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Американская актриса.
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honestly the fact that we aren’t on #dancingwiththestars baffles me.


Paris, France

my boyfriend plays drums with a baguette what does yours do?

Mad Cool Festival


Lisbon, Portugal

this was taken before we got lost in the mountains of Portugal on a scooter. 🛵

been 2 years since I lost this guy and I miss him very much

my dog stuck his tongue in my mouth right after this. #happy4th

🌸my plumber told me I looked hot🌸

watching bae at red rocks got me like

got the band back together

I didn’t drop the cake or set the house on fire so I’d say your birthday was a success @vanillaonice

sisters amiright

me when I get to see @hhasselhoff after 5 years.

Missing Dad jokes really bad.



happy birthday max goof!!!!!!!! @mmlenox

the glaciers in Iceland are breathtaking


So incredibly thankful for the past 2 years. The great friendships I’ve made, the talented people I got to work with and all the fans we got to make laugh, thank you everyone. Now off to new and exciting times!

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