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Feeling good on this beautiful Friday!!!

Today was a good work out, @meganroup made the routine a little easier for me haha. However, I am starting to get tired and lazy and need to push myself to continue to get some exercise in. I never did this when I was pregnant with ruby and I genuinely feel better and healthier by adding exercise into my pregnancy twice a week. My sweats are by @lagencefashion and sports bra is by @goodhyouman all can be bought on @bandier ❤️ #pregnancyworkout #pregnant #babynumber2

I’m having one of those days where I could not for the life of me find something I felt cute in - I didn’t love my outfit today but even though I’m not excited about it I figured I’d still share because we all have those days and I’m only human. 🤷🏽‍♀️😏 #pregnancy #hormones #pregnancybrain #moodybitch #brandondontcomehometonight

Ugh was not feeling it today at all. I couldn’t get the choreography down and I felt so bad @meganroup had to do it with me over 100 times. I still don’t feel confident in the end but I’m just happy I kept trying and pushing myself. At the end of the day I got a great work out in and dancing makes me happy and energized for the day. What gets you going for the day? (Leggings: @koralactivewear, sports bra: @varley all via @bandier) 👌🏽

We took Ruby for dinner tonight (our attempt at getting her out of the house in these frigid temperatures). She made a huge mess, refused to eat and only drink ginger ale (soda is a dangerous thing which I should have never introduced 😂), Brandon was so obsessed with watching the game that it was really only me handling the situation tonight and at one point she pulled the lamp at the restaurant and it fell on top of her head - followed that by screaming and everyone staring - I was mortified!!! Then I come home and we have this moment and it makes it all worth it. 😏 #motherhood #toddlerlife

Being social again! 💁🏽‍♀️

Please excuse my appearance I ran out of the house with wet hair (dumb, I know) but WE GOT A CAR!!! So excited ☺️

Ok just started trying out this new overnight @drbrandt Hydro Biotic mask that you put on before bed, sleep with and don’t have to rinse off in the morning. I’ve been using it for two weeks now and I’m noticing my skin has been much glowier (pregnancy not included) and also softer. Def recommend it for these dry winter days! #ad #drbrandt

Behind social media lives a girl in NYC who posts herself in heels and cute outfits but really spends most of her days in this. Hi 👋🏽 #motherhood #pregnancy #reallife

Ran some errands in midtown and then back home to finish cleaning out Rubys playroom. We transferred most of her toys into her room and donated a bunch to @roomtogroworg. We will be turning that room into baby girl #2’s nursery! 💘

You guys I’m so the pregnant mom in the club in this video, it’s embarrassing. But SO MUCH FUN!!!! Love working out with you @meganroup - going to post all of our toning on stories. Sweats: @aviatornation, sports bra: @spiritualgangster all via @bandier ❤️ #pregnantworkout #fitness #dancecardio #pregnantlife

I use Amazon almost every single day as I’m sure many of us do but it wasn’t until recently that I found out it was also a really good destination to shop for clothing. I am partnering up with @amazonfashion to share some cute outfits I was able to find and put together from their site. First look above! Second look coming soon. #ad http://liketk.it/2ubJL #liketkit @liketoknow.it ❤️

Baby girl is growing. It’s so cool going through this a second time knowing exactly what this process gives you. I can’t believe there is a little girl in there who will be here with us this summer. 💕

Quick visit to the doctor! Got to see her and hear her heartbeat today. Best sound I’ve ever heard in my life. ❤️❤️❤️

Oh my god I couldn’t get over how funny I looked doing these moves with a belly. We practiced this dance about 100 times. @meganroup choreography is challenging but I feel SO good once I’ve nailed it. For everyone asking she teaches a class at Studio B on Wednesdays at 6:45 and Saturdays 1:45pm. I’ll instastory the toning we did also! Sports bra: @varley via @bandier and sweats are @aviatornation via @bandier 💘 #pregnantworkout

MONDAY! 🐻 Excited about this week, not sure why but just feeling a lot of energy this morning- can’t you tell by my face?! 😏 I forgot how much I enjoy the second trimester.

This is what will be underneath my 50 layers of coats and scarves. ❤️ #sorrymybedisntmade

It started out as “CHEESE” and then it went all kinds of wrong. Swipe left to see how bored we are today. 🙄😂 (btw - I’m super social and going out for dinner tonight)! Wish me luck with finding a cute outfit for this weather.

Freezing cold and cannot step foot outside today so I decided to share our holiday card photo options. ❤️ #meandmygirls

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