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Американский актёр и певец. Более всего известен в мюзикле «Весеннее пробуждение» и в фильме «21 и больше».
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The Crazy Ex Girlfriend Concert Special is on @netflix along with the entire 4th and final season! Next up @radiocitymusichall 5/14 and 5/15!!

Dodger Stadium

Good friends on Jackie Robinson Night @dodgers stadium! Celebrated with a big win for the Home Team #BrooklynDodgers 💙

Burbank, California

If anyone knows what this shirt is from, I’ll be very impressed 👻

New York, New York

Happy Birthday to the Queen!! My mama @queenmerrie has 4 kids, is a cancer survivor, and a total gem of a woman! I love her with all my heart!! ♥️

New York Public Library

For Mom 🌞🏛

Barclays Center

The Sky Is The Limit. And that... is Undisputed. 🤘💥

Who’s it gonna be? #CrazyExGirlfriend

Griffith Park

Hiking the hills in honor of Marvin Gaye’s Commemorative Stamp Release Party at the Greek Theatre. Happy Birthday Marvin! Let’s Get It On... an envelope!! 📸 @trail_dad

Dodger Stadium

First @dodgers game this year for my buds and I! Rocking my brother’s @grungygentleman hat!! 🧢

Downtown Los Angeles

Seeing the 🌎 through 🌹 👓 these days. And it looks good ☺️

Rockland County, New York

Happy Birthday to my brother @grungygentleman!! Okay major family appreciation post (swipe for sure). I’m gonna see them ALL sooooo soon. Jace, the birthday boy is an incredible menswear designer and my best friend since LEGOs, Disney strollers, and Mets games. Milan is a ridiculous chef in NYC. An artist. Also my best friend. Brielle is my childhood roommate, my sister, an innovator, my best friend. Barry is my Dad, The Boss, and you guessed it BFF. And then Queen Merrie. Mom, best friend, superhero. Can’t wait to be in NY to celebrate them all and give @grungygentleman a big birthday hug! #TheLipsteins #Family #TooSeriousButIDontCare


Appreciation post! I just finished filming an incredible pilot that I can’t show you anything of. I love the cast, the team, and everyone involved. I hope you get to see it one day. Cheers! #ZoeysExtraordinaryPlaylist

Vancouver, British Columbia

Three amigos and a sister! Happy Birthday @keeganmic 🎈🥩 🍷 🍰 🎈

Today, I’m Sporty Spice 🌞🚲🏔 🌳

Vancouver, British Columbia

Sis in town!!! ❤️🍝🍸💫🇨🇦❤️

Vancouver, British Columbia

This cast is Extraordinary 💜

“What’ll It Be Reprise” from Episode 4x14 of @cw_crazyxgf 🎹

#Repost @theorossi 👑👑👑 #GhostsOfWar 👻🔥👑👻🔥👑👻🔥👑 #ComingSoon

Everyone loves a good vacation! #ad @bookingcom is asking you to put down your phone, pick-up your boarding pass and #BeABooker with $30 off your next trip - link in stories. They have the best places to stay all over the world. Can't wait for my trip, stay tuned to see where I go...

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