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Американская киноактриса. Победительница Teen Choice Award в номинации «Choice TV: Актриса драматического сериала».
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Thanks for getting us over the rainbow @united were still reeling from that surreal and beautiful weekend. #dreampolaris

Windsor Castle

Weddings are a joyous occasion. But today was just off the charts amazing. Congratulations Meghan and Harry. I am so grateful I got to witness your love today. There are many happy years to come. Also. Thank you so much @annabelleharron & @temperleylondon for making me feel so beautiful on such a momentous occasion. And last but definitely not least... thank you @halfadams for being your devastatingly handsome self and letting me come along for the ride.

I might be out of the country but my heart still breaks. Once again, a school community has been rocked by gun violence. We don’t deserve to live like this, and our children don’t deserve to die like this. #santafe If you’re tired of our leaders not taking action (especially when just 3 months ago they promised they would🤬) Text ACT to 644-33 to join gun violence prevention advocates in your community. @everytown


Patrick( the Canadian): this bar is 500 years older than Shakespeare. Troian (the American): I’m dying this is just like Hogwarts!!!! Clare (the Brit) I work here.

That is my mother in the top RIGHT of the photo. Well before I would come to know her. When we are born we think there was never a time our parents had before us. So to learn about the incredibly talented, smiling beauty in this photo well before I called her mama is something I treasure. This woman grew up in the cold of the south side of Chicago, 1 of 4 girls. She studied psychology, spent long hot summers in Baton Rouge. She bravely moved her whole life to the west coast before she was 20 years old. Danced with Fred Astaire and Debbie Reynolds. She sang with Dean Martin. She was an actress of the stage and the screen. And then, luckily for me, she had her first child. I know you have accomplished so much in your life. @nickbellisario and I are so proud to be counted amongst your many creations. Love you mom. #happymothersday

Love Anna

Got to direct an episode of @famousinlovetv and it airs TONIGHT at 8pm/7c. Always under the watchful eye of Cindy. Enjoy! On @freeform

This man in this coat.

Hummingbird workouts with @amyrosoffdavis my 💪🏼 are dead. 🎼 by @big_black_delta “side of the road”

Hey guys. Did you know that #eatingdisorders claim 1 life every hour? But RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE. I believe that with increased awareness we can change the stigma and thoughts about this disease, which continues to affect so many. Today is #eatingrecoveryday. I not only want to spread my continued support to those who are struggling, but also celebrate those who are in recovery! I encourage everyone to share their #MyRecoveryLetter and write their own at myrecoveryletter.com.

Still not over watching “AMA” filmed and performed by @juliegautier.nery and choreographed by @ophelie_longuet filmed in @y40thedeepjoy . Thank you, Meredith for passing this along. http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2018/04/underwater-choreography-by-julie-gautier/

Sony Pictures Studios

What I love the most about being with @docdanger is his ability to go full Meg White at the drop of a hat. #graduatela @cityyearla

Los Angeles, California

Charlie is literally an old mining prospector trapped in a dog body.

Los Angeles, California

So stoked to have my ass kicked* by @amyrosoffdavis 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Hollywood Sign

I’m so proud of you @keeoone so proud to see how your work grows and changes. So proud to see what an artist you are and feel lucky to have had front row seats for part of the journey. Ive always known that we are lucky to call @thisforeverland our hometown, but the way you capture its streets and the dreamers that walk along them make me appreciate it in a whole new way. Thank you for giving me a new lens through which to view something I thought I already knew. There is so much undiscovered beauty in this book. Thank you.

What a paradise we walk in. #happyearthday 🌏🌲

Planet Earth.Space

How sweet is this whip!!!Thank you @criticalcycles for helping me use my car less and also for planting a tree in my name to celebrate #EARTHDAY 🌍 And for every order they have through 4/22 they will plant another tree through plantabillion.org 🌳🌲🌎

Los Angeles, California

We serve serious face—> just kidding it’s #nochella 💁🏻‍♀️🌞🤸🏻‍♂️

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