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Норвежский биатлонист, олимпийский чемпион 2010 года в эстафете, семикратный чемпион мира. Обладатель Кубка мира по биатлону сезона 2010/11.
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To be stuck in traffic is no problem at all when we can celebrate @johannesbo 's amazing champs🍾👊🏻

The major difference lies in the small details💯 #speedmax

I'm really impressed, brother🙏🏻 You did it again🏆 Also a big applause to @benediktdollbiathlon and @martinfourcade for making the podium complete!!

Sprint tomorrow! Game face ON 😈


World champs coming up💯 @zigystardust77 is looking for some medals🏆 Who do you think will be the best nation?

MOT då vel 🙏🏻

CrossFit Bratislava

Happy team 🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

Finally out travelling again! First day of training in Osrblie☑️

He's back🏆 And I'll always have your back👊🏻

Who is the fan taking this picture with @heglesvendsen? 😂

My sponsor @collicarelogistics just reminded me of my strong days this summer! I'm so lucky to have such people around me, supporting me back on my feet🔝 Thanks #collicare

Best teammates back on🔝 Well played guys!


Curious about my plans for my cabin, built by @blanehytter ? You'll find it at my Facebookpage. Link in bio✌🏻️

Unbelievable in Norway now☀️ Лепотаaaaaa!!!

Weekend 💯

When you and you brother have argued, but none of you can walk away😁

I need some more time before my first race of the season. Good luck in Östersund, team Norway! Make it pop🍾💦 #midti #godgli

Ok, det dekket var tungt altså😏 Skru på tv2 og sjå skiskyting suge igjen!!

Christmas came early thanks to @bruvik_fine_timepieces 🙏🏻 And now you want to be like me? It's ok😏 This is the 40mm Svalbard! #bruvik

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