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It’s a photoshoot 📸 TR

Atlanta, Georgia

When you throw it and it come right back....TR

East Point, Georgia

#SetLife❤️ @tiffthestylist keeps me on point 🙌🏽 TR

Came thru drippin 💧 TR

Atlanta, Georgia

Her :Damn you just gon do me like that ?! Me: TR

East Atlanta


This week is wearing me out...so I wore her out ❤️😩 TR

Atlanta, Georgia

They hate it ...& I completely understand ❤️ TR

Atlanta, Georgia

😂😂 Just woke up but filming on week one is DOWN 🙌🏽 #BoomerangonBET Feb. 2019 🔥 TR

Atlanta, Georgia

- B R Y S O N -📸 By: @dimedavis #Boomerang TR

Atlanta, Georgia

🙌🏽 Boomerang : Season One Table Read. “It’s time for that” - @bankroll_pj TR

Atlanta, Georgia

The Kid That Did 🙏🏽 TR

🔥Thank you for shoutout man @lenawaithe 🙌🏽 #Boomerang We out here in Atlanta to make sh*t happen @itstetonajackson @iamrjwalker @dimedavis @halleberry @benthewriter TR

Atlanta, Georgia

In the mirror like “I gotta get this body right ASAP” *sprints to the gym*.... Right after I eat again tho...😂😂😂 TR

Repost from our Director : @bpdannelly BTS of “All Night” which is now available on @hulu to watch all episodes ! Had such a good time filming with this lot 😂🙌🏽❤️ TR

Los Angeles, California

Until you’ve taken 1,000 L O S S E S ... you’ll never fully understand how to appreciate a W I N 🙏🏽😤 TR

Completely honored to be apart of this classic with my twin @itstetonajackson I’ve taken a lot of losses just to win like this 🙏🏽 I wanna send a big “Thank You” to @lenawaithe @halleberry @dimedavis @benthewriter & everybody else on the team for making this work for me. To Atlanta we go! 🙏🏽 #Boomerang #BET TR

Culver City, California

Checkin’ out me and @thugginn ‘ s new movie “Thriller” Scored by @rza and Directed by @djclassicz #EverybodyHatesChris TR

Los Angeles, California

It was really dope for me to be able work with a legend in all facets from music to film and behind the scenes. My mom stayed playing @wutangclan when I was a jit 😂 Everybody I get the chance to work with always makes me better at what I do cause I’m always willing to listen and soak up game. Thank You @rza 🗣💯 TR

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