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Американская актриса, продюсер, сценарист, режиссер, композитор. Известна по сериалам "Лига", "Новенькая", "Американский папаша" и др.
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Stanford University Palo Alto Ca.

When the world's brightest minds gather to contemplate the world's biggest problems and I can't even remember to pack a toothbrush

My facial marks indicate I just went to war with my toilet. I will not dispute the matter.

C.S. Mott Children's Hospital

When we took this picture, this little tot had just finished playing a VR game in the playroom of @mottchildren's hospital. Aside from the tube running through her chest, she seemed as happy and energetic as any other kid. To see how this hospital is using VR to help care for their young patients, click the YouTube link in my bio. #givingtuesday

Turkey wasn't the only thing on yesterday's table

Hasselhoff Barbies should be a "must" for any celebrity interview. To catch @oliwhitetv's episode of Do Not Disturb, visit the @moxyhotels channel (link in their bio.) #atthemoxy

Checking social media sure looks fun, doesn't it? Thank you to the always wonderful and funny @davidsocomedy for joining me in the latest episode of Do Not Disturb for @moxyhotels. We twerk and rap and all kinds of ridiculous. Link in the bio :-) #atthemoxy

Tomorrow is a new day. Goodnight 🌙

So much fun playing dress up at last night's @baby2baby gala to raise funds for all the amazing mamas out there who cannot afford diapers! If you are a family in need of clean diapers and baby supplies or you would like to donate, please visit @baby2baby to learn more ☺️

San Francisco, California

On a lighter note, last night I had the opportunity to hear some of the world's top longevity scientists discuss their latest research. Living past 100 (and living well!) is now a realistic goal...pretty sure longevity is one thing we can ALL get behind! ☺️

I couldn't sleep last night. I am shocked, saddened, embarrassed, and mostly terrified by what lies ahead. Unfortunately, this has highlighted a massive social divide in America. Cities throughout the US voted for HRC. Those in rural areas made their voices loud and clear but at a horrifying cost. While my heart goes out to their pain, a reality TV star steak salesman fed them a bedtime story (complete with villains and enemies everywhere) and they bought that this guy would be their superhero. For the rest of us, nausea. Panic. Disbelief. At some point, when we're done feeling shocked and sad and angry, we'll band together. Organize. Revamp the system. Form a collective vision. Fight for innovation and equality and decency and kindness. We cannot go backwards. #imSTILLwithher

Boom! The video on who I'm voting for is up. Took 5 days for me to pull the trigger...laziness or something...so ya know, thanks @juliapricemusic for the nudge. 'Merica. #voteIRL youtube.com/Taryn

Took a little catnap break from Instagram the past week...how many of you have done a social media detox? How has it impacted you?

The face of "why not?" #HairOfTheDog

I was so bummed to miss @android_jones experiential VR piece at burning man, but fortunately caught it last night in the mini dome at the @vrscout Halloween party-- what a masterpiece. 🙌 Reason #72 I'm so excited about the future of VR. #androidjones

#RIPVine 😢

Fortune cookie buzz kill

Berlin, Germany

Hey Berlin, thanks for the memories

Moxy Berlin Ostbahnhof

Odds that @oliwhitetv and @jack_maynard get tattoos tonight? I say...GOOD. Follow @moxyhotels where I'll be posting all night for the Berlin opening...it's about to get weird #AtTheMoxy


Time for some skateboard lessons 😂

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