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I can’t thank you enough @alex_cameron 💖 Thank you for the amazing new headshots! I’ve got a great selection and I couldn’t be happier with them. Thank you for making me feel relaxed and at home. I feel like I’ve known you for years. You are a wonderful, talented, empowering, beautiful, inspiring woman and it was an honour to be photographed by you. Thank you my lovely @alynwaterman @alynstudio for using your talents and for making me feel beautiful and for just being the joy that you are! #newheadshots

Thank you @alynwaterman for a lovely day! Pleasure to see you as always! @alex_cameron thank you! What a dream to work with, YOU are a force 😍💖 xx

Thank you @spectrumcollections for my new brushes!!!! Amazing packaging as usual 👌😍! Get yours here : https://www.spectrumcollections.com/collections/brush-sets/products/5-piece-sweetheart-set xxx

So happy to be home and with the family 💖 Been a funny old week. This girl though 😍 couldn’t be prouder. She got the brains AND the beauty. Inside and out. So proud of everything she’s achieved! Love you @jildyson 💖

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @sallyc_roy 🎉💖 You are one of the kindest, generous, thoughtful and caring people I know. My worlds been brighter since I’ve had you in it and I’m so honoured to be your friend 💖 Here’s to you my powerpuff sister! I love you so much and im sorry there’s no balloons today (nowhere was open to deliver😭) all the love beauty xxxx


They changed my life without even trying💖

I want to do it all again 😭💖 #Halloween #Friendlikefamily #SnowWhite #TimBurton

🔮⚡️ #Zapped IS BACK TONIGHT x


HAPPY 30th to my one and only @msannadevitt 🎉💖 So proud of you and everything you have achieved so far! Xx (I just love a pic collage 😂)

Happy Birthday @kattilamont my absolute wonder of a friend/sister/partyqueen😂💖 I can't wait to see you next week! Here's to 30 gorgeous girl 🥂🎉

This gal 👑💖 - @just_jodes

Sarah I forgot we took this to send to you today! I think you might of had enough of us. This is the face me and @sallyc_roy see often from our favourite littlest sister @sarah.barnesy 😂😂😂 I don't know why she puts up with us to be fair 🤦🏻‍♀️💖 WE LOVE YOU BARNES! Xx

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @sarah.barnesy 👑💖 Thanks for being the wonderful human you are! Xx

⚡️ #Zapped ⚡️ Series2, coming soon 💖

Happy Birthday @gemzgirl ⭐️💖 Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. Strength, courage, hope and love! X

It's out today 🙌💖 Congratulations to one of the best people in my world @rae_earl 🎉 It's an honour to know you. You can buy it from Amazon and Waterstones 👌⭐️

Happy birthday to my favourite @just_jodes 😘💖 I can't wait to see you and have a Jodie day 👌! Sorry I can't spend your birthday with you but we will more than make up for it! Love you much my strong, clever, beautiful friend xxxxxx

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