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SPOILERS: Bluntman & Chronic Classic! @vanderjames and @biggsjason came back to play and it was bliss! Their scene in @jayandsilentbob Reboot was one of the first I wrote and I couldn’t wait to shoot it! But as fun as it was on the page, the boys took it to the stars when we rolled cameras! They were spitting comedic fire like they’d been working together for the last two decades - not just 1 time in #jayandsilentbobstrikeback 18 years ago. I can’t thank them enough for flying all the way down to #nola to make jokes about themselves, our old movie and our new movie too! And holy shit, they look like they were preserved in amber from 2001! The plot of #jayandsilentbobreboot takes #jayandsilentbob to Chronic Con - a pop culture convention centered around the campy old Bluntman and Chronic movie starring Biggs and Van Der Beek (the movie that’s getting a reboot). So for the last week, we’ve been in a fake version of a very familiar world! For 8 drafts, the event was called BluntCon - because I didn’t want to step on the toes of the funny flick by @youdontknowdoug. But in the 9th draft, I went for the more sensible (and alliterative) title. Can’t wait to show scenes from our faux con at this summer’s @comic_con! #KevinSmith #jasonbiggs #jamesvanderbeek #neworleans #bluntmanandchronic #sabanfilms

All this time, our dirty l’il secret is that while @jayandsilentbob Reboot is a sequel to #jayandsilentbobrestrikeback, it’s also a semi-sequel to all of the #viewaskew movies I ever made. But last night, we extended the stories of the kids who bought weed from me and @jaymewes at the top of Strike Back: @jakerichardsonforreels & @nickfehlinger joined us as grown up versions of their characters! So at about 2am this morning, we found a moment to recreate a pic we all took 18 years ago! One of my favorite aspects of #jayandsilentbobreboot is seeing where all my characters are in the 2019 #viewaskewniverse! While our heroes are desperately trying to hold onto their 90’s way of life, the rest of their world has moved on from them and grown up. Last time we saw Jake and Nick together, they weren’t grown up yet. But last night, I shot a fun and funny scene with a pair seasoned of adult pros! #KevinSmith #fifteenbuckslittleman #jakerichardson #nickfehlinger #movie #jayandsilentbob #morrisdayandthetime

GARMY STRONG! Of course my BABBLE brother @ralphgarman is front and center in @jayandsilentbob Reboot! Ralph and I have done 4 movies together (Red State, @tuskthemovie, @yogahosers and now #jayandsilentbobreboot) but this is his first #viewaskew movie! The leader of the #garmy and host of #theralphreport plays a pivotal role in the flick, helping to set in motion the #jayandsilentbob adventure this time! Many thanks to my podcasting pal for bellowing the funny and gilding our lily! Only 5 more days left to Reboot - then we can get back to our real jobs: hosts of #hollywoodbabbleon! #KevinSmith #ralphgarman #neworleans #sabanfilms #jasonmewes #podcast #babblethefuckon

Oh, what a lovely tea party! The first person to sign on to @jayandsilentbob Reboot was @baderdiedrich, so I got to thank him yesterday for being our first official step on the road to reality! Reprising his role as the relentless Security Guard in #jayandsilentbobstrikeback, Diedrich is responsible for one of my absolute favorite days on a set, when he ad-libbed “And after it’s all over, you say ‘Oh, what a lovely tea party.” But the last time we worked together, Diedrich hadn’t done the amazing cartoon series #batmanthebraveandthebold - one of my favorite incarnations of #Batman ever presented. So when Diedrich returned to Reboot, you better believe the #hammersofjustice came out to play! This guy is so fucking talented, he does the dialogue you wrote and then sweetens it with way better bon mots! Even though we’re making a comedy, the schedule is so relentless, you rarely have time to enjoy what’s going on. But yesterday, I slowed down enough to enjoy making pretend with Diedrich again - and I got to laugh out loud! #KevinSmith #diedrichbader #jayandsilentbobreboot #neworleans #ohwhatalovelyteaparty #jayandsilentbob

