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She shocked me by putting her hand on her hip. #shehasonemove #classicsneverdie #beachbaum

If you lose a shoe, just kick your leg out.

So she came in from the beach and I asked her what happened to her hair...she asked me if I liked it and she didn't appreciate my honesty.

She's a little too comfortable

When you pour syrup all over yourself and one of your Dads has to go buy you a shirt in an airport gift shop.

when Dad figures out how to use technology

Tennessee Performing Arts Center

SMACK field trip!

As we approach our 5 year anniversary of @smacksongs next month...It seems serendipitous that we have 5 songs in the top 25 this week! We are holding down the #1, #4, #15, #22, and #23 spots and I'm so thankful that @michaelmcanallybaum & Robin Palmer had dreams bigger than I could ever imagine. Congrats to @joshosbornesongwriter @trosen41 @mtramsey & @matthewmcginn who have 1/5 of the Billboard top 25 this week!

I am in loooooooooove with this video and this song. Y'all go check out @josmithmusic "Old School Groove"

just another day in the life of a 4 year old with her POParazzi.

Today we celebrated Baby Girl Carlton arriving in less than 8 weeks!!! Some of your family you're born with, and some of your family you find along the way. I'm so glad God put these people in our path. Kelsey is in the middle and she makes pregnancy look like super modeling.

Ryman Auditorium

I wasn't supposed to be videoing, but I love these people so much and I just wanted to share a little snippet of what magic they brought to Music City tonight. I can't imagine my career or my life here in Nashville without their influence and friendship. They are so loved, and they love so hard in return. It feels quite fitting to see them in a church, because they are truly a religious experience. We are all better for @littlebigtown.

Downtown Nashville

We just rode The Music City Rollin' Jamboree and my face and my belly hurt from laughing. Seriously. If you come within 500 miles of Nashville....you MUST get on this bus. Musiccityrollinjamboree.com - GO NOW!!!! Thank you @ohjessieplease for teaching me stuff about my favorite town and my favorite music. You are the best. Y'all....I'm serious. GO! You will thank me. And you're already welcome.

Five Daughters Bakery 12south

S U G A R !!!!!!!

Five Daughters Bakery 12south

Donut date

This is the setlist from @thebrandyclark 's show tonight...I had to take a picture because it reads like the table of contents of a book that should be called "how to write and sing songs that matter". Sometimes I take for granted that I get to work with one of the all-time greatest singer/songwriters because she is like family to me....but, tonight, I was reminded how her voice and stories feed my soul and inspire me to be better and make me grateful that I get to make music with people like her. Thank you, Brandy. You truly are one in a million.

Last day of school and just like that...they are grown.

No punchline, just a little Mother's Day FaceTime with Grandi from the family swing..."Happy People" seems to be the best background music for everything these days. I love my life.



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