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what I love about Sundays

She dropped by SMACK and had to have an impromptu photo shoot with @ashleyarrison #thisisfive #iwillnotsurvivethischild


because it’s Wednesday and because she’s my little Wonder Woman and because @spaceykacey has a song on her new record called “Wonder Woman” that I can’t stop listening to.

Day 4 (of 8) without @michaelmcanallybaum...

Mac and me.

bath time make up lessons

Talkin’ SMACK!!! Thanks @billboard & #tomroland for this amazing story. Coincidentally, we are celebrating 5 years of SMACK with 5 songs in the top 30 this week (including the #1 song in the country!) and 10 ACM nominations between our writers/producers! Check out my picture with BOTH of my husbands: @joshosbornesongwriter & @michaelmcanallybaum

Let’s go to Vegas!!! Dang!! Thank you ACM’s! @acmawards

More fun with kids cussing...my favorite thing. This time we’ve got Jaxon (17 mos.) and Max (4 yrs.) Thank you Moms @dearrueby & @liz_rueby - I have watched this exactly 300 times and it’s funnier every time.

When they misspell my name, it ends up “Mack Anally”....Sam gets this. #samwinseverything #weallsuspected #hewasnteventhere #andhestillwins

This sweet old lady dropped by today.

Grannie and Grandpa Baum

It’s no secret how I feel about this golden girl from Golden, Tx....but as many golden days as I’ve had with her, the day she walked in with this idea was one I will never forget. @lukerobert and I just sat there watching her lay out this story and this melody, and couldn’t believe how lucky we were to be sitting in the room. It is the kind of hurt that country music was built on, and the kind of song I came to Nashville hoping to write. Kacey and @tronian and @thesilverseas made a record that is gonna change your soul. “Golden Hour” comes out March 30th, but until then....go find “Space Cowboy” and “Butterflies” NOW and get ready to take a ride.

Celebrating 5 years of SMACK with 5 Triple Plays yesterday. The @cma honors songwriters who write 3 #1 songs in a 12 month period with a #tripleplay. It was an awesome day for our whole team, and I still can’t believe this is what we get to wake up everyday and do. @smacksongs

...that time I won Vegas. 📷: @kaileydickerson ✨: @mdmason3 & @joe_lndn

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Drippin’ in finesse...ready for Bruno

For Dad’s #1 party....Dash wanted to dress up like @thomasrhettakins (check the shoes) & Dylan wanted to dress up like @laur_akins (“...t-shirt off your shoulder...”) - it really was “Unforgettable” ! So proud to be a part of this song and this crew.

This is my nephew. He is perfect. #babymac

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