Two ladies made #jayandsilentbobreboot far funnier last week: @nbcsnl royalty @theofficialsuperstar and one half of @garfunkeloates, Miss @katemicucci! Molly made the airport scene a scream and Kate killed in her Mooby’s debut! No direction was needed: they were like surgeons performing microsurgery - and I’m happy to report, in both instances, they saved the patient! After tonight, we have only 6 more shooting days on @jayandsilentbob Reboot! I am ecstatic with our results thus far! The cast and crew are making a way better movie than the one I had in my head! Also: big thanks to the #jeffersonparishsheriffsoffice for keeping us safe on the shoot! #KevinSmith #mollyshannon #katemicucci #moobys #neworleans #jasonmewes #jaymewes #jayandsilentbob #jeffersonparishsheriffsdept

You think I’d miss Missy? @jenschwalbach played one of the original Girl Gang in #jayandsilentbobstrikeback so when she shot her scene today in @jayandsilentbob Reboot, it was like returning royalty! Part of the fun of filmmaking for me is putting people I love in front of the camera. That way, the whole flick functions like a very expensive family photo album! And Jen is who I think of when I think of family - both in real life and in the movies too! Also: for those keeping count, this is the fourth Mooby’s fast food joint we’ve built for the #viewaskewniverse flicks, starting with Dogma in 1999. So 2019 also marks the 20th anniversary of Mooby, the Golden Calf! #KevinSmith #jenschwalbach #jayandsilentbobreboot #neworleans #moobys #viewaskew

I was there when #y2jayandsilentbob happened! @chrisjerichofozzy joined #jayandsilentbobreboot last week in a scene stolen from some of the 80’s road movies I grew up watching! This was the first time @jaymewes shared screen time with #rawisjericho but it’s the second time I’ve worked with the #fozzy frontman (the first being on the forthcoming horror anthology #killroywashere). And both times, this super sweet Canadian kid has been cast waaaaay against type. If I ever get to make another movie after this one, I told Chris he’s gonna be a good guy (maybe we’ll finally do that Canadian James Bond comedy we talked about on the podcast that one time). After today, we only have 8 shooting days left on @jayandsilentbob Reboot, which is basically the entire third act. I’ve got 40 minutes of the movie already edited and I’ll cut more this weekend. Thanks to @dpronlevy, the movie is way better than I even wanted it to be (Reboot is easily one of my best looking movies to date). And starting at noon, it’s all cameos all the time from here on out, as fresh famous faces join us every day until we wrap! #KevinSmith #chrisjericho #jasonmewes #jaymewes #roadmovie #sabanfilms #neworleans

And Justice for all! It didn’t feel like a true sequel until @shannonelizabeth stepped on the set of @jayandsilentbob Reboot. But it’s almost like she stepped out of a box that was sealed when we wrapped #jayandsilentbobstrikeback - because Shannon hasn’t aged at all! Time marches on, and it’s marched all over my face and Jay’s face - but not Shannon’s! The love of Jay’s life returns to kick our primary plot into gear - and Shannon returned to us from #africa, where she’s been living lately, working to save elephants and rhinos with her @shannonelizabethfdn! So @jaymewes and I were especially appreciative Shannon not only came back but also came far, leaving behind the noble work for a minute to do some silly shit with old friends. One of the hidden highlights of the shoot for me thus far was overhearing #jasonmewes remind #shannonelizabeth that she was his first onscreen kiss. 18 years after we all got together and struck back, we’re reuniting to Reboot! #KevinSmith #jaymewes #jayandsilentbobreboot #neworleans #nostalgia #memberberries🍇#boobookittyfuck

