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Австралийская актриса британского происхождения.
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Tb to this shoot coz I feel like it idk 📸 @surrealjamesnelson

Going through old convos with cousin and having a giggle.

After talking to someone I don't know for more than 5 mins....

When @rhysward doesn't answer my face time calls.

V happy.

Hahaha Our hair tho... #bigbro

Come back home plz. 😘

"Stop looking at me." -David. "Okay" *takes a picture* - Me.

This is how I write most of my songs. Exactly like this.

Jenna makes me smile ❤️ @mandisaphoto


Happy Birthday Mum. You are LIFE. ❤️ I love you soooooo much!! Xo

Here I am smiling on the outside 😜

"Na I can walk straight just look..."

Yeah probs lol

I'm pretty sure I sound amazing. @valnovak and thanks for the lift... #whatever

"Mum... Can I come home?" #mood 🇺🇸

My fingers are crossed for you America. #imwithher 🇺🇸 (and oh wow this is a good way to find out who I'm gonna block from here lol)

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