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Испанский футболист, защитник клуба «Реал Мадрид» и сборной Испании.
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Who will win tonight? Leicester play Sevilla tonight at 7.45 (BST). --- 📽: @pepsimaxuk x @copa90

You vs WHO!❓🔥😎⚽️ @rldesignz

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@chaimadame ⚽️🔥😎 #Panna you vs WHO!❓😏

Little boss with the bottle flip!❗️💪😏 Via:@matanos10🎥

🙏🏻🙏🏻 INCREDIBLE STORY '#Bayern Ryan' Gibson survived a rare attack of cancer last year which resulted in him losing his right eye. What he did next is amazing... @fcbayern very-own pirate! 😳 Tonight is #BAYERN v #ARSENAL ⚽️⚽️ --- 🎥: @copa90 x @pepsimaxuk

#tag someone you've destroyed 😈 @rldesignz

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@seangarnier vs @falcao12oficial 🔥⚽️🙃

Get Tagging! 😳 @Lolopla7

Wait for it... 😂 @dancer_codi_123

😱😱 @DeanByne

How does he do it 👀😅 @akerim_3852

😳 Fake Rainbow Flick? 🤔

#Tag a 5 star #skiller ⬇🙈

@neymarjr ⚽🔥😎 #destruction (@weplayall🎥)

🔥 How's your touch?

😱 Totti Golazo! Via @WorldGoalz

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