Just saw @captainmarvelofficial. I am a blubbering mess. After a lifetime spent referencing the movies, the movies just referenced me! Many thanks to @marvelstudios, #ryanfleck, #annabodin, and to my friend @therealstanlee for the cinematic shout-out! But if I’m now part of the @marvel Universe, I have only one question: Did I survive The Snap? #KevinSmith #captainmarvel #marveluniverse #marvel #marvelstudios #gratitude #kevinfeige #ryanfleck #annaboden

For #internationalwomensday, let me introduce you to our Reboot Girl Gang! In #jayandsilentbobstrikeback, @jayandsilentbob met up with a Girl Gang in a van. So in the Reboot, the stoner duo meet up with another Girl Gang in a very similar van (I’m telling you, it’s almost the same movie). And as most reboots feature a familiar story freshly presented with a young and diverse new cast, we follow the example and go full “Force Awakens” with our Girl Gang! But that’s not the only movie with origins in the 70’s that we share a little DNA with: #jayandsilentbobreboot has some #badnewsbears in it, with me & @jaymewes as Buttermaker and the Girl Gang as our North Valley Bears (but with the van, we’re more like #thebadnewsbearsinbreakingtraining). @aparnabrielle plays our plucky Jihad, @treshelleedmond plays our Silent Bob-ish Soapy, @alysswhen plays our mysterious international podcaster Shan Yu, and my favorite actress ever @harleyquinnsmith plays Milly - who’s kinda like the Justice of this Girl Gang (minus the romance with Jay, naturally). And like the last Girl Gang that changed Jay and Silent Bob’s lives, these quick, quippy young ladies will take our heroes on the adventure of a lifetime, ending at that most wretched hive of scum and villainy - Hollywood! #KevinSmith #jasonmewes #jaymewes #harleyquinnsmith #aparnabrielle #treshelleedmond #alicewen #JayandSilentBobReboot #JayandSilentBob #SilentBob #jenschwalbach #reboot #indiefilm #indiefilmmaking #neworleans @dpronlevy @traceylandon @destrofilms @jayandsilentbob @jordanmonsanto @kylebonokaplan 📸 @saban_films @universalpictures @skitbags @legionmofficial @hideoutpictures

Method Acting! In @jayandsilentbob Reboot, we finally answer the immortal question: How high? So @jaymewes and I turned to the only men who might be able to solve this eternal mystery: @methodmanofficial & @redmangilla! Holy fuck, what a great night we had on set! It was a gigantic, packed day where we had a hundred extras and I was in and out of costumes - and in the middle of it all was the Mef and Red scene. But the moment we called “Action,” the legends launched into the single best first take I ever shot in 25 years: they were pitch-perfect and hysterical (and a little touching)! It was so good, I could’ve cut their whole performance from that one take! But my friends flew all way to #nola to say this shit, so we did another two shot, a pair of singles and then picture wrapped our secret sauce! I’ve had millions of memorable moments over the course of my career. But watching that magic take unfurl is in my Top Ten! And when I heard #methodman and #redman say “Snoogans” and “Snootchie Bootchies”? I was lifted! Many thanks for bringing absolute fire, my friends! #KevinSmith #jasonmewes #jaymewes #JayandSilentBobReboot #indiefilm #JayandSilentBob #wutang #acting #JayandSilentBobStrikeBack #indiefilmmaking

Happy 48th Birthday to my bro-sier @samosier - the most powerful agent of change I ever met! I would not be the me I am today without his lifelong assist! He’s like the Gretzky of Besties!I love this PacNorWe raised bearded ball of logic and talent who taught me more than all the schools I attended combined. To quote a shmaltzy musical Scott would have to be dragged to? “Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better? But because I knew you, I have been changed for good.” See you on set, sir! If you wanna give the funny half of #SModcast a birthday gift, listen to the latest episode (in which Mos kills it) or download the @grinchmovie that he co-directed! #KevinSmith #scottmosier #birthday #thegrinch #thegrinchmovie

