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Американская актриса, певица, композитор и дизайнер одежды. Солистка электронного дуэта «Boomkat».
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I like the extra heart on my head. #love ✝️💕😍

Hey little white wise one. Teach me more about the light 🎈#22

Happy day ✝️ #Saturday #vibes pic by the dork @lacyannlove 💕

What a beautiful day today. Love my new barn door my friend custom made right before my eyes✝️ #custom #furniture #madewithlove

Choosing the rose that grows towards the sun. We all make mistakes and that’s ok:) Be accurate. #youbelonghere ✝️ photo: @lacyannlove

#handle #makingmovies n things 💎

#hawaiifive0 #cbs @cbstv @hawaiifive0cbs

We can do it. All the way up ❤️

You’re talk right now on live stream is beyond words to my soul. I’m listening! I’ve felt this way you know it. Thank you @erwinmcmanus #mosaic #locations #faith over #defeat 🎚#thewayofthewarrior #peace

What do you think of my new role? Do I look stereotyped? Great! Love it! 💗💕💕💗

What’s shakin’ bakin’s #love #oitnb

My beautiful stand in and actress! Say congrats to her for being a newlywed! A true angel!

Love you 💕 #vans

#love #oitnb

@selmablair You’re my hero! #love

I’m really proud of you. You understood so quickly how to keep it simple, keep it clear, most of all be sincere. #thecraft #actor #ladygaga #oscars2019 #winner ❤️ #love and you’re a hot babe! @ladygaga

The day lying becomes illegal, sugarcoating becomes just candy and truth wins ⚔️#love

Congrats @djlodato for your nomination at the #2019 #miamimusicweek REMIX AWARDS @iheart electric pool party @djlodato Can’t wait for Miami and you win the awards and I win bowling games. That’s fair riiight #love ❤️ #nyc

That’s a wrap for me ✝️ What a neat, exciting, enlightening, sometimes traumatic but fantastic 7 year journey we had on a 7 year amazing, life changing show @oitnb A forever experience I shall never forget❤️ A life changing one I will always remember. All the amazing people I worked with and for, all the feelings we shared and all the time spent. This is for anyone I could not share a goodbye with💟 I do not like goodbyes😔 I am off to another loving and loyal job I am so grateful to have had in Hawaii! My good fam @hawaiifive0cbs #aloha!!! I love you and think of me during the wrap party where goodbyes are shared! I Wish my cast mates, crew, Netflix, Lionsgate, New York, and my beloved team and everyone’s teams for seeing the potential in the show and for winning! I wish a beautiful life and future for all! I Really love you all! Thank you from the bottom of my ❤️ #7 #oitnb #netflix #lionsgate #actor #god Maybe one day my cast mates will like my photos and invite me out if I get to be as cool! ❤️

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