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Hello everyone. This will be my last "selfie" for awhile. I'm currently doing a "social media cleanse". I need a break and quite frankly I'm bored of scrolling south to north on the face of my phone. Ive been there since the first generation of iPhone (my thumb needs a break). Technology just doesn't seem natural or really all that social. I just wanna read a book and feel things tangibly as well as meet with friends I have missed in person as opposed to seeing their lives unfold from a distance. With love and warm regards to everyone and thank you for following me. I'm sure I'll come back some day.

So I went a little strawberry.... Also I hate traffic. #strawberry blonde #redhairdontcare #surprise

Our mom and son hiking adventure in ojai. Found the hot springs. Nothing beats nature. #myson #mybestlife

Nap time #bestbuddies #catsanddogslivingtogether


The Shea-Wright ceremony

The Hero's Journey #josephcampbell

Daenerys Targaryen

Um. Yeah. I'm clearly super funny. Actually. I just like to make strange sounds.

Come check me out and bunch of these lovely talented comedians at the improv on Sunday. It's my first time ever doing stand-up. I'm totally nervous yet excited. There's some info on tickets in the pic but its this Sunday and starts at 7:30.

My son and I just had an epic game night #gamenight #fridaynight #partyanimals

This spoon is way too big to eat from.

Caterpillars are so cute.

This sloth stole my best dance move... Damn.

Wildlife Learning Center

Prehensile tailed skink.

Wildlife Learning Center

I mean I love reptiles. This red tegu is beautiful .

Thank you. Your artistry will be missed.

Monarchs lay their eggs on the milkweed plant. If you plant them, they will come.

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