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My 22 weeks pregnancy vlog is up now on @yourzenmama! I talk Forest’s birthday, our new kittens, the mega nesting going on in our home and share a bunch of new pictures. LINK IN BIO

My sweet darling boy Forest, you are 2 years old today. You have the kindest heart and the most adventurous spirit. You make me laugh every day with all the funny observations you make, you are a wise old soul, a Sage, just like your middle name. Thank you for choosing me to be your mummy. You’re so special to all of us and have filled our hearts with so much love. I love you forever my Folly boy. 💜

“My daughter won’t be dressed in pink” said the mother of 3 sons.. #allthepink

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y to my darling @annabelleharron I love you so much my beautiful best friend and sister. Together through life’s journeys always. 🌒 ✨ 🌏

Winter Vibes ❄️


What a dream! Last night at #CHANELMetiersDArt @chanelofficial

Besties night out @chanelofficial #CHANELMetiersDArt 👄 @annabelleharron

On the way to my very first @chanelofficial show “Metiers D’Art” at the MET in NYC. Hair by @cnaselli makeup by @kateleemakeup #CHANELMetiersDArt #CHANELinNYC

21 weeks pregnancy vlog is up now on @yourzenmama I share a bunch of my favourite family photos from Byron Bay and talk about some of the challenges and highlights of this week ✨ LINK IN BIO #21weekspregnant



The heartbeat necklace that was designed and created for me by Heidi Bassett-Blair @heidi_bassett based on an image I sent her from our first heartbeat scan, is the most meaningful and beautiful piece of jewellery that I’ve ever had. I burst into tears when I saw it, not only for the beautiful delicate nature of it and the exquisite diamonds set in rose gold but also what it represents; love, family, connection, new life. I’m so grateful to Heidi for the care, love and thought that went in to this gorgeous necklace and I can’t wait to share it with my daughter one day. Please check out her website and perhaps think about giving someone else this thoughtful gift. LINK IN BIO

A dreamy Byron arvo 🌈 thanks for the capture @christianeduigan

My week 20 pregnancy Vlog is up now on @yourzenmama I talk all about the 20 week scan (and show you her cute photo!) plus share a great tip for travel with the little ones and talk about our week of thanks! #crystalcastlebyron LINK IN BIO

Giggling our way through late night travel with two small kids, a bumpy & an exorbitant amount of economy friendly travel pillows ✔️ #australiaherewecome

When I was 19, I bought my mum a house with my first pay check. Her and I grew up in government housing together and I knew one day that if my dream of acting came true that I would buy her a house of her own as soon as I could. The house was a quaint little cottage very close to Semaphore beach. I remember as a child driving to that beach each weekend and watching the seagulls with my Nanna and mum. Semaphore was special to us, so that’s why I chose it for her home. I didn’t tell her, I kept it a surprise and filled every drawer with things she never had, a wardrobe of new clothes, framed photographs of her family, brand new furniture down to the smallest details. It filled my heart as I prepped it for the big reveal. After a couple of months of setting it up I surprised her in mid 2006, I can still see her face, it was simply one of the most important and special days of my life. 12 years on, 3 kids later and I’ve bought a property in the Adelaide hills which my mum now lives at, she loves being in nature and with her grandchildren when we are home. So it has come time to part with this incredibly meaningful beach cottage that brought so much love, happy memories and healing into our lives. I would love to see it go to people excited to build their own dreams. If you’re looking to buy a place in South Australia, please consider this one, I think it’s pretty magic. Link in bio. 💗💗

I’m thankful to have love around me everyday and to watch my three boys be so kind in the world. I’m thankful for their happiness, for my beautiful group of friends, many of whom we spent the day with. I’m grateful to have a healthy daughter joining our family, I’m thankful for my Mum, and my dad and for all the gifts I’ve been given in this life, especially that of health and opportunity. I’m thankful to have a community like this where I can connect with people from all walks of life, to hear your stories and be inspired by you 🙏 Happy Thanksgiving friends. What are you thankful for?

Awe shit it’s about to go down... on channel @fox8tv only on @foxtel 8:30pm EST TONIGHT! Episode 2. This witch is mad (and a tad smitten..) 🧙‍♀️💗 #restingwitchfacefolife

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