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Американский режиссёр, актёр и сценарист, создатель кинокомпании «View Askew Productions», продюсирующей все фильмы Смита, а также автор комиксов.
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Happy Birthday, your Highness! #carriefisher forever...

Daddy-Daughter DMC: @jaymewes & @loganleemewes rocking out to @officialrundmc is my happy place today!

Introducing my new Tuxedo jersey! Now I will know instant elegance - all while wearing a swanky sweater adorned with another crafty crest created by @jeffquigley & @jimedelston! I can finally attend weddings again! #KevinSmith #jeffquigley #hockeyjersey #jersey #kevsnewjerseys #formal

Here's Silent Bob singing a bit of his Dad's favorite song on @theryman stage. I've done lots of cool stuff this year but this may be my favorite moment of 2017. Many thanks to the amazing audience in #nashville for helping me Hank in memory of my Country-loving Old Man. Much obliged to all who attended. This was an incredibly special night for me and my family. #KevinSmith #theryman #tennessee #hankwilliams #dad #thegrandoleopry

Check out the pure joy in my face as I listen to the Devastating Mic Controller @kingdmc! This man's lyrics helped make me who I am today because he rapped a treasure map to personal and professional fulfillment with the words "Now the things I do make me a star! And you can be too if you know who you are! Just put your mind to it, you'll go real far! And the next thing you know you'll have a big car." Those simple words became the magic spell by which I've approached my life. I meet many nice people who tell me I'm their idol. Today, hosting for @imdb at #nycc2017, I got to hang out with MY idol for a bit... And rhyme with him too! That interview almost made me cry, he dropped so much truth! #darylmcdaniels is a King from Queens and he's my forever hero. If you love him like I do, pick up issue 3 of his @dmcmakescomics book today! #KevinSmith #dmc #rundmc #imdb

The @comicbookmenamc hit @nycomiccon! Thank you to everyone who attended our panel today! Season 7 starts October 22! #KevinSmith #comicbookmen #bryanjohnson #waltflanagan #mingchen #mikezapcic #nycc #nycc2017

November, 1994. My first film was playing at the @angelikafilmcenterny - the indie film shrine on Houston & Mercer. This location mattered more to me than even the local theaters in my home town - because the #Angelika was my church. This was the very same movie theater where I'd seen Richard Linklater's #slacker - the film that made me realize I wanted to be a filmmaker too. And thanks to the folks at #Sundance and @miramax, there was my very first flick, sandwiched between far better movies made by far better filmmakers: #quentintarantino, #anglee, #peterjackson & #louismalle. Clerks playing at #theangelika was beyond my wildest dreams for the movie coming true. And thankfully, our Chewlie's Gum rep @scottschiaffo had the good sense to grab a snapshot of it while it was happening, so I can always revisit one of the greatest moments of my life. #KevinSmith #1994 #clerks #pulpfiction

Preliminary location scouting for #jayandsilentbobreboot shoot starts at my cradle of civilization - the mighty Quick Stop in Leonardo, NJ. My entire career came out of this store and yet I had no idea when I applied for a job there in 1989 that Quick Stop would eventually give me way more than the $5-an-hour job I was hoping to score: it'd give me a career in film, while securing for the convenience store a place in pop culture history! @jayandsilentbob Reboot - the sequel to 2001's #jayandsilentbobstrikeback - starts this January... #KevinSmith #quickstop #clerks #newjersey #leonardo

If you listen to this week's brand new #hollywoodbabbleon with me & @ralphgarman (link in my bio) you heard us gush about amazing art by Eric Pfluger. Here they are! The top art commemorates my trip to #notredamedeparis with my Mom and includes my brother and sister depicted as @originalfunko Pops, the architecture and windows of Notre Dame, and tigers (my Mom has always called me Tiger). Ralph's piece commemorates his lifelong love of and friendship with the Bright Knight, the legendary #adamwest! Pflug is obviously crazy gifted but better than that, he's also got a massive heart: neither Ralph nor I commissioned these moving drawings featuring our loved ones: Pflug and his Lady Pflug created them because they thought we'd like them. But they were wrong: I don't like them. I fucking LOVE them! Many thanks, Pflugs! I'm touched our "art" inspired your Art! #KevinSmith #ralphgarman #art #ericpfluger #babble #orlando

Last night at #megacontampa, @therealstanlee raised $25k for @feedingflorida & #hurricaneirma relief! Some lucky winner bid $3k for dinner with Stan. I played the role of auctioneer and got so caught up in the spirit of giving, I threw in a #jayandsilentbobreboot cameo that went for $6k. But the grand prize was 2 round trip tickets to Los Angeles as VIP guests at the @stanleecomiccon, dinner with #StanLee, and then you accompany the living legend to a @bep concert! The lucky winner bid $10k - every penny of which goes to #feedingflorida! The Man is responsible for some of our favorite fictional heroes; but last night in #tampa, Stan himself was a real hero! #KevinSmith #megacon #irma