Here come da’ Judge! @jayandsilentbob had to go to court yesterday with a comedic legal dream team that included a pair of #zackandmirimakeaporno veterans! On the bench was the honorable @mrcraigrobinson, who fought frigid Pittsburgh winter weather with me a decade ago to make a Porno. Speaking of Penguins country, Pittsburgh’s own @deathsaves Dungeon master Mister @joemanganiello was our Bailiff (with producer @jordanmonsanto playing his twin). The creator, star and director of my favorite show, @sho_smilf (as well as my costar in the #hollyweed pilot) @frankieshawisag joined us as the Prosecutor! And for the Defense - my @tuskthemovie brother-in-sewn-up-arms, the genius @therealstephenblatt as the Lawyer (who sounds an awful lot like a Bobby Long-less Brandon St. Randy)! Reboot looks like my extended family scrap book, with cameos from folks I’ve worked with for years (and a few famous folks I’ve never met before but am looking forward to making pretend beside). And these fine folks flew all the way to #nola the day before #mardigras to fling funny around and make my movie better. And since I know what they got paid, I’m relatively sure they didn’t do it for the meager money. There’s a lot of love in this photo (which more resembles the key art for a “Night Court” reboot than the actual scene we shot yesterday). I appreciate that love and send it right back to my fellow thespians for making the cross-country Reboot-y Call! #KevinSmith #jasonmewes #craigrobinson #justinlong #frankieshaw #joemanganiello #deathsaves #jayandsilentbobreboot #JayandSilentBob #JayandSilentBobStrikeBack #indiefilm #indiefilmmaking @dpronlevy @traceylandon @destrofilms @jaymewes @jayandsilentbob @jordanmonsanto @kylebonokaplan 📸 @saban_films @universalpictures @skitbags @hideoutpictures @legionmofficial

This is not a @redbox ad - this is a big thank you from @jayandsilentbob Reboot to the good folks at Red Box for the Gretzky-like assist in getting us a kiosk for our movie. I Tweeted at #redbox in pre-production, asking if they could help us out and the Red Boxketeers delivered! As with all the good things in my life, this movie starts at Quick Stop. And as in the real world, video stores (like Jay and Silent Bob themselves) are a thing of the past. So to help tell our story of how time marches on and how the past gives way (reluctantly) to the inevitable future, having the modern version of a video store Clerk make a wordless cameo at the top of the flick really sets the tone. Don’t get me wrong: we’re making a vulgar l’il comedy. But since the vulgar l’il comedian behind the camera nearly dropped dead last year, there’s a surprising amount of introspection for a #jayandsilentbob flick. I know this because I spent all weekend editing, cutting together 23 minutes of the movie, including the opening and closing scenes. The first scene is easily one of the funniest sequences I’ve ever shot, and the final scene is heartbreakingly beautiful for a movie about cartoonish weed dealers who go on the journey of a lifetime. Again. We start Week 2 in 10 minutes. #KevinSmith #Jay Mewes jayandsilentbobreboot #jayandsilentbob #videostore #quickstop #JasonMewes #SilentBob #clerks #nola #neworleans #JayandSilentBobStrikeBack #indiefilm #indiefilmmaking

