Шеннон Лето


Американский рок-музыкант, старший брат музыканта и актёра Джареда Лето. Барабанщик альтернативной группы Thirty Seconds to Mars, которую основал вместе с братом в 1998 году.
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30 days til #MonolithTour North America!! @LiveNation's got $20 tix til tomorrow.. Who got theirs? 😎

TGIF.. 😎 Heading home after tonight's show in COLOGNE!! What're your plans? #MonolithTour

Next stop: Germany.. #MonolithTour

Russia.. You're up next. See you this weekend? 👊🏻😎 #MonolithTour

Searching for a #Remedy.. #MonolithTour

Prague. #MonolithTour

Gracias, España.. Onto Austria, Poland + Czech Republic!! Who's comin out? #MonolithTour

Madrid. Barcelona. Bilbao.. You ready? 😎🇪🇸

Hubble Studio

#AMERICA is finally here. What's your favorite track? 😎🎉 . 📷 @gettyentertainment @polkimaging

#AMERICA. Four days to go. Gimme a 🖐🏻 if you've preordered already!!

Great time in the UK so far - 3 down, 2 to go!! Anyone coming to see us in London? 🇬🇧

Hearing @asaprocky on our new song #OneTrackMind like.. 😂😂🔥🔥

If we haven’t seen you yet, hope to see you very soon.. 😎 #MonolithTour

Merci Paris! 🇫🇷 #MonolithTour

Workin. You?

Who’s ready for the #MonolithTour!!!

Enjoying the moment. What are you up to?

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