RIP legendary @playboy creator #hughhefner, who once employed me & my wife @jenschwalbach. We met Hef at the #playboymansion during one of his annual Easter Egg Hunts for kids (as guests of MaryLou Hammil & @hamillhimself). Then, for the 50th anniversary of the magazine, #playboy asked me and a few far better film directors to shoot erotic pictorials. I told the folks at the magazine that my wife Jen was my idea of eroticism, and since we'd met when she'd interviewed me for @usatoday, I thought it'd be geeky-hot to cast Jen as Lois Lane, meeting Superman for a rooftop rendezvous. There was a pause before Hef asked (with some trepidation) "And you're going to dress like Superman in the photo?" I calmed his fear when I pointed out that I looked more like the Legion's Bouncing Boy than the Man of Steel and that a male model in a cape would be far more appropriate. So these two images here were captured at the Playboy studios 16 years ago: the first pic is a (literal) behind-the-scenes shot of Jen & me looking over the test shots, while the photo on the right is the final image as it appeared in the pages of Playboy. That photo shoot is a memory that both @jenschwalbach and I cherish - a wild one-off experience that neither of us ever imagined would happen. But it happened - and it happened thanks to pop culture icon Hugh Hefner. #KevinSmith #jenschwalbach #playboybunny

I'm gonna watch you shine, Gonna watch you grow. Gonna paint a sign, So you always know: As long as one and one is two, There could never be a father Loved his daughter more than I love you. - Father And Daughter, Paul Simon #KevinSmith #harleyquinnsmith #daughter #kids

Today would have been the 81st birthday of Jim Henson - the adult I never met who cared about me and millions of other kids like we were his own. In early childhood, his @sesamestreet #Muppets taught me how to be a person. But in later childhood, #jimhenson & @themuppets taught me to dream big with this beautiful movie moment (pictured here). For who I'd grow up to be, this was one of the most useful lessons I'd ever learn in my life: "Life's like a movie. Write your own ending." Far as we know, we only have one life. So dream big, Kids - as big as this little green frog. Surround yourself with friends and make YOUR rainbow connection. Thank you for the insight, imagination & ideals, Mister Henson! You were always so amazing and entertaining that YOU kept ME stargazing - from then to now and always. #KevinSmith #themuppets #happybirthday #icon #kermit #kermitthefrog #themuppetmovie #henson #sesamestreet

Happy #batmanday from wannabes Bluntman & Chronic (who'll return to the screen in #jayandsilentbobreboot)! For a fictional character, Batman has given my life so much. That's why I venerate the Dark Knight with the holy prayer Our Batman, who art in Gotham, cowled be thy mane! Watch the latest episode of #fatmanonbatman by clinking on the link in my bio! #KevinSmith #batman #bluntmanandchronic #thedarkknight #happybatmanday

Continuing new jersey week, here's my soundtastic Onomatopoeia crest! I co-created this @dccomics bad boy with @philhester & @andeparks for the #greenarrow to fight before #waltflanagan & I used him in my still-to-be-completed #batman mini-series, #thewideninggyre. He's silent but deadly, speaking only in #onomatopoeia (Blam!) as he hunts non-meta superheroes. As a longtime #dccomics reader, adding a small, silent spoke to their massive wheel of comic book characters was an honor. And when Walt & I finally finish Gyre in 2018, you'll finally know how homey came to be! The crest was drawn by Captain Crest himself, @jeffquigley, and built by Crest-Master General @jimedelston! #KevinSmith #dccomics #comics #supervillain

The key art for the new season of @comicbookmenamc (returning a month from today)! Many thanks to @tellemants, @mingchen37, @michaelzapcic & #waltflanagan for letting me toy with you boys for 7 seasons now! (And if you like the #comicbookmen and you're going to be at @nycomiccon in 2 weeks, come see our panel on Thursday October 5th at noon!) #KevinSmith #nycc #amcnetworks #amc #mingchen #mikezapcic #tesd #bryanjohnson #tellemstevedave

Thanks to my new jersey, I am the C.L.I.T. Commander! Many thanks to @jeffquigley & @jimedelston for putting one of my stupidest jokes from #jayandsilentbobstrikeback on a crest! Wanna dress like me from the waist up? Pick up one of Kev's New Jerseys at the @jayandsilentbobstash online store (link in my bio)! #KevinSmith #jayandsilentbob #clitcommander #jayandsilentbobssecretstash #hockeyjersey #jersey

I went to the @arclightcinemas to see @mothermovie with my wife and met Eric (@starbugger21) at the snack counter. At the #arclight, the staff put favorite flicks on their name tags. As you can imagine, Eric got a huge hug from the hack who made the flick he likes. I love going to the movies - but this trip to the cinema was made magical by a gentle reminder that I'm not always part of the audience: sometimes I get to do that shit too. And maybe I don't do it as well as others, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Thanks for beholding, Eric! #KevinSmith #clerks #movies #movietheater #losangeles

My kid @harleyquinnsmith_ & my wife @jenschwalbach cosplaying as our dogs looks like some shit out of #truedetective Season 1. #KevinSmith #dogsofinstgram #dogsofinstaworld #dogstagram #dogs_of_instagram

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