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Американская киноактриса. Победительница Teen Choice Award в номинации «Choice TV: Актриса драматического сериала».
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“Science is not only a disciple of reason but, also, one of romance and passion.” — R.I.P. #stephenhawking Thanks for sticking around as long as you did, the human race is so much better for it.

If you would like to join me and call for an end to gun violence and a safer future. Say it loud and clear, “We call BS!” Support the #marchforourlives and allies like @cjrcoalition and take a stand. Go to the link in my bio or omaze.com/bs to get your shirt. (100% if proceeds go to the victims and families of the Parkland Shooting and their allies in the fight against Gun Violence) Order yours by March 14 to get it in time for the march. @omazeworld @attndotcom thank you and have a good day.

Los Angeles, California

Made my first sourdough loaf from a new starter, my first shakshuka and mint tea for Sunday brunch. Then there was a rainbow ring around the sun so #humblebrag

Los Angeles, California

Oh ye of little faith.

Chuck E. Cheese’s

A successful Mario Kart themed celebration for the HUGH BUG!!!!!

Los Angeles, California

Reading and playing Karma Police. Don’t expect much else from us today. ☔️

Students tell your story: Some very amazing friends of mine are creating a platform for students who feel comfortable sharing their experience with sexual involvement, harassment or assault from faculty at their schools. If you have a story and you want to share (anonymously or not) consider doing so. There is no pressure and the people behind this are champions and heroes themselves just like you. Thank you!

Happy Sunday America RG @juliettelewis & @saladdazed

Venice, California

The Giving Tree

Venice, California

(o)L(d) A

HBD Kurt. Man we miss you down here.

Hello friends. Please read this. If you live in the Los Angeles Area Joshua Thiede has gone missing. His family and friends are very worried please call the LAPD missing persons unit to help.

She is a patriot She is a fighter She is my kind of #America , my kind of freedom she is the protector of my rights, our children and our hopes and dreams of a better and safer future. #emmagonzalez thank you for your speech, for your strength and for you spirit. Listen to the youth.

I feel so lucky that I get to be around this Earth Angel all day long on her special day. HBD @sashapieterse27 your grace, light, kindness, beauty and spirit inspire me constantly. Hope I can grow up to be like you little one. So much love. T

Dublin, Ireland

Don’t have to tell him twice

I wanted to say THANK YOU to all the fans of #revelationsendgameuk who made beautiful fan books and gifts for me (I’m sending them all back home and they are wonderful) but unfortunately I will not be able to bring many gifts home from #dusseldorf this coming weekend. SO if you have a letter or message you want to pass along to me that’s wonderful but PLEASE don’t feel like you have to buy me gifts or candy or ANYTHING your presence is totally enough and I’m so grateful for you. I can’t wait to meet you all on Saturday and Sunday!

Cliffs of Moher

No special day or filter needed. Love day is every damn day with you. ❤️

Gap of Dunloe

Didn’t make it to Dingle but the gap of Dunloe is one of my favorite drives ever.

This Valentines Day got a little apocalyptic. (Link in to video in my Bio) Directed by @justintylerclose choreography by @jasminealbuquerque

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