Таисса Фармига


Американская актриса, наиболее известная по своим ролям в сериале «Американская история ужасов».
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Oh, hi. It's my birthday. #23aintsobad

iii. 🤖🍍

Two months later and it's time to say farewell, Sister... #TheNunMovie #happywrap What an honor and joy it's been working with such extraordinary people! An abundance of dedication, talent and passion. A special thanks to our wonderful crew, Romanian and from all across the globe. It was a perfect team and I am so happy to have been a part of it! @corinhardy @demianbichiroficial @jonasbloquet @ingridbisu @clearmichael @miss_burton_x @eleanormakeup @gagemunster

Black Sea Constanta

Now you sea me, now you don't...

A sister and her misters of the nunnery 🙏🏼 #repost @jonasbloquet #TheNunMovie

🌬 #repost @corinhardy: Flashback to before we started shooting #TheNunMovie They call her... 'The Bubble Whisperer'

Oh, where Tuesdays will take you. Follow the lights and see what you will find. #salinaturda #🇹🇩adventures

'Where did all the shadow people go...' 🎶 #drdog #solosaturdaystroll #romania

⚔️ #repost @corinhardy: We figured out how it ends... #TheIronThroneIsOurs #EastEuropeanComicCon

Fishing for something.

This photo is not from Chicago but I'm in Chicago and I feel okay about that. ✌🏽

It was a lovely breath of fresh air watching the @RebeccaMinkoff show at The Grove this beautiful Saturday afternoon!

We love and accept all people.

Frozen shenanigans at the Big White House ⛄️

A little pic from last night's premiere of RULES DON'T APPLY at AFI Fest! Thank you @brianfisherhair @ashleighlouer @armani for making me feel 💃🏻

Sophie Green helmet #ahsroanoke

I'm taissa farmiga and I approve this message.

An assortment of oddballs.

In honor of #InAValleyOfViolence being released today, here is a cute little #fbf of me and my favorite scene partner! If only I could get all of my costars to jump through hoops... 👏🏼💃🏻 hehe. IN A VALLEY OF VIOLENCE is out in theaters and on-demand now! Go check it out if you're looking for a good time (or an insanely talented and adorable canine!) 🎬

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