, tickets go on sale this Friday! #KevinSmith #grandolebobpry

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bro, Scotty Mo! Without @samosier there'd be no me (or at least the me most folks know from the movies and podcasts). Scott spent 1992 to 2008 helping me make my movies and 2007 to the present helping me make my podcasts (we've been doing #SModcast for 10 years now). And since I'm less of a person and more of a toy that needs a battery to make me do stuff, Scott has always been my battery. He was my battery for so long, I forgot that he didn't go to film school to become my battery: he wanted to be a director too. And right now, on a super secret project, Scott is closing in on that dream with no help from me whatsoever (beyond moral support and best friend enthusiasm, of course; the thing he's working on is way above my pay grade and globally gigantic). He dreamed my dreams with me and all my dreams came true. And now, 25 years since we left the #vancouverfilmschool Scott's finally gonna get to dream for himself. Thank you for letting a very fat man stand on your very strong shoulders for a very long time now. I love you, sir! Welcome to 46! #KevinSmith #ScottMosier #birthdayboy #birthday

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