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The Grove Cafe & Market

Matcha 🍵

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa

I'm definitely relaxed now. #ojocalientemineralspring #newmexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Can't be in two places at once. Hope all my buddies have a good one tonight. I'll be watching their snaps and instastories and pics and everything.... big hugs to @adultswim @rickandmorty ... next year!

Everything's a dollar!!!! Yes!

Albuquerque, New Mexico

So It's my first day in Albuquerque... it ☔️, ☀️, and ❄️ .. so dramatic I love it already.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

From a couple days ago but in case you didn't know from my twitter this is what's up with me... really excited to be a part of this cast and show. #gravesepix #spencergrammer #adamgoldberg http://deadline.com/2017/05/graves-adam-goldberg-spencer-grammer-recur-season-2-cast-1202093971/


Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there!

Los Angeles, California

Done and done... it's super blonde... got a new role... can't say what it is yet but I'm super excited and I get to be blonde again... #blondeshavemorefun

Ramirez Tran Salon

Going back to blonde... one more round of highlights to go and it'll be perfect! #blondeshavemorefun @tracehenningsen

Guess Sophie cat is going to school today instead of Emmett. #catsofinstagram #catsinabag


So I did this crazy fun action indie a couple summers ago... it comes out tomorrow or in about 45 minutes... 😘 Check it out on amazon/VOD/iTunes. #BooneTheBountyHunter #GetBooned The iTunes pre-order link: http://bit.ly/Boone-Preorder


Listen... it was my first time icing with royal frosting but thats them done. Hopefully kids eat them tomorrow at the spring fair!


Yay! A monarch hatched!

So this was my day so far.... okay... great... dinner is coming in about 5 minutes... #Snapchatstory

Los Angeles Family School

Come support my son's school! It's a great day for families. Tickets are only $10. DM if you want to come for the $10 price and I'll put you on the list. Otherwise you can buy tickets the day of for $15. Lots of good music and games and food. Info at http://springfair.lafamilyschool.org

All I could think about this picture was that she looked oddly like Mina's friend, Lucy, from the Dracula movie with #GaryOldman and #WinonaRyder. I've put the 2 pics up here so you can contrast... I mean I love the met gala and all of the beautiful dresses but sometimes I wonder if now they just think about the memes that are gonna be made when they wear something outrageous... Like Bjork will always win the contest. Hands down every time. Of course I will be wearing a similar outfit myself one day... Im gonna have to find the clip and post it... #dracula #metgala2017


Got a few books to read from Columbia's list... the first of many. I'll tell you how it is... can't be too bad with a Scorsese forword #grad school

Santa Clarita, California

Work is my happy place 💪🎥😁 #bts #bramptonsown #setlife


Gotta look my best, starting a new movie tomorrow. #charcoalmask

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