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So I was going to post this on thanksgiving but figured these teenage girls would hate me for it, but I'm doing it anyways in honor of @heyitsnattt birthday! I'm so thankful for these girls for pushing themselves and pushing me to be a better teacher and person! Without them my heart would be a lot less full! I love you girls!❤️ @lumwrs @sophiarcordero @_kalia.r

The Hollywood Roosevelt

Mango Deck Cabo

So much fun today!

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Being sick in a different country without these two really makes me miss and appreciate them❤️ #donteattheshrimp #iwanthischickensoup #andthecuddliestpupever

Playa Los Cerritos


Can't wait to go back! Hopefully it won't end in a hospital trip again... @mammothmountain

Happy Birthday to my best friend. We may have not liked each other a year ago, but that's obviously because we didn't know each other well enough😜 I am so happy to have you in my life. I know I can always count on you for everything. I hope year 23 brings you everything you hoped for! I'll do my best to make it the best year yet! Love you so much burta. Can't wait to spend the night with the people that love you most @hmc5 😏 HAPPY BURTDAY @alexandria___c ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love them

11 days till Cabo!!!!!! Can't wait to get away. Perfect timing to spend a week with my family in paradise!☀️

If he's not a Cullen he's not worth it🕸🎃 @spicycoyote

So fly

M8RX Nightclub & Lounge

Ahh Halloween weekend. My favorite🎃🕸👻 come see us at @m8rxsb and text me for guest list!!!

It's my night off but dj @mattmoorezzyzx is at @m8rxsb so that's where I'll be! Come dance with me and see my best friends at the coolest nightclub ever!❤️


Gosh I love this momma and wife. Saturday was unreal❤️ (time to change your name on insta)


Today's the day!!! My little sissy gets married! I can't believe it. The day we've talked about since we were 6. I can't explain how much it means to me that you asked me to be a part of this celebration! Even though you're sick (cause you're growing a little human) it'll be the second best day of your life. (First is when baby is born). I love you more than life itself. And I'm glad we got stuck with each other for our whole lives. Wouldn't have been able to deal with any other bratty little sister😉 lets get this party started! #bridesquad #jacobsonwedding

Here is me struggling to say bye to Barb. Who will now have a different name😔 at least she's in good hands and I can see her every once in a while❤️

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