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Американский режиссёр, актёр и сценарист, создатель кинокомпании «View Askew Productions», продюсирующей все фильмы Смита, а также автор комиксов.
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Live streaming from Durango! @jaymewes & I have been in #Colorado for the last week, touring our @jayandsilentbob Get Old podcast, and the natural beauty of this state makes even an indoors-activities-only person like myself have to stop and appreciate it. No wonder folks choose to live here (well, that and the legal weed certainly doesn’t hurt). Thank you to the people of Colorado for coming out to see us in #pueblo, #boulder (with @ralphgarman), #denver & #telluride! We’ll see you good folks of #durango at @durangoconcerts at #fortlewiscollege TONIGHT! (Link to tickets in my bio.) #KevinSmith #jasonmewes #jayandsilentbob #rockymountainhigh

Me & my shadow. @jaymewes & I been having a blast on our current @jayandsilentbob Get Old tour across #colorado! But let’s talk about my new jersey for a second: it features a crest representing all the @originalfunko Pops of me that have been made so far (with art by genius @jeffquigley and crest built by jolly @jimedelston)! Does it make you thirsty for a Kev Pop? Visit @jayandsilentbobstash online and order an exclusive Secret Stash Kev Pop (link in my bio)! #KevinSmith #jasonmewes #jaymewes #jayandsilentbob #funkopop #funko

I missed #thelastjedi premiere in L.A. to BABBLE with @ralphgarman at the @bouldertheater last night. But as much as I wanna see the new @starwars flick, I have zero complaints - because Boulder Babble-On was glorious! With this being his first live show since the @kroq crisis, Ralph was on fire! Plus: I got to debut my new Babble jersey (based on the @michaelwhaite design from the BabbleVision opening credits) and the Clauses showed up to wish us all a Merry Christmas! Of course I’m looking forward to seeing #starwars ASAP - but I wouldn’t trade last night’s show for all the stars in the wars. Because I’ve got MY star already - and his name is #ralphgarman! Thank you to the good folks of #Boulder #Colorado who made us feel so Colo-ready to Babble the fuck on! Ralph is headed home now but if you still wanna see me, I’ll be doing solo shows and shows with @jaymewes in #Denver at @comedyworksdenver Tonight and Tomorrow (link to tickets in my bio). #KevinSmith #babbleon #hollywoodbabbleon #comedy #podcast

TCL Chinese Theatres

Last night at the @chinesetheatres, @marcbernardin and I recorded the 200th episode of #FatManOnBatman outdoors, in the world famous #chinesetheatre courtyard (with all the footprints of the legends and stars), a few block from our usual home at the @scumandvillainycantina. The show was primarily for the good folks at @liningup_net - a group of @starwars fans who lined up outside the same theater for the prequels back in ‘99. With online ticketing now, there’s no real need to line up for a movie anymore - but the #liningup members still do it for every #starwars flick as a fundraiser for the @starlightchildrensfoundation. Sameer from Lining Up and line-riding legend Grimlock described that ‘99 line as the moment they found their tribe. They met like-minded individuals who’d become their friends for life. I recognized the sentiment: I felt the same way when I walked into @comic_con for the first time back in ‘95. You’re not alone: there are always people out there who share your interests, no matter how obscure. Find YOUR tribe and you’ll live a happier life. Unless your tribe is a bunch of serial killers. Don’t do that: hurting people on purpose is evil. Find positive people in this world (unless they’re POSITIVE they wanna kill people; then avoid those folks). #KevinSmith #marcbernardin #hollywood #tclchinesetheater #tclchinesetheatres #starlight #starlightchildrensfoundation #thelastjedi

Happy 50th Birthday to @tellemants, aka the legendary Bryan Johnson! Bry was not only the inspiration for Randal in #Clerks, his podcast #tellemstevedave was also the inspiration behind our TV show @comicbookmenamc! But before all that? Bry was (and remains) one of the funniest people I ever met! Happy Birthday to the mayor of #tesdtown (and the King of Bridge Beach)! #KevinSmith #bryanjohnson #birthday #comicbookmeme

TOMORROW NIGHT! I get to go to the @starwars premiere... on the new episode of @speechlessabc! I got an acting job playing myself, but I’ll be honest: I just couldn’t find a way into playing this character. He’s completely unrealistic. #KevinSmith #speechless #starwars #thelastjedi #abc

Without these two wonderful women in my life, I’d just be just some fat asshole who made a movie once. To be fair, even WITH these two wonderful women in my life, I’m still just some fat asshole who made a movie once. The point is, Be Yourself. Or... Family is Magic. Anyway, Happy Sunday! #KevinSmith #harleyquinnsmith #jenniferschwalbach #family #jenschwalbach

