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Американская актриса, продюсер, сценарист, режиссер, композитор. Известна по сериалам "Лига", "Новенькая", "Американский папаша" и др.
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The Beverly Hilton

Four years ago, I went to Swaziland to document the work of @thirstproject firsthand. It was a life changing experience to see founder @sethmaxwell1 and his team working tirelessly to bring clean drinking water to thousands around the world who need it most. Tonight is their annual gala and I sadly have to go home early (sore throat and sniffles) but wanted to show these amazing people some love & support. If you post using #mortonxthirst, $100 will be donated to this incredible organization.

Malibu Wine Safaris

Legit the most dazzling smile I've ever posted on instagram #truefact

Nobu Malibu

Here's to more magical mornings that include french toast and soy sauce 🍯

It's official. Filters are officially better than the real thing.

True fact: there are no two sisters who appreciate a good box of hair color more than we do ☺️Brunette, blonde, red, or bald - I got 'yo back @kara.southern #nationalsiblingsday #truefacts

Tag your fellow "investigators." 😝 Today's google searches include: "soho hotels w bathtubs," "do nootropics work?" and "Rihanna boobs dress" (in reference to a photo circulating on instagram, had to know if it was REAL, right??) #truefacts

Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine

Hard to believe this epic spot exists just off Sunset Blvd and half a mile from the ocean. LA is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world...as long as you aren't looking at it from a highway 😜

If you were a cyber-enhanced human, first thing you'd do is _______. So amped to see @ghostintheshell this weekend - it's one of my favorite sci-fi books. Who's joining? And also, what did we do before face swap?? 3.31. #iAmMajor #scifi #cyborg #ad #ghostintheshell #scarlettjohansson http://bit.ly/2mzI8eD

It only took about 4 feet of wardrobe tape to avert disaster. 🙏 Today's google searches include: "AI music" | "Deep Dream Art" | "how to eliminate cat hair"

Abott Kinney, Venice

Testing the new portrait mode (adds depth perception) on the iPhone 7 Plus. A bit grainy (low light) but still impressive amount of background blur! Today's google searches: "best nootropics" | "stem cell treatments for elderly" | "rolling stone article on psychedelics"

Los Angeles, California

If standing in a bush doesn't say "Attack It Hard," I just don't know what does. Anyway. I made some #AttackItHard shirts. Because life is too short to attack it soft. Link in bio for anyone needing motivation. Or here: bonfire.com/AttackItHard

Break out the bubbly! One of my besties wrote a book and you can buy it now on Amazon. It's great for all sad people and happy people and not just for newly single ones! This babe found me in a state of despair after a difficult breakup, so I can attest to her mad skills at beating the blues. Go buy it. $15 is nothing for your sanity. Love you Bella!! #NeverLikedItAnyway

Aspen Mountain

3.08.17. Shot from Aspen last week. Today's google searches include: what does apres ski mean? • why is there no hotel minibar? • what the hell happened to Kim Kardashian's sex tape? #googlingmywaythroughlife

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

7:00 PT. Sunset. ••• Google searches include: why is there no Uber in Austin? | does humidity hold more germs? | why do so many people like country music?


Stopped by @funforlouis solar powered house on wheels! This inside is straight up out of a Crate and Barrel catalog 😝 The outside is a bus!

$2 haircut results. Related, today's google searches: does cutting hair really make it grow longer? | does shorter hair result in sensory feedback disadvantages? | can I shave my face? | results: sort-of, not really, probably shouldn't.

Reflection of Love, by @jakki.j

3.1.07 - Today's google searches include: how to eliminate cat hair // is my cat bipolar // how many cats is too many cats

Homo Deus + Tikka Masala + 1 cat = BEST TUESDAY NIGHT OF MY LIFE (MINUS THE CAT) #homodeus

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