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Американская киноактриса. Победительница Teen Choice Award в номинации «Choice TV: Актриса драматического сериала».
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Hey everyone, around the world! I want to make sure you know there are 7 days left to enter the @aimementoring contest to win 10 golden tickets for the chance to bring the #aimementoring program to YOUR COUNTRY. Help bring equal opportunities for success to youth regardless of their race, financial background, religion or gender. They have been doing incredible work in Australia and now they want to help CHANGE THE WORLD so go to @aimementoring to find out more or aimementoring.com let's stand together and knockdown these walls between us and our greatest potential. So much love xx

The look I give when I'm officially done with my week.✌🏼#happysunday @imagista

New York, New York

Thank you to the best combo glam squad/ security detail a girl could ask for. Always love you guys. #herconference

Actors don't often get to choose who they work with. Someone can be cast as your love interest for 7 years that you really have nothing in common with (or worse do not get along with). Someone who doesn't make you laugh til you cry or endures your bad moods or asks you how they can help you get through your worst days. So when Spencer got together with Toby, I felt like I won a lottery of friendships. @keeoone Is a unicorn of a guy (yeah yeah he is insanely talented in a lot of ways, but I mean heart wise, in kindness) I couldn't wish him more happiness and success in life and on his birthday. Keegs, thank you for being the Oby to my Sp. I'd play you in scrabble any day. Happy Birthday dork. #spobyisendgame

Good morning. This is Charlie. Otherwise known as Charleston (Zappa), Buckets or Papa Hemingway when in Cuba. He is of the variety of best dog and I challenge you to find a nicer person. Happy Saturday. VIVE LIBRE!

Congrats to Izzy Zarko on winning our #ThisSelfieSavesLives contest! We had a blast snacking and giveback-ing with you 😉. And did you hear the cool news? When you grab a @thisbar at @starbucks or @target this summer it’ll provide a meal to a child right in the U.S. through @feedingamerica. Let’s see how many meals we can donate by September! You guys are the best xoxo

Guys! My dear incredibly talented friend @mikeyshoesss created an all original soundtrack for @feedthemovie and you can buy it now on Itunes. I'm in love with these songs. Check it out!!!

Still feeling so grateful for all of the incredible people who joined me to watch @feedthemovie with @instagram @bustle and @neda the other evening. Your words, your support, your honest and your kindness make even the most challenging or frustrating parts of being a filmmaker worth it. Thank you again!

"I see you, it's just that sometimes there's something in between" from @feedthemovie with myself @t22felton & @benwinch have you checked out the film yet? (Link to iTunes in bio)

Thank you @lennyletter for letting me write this piece about my continuing work in recovery and how everyday is a different chance to learn more about myself. Huge fan of your work and I feel so honored to now be a part of it. http://www.lennyletter.com/health/a919/troian-bellisario-reveals-mental-health-struggle/ Illustrator: Wenting Li @wentingthings @LennyLetter

Los Angeles, California

The day is here @feedthemovie Is available to watch in the US (link in bio)! I am so grateful to the incredibly talented cast and crew that worked so hard to make this dream a reality. Thank you for your work, for your support and for the beautiful memories I will always cherish. I know that this is a complicated film (it could potentially trigger some people so I hope you take the time to assess if you want to watch it or feel ready to watch it.) But hopefully it starts a conversation that I think is important to have. Hopefully it inspires connection and understanding. And hopefully you enjoy watching it. I have loved making it and I'm so grateful I get to share it with you now. Xx T

For those of you outside the US who would like to know when @feedthemovie will be available for you on iTunes and VOD here is a list of countries and dates to look forward to! One more day! Xx T

Tomorrow marks one day left before @feedthemovie comes out in the states. I feel a lot right now: excited, nervous, fearful and proud. One of the main driving forces behind an eating disorder (in my experience) is control. Wanting it, manipulating it, attempting to exert it over yourself and your body in order to feel a sense of it in your life. And one of the hardest things to learn and accept, as a part of recovery, is that control is the one thing we can never have, over anything in our lives. And using food or exercise to attempt to feel like we do is dangerous, punitive and can be fatal. So at this moment, I feel so proud to say I get to share this story with you, but I also will admit releasing it to you means truly letting go of the idea that I have some control over it. I don't. And I will not. It will be out for people to see and experience and it will have its own life beyond me. That's painful and exciting. So thank you for all of your comments of support in these days leading up to the release. Im beyond grateful for the kindness, empathy and excitement you have shown me. Thank you, enjoy your Sunday and enjoy the crap out watching of #gameofthrones tonight #winterishere 🤓

Me waiting around for @feedthemovie to come out like 😬 (4 more days)

This inspired installation piece by @halfadams was made in one morning using several raw materials. The artist himself, when asked about the piece responded, "my bag threw up, I can't help it if my bag throws up." Inspired. Only on exhibition for a limited time. July. 2017.

Masculin/Feminin. Thank you @imagista for letting my grace your cover and chat about my forever dream of being a rock star/biologist. Get the full magazine in print! 😉Interview with @michaelwilliamsphoto & photography by @beckysiegel . Hair @linhhair Make up: @minminmadotcom

So honored to be a part of "Where'd You Go, Bernadette" and to work in such an amazing ensemble!! 😍 @annapurnapics

"We fell in love, alone on a stage In the reflective age" Photo by @nolwencif

This is how everyone eats after a run, right? 🤤 Want to join me and Patrick for a life-saving coffee break? Snap a fun selfie with a @thisbar and tag it #ThisSelfieSavesLives for the chance to hang out with both me and @halfadams over giveback snacks and coffee in a couple weeks 😊 Grab @thisbar in a @Starbucks, @wholefoods, or @target near you and get snapping… the most creative selfie snacker wins! Find bars here bit.ly/wheresthisbar or on Amazon. Yum!

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