After giving them 20 years of laughs, loyalty & his life, @kroq just shit-canned my Babble brother @ralphgarman because of budget cuts. It already sucks that #KROQ let him go so unceremoniously, but the really shit move? They won’t let Ralph say WHY he was fired this morning on his final @kevinandbean! Bad enough KROQ K-robbed Ralph of his job, but then they gag him on-air today for his last ever #kevinandbean show so he can’t tell the audience “They fired me.” KROQ is forcing Ralph make it seem like he himself just decided to leave the show and station. So rather than have people draw the wrong conclusions about his sudden departure, I’m setting the record straight: Ralph got fired so KROQ could save money and then they silenced him to make it look like leaving was Ralph’s choice. And to be fair? I understand downsizing is often a heartbreaking but necessary part of any business in jeopardy - but I don’t see how you reward 20 years of service by telling your colleague he can’t inform his listeners why he’s suddenly leaving on-air. Ralph is crazy talented so he’ll land on his feet (plus this gives us more time to tour #hollywoodbabbleon). But after the way KROQ treated Ralph (not to mention Lisa May and Rodney), I’m done with this radio station. Wanna show Ralph some love and help support the now-unemployed commander of the #garmy? Come commiserate with us in #colorado next week when we BABBLE in #boulder, or on New Year’s Eve, as we bring this wretched year to a close at the @hollywoodimprov (link to tickets in my bio). I love you, Ralph. You deserved way better treatment than this. Stay #garmystrong! #KevinSmith #downsizing #radio #losangeles #worldfamouskroq #unfair #fired

Announcing a worldwide exclusive from @originalfunko & @jayandsilentbobstash! It’s the Kevin Smith #Funko Pop - Secret Stash Edition! The @hottopic exclusive Kevin Smith Fat Man Pop sold out in a day, and the only place to get a Pop of me now is at our website! I’m proud to say #jayandsilentbobssecretstash is the only local comic book store with its own #funkopop! And when the Secret Stash Kev sells out, we might have to TELL ‘EM we need other #secretstash exclusive Pops, Steve-Dave (hint, hint)! To order a Secret Stash Edition Kev (dressed in his Secret Stash 20th Anniversary jersey), click the link in my bio! Big thanks to everyone at #Funko for making this happen! #KevinSmith #pop #funkofamily #funkofan #funkomania #funkoaddict #funkofunatic #funkophotos

Last night I was on @amctalkingdead. #melissamcbride asked to use my phone to take this selfie of the couch guests: her, #avinash & me. And when Carol from @amcthewalkingdead asks you for your phone, you say yes. Because it’s way better than Carol asking you to look at the flowers... #KevinSmith #talkingdead #walkingdead #amc

Happy Thanksgiving, all! (I threw my back out last night so I’m just thankful to at least be able to stand up today.) This is the holiday exchange I shared with my Mom. Mom’s remember the darnedest things... #KevinSmith #thanksgiving #mom #fatbaby

Last month I did a show at @theryman - the original home of #thegrandoleopry and the Holy City of my dead Dad. Dad was a country music fan and the Ryman was where his favorite stars shined their brightest. In the image at the top left, you can see my Father standing on the Ryman stage back in 1977 during a family trip to #Nashville. The image on the right features Mom and me memorializing Dad 40 years later in 2017, standing as close to the spot he'd stood in that old picture as we could figure out. The image on the bottom is what the Ryman looks like from the stage when it's empty. But I'd argue the Ryman is never truly empty: she's filled with the souls of all the departed who ever took to the stage there. And for a minute or two last month, while I was telling stories in that legendary venue, one of those departed souls included my long-gone, super-fan Dad. #KevinSmith #theryman #nashville #dad #therymanauditorium

Happy Birthday to my BABBLE-ON brother, @ralphgarman! Thank you for making me laugh every Friday night! Like my Gramma always used to say, you take the cake! Granted, she was never talking about a cock cake, but still... #KevinSmith #RalphGarman #birthday #hollywoodbabbleon #eroticcakes

Spared no expense on Mom at @ihop last week. Over pancakes, we got to talking about my Dad and how he always put on his "best sweat pants" to impress a nurse at one of his many doctors' offices. My Dad was a lifelong diabetic, always in and out of hospitals, and toward the end of his life, his body was kinda broken. So it was a total joke when I said to my Mom "Maybe Dad was hoping to hook up a three-way?" But then, in the most reflective and contemplative voice, my Mom says, all sorts of seriously "I never had a three-way. I wouldn't know what goes where." As I struggled to come up with the best response, Mom went back to eating her crepes. #ihop - where a son can really learn a lot about his Mother. #KevinSmith #mom #moms

A @jayandsilentbob Reboot preview! (In all actuality, Jay Jr. and Baby Bob were expert cosplayers at this year's @kansascitycomiccon). Watch your back @jaymewes! #KevinSmith #jaymewes #jayandsilentbob #kansascitycomiccon

Walking around NYC, you run into the funniest people. Like literally: I bumped into @nbcsnl star @PeteDavidson. #KevinSmith #petedavidson #nyc #manhattan #snl

The episode of @supergirlcw that I got credit for directing is on TONIGHT - so here's a clip of me hanging with my Super friends in #vancouver! #KevinSmith #supergirl #supergirlseason3 #melissabenoist #katiemcgrath #odetteannable

Holy shit... @chrishemsworth knows my name! I loved #thorragnarok! Fat Man Review in link in my bio.

In honor of #worldveganday, here's my favorite vegan in the world - my kid @harleyquinnsmith - holding her beloved bunny on the cover of this month's @laikamagazine. This post is not meant as a challenge to anyone's meat-eating beliefs nor is it intended as judgement for anyone who is not a vegan. I'M not a vegan (though I have started eating less meat and more peanut butter for my protein). This is just a proud Dad kinda post. So please - let's keep the responses civil, okay? There's a bunny present... #KevinSmith #harleyquinnsmith #laika #laikamagazine #vegan #vegansofinstagram

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