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@ardiesavea Remember when Viago got blood all over your jersey? Congrats on the upgrade uso! Canes Nation! #AllBlacks

That day in Waiouru when scene 56 suddenly became: EXT. SNOW - BLIZZARD - CONTINUOUS #wilderpeople #kaneskennarphotography


Australia! If you like this 1940s director/barista/artisan cocktail maker, then you'll love his new film, "Hu For The Vople"... ON NOW! #HuntForTheWilderpeople

WANTED - alive or alive. #wilderpeople

Ricky Baker (Julian Dennison) and I camping out at the #wilderpeople premiere in Brizzie.

@stanwalker Shole, took a blurry as photo with your mum!

Aw Hela nooooo... #ThorRagnarok #CateBlanchett

My first design concepts starting to take shape. I'm all over this sheeeit. #14pack

#Wilderpeople has done it. Māori films now hold the #1 and #2 spots in NZ Box Office history. Oh, and I made them both! A massive thanks for all the love and support we've received in the last 7 weeks. NZ represent! Mauri Ora!

Hey Australia, I just want to go to the beach without copping any shit from boa constrictors, kay?

I've moved to Solaris.

Even the universe has a drain to put its money down.

Lest we forget the smouldering good looks of our Koroua! Tweeted this yesterday so I didn't forget! #Anzac #28thmaoribattalion #ww2 #namesake

Thank you child for this gift of a two week old half eaten banana in the bathroom.

The family that PREYS together, stays together. Happy Birthday vampire queen. #familyforever RG trevorphillips

@madeleinesami (green) and I trying to find meaning in the world after Bowie.

@becsarahanga When one of your monsters took off his shoes in my house.

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