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Австралийская актриса британского происхождения.
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Sydney, Australia

❤HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD ❤ #tb #2000 #dadalowe #myoutfit 👌🏻

I'm a professional actress.

Miss them 😢


we look like tourists lol ❤

My last night with my girl ❤ #dontleave 📷 @jenna_berman

When I spend an hour doing "natural" make up and I'm feeling the light.

📸 @hotelchelsea204

❤❤ Alex ❤❤

went outside today 🌷

The colors tho.

Fashion weak.


So hungry.

I can't come up with a witty caption k

I like to just constantly have roses around me

When you realize it's only Wednesday but then you also realize that it doesn't actually make a different to you because you chose to be a creative person and to not have a normal life full of routines and plans but you also love your job so much.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU LEGEND @daisyhicks ❤ #missyou #karaokequeens

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