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Американская актриса, продюсер, сценарист, режиссер, композитор. Известна по сериалам "Лига", "Новенькая", "Американский папаша" и др.
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Manhattan Center Events - Hammerstein Ballroom & Grand Ballroom

The past week I jumped at the opportunity to produce and host the Global People's Summit, the first livestream in partnership with the @Unitednations during the General Assembly to discuss pressing global issues with people from around the world. If you are interested in hearing about how storytelling in media, fashion, virtual reality, and consumer goods can have a massive impact, you can still view the stream (my section was hour three, but there are incredible guests and speakers throughout the 8 hour event.) See the full agenda and run of show at globalpeoplesummit.org. Thanks to everyone who sent me photos! I didn't get any 🤓

So thrilled with the response to Break Free. For those who want to hear more from the album, I'll be performing at @futureofstorytelling on Oct 4th in NYC and at @websummit in Lisbon, Portugal on November 11th. Other performance enquiries can be sent to the email in my bio. I'm beyond thrilled to share this project with all of you! 🙏#AI #music


While this experience took place in the real world, it had an air of sacred strangeness typically reserved for a virtual one. The creative artistry was overwhelming + inspiring. Photo 1: Me very happy about this whole wine pairing situation Photo 2: @Bryanjohnson_ is uncertain about how to deal with all the wine. I offer to drink the rest of his share for him. Photo 3: Yep, all of it. Photo 4: Just in case there wasn't enough to drink. Photo 5: Welcome to the future. This was a piece of art made with seaweed that you dip in awesome stuff Photo 6: This art was made with peas and cheese (I think?) and tendrils and ice. Photo 7: Art with scallops and flowers. Photo 8: Art with carmelized onions and flowers and a chewy, heavenly ball that reminded me of gnocchi. Photo 9: BLUE wine with my <3! Oops. Blue tea. In a wine glass. To hydrate.

New friends? 😬 UPDATE: Sir Monarch lost the battle. Tiggy stands trial soon.

Pause Float Studio

When you sit in an infrared sauna for an hour and sweat so hard that you struggle to put your clothes back on, so when you realize they're on backwards you just say 'meh' and exit the building. #fashionicon #ootd

One of us needs a flea bath. #catnap

Dead Sea

The first humans must've been so thrilled to discover a body of water in the midst of a scorching hot desert. I imagine them running toward the shore, fists pumping, ready to quench insane thirst. They lean down to take a gulp and... what a bummer. #DeadSea . . Masada, Israel

Haven't washed my hair in three days. K bye 🤓

About a month ago, I started recording live songs with this awesome crew. We've sang in bedrooms and backyards (and soon, bathtubs) and it's been SO fun. The latest, "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid - the first song I ever sang at a talent show - is up at youtube.com/Taryn. What should we do next?

Malibu, California

Wishing today was still the weekend. 🤓#HappyMonday?

City of Canon City

What one thing doesn't belong in this picture? . . . ME . . . Thanks for the memories, Canon City. Sad I couldn't visit the prison museum but left that for next time.

I got an AI makeover! This video from Break Free was made using Google's open source Deep Dream AI software, courtesy of the team at DeepDream Generator. It took 5 days to render out just a few small pieces! Pretty triply, eh? #IamAI #AIart #DeepDream

Break Free, my song composed and produced with artificial intelligence, is out! Featuring AI music by @ampermusic and AI stills by @themostfamousartist. You can check out the video here: YouTube.com/Taryn (and please let me know what you think in the comments!) #IamAI

Everything you've ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear. 8.21.17 #IamAI

Another song serenade for my cat 🐱 Full song on my YouTube channel (link in the bio.) _________ **** #techtunes #guitar #singing #artist #musician #famevoices #music #musician #acoustic #acousticguitar #livemusic #topvoices #platinumvoices #dailytalent#singersongwriter #singer_songwriter_talents #vocalplanet #hoodedriffs #talentedmusicians @vocalplanet @talentedmusicians @hooded_riffs @dailyvocals @instamusiciansdaily #singing @microphone @coverstuff @vocalposts @omgvoices @thegoodvoice @brightvoices #brightvoices #thegoodvoice #omgvoices #cousticcover @famevoices @omgvoices #omgvoices @vocalposts @thegoodvoice #thegoodvoice @singer_songwriter_talents @musicianseekers #musicianseekers @pickupjazz #pickupjazz @xvoices @singersspotlight #amazingmusicians @amazing.musicians #zedd #stay

Jerusalem, Israel

The clouds of Jerusalem... #realityisrael


Built a raft today (photo 1) in a competition with 5 groups of 8 other humans. I am not a "builder." I can barely lift 10 pound weights and when I look at heavy logs, all I see are splinters and back pain. I can't even put air in my car tires. So, I tied knots around the logs (thank you, small fingers) and provided creative direction on our team name and flag (Photo 2: #Skullcats.) Funny enough, my group won. I never win anything. And so, long story short, I've now decided I will start a Fortune 500 company. To celebrate, I ordered fish for lunch (literally, a fish.) 😜 #realityisrael

Tel Aviv, Israel

At an exhibit in Tel Aviv dedicated to the female form. Would love to share photos of the art but afraid all the vaginas won't make it past Instagram's filters. #realityisrael

If something is over and done, don’t hold on. Here's to new beginnings. *Break Free* 08.21.17 #IamAI

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