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Which one is the clutch again? #hagiangloop

vietnam adventures

Cat Ba Island

last minute trips with @davetheant are always a good idea.

if you haven’t watched @harveyguillen in @theshadowsfx yet you’re seriously missing out. congrats love! you’re a ⭐️! #ianspaniar #teamGuillermo #shadowsFX


Los Angeles, California

I obviously don’t understand how sunglasses work.

Carmel, California

you had me at merlot

here’s some photos of my best friend in Joshua Tree. He cried after these were taken and I had to pick him up and carry him off the rocks because he is afraid of heights just like me. #adventurebuddies #untilwegetscaredandhavetogohome

Happy birthday to my babe for life. From dancing on tables to “helping” sell merch to almost killing you while rafting we’ve had quite the friendship! Love you the mostest! See you soooooon. 😍@joy_ofalltrades

my valentine 💋

happy valentine’s day

3 musketeers

Joshua Tree, California

are you the love of my life

Joshua Tree, California

weekend at nana’s.

squad goals

thx champagne

My 2009. My first award show. My favorite date. I remember feeling so beautiful this day thanks to @allanface and @alexandra and my dear dad. Thankful for these people and these memories always.


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