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Американская актриса, продюсер, сценарист, режиссер, композитор. Известна по сериалам "Лига", "Новенькая", "Американский папаша" и др.
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This is 72-year old Shirley McClure. She is currently in intensive care, and was in tears yesterday from comments on the video. Here's a little of her story: she was the first African American woman to work in a bank and worked tirelessly for equal rights and domestic abuse victims. I heard about her through the @wishofalifetime organization, which grants wishes to seniors. She recently had three heart attacks and is on dialysis for kidney failure, but thanks to @wishofalifetime, her lifelong wish to one day drive a race car finally came true. Her family and friends gathered to surprise her and we captured the story on film. Please take a minute to watch the video and leave a comment for Shirley, or donate to this incredible organization which seeks to demonstrate that it's never too late to go after your dreams ☺ link in my bio!

YouTube Space LA

4:55 pm. Filming a piece for the Gina Davis Institute & so excited to talk more about this campaign in a few weeks! Today's google searches, in no random order: "how to order meatless meat online?" // "what is stem cell pregnancy" // "why Park Romney left the Mormon church" // Results varied.

Venice, California

Tonight is the eve of Friday the 13th, the full wolf moon. My horoscope tells me I will feel sentimental today, but I really just feel bloated from a carb loaded dinner. Irony. Instagram. Whatever. Today's google searches included: "is Kirlian photography a hoax?" // "What does a wolf moon stand for?" // "real estate values in 2017." time for head --> pillow. #fullmoon #kirlian #fridaythe13th #questionsoflife

Wynn Las Vegas

1:16pm. That moment when you're taking a selfie with a Vive tracker and MC Hammer randomly walks by. Today's Google search: "does MC Hammer still release music?" "wtf is MC Hammer doing at CES?" "how many deaths result from selfies" #CaughtInTheAct #CES

Las Vegas, Nevada

3:35pm | Las Vegas | Art & Mood by @isabellaamente. Today's google enquiries included: "creative plant deliveries for boyfriends," "can ferns last days without water," and "how many people die in Vegas each year by throwing themselves off of buildings?"

Salt Lake City, Utah

6:38pm | Salt Lake City, last week. I MADE A CAREER CHANGE! ...........just kidding :D But seriously, under this massive badass microscope is a tiny electrode chip that allows paralyzed people to move - and feel - robotic limbs with their brain. THIS is the kind of shit that will transform our world. Black mirror, nah. More like BRIGHT mirror. Science is so cool.

6:45pm. LA --> SF. Today's google searches included: "Can turbulence cause a plane to crash?" "What's the closest airport in the event of an emergency landing?" "Do people have nice things to say about John Travolta?"

11:45pm. post selfie google searches included: how safe are chairlifts? | how many people drop their phone while riding a chairlift? | has anyone ever been hit by a phone falling from a chairlift? // Results: not comforting. #questionsoflife

Whuuut? @justinkloskyocd helped me organize my life AND sent me a package of fancy wine for the holidays. SO MUCH GOODNESS 👍👍For anyone needing some household re-organization, Justin is the man!

Bora Bora


Bora Bora

Kinda like breakfast in bed, but it's a water bed

Bora Bora

The cat pants made it to the pacific islands, miss you @sassytiggy

Bora Bora

It's like one of those paintings they have everyone do at wine & paint night except this one came to life

Facebook Los Angeles

Driving through Beverly Hills like a goddamn Instagram model

a thinking inside-the-box kinda day

That guy on the right though

YouTube Space LA

Singing in outer space just like the aliens

Stanford University Palo Alto Ca.

When the world's brightest minds gather to contemplate the world's biggest problems and I can't even remember to pack a toothbrush

My facial marks indicate I just went to war with my toilet. I will not dispute the matter.

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