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Американская актриса, продюсер, сценарист, режиссер, композитор. Известна по сериалам "Лига", "Новенькая", "Американский папаша" и др.
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Venice Beach

Summer 😎

Venice Beach

Easy like Sunday morning. What should I paint today?

Restaurant La Cave

France, you gem. Just uploaded photos and videos from yesterday to my insta story 😝#francepart4

Paris, France

Wine with breakfast? When in Paris... #parispart3


"What's this on the menu?" he whispered. "I think it's duck," she replied. Unfortunately, neither of them speak French. Madam Zouzou nodded. "Duck! Gluck Gluck Gluck!" she poured more wine into the carafe. There were 8 people in the restaurant - not one more, not one less. When a new patron arrived, everyone had to move their tables to accommodate. Madam Zouzou might as well have been moving mountains. This is how La Petite Rose has always been and this is how it will always be. There were only a few things the American couple understood - "sangria" was one. And so, Zouzou brought them sangria. And duck. And lasagna. And bread and salad and homemade rum with candied apples...and a French scarf for the miss, a french hat for the mister; photographs of her grandchildren and books about her favorite customer and more things you thought you'd never need but SHOULD desire when enjoying a home cooked meal in Paris. ## Pay a visit in 2017....Zouzou and Christian may close up shop soon. Order the duck. Sip the homemade rum. Ask for a picture and thank your lucky stars for magical experiences like this, with humans like Zouzou who share their zest for life with the world. #ParisPart2 La Petite Rose des Sables | 6 Rue de Lancry, 75010 Paris, France

Paris, France

"Do you have a room with a balcony...AND a bathtub? For tonight?" she asked. This was her ninth phone call. Apparently, rooms with balconies and bathtubs in Paris were in short supply. Exasperated, he shook his head. A balcony AND a bathtub?! These were not necessary things. He was tired and weary. "Let's just make a decision, please." She pouted. "But a room without a balcony and a bathtub would simply not be a trip to Paris!" she insisted. # And so it was. On her tenth call. Now she is very happy. And he is very happy. Paris would simply not be Paris without a balcony and a bathtub. #ParisPart1

About time to mix shit up. 7.17.17


Sweater on the beach kind-of day. #memorialday

Don't ever trust a man with anything.

London, United Kingdom

London tea time

Amsterdam, Netherlands

My future house. Thanks for a great time Amsterdam! ✈️ --> London

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Adventures through Amsterdam (part 1) include: an almost-boat accident, a peek at the red light district, and an epic search for pancakes - all on my insta story. #tnw2017 I love this city.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Thanks to everyone who came out to my Future of Storytelling talk today and @thenextweb for having me. The next 10 years are going to get VERY interesting. #tnw2017

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Editing my talk for @thenextweb and getting so excited! I'll be chatting about the future of storytelling from my perspective as a youtuber, and my bets on AI, VR/AR, BCI and etc. Any friends here?

Thought my fashion game was strong until the nurse pointed out that I had it on backwards. #oops #hospitalfashion #ootd

Nothing like spaghetti and chocolate croissants to round out a daily diet of pizza and cheesy bread. Basically, I'm eating like a pregnant lady right now because...well, my body thinks I am. All the secrets in my insta story. Er, maybe not ALL the secrets. SOON! Making a video for the most eggcellent @attndotcom, and likely my YouTube - so stay tuned. 🥐🍕🍝

Dear Irving

Quartz powder sure does look an awful lot like peer pressure. Apparently it's used for "healing" purposes. #GoogleThatShit

New York, New York

78 degrees, free music, no sharks. #fyrefestival

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