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Quick change for a birthday party and a quick stop at Pop's salon! @michaelmcanallybaum

Saturday dance vibes #DARLYN #servin #angel&devil @nicatnitemusic

Amazing food, amazing friends, amazing pre @olddominionmusic show dinner with some of our favorites! I love Nashville.

Gay Dads' worst nightmare: SHE CUT HER HAIR. Luckily, you can barely tell. But...to insure she never does that again, we told her a few dolls, ponies, scepters, crowns, and princess dresses had to be put away for a bit. Please note: this is about 1/20th of the stuff she has. And, really, how is she ever gonna learn of the severity of cutting your own hair. Please notice her brother's assistance and then his hand pulling the suitcase away at the end. This is her Meryl Streep Oscar winning performance, btw. And she will get this all back in a week.

we should all aspire to be this empathetic, this compassionate, this brave...go find her Golden Globes' speech and watch it. And if you have anything negative to say about it, do it on your own feed and unfollow me.

New SMACK headquarters...renovations starting asap...however, nobody is touching this faux marble wallpaper in this bathroom. #16thavenue #countrymusic #godblesstheboyswhomakethenoise

They got put in time out for wrestling

"...look Dad...I'm Sam!" @samhuntmusic

#Repost @samhuntmusic with @repostapp ・・・ Three chords and the truth. Out today on iTunes and Spotify

17 degrees, but @michaelmcanallybaum is hot.

@ashleyarrison sent me some pretty interesting information via google. I had no idea.

Snow day!!! My favorite summer room doubles as my favorite winter room.

Fin & Pearl

I could never have dreamed this big. Our SMACK team all together tonight for our post holiday happy new year celebration. I love these people...I mean LOVE....we have made a lot of dreams come true together, and we are just getting started!!! Get ready 2017...we are comin' for you!

Blackberry Farm

Love this crew.

Blackberry Farm

Blackberry Farm

The first day of the best year in the most magical place. Happy 2017!

y'all ain't even ready #2017 #drinkintoomuch #Repost @samhuntmusic with @repostapp ・・・ Redemption. New music - Drinkin' Too Much (link in bio)

Good morning 2017. w/ @ashleyarrison

The sequel: #beautyflowhairsalonpose - I think maybe I've been in the house with them for too long. I'm considering writing a song about this.

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