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Американская актриса, рок-певица, гитаристка и фотомодель. Вокалистка рок-группы «The Pretty Reckless».
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Missing the stage...#newbeginning #4

Miss you @aliejoboxblock


#foxtheater in Detroit one year ago last night...#musicwillsaveusall

Last July for my 24th birthday my friends got me the #24 of 250 #ChrisCornell signature Gibson Es-335...I hadn’t wanted to share it until now, it’s a beautiful guitar and a constant reminder of the amazing music he made, I hope to play it on stage in the future, my huge thanks to @aliejoboxblock @skellycaster for this amazing gift that I will cherish forever #keepthepromise

The start of a long day of memories. A year later and still very few words to say. My heart and mind are with his beautiful wife and children and band mates and friends, love and peace to you all (Photo @rob_fenn ) . “If I had nothing to my name But photographs of you Rescued from the flame That is all I would ever need As long as I can read What's written on your face The strength that shines Behind your eyes The hope and light That will never die One promise you made One promise that always remains No matter the price Promise to survive Persevere and thrive As we've always done And you said "The poison in the kiss Is the lie upon the lips" Truer words were never shared When I feel Like lies are all I hear I pull my memories near The one thing they can't take And one promise you made One promise that always remains No matter the price A promise to survive Persevere and thrive As we've always done The books still open on the table The bells still ringing in the air The dreams…” The Promise-Chris Cornell



(Tap photo for sound) A year ago today was a day I will never forget. I was sitting outside our dressing room in Indianapolis, when I heard someone say “Taylor?” I looked up to see a man standing there, with the sun blazing behind him, he looked familiar...and then my heart dropped, because it was Chris Cornell. I’d met him a couple times before in passing but here he was, actually talking to me. We hung out for a while chatting about things like singing and their record ‘King Animal’ and how much I loved it. Later that night after we played our show opening for them, we were watching their set from behind the stage when he started talking into the mic, and my heart dropped again when I heard him say our band’s name...twice. He dedicated ‘By Crooked Steps’ to us and we all were as happy as we could ever be. It was magical. Kato was with us that night sharing the experience. We have lost so much this year and it has put our passion for music to the test, but as humans we are all built to handle this pain, it will make us stronger, and we will return, because the music will always live on. . “I'm addicted to feeling, stealing love isn't stealing Can't you see that I understand your mind? I'm a walking believer, I'm a ghost and a healer I'm the shape of the hole inside your heart Not looking for a brighter side Crooked steps will take me higher I don't care if you want to cry” -Chris Cornell

Missing the incredibly strong @shannongunz and the amazing @aliejoboxblock I’ll see you both soon, love you both #rockandrollwillsaveusall

Working out the harmonies to #TakeMeDown Kato doing what he did best, making great music. ‘All I wanna do is ROCK’ That line was always for you my love #thatscool #thatworks #yes @rockkato #4thnumberonetogether

We were talking, about the space between us all And the people, who hide themselves behind a wall of illusion Never glimpse the truth, then it's far too late when they pass away We were talking, about the love we all could share When we find it, to try our best to hold it there, with our love With our love we could save the world, if they only knew Try to realize it's all within yourself, no-one else can make you change And to see you're really only very small And life flows on within you and without you We were talking, about the love that's gone so cold And the people who gain the world and lose their soul They don't know, they can't see, are you one of them? When you've seen beyond yourself Then you may find peace of mind is waiting there And the time will come when you see we're all one And life flows on within you and without you -George Harrison, Within You Without You (Thank you Phil Wallace for the photos)

10 years ago, while trying to put my band together, through a series of lucky events, I found myself sitting in my apartment on 23rd street in NYC across from two men, who, little did I know, would change the entire direction of my life. Unlike all the other musicians and producers I had met, here were two longtime best friends, with so much passion, they just breathed an infectious and uncompromising love of music. Their name’s were Kato and Ben. I found myself drawn to their relationship and it’s musical roots, I wanted to join their world. A few months later we would start making music together, and two best friends would become three. We were inseparable for the next 9 years, and formed a relationship we all knew would last a lifetime. It was everything. Then on Wednesday night, in a sudden moment, Kato was gone. He was our ring leader, our confidant, my best friend, my family, my soul mate. Nothing will be the same without him. All the character and music he brought to this world will have a lasting impact, and he will never be forgotten. I love you Kato, I will miss you every minute of every day, I don’t know what to do without you. Thank you all for the outpouring of love as we learn to deal with this tragedy. -Taylor

#LightMeUp has gone #gold in the U.K. 🇬🇧, listening to myself at 15 is a little weird but so many memories come blasting back, this record was my high school and is basically a diary of my young teenage years. Thanks to everyone for listening. Cheers to you all, having a pint to celebrate (We did the photo shoot for the record at the Chelsea Hotel in NYC, lots of ghosts in those halls...)

#donttrustnobody #gottalookoveryourshoulder #constantly



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