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Do I get an E for effort? 🤸🏽‍♂️

Los Angeles, California

Winter mornings in cali be like...


Sometimes success is so close you can see it, but so are the obstacles that stand in your way. I've never let a challenge hold me back in pursuing my dreams, no matter how "wild" or "impossible" others may think they are. Life to me is the pursuit of happiness and happiness is living your dreams. #KeepStriving

Los Angeles, California

Smiling's underrated 🙂

On The Real O'Neals tonight! #ABC #KeepStriving

Los Angeles, California

When you try to make sense of the senseless 🤔

Happy Valentines Day! 💝

Los Angeles, California

Trying to improve my draft stock! Good W today.

Toronto, Ontario

Me + mini me. #Cruisin

Los Feliz, Los Angeles

When it rains, it pours. ☂️

Reality Check

West Hollywood, California

I'm a nature man, incase you didn't notice. 🌲🌳🌴

Los Angeles, California

3am Denny's feels. #lightskinbrothers

The Broad


The Broad

"The Nazis, 1998" - In The Nazis, Piotr Uklański presents 164 tightly cropped portraits of famous actors playing German tyrants in SS uniforms. Culled from popular film, the collection of glossy images shows how trauma reemerges through story and fiction in slick, simple narratives that shape an understanding of messy, complex pasts. In a sinister way, The Nazis demonstrates the commodification and even glorification of the history of the Third Reich for entertainment purposes. Uklański slyly depicts the serial retelling of an abhorrent past, highlighting both the tragedy of World War II and its consumption. The work stirred protests when first exhibited in London in 1998 for its darkly comical presentation of the ongoing fascination with one of humanity’s bleakest moments.

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