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University of Pennsylvania

Thank you so much UPENN for having my sister and I talk about our love for fashion and our careers - you were all so lovely! 💘 #mygoal #isayUMtoomuch 🙄


On my way to speak at UPENN! 🚆

✨ new outfit post on the blog ✨ http://liketk.it/2qPZv #liketkit @liketoknow.it

Testing out new cars for our family road trips out East this Summer! ❤️ @volvocarusa #volvopartner

Me and my girl. 3.25 ✨

1 MILLION! I must say I always wondered what it would feel like as a blogger to reach a million - it's surreal. I may not be that blogger that travels to all the fashion weeks and attends all the trendiest events but I still garnered a community of girls that understand what it is that my Instagram page represents, call me a blogger, call me narcissistic, call me self centered and spoiled, I don't care - what I've built was not on purpose, all I'm doing is taking pics of my everyday, my style, my family, my LOVE for family, friends and my husband, my beautiful city. I didn't start a blog to gain a following, I started as a hobby to keep my mind off of a break up - people wanted to follow because they were able to relate and were inspired by the fact that I was trying to move on by finding a passion. Some of those people are still following me today as I post this and that's the BEST part. It became a family, my followers know me from when I started, to when I met brandon, got engaged, got married, got pregnant, had a baby, and whatever's next. I truly believe that because I didn't get caught up in what I'm doing, editing my photos to perfection, filtering everything I said on instastory or Snapchat is what grew me to a million. I stay true because that's how I started. I do this for me and no one else and that's what makes this milestone so special. You guys get me and I love you for that. Thanks for sticking around and I'm excited for what's to come, Ruby growing into a beautiful young girl, more babies, MOVING, clothing line launching and so so much more. Social media is such a beautiful thing and I'm so thankful to have an insta family like you! 💘✨

Thissss weather!!! ✨🙌🏽

#ootd in @shopbailey44 - more pics on the blog. #SaksStyle #ad @saks @shopstyle

Date night with the love of my life 🍣

Her reaction to when I got home from the dentist yesterday. 😂❤️

Thanks for joining my live and seeing what I bought! Let me know if you liked it and I will continue to do it, it's so much fun for me to share with you guys and get your opinions!! 😘😘

I'll be doing a live in about 20 min of all the things I bought from Zara and I'll try on too! ✨

Thursday #ootd ❤️

I promised to show you guys how I'd style these @stuartweitzman ballerina flats. I'm in love, more pics on the blog! ❤️ #SWcollab

My family. 💘

Still loving my chunky knits. ❤️

Not only do I love my trainer @amandakloots but she has become one of my good friends. Her energy and positivity emanates every time she walks into the room. This weekend was her birthday and she got engaged to the love of her life. I am so incredibly happy for her because no one deserves it more. I can't wait to celebrate over the weekend and take our dance routines outside of the gym 😂 here's a new one that took me about 100 takes but once I get it I want to do it 100 more times. Best feeling!!! (Outfits from @bandier)

While Amanda and I work on a YouTube video, we decided to have @stylecodelive join us behind the scenes of our work out to give you a glimpse into what we do! Click the link in my bio to watch now. #sponsored ❤️


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