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My baby 💜

Here's to new forever twinsies 👯🥂


The Ohio State University

Today's the day...25/25... 📸: @roy_rossovich our wonderful incredibly talented DP🙌🏼

This goofball is picture wrapped and I'm devastated. I cannot tell you about all the fun we've gotten into over this month...but it has been fucking epic. Like father like daughter...always @therealseancarrigan 😘😈🎉🙈💀

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church and University Center

Just a couple of the very best 📚 #catholicschoolgirls #onset 📸: @bernbabayburn

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church and University Center

Big hair, don't care #onset #catholicschoolgirl 😬😈💁🏻 📸: @bernbabayburn

Always in this flannel and always in this window. #onset #lashesonlashes

Night shoots have my dark circles out to play 💀....thank god @bernbabayburn knows how to light me pretty 🌞 #onlysomuchmakeupcando

Obsessed with this biscuit. #eeyore

Apple Valley Lake Ohio

Yes, I do work for NASA. 🚀

This project has introduced me to a lot of very incredible people. I'm having the time of my life and am honored to spend my time in Columbus, Ohio with some of the very best!

Columbus, Ohio

Forever in this outfit. #setlife

Little bunny foo foo hopping through the forest picking up the field mice and BOPPING them on the head 🐰💀🐭

This one is a real adult now. #edumacated 🎓

Columbus, Ohio

This green though. 🙌🏼

Ok fine. We get it. Ohio, you're pretty cool. 🌅


All this nature is making my allergies go nuts.

This guy. #nightshoots

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