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Mama Shelter Los Angeles

MOOD: 😬 ALL SUMMER 18’ 📷 CC: @willowshields TR #InLivingColor #TequilaNSprite

All Night is still streaming on @hulu Catch all 10 episodes Until our new show “The Unsettling” comes out - which I promise you guys will like 😏 TR

Victoria Gardens

Yesterday I was on “Uncle T” duties w/ my young boy James. Playground, Choo Choo Train and all 😂 I’m not the best person in the world but every young man needs some type of positive male influence in his life. Thanks @victoriaarenee for letting us take him out ❤️🙌🏽 TR

Los Angeles, California

Posted Up Like A Stamp. Time To Go Get It. ( I know my feet look like boats) 😂😂😂 TR

The Woods


Live Life To The Fullest Cause You Never Ever Know 😪 TR

TJ x Molly 2018. TR

You may be beautiful on the outside but only I know your soul is ugly 😪 TR


At one point I almost forgot how to do this 😀 📷: WS🔥 TR

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Walk Like A BallPlayer 🏀 TR

It’s a Lituation 🔥 w/ @willowshields 😎 TR

Los Angeles, Venice Beach

Our Episode of “Do it for the Dough” Game Show promoting our New Show “All Night” is almost at 650k views on @youtube If you haven’t already go and stream the show on @hulu now! @mylifeaseva @itstetonajackson @chesterrushing @jordynjones @beyondbrandon 💯💯 TR

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Everytime I pray I almost cry that’s how real it is to me 🙏🏽 ❤️ TR

Guys we are now just 1 day away from the release of #AllNight I need everybody to get their @hulu ‘s ready and que’d up ! Search All Night in your app and enjoy and binge 10 eps ! Thank you for everybody that’s supported this thus far. I’m out town working on more @awesomenesstv but I wish I could be in LA with my cast watching tonight ! 💯💯💯 Special thanks to my twin @itstetonajackson love you ❤️TR

Joliet, Illinois

In this life there’s gonna be two types of people. Those who talk about it and those who do something about what they talk about. At this point in life I’m all out of talk. Everything I ever said I was gonna do ...I’m just gonna simply do it. Some people are gonna hate it and some are gonna love it. But if I’ve learned anything ...I’ve learned people don’t know what they like until you make them like it & the ones who hate were always gonna hate from the start. @bankroll_pj would say “It’s Time For That “ #DOYOU2018 💯🙌🏽 TR

Lamy, New Mexico

🎬#SetLife Not gonna lie this picture is really just all about my TRICEPS 😂😂😂 You see me pushin’ through 🙌🏽💯 In the gym all this month ! TR

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Juggling Biddies 🔥 w/ @alexlange 📷: @willowshields 🙌🏽 TR

Eldorado at Santa Fe, New Mexico

My Price Went Up and We Went Our Separate Ways 🐂 TR

Los Angeles, California

The Complete Cast of Our New Show #AllNight // Tune in May 11th on @hulu w/ @awesomenesstv // You see me ?! 😂🔥🙌🏽😎 TR

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