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Американская актриса, известная по своей роли Олив Дойл в оригинальном сериале канала Disney «Высший класс» и по её участию в американском игровом шоу «Кто умнее пятиклассника?».
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Bedhead af and representing @fangoria 😜🤘🏻 #vfwmovie

Proof that you can still be a ruthless bitch and cute at the same time @fangoria #vfwmovie

I love the smell of fake blood in the morning. @FANGORIA #vfwmovie

Friendly reminder that women don’t exist to be desirable and that includes me. UPDATE: because apparently I didn’t make myself clear enough, I don’t give a single fuck about what guys want or like. Full stop. End of story.

Really fucking excited to be a part of this!! Link in bio. @joebegos

Curating a new playlist featuring favorite saxophone solos— want to make sure I’m not missing any, give me your fave songs with KILLER SAX. 🎷

👁 see you.

Cassell's Hamburgers

There’s no milkshake emoji @skeptikayla

Villainous caricature of me by my sister, @skeptikayla

I stopped by @straycatalliance to hang out with some of the bottle babies that need foster homes— if you’re in the LA area, please consider fostering! @straycatalliance provides everything you need and even trains you. You could literally be the one to save a kitten’s life by giving them a second chance. To find out more about fostering, hit the link in my bio! #straycatalliance

Suited up 🎩 photo by the amazing @laurentakespix @slamogram @thevastofnightmovie

My visionary director Andrew Patterson and my incredible costar @jakehorowitz94. Couldn’t ask for better collaborators. @thevastofnightmovie @slamogram

Park City, Utah

Serving looks with @jakehorowitz94 at the #ecoluxelounge at #Slamdance We are both representing some awesome literature and film on our shirts 😜

Park City, Utah

Photo from the #Slamdance portrait booth taken by the incredible @laurentakespix

To be clear, my earrings say “LET’S DANCE”. Of the Bowie persuasion. Photo from the @gettyentertainment and @pizzahut portrait studio. Photographer @richterfit

Park City, Utah

Head on over to @slamogram to see lots of footage of @jakehorowitz94 and I being dumbasses but having an awesome time!

I know it’s been a while, but the newest playlist is called Exquisite Eighties, and is a genre hopping collection of just a few of my favorite tracks spanning from 1980-1989. Featuring Grace Jones, Suicide, Arthur Russell, The Damned, The Smiths, Kurtis Blow and more. Link in Bio.

Screenings for my film @thevastofnightmovie at @slamogram are on 1/25 and 1/28 !

Wishing everyone a lovely winter holiday, whatever you may be celebrating. My gift to myself was not looking at social media on christmas. How are you treating yourself this season?

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