SNOOGANS! Here’s a first look at @jayandsilentbobreboot, courtesy of our genius @dpronlevy and our master stills artist @kylebonokaplan. On this adventure, Silent Bob’s dressed pretty much the same as he’s been in #Dogma through #clerks2, but Jay’s outfit has changed a bit, including his Ranger Danger t-shirt designed by @captain_ribman (the artist who created my Fat Man logo). Years back when I was working on Clerks III, Ribman and I came up with a slew of Ranger Danger comic covers to flesh out the world of the flick and make it seem like Ranger Danger had been around as long as Superman and the Fantastic Four. When Clerks III went away, the artwork sat dormant on my laptop for years. But when Reboot started taking serious shape, I blew the dust off the Ranger Danger artwork and put it to work all over Brodie’s Secret Stash. But I saved the Dark Knight-ish Ranger Danger: Requiem shirt for Jay to wear throughout the flick because in the world of our movie, Ranger Danger: Requiem is a gritty, rebooted version of a childhood superhero fave. Today marks the end of Week One of filming, and what a wonderful week it’s been! We’ve already shot a fist fulla cameos and @JayMewes is CRUSHING his return to the role that made him famous! If you’re way into this shit like I am, we’ve kicked off a making-of series on my @youtube channel (like we did for Clerks II back in 2006) called “The Road to Reboot”! See it at the link in my bio. #KevinSmith #jaymewes #movie #jayandsilentbobreboot #nola #sabanfilms #neworleans #wwambassador

We’re not even supposed to be here today! It was 26 years ago that @briancohalloran and I first gathered at the Quick Stop to start a cinematic journey of a lifetime - a journey that continues in @jayandsilentbob Reboot! With shooting Dante today and Brodie on Day 1, Reboot has thus far played out like my own personal version of the last 10 minutes of Tim Burton’s BIG FISH, as all my old friends and the people who made me what I am today return to say g’bye! Then we reboot that g’bye into a big fat hello! Welcome back to the View Askewniverse, my friends! It’s like the @marvelstudios cinematic universe - just with waaaaaaaay less money. #KevinSmith #jayandsilentbobreboot #brianohalloran #movie #clerks #dante #quickstop #quickstopconvenientstore

In Brodie’s Secret Stash, there hangs a @therealstanlee game-worn sweater. In the movie, this is because Brodie still marks the day he met Stan as the defining moment of his life. In real life, the shrine exists because Stan had a big role in every draft of @jayandsilentbob Reboot. For the 23 years I knew him, Stan would always ask me “When are we making another movie?” And here we are making a movie he was *very* central to - and sadly, we’re now having to do it without our sensational, smiling seraph. But for a few hours yesterday, it was 1995 anew - because Stan was at the Mall with us again. (The Stan photos featured were taken by @allanamato when Stan appeared on our @hulu show Spoilers.) #KevinSmith #stanlee #jayandsilentbobreboot #inmemoriam

One year ago today, I almost died. So today, I’m living it up on with @jaymewes and Jason Lee on Day 1 of my new flick @jayandsilentbob Reboot! Thanks to @saban_films and Universal for the loot to make this epic, @jordanmonsanto and @destrofilms for making it happen, @jenschwalbach and @harleyquinnsmith for humoring my goofy bullshit one more time, and #jasonmewes for standing beside me all these years while I do the hardest thing I can personally ever do, either in film or in real life: simply shut the fuck up. I couldn’t think of a better scene with which to start the shoot than the return to the Mall with Brodie Bruce. The three of us gathered for a couple hours last night to run the lines and realized we first rehearsed together waaaaay back in the mid-90’s. It may be 24 years later and we may have 6 kids between us, but Jay, Lee and me partied like it was 1995, giggling while adding jokes and finding inflections. The Oscars were on in the background during our practice and I couldn’t help but feel relief when the “In Memoriam” montage ended and I wasn’t in it. We picked 2/25 as the Reboot start date *intentionally*, to celebrate the fact that I did not become Silent Bob forever 365 days ago. But after a blissful couple hours of making pretend with my friends on the set of my 14th film, I’m starting to think I *did* die in that operating room after all. Because what could be more Heavenly than this? #KevinSmith #jayandsilentbob #jayandsilentbobreboot #jasonlee #jaymewes #neworleans #brodiebruce #wwambassador #movie

On Monday morning, a 48 year old man who’s not even supposed to be here today will sneak up into the attic and play with all his favorite toys again. Only 44 hours until @jayandsilentbob Reboot! #KevinSmith #jayandsilentbobreboot #jayandsilentbob #brodiebruce #mall #comics

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