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her face is very sweetly saying: “yes, my Dads are gay.” - notice her brother wouldn’t take this one with us. Also...she’s in a storage bin.

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!

You ain’t ever heard a voice like hers. @caitlynsmith #starfire this Friday. @monument.records - watch #tacoma now @americansongwritermagazine

DASHing thru the snow....

5 minutes earlier she was face down in the hallway crying because her hat didn’t match her scarf and blaming me for it. Bipolar bear.

Hot tubbin’ on a freezing Friday night!! #snowbaums

sleigh. ❄️

Ok...I have been non-stop watching this hilarious kid and I noticed that his Mom’s voice sounds JUST like Kelsey Carlton. So...in a gesture of pure love, she and Robert re-enacted this video for me and now I can’t leave the couch for watching and comparing the sound of these voices. I mean...it sounds EXACTLY like Kelsey....does she have a 10 year old Hooters-obsessed son that none of us knew about? Either way....thank you @rcarlton22 & @shopk.carlton for the best post Christmas present I have ever received (besides a gently used box of Uno cards from Michael’s grandparents). *when Robert says “stop” - I fall out every. time.

@smacksongs celebrating our incredible 2017, and dreaming even bigger for 2018!! Some family you’re born with, and some you meet along the way...we sure got lucky with both. 📸: @weisseubanks

5 years ago tonight. They were 8 days old.

Happy New Year! 📷: @fordfairchild

@spaceykacey sang in our wedding, and 5 years later our kids served as flower girl & ring bearer in her & @rustonkelly ‘s big day. We couldn’t love these people more. It was nothing short of magical. #familyisfamily #theperfectday #forever

Happy Everything!!! 📷: @fordfairchild ❤️: The McAnally Baums

Dash logic. #hineybuns

I have no idea what was in the cookies Dash ate. The end is worth it. Note: there is a chandelier hanging just above our heads.

Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort

This is why we can’t have nice things. My mother’s reaction. Elegance is learned. Moon over Disney.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

If you need me, I will be watching this.

Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom

One of my all-time favorite days. Happy birthday Dash & Dylan. We’re so proud to be your Dads.

Chef Mickey's

Birthday breakfast with Mickey!!!

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