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Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale fashion week. @michaelcostello with the most beautiful art by @gildagarza007

Having a great time in my new movie with my husband @Stevenevil this is the craziest Christmas movie ever I’m so excited for you guys to see it!🎄❤️😘 #itsaveryoddchristmas

Happy St. Patrick’s Day🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Happy #stpatricksday I wish you a lucky one and a fun one! Love from me and #Beso

Beso’s first Christmas movie debut in , #averyoddchristmas. He’s totally killing it! He knows all his lines!

A lot of fun on, “A Very Odd Christmas” with writer/actor @bensolenberger1 & director @japacam! Coming out this Christmas! Wacky, fun filled, Christmas comedy! #averyoddchristmas

Me and my Man, this is true love ❤️

Having the best time on this movie, the name speaks for itself #averyoddchristmas me and my brother having a freakish puppet show on Christmas Day, and I’m terrified of puppets lol it’s just not right it’s so funny and sick you guys are going to love it, one of the best movies I’ve done in my life. I can’t wait for you to see it it’s going to be a #crazychristmas @r_carradine1958

Get ready for a different kind of Christmas movie.. This is a Very Odd Christmas and trust me, it’s a Very Odd Christmas. Can’t wait for you to see it, it’s exactly what every family is like at Christmas, #crazy John Ashton plays my crazy angry dad Robert Carradine plays my psycho criminal brother Marsha Rodd, my mom that Christmas makes crazy every year And I play Penny, the daughter that has to deal with it all. It’s going to be, #averyoddchristmas

On the set studying my lines for my new movie A Very Odd Christmas, this gonna be a really funny one! I love it!🎄👍❤️

Great pizza night with friends!💜😘🍕

Happy birthday mommy you’ll never know how much I miss you! I love you so much! RIP

Another amazing pre Oscar event and I bought my bff Beso with me he loved it! He got dog treats and everything! #happydog #oscars

Red Carpet Ready. Toscars Awards Dress by @sgshannagall and styled Hairstyle @tatianakarelinaofficial MUA @mysalon__la @makeupbyannoushka

Glamorous moment on red carpet for the Toscars Awards Hairstyle @tatianakarelinaofficial MUA @mysalon__la @makeupbyannoushka Dress designed and Styled by my stylist @sgshannagall

All glammed up for the Toscars Awards last night. What do you think about my look? Hairstyle @tatianakarelinaofficial MUA @mysalon__la @makeupbyannoushka Dress and styled @sgshannagall

Glam Time with my amazing team. Hair by @tatianakarelinaofficial MUA @mysalon__la @makeupbyannoushka Dress by @sgshannagall

Getting ready for another Pre- Oscar Awards Event #Toscars Loving my hair by @tatianakarelinaofficial Can’t wait for everyone to see my dress tonight by @sgshannagall it’s incredible.

Had such a fantastic time at the Global Green Pre-Oscar Party. Hairstyle @peterhairbh Mua @makeup_bysell Dress @stello Crown @clutch_crowns Stylist @sella_em

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