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Berlin, Germany

@montblanc #reconnect2theworld

Prom 2019 & 2009

outfits x critical theory @ripannanicolesmith #worldbookday

Hollywood Hills

Virunga National Park

Happy Birthday Earth! 🍀 #earthday ❤️ @spaceforgiants

Toronto C•A•N•A•D•A

Fangirling for Zizek and staying up all night watching Mexican Dynasties on Bravo what a blessed weekend @ripannanicolesmith ❤️

dress* I’d wear if it was 2002 🥳

#tbt 💎 for ☕️

A @simonmillerusa ensemble 🍊

Portada en California!☀️ Working very hard to look sassy whilst trying to stop this precarious bodysuit, that was nowhere close to fitting, pinging open! 😅 🍑Thank you for this gorgeous day in the sun @glamourspain ❤️ @timbarberphoto @moliver @mua_simonrihana @bobbyeliot

la aesthetic

new & old film 🎞 ❤️

stay in try sunglasses on 😎

London, United Kingdom

chicken kickin training & a lot of swearing at @teamdanroberts 🐥

channelling a flat chested Eliza Dushku

Los Angeles, California

happy monday, your doing great sweeties. i just fell backwards into a cactus 🤓🌵🤓🌵

Assassination Nation is now streaming on the BFI Player ✌️

i’m the bad guy

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