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any excuse to use this song as theme music

she looks just like me.

this kid @saraerosephotography

I’m in bed sick. I’m on a lot of medicine and watching a lot of “This is Us” and feeling very sentimental. So...here’s a picture that @saraerosephotography took of our family. This is us.

Friday nights are a little different than they used to be. #poorbubba

she has everything on. there is a coat under that one. a hat under that one. leggings. skirts. socks. she is prepared for the bone-chilling 60 degree weather today.

just catching up with @bradtursi & @itsjustbass @olddominionmusic #bathroomhumor #cmaawards

you spin me right round baby right round #CMAawards @cma @michaelmcanallybaum

thanks @theshowroomnashville for always making us look so good! See ya on the red carpet! #cmaawards

When you send your husband out with a woman that looks like this, you have to be prepared for the possibility that he may never come home. 📸: @shearerphoto

This was in my insta story, but after so many requests to repost, I️ had to put it up here where it could live forever. I️ was in a hotel gym a few days ago...and she did this for 40 minutes. Sound UP.


I remember exactly where I was the first time I heard her voice. It was in the spring of 1997 and I was driving down Music Row (16th) after a write. We didn’t have Shazam or Google, so I turned around and went back to my publisher’s place and walked around singing “Never Again Again” until I found someone who knew who I was talking about. I had never had an experience like that, and have never since. I bought and borrowed and stole everything I could find on @leeannwomack for the next 10 years. Along the way, I left Nashville for LA. I would work at the bar and come home to my apartment and study her records and her sounds and write songs that I hoped she might sing. She was my muse. I made a trip back to Nashville in 2007. I was losing my house in LA due to the housing market that year, and had just gone thru a wreck of a relationship. I met up with @erinenderlin to write on Halloween and we wrote a song that would go on to be my first cut: “Last Call”. I’m just now realizing, as I type this, that song turned 10 years old this week. When I finally heard Lee Ann’s voice on that song, I was back in LA, without a place of my own. Staying with a friend. Someone in Nashville had gotten a copy and emailed it to me and I sat on the couch at 7am and cried my face off for all the years and disappointment and now...hope. Hope that I could actually make it in music. I moved back to Nashville a few months later and the rest is, well, history. Or, at least, that’s what I’ve been trying to leave my mark on for the past 10 years. Last night, I watched my muse leave her soul on the floor at the famous Troubadour back in the town where I first heard her sing my song. Merle, Dolly, (both) Georges, Barbara, Ronnie...they brought me to Nashville. But, Lee Ann brought me back.

The People's Court

The case of “Nannie gets locked out of the house”

Dad, Branch, Poppy, and Pop. Please note: that is Dylan’s real hair, thank you @clkrame - and, I guess Dash had an itch right when this pic was snapped. Also...my husband is so handsome.

If you don’t wanna hear the truth, don’t come to Dylan’s salon. #ratty @spaceykacey

pop’s girl.

Saturdays are now dedicated to the birthday party circuit. Who knew so many kids had birthdays??

When I hear Ed Sheeran is writing for country artists.

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