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Nothing to see here....just a big bag of bath bombs 🙈💖 Thank you @sarah.barnesy and @sallyc_roy voucher well and truly spent 😘 @lush 💖💖💖

Thank you @baftascotland for a lovely night!!! Congratulations all round. My bestie looked amazing and we had a ball @msannadevitt 💖

So my girl @lucygmakeup recommended I get a @babylissuk curl secret to curl my hair, since I got it cut Iv been finding it hard to curl it at the back because it's so short. And it was SO worth it. Takes half the time and lasts all day! So I'd really recommend, not good for long locks though! Thanks my pink haired friend 😂💖👸👸🏻💖

🎁🛍🎉 Its so lovely to wake up at home on my birthday. First time in at least 5years! 🎉👸🏻🎈

Tonight I'll be back in #Zapped on Dave at 9.40pm and I'll be live tweeting! Barbara is a soothsayer. Sort of. And she's a joy to play!

This is Barbara. She's a "hopeless" soothsayer. She was so much fun to play. You can meet her and her pals tonight in #zapped 9:40 on #Dave 💁🏻💖

So, today I got my hair cut. It's a little shorter than planned but it meant donating over 11inches to charity so I'm really proud to know Iv helped in a tiny teeny way. I wanted a change and I've wanted to do this for a while. So happy with it, can't wait to try new styles and have a play with it tomorrow. Never felt more like Snow White 😂💁🏻 xxx

Bye bye 👋 Donating my hair to charity. I wanted a change and I wanted to do something good. Hopefully it'll help in someway to make a wig for a child. Change isn't always bad. There can be good in change ✌️️💖

Lush is bloody lush 💖 @lushltd

Last scene on Series2 of #TwoDoorsDown with my second mammy 😢 Going to miss her so bloody much! There's been laughs,advice and just general cheek 😂! Can't wait for you all to see the antics Christine gets up to this series💖

It's been both my besties birthdays this month and we haven't had a chance to celebrate because we have all been working so hard! Roll on our catch up 💖💃💃💃💖 @msannadevitt @kattilamont xxx

Thank you @zoella @zoellalifestyle for my big box of gifts! These two smell AMAZING!!!! 💖💖💖

#twodoorsdown #Slate500

Thank you @stuartwoodphoto for taking our brilliant pictures 😘💖 #Dawn #briefencounters

Just for you @gozfull 😂😘💖

When this yin is designing you know it's gonna be a brilliant job 🙌💖 @cocofraser

Sista/Sista 💖👯 @oldskoolmillah

When the costume truck is full of sass, lipstick and dairy free chocolate 😂💖💁🏻💁🏻💁🏻

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