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Cental Cafe Pershing Square

I can't workout yet so my nutrition has to be on point. Besides, eating can definitely make the pain temporarily disappear! #stroadtorecovery -To find out what happened check out this week's podcast... Too much to write- #trustandbelieve

The Doc told me to keep my hand elevated at all times. Even when walking down the street! #stroadtorecovery

After a very tough week, a horrible accident, surgery, and a pretty intense recovery, I'm finally able to smile all because of the help from my amazing husband @scottphotobombs. And why not splurge on some ice cream sandwich cookies to begin my wrist/hand rehab and recovery! #stroadtorecovery #recovery #surgery #fitlife #digdeeper #trustandbelieve #foodtherapy #sunday #sundayfunday

And when you find it, EAT IT, DIGEST IT, and let the nutrients fuel your soul!

#mentalfitness tip of the week: Don't try to live up to outside expectations. Don't give a crap what other people want you to look like or be like! In order to be the best you, you have to LIVE out loud and be 100% authentic to who you are.

Mesa, Arizona

I have the best tennis partner in the world! Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but you can learn from both! AND TODAY WE won #partnersincrime#partnersinlife #fitlife#sunday

Todd survived falling off of his roof and then decided he needed to drop the weight. This is an inspiring story of my Soul brother aka @ncfitclub. #podcast #trustandbelieve ShaunTfitness.com/podcast👇🏾 #Repost @ncfitclub ・・・ I talked about the former "fat" me this morning and letting that guy go....sometimes you have to remember where you came from to appreciate where you are. I can't believe my stomach in the left, puts it in perspective when today I'm like "ooh I see a pudge!". I'll take a pudge any day over going back to where I was. We all have it in us to be the best versions of ourselves. Sometimes we jus need the guidance and support. That's why i love being a coach, seeing people transform and knowing what that FEELS LIKE. It's amazing. #love #coaching #transformationtuesday

Mesa, Arizona

You may not know this about me but I LOVE VIDEO GAMES! #uncharted4 is about to go down! I play in intervals (kind of like insanity) so I don't hurt my eyes! So in honor of #flexfriday I'm gonna flex my fingers! #digdeeper

Divorce is tough but this is a story about how your #max30 modifier @fitandfunky was able to find happiness while keeping her head and her family together. Check out my podcast #trustandbelieve to get the full story. Fun fact: I was honored to perform the ceremony for my wonderful best friends @darrennatoni and @fitandfunky 👇🏾 #Repost @fitandfunky ・・・ Do you subscribe to @shauntfitness podcast called TRUST AND BELIEVE with Shaun T? -- Today our episode from last year re-aired so if you have not heard the INSANITY LOVE STORY yet, then head over to your favorite podcast app and first SUBSCRIBE to Shaun's podcast and then DOWNLOAD and LISTEN to @darrennatoni and I as we tell our story the day before our wedding. #trustandbelive #revT

New York, New York

To the @cizeitup Test Group in NYC-It WAS AN AMAZING JOURNEY with you lovely people! You're in this forever and if you focus on getting results on the inside, your outside will not only follow suit but they will FEEL and look more grand! Love you all! Till next time! Shaun T #CIZE #dance #fitlife #trustandbelieve #beachbody #results

Manhattan Chelsea

#throwbackthursday with @lysh711 From #INSANITY to #cize 205lbs/189lbs Single/Married FRIENDS/ALWAYS❤️ No greys/Greys


New York, New York

It's not always easy to believe in yourself and even if other people do, it doesn't matter until you OWN YOUR POWER!#trustandbelieve #FILAmazing #makeyourmove

New York, New York

When we dance, we sweat! @cizeitup &-5-6-7-8 SWEAT FOR YOUR LIFE! #dance #CIZE #shauntapparel

Tough Trainer ALERT: If you make the decision to do it GO ALL IN then STOP FINDING EXCUSES and NEVER GIVE UP! #motivation #youcandoit

New York, New York

No matter whatnot is START YOUR DAY off doing something that's going to inspire you to be the best you! #trustandbelieve in who you are! SONG: Calvin Harris- "This is what you came for" (featuring Rihanna) #motivation #monday #dance #choreography #cize #cizeitup #fitlife #you @taniathemachine @itsdavidterry @rachelcizeitup @april000 @meaganrobar

My boy @itsdavidterry from @cizeitup showed up to the birthday brunch. He's a nice guy and he can sing. Check out his page! #Sunday #sundaybrunch #cize #life#nyc

New York, New York

Sunday Brunch!

Minerals Sports Club

Thanks to everyone who came to the event today! @scottphotobombs @fitennis and I being silly during the group shot and got caught by 👇🏾 @heathergcoach ・・・ @shauntfitness and the abs! While his abs are spectacular (seriously) his message is even better! Live your life, if you don't like the direction your life is going in, STOP and change it. Live your power!!!!! Love you @shauntfitness !!! 💕🙌🏻💪🏼 #shaunt #trustandbelieve #shauntlive #cize #max30 #insanity

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