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Los Angeles, California




Los Angeles, California

I want! 😿💓🎀

Franklin Village


La Poubelle

👯 Look at her face 🙀 #regrammin @morganecampbell

Los Angeles, California

@regimedesfleurs. Good follow. ✨

Los Angeles, California

@superhelder 👌


Happy 30th Sammy! Thanks so much for flying back to share your birthday with us! You're the reason most of us Aussies know each other and we miss youuu! Love you lots! 💋💋💋

Representing 🐨💚💛

Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles, California

In my attempt to become Poet Laureate (boss of poems) for Australia as they do not currently have one, I wrote a really good poem. I call this style a full-circle-word-association poem. And guys, there's plenty more where this came from okay so don't be shy to ask to see it. Can't wait for the day I'm published in The New Yorker and Paris Review. #poetry #poetlaureate #theparisreview #thenewyorker

Los Angeles, California

Pink hairven. 💗 This was one of my favorite colors. 💁🏼👅🌸👛👄 #pinkhair

Franklin Village

I like to paint tiny pictures. Smaller than a penny. #watercolorart

Los Angeles, California

Feline fine. 😸😻😽 @simonswid @paigey_b

Franklin Village



I can't totally work out what this ad is for but I think they've invented some kind of remote that helps people dance better or something? It must be like those driverless cars but it can detect the people around you so your risky dance moves don't injure people..? I think each dance routine is called a "cab" and you choose what cab you want by putting in its number and then you can just dance the night away, risk free! Like a human dance robot or something? I guess they're calling it a #taxi? So cool, I want one! Technology is amazing! I love science! #thefuture #technology #science #cab #nomoreriskydancemoves #robodance

101 Coffee Shop

Via @artsxdesign

Los Angeles, California

If you like boring snapchats consisting mainly of Seinfeld clips and my latest art project, then you might like mine. Username is tarynmarler. 👻👻👻

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