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Американская актриса, продюсер, сценарист, режиссер, композитор. Известна по сериалам "Лига", "Новенькая", "Американский папаша" и др.
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Abott Kinney, Venice

Testing the new portrait mode (adds depth perception) on the iPhone 7 Plus. A bit grainy (low light) but still impressive amount of background blur! Today's google searches: "best nootropics" | "stem cell treatments for elderly" | "rolling stone article on psychedelics"

Los Angeles, California

If standing in a bush doesn't say "Attack It Hard," I just don't know what does. Anyway. I made some #AttackItHard shirts. Because life is too short to attack it soft. Link in bio for anyone needing motivation. Or here: bonfire.com/AttackItHard

Break out the bubbly! One of my besties wrote a book and you can buy it now on Amazon. It's great for all sad people and happy people and not just for newly single ones! This babe found me in a state of despair after a difficult breakup, so I can attest to her mad skills at beating the blues. Go buy it. $15 is nothing for your sanity. Love you Bella!! #NeverLikedItAnyway

Aspen Mountain

3.08.17. Shot from Aspen last week. Today's google searches include: what does apres ski mean? • why is there no hotel minibar? • what the hell happened to Kim Kardashian's sex tape? #googlingmywaythroughlife

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

7:00 PT. Sunset. ••• Google searches include: why is there no Uber in Austin? | does humidity hold more germs? | why do so many people like country music?


Stopped by @funforlouis solar powered house on wheels! This inside is straight up out of a Crate and Barrel catalog 😝 The outside is a bus!

$2 haircut results. Related, today's google searches: does cutting hair really make it grow longer? | does shorter hair result in sensory feedback disadvantages? | can I shave my face? | results: sort-of, not really, probably shouldn't.

Ernestine Shepherd is probably fitter than you. At 80 years old, she is the world's oldest competitive female body builder and one of the many badass women who deserve a special shout-out today... #BeBoldForChange #InternationalWomensDay #WomensDay

Reflection of Love, by @jakki.j

3.1.07 - Today's google searches include: how to eliminate cat hair // is my cat bipolar // how many cats is too many cats

Homo Deus + Tikka Masala + 1 cat = BEST TUESDAY NIGHT OF MY LIFE (MINUS THE CAT) #homodeus

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Celebrating President's Day with an epic, regretful hangover (how appropriate.) Yay #Merica! Who's with me

Hamilton: An American Musical


Back off, he's all mine! 😍 Our Cupid Crew delivered roses to seniors on VDay - the video is now up on my YouTube channel (link in bio). Thanks so much again to everyone who donated to @wishofalifetime and made it possible. #tribeofgood

Why not

West Los Angeles

Spreading the love today & delivering roses to senior homes in LA. Will post the adventures with @juliapricemusic to my Instagram story 😍 Most importantly, a massive thank you to everyone on Facebook who donated to @wishofalifetime's #CupidCrew!

The journey begins. 🎉 more soon....

Last month I got a call from @gdigm and @ford to be a part of the #ShesGotDrive campaign which encourages young women to follow their passions. I'm so honored to partner with them on this! This is a snippet from the piece, produced and shot by female creatives. Now has never been a better time to showcase more women in strong positions both in front of and behind the camera, as well as in other careers like science and technology. If you or someone you know would like to share their drive story, share your story with the hashtag #ShesGotDrive.

Idyllwild, California

Waiting for UFO pickup.

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