Стивен Р. Маккуин


Американский актёр, наиболее известен по роли Кайла Хантера в сериале «Любовь вдовца» и роли Джереми Гилберта из телесериала «Дневники вампира».
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@greenpeace protesters were arrested for trying to stop this. Something you can do to help is sign a petition to prevent/ stop this. Link is in bio

That moment when you're sitting next to the chick from the ring (seven days)

Help sign petition against this. Link is in bio


Fun shooting this little short #thetakeoff

After some time off and feeling a bit rusty good sparring with @julian_chua but mainly just getting my ass kicked

Learning to fly Helicopters 🚁

Elbow is out for the MPX but getting better @tarantactical

Happy 4th 🇺🇸

Road tripping 🏍🏁🇺🇸

Great times with @tarantactical

See you soon

If you're bored check these out. Stories about some of the greats and their processes filming.

Help be part of the solution. Link in bio (fixed the link)


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