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Getting ready for my next round of auditions @100percentpure #beauty #skincare

Correction... double rainbow.

🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌧🌧🌧🌧 Yay!

Beautiful nails by @nailsbymariel @orlynails in orly breathable color "love my Nails" jewels by @tacoriofficial. Thank you @wetherlygroup 😘😘😘😘😘 Makeup by @100percentpure 💄 by @bitebeauty in honeycomb and fig

Best toning workouts at @physique57, @Lather, and @TheHaloexperience @livebeaming Happy Valentine's Day – Don’t forget to LOVE YOURSEF!

Had a great workout thanks to @physique57, @Lather, and @TheHaloexperience And to @livebeaming for their delicious juice.🌹🌸🌷💐❤️💗💓💜💕💞💘💖💝 Happy Valentine's Day! Don’t forget to LOVE YOURSELF!

Love is when your cat smells like her own sh*t but you love her anyway. #cats #love #valentinesday

Meant to put up this one...@rochellebrodinphoto

Animatics sneak peak....

Here we go. #rickandmorty #pickups #season3

#traffic #pilot season

Caught this driftwood by Carpinteria.... little did I know that after a weekend of camping I'd listen to NPR and come back to reality.....#whatwillhedonext #notmypresident #thefirst100days

It's a new year... #photography #rochellebrodinphoto #spencergrammer #blackandwhitephotography

Hello everyone. This will be my last "selfie" for awhile. I'm currently doing a "social media cleanse". I need a break and quite frankly I'm bored of scrolling south to north on the face of my phone. Ive been there since the first generation of iPhone (my thumb needs a break). Technology just doesn't seem natural or really all that social. I just wanna read a book and feel things tangibly as well as meet with friends I have missed in person as opposed to seeing their lives unfold from a distance. With love and warm regards to everyone and thank you for following me. I'm sure I'll come back some day.

So I went a little strawberry.... Also I hate traffic. #strawberry blonde #redhairdontcare #surprise

Nap time #bestbuddies #catsanddogslivingtogether

The Hero's Journey #josephcampbell

Um. Yeah. I'm clearly super funny. Actually. I just like to make strange sounds.

Caterpillars are so cute.

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