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When your gay Dads choose the float...

I would do anything if someone would put me in a car seat and let me sleep in a Mardi Gras mask with a star on my nose.

The last thing in the world she would ever admit to being is tired...why is this?? All I ever do is tell everyone that I am tired.

Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre

Less than 5 years ago, @samhuntmusic got up to sing 1 song at the Bluebird with @joshosbornesongwriter @thebrandyclark and me. Last night...20,000 people hung on his every move, and I couldn't help thinking back to nights at the Bluebird, or to all the days sitting in a room on music row trying to out-write what we had written the day before. His standards for himself and his music are unprecedented, and he is the epitome of what it means to be humble and kind. I'm just so proud to watch what was inevitable and honored to be along for his incredible ride.

When I ask her to "act natural" for the camera...

Chi-Chi and the double D's. Best band name ever.

Hello, Dolly on Broadway

This is happening, people!! Bette F'n Midler!

Missing my girl. #wannagoback #beachbaums #POParazzi #dadlovesafilter #restingbeachface #istolethatlasthashtag

We are all ready for baby girl Carlton to get here!!!!! @rcarlton22 @shopk.carlton

Our last night on my first trip to Paris...thank you @michaelmcanallybaum for another amazing adventure! This was after dinner on the Seine river. Everything about this place feels like a movie.

With 8 hands total...@littlebigtown has contributed to so many happy endings. #thisheadlinethough #someoneshouldbefired #orpromoted

Rives de la Seine à Paris

Midnight in Paris

Missing these little pineapples. 📷: @clkrame

FaceTime with the munchkins.

Musée du Louvre


Only watch this with the sound up and somewhere where people are not offended by drunk girls or strong language. Happy 4th of July. This is better than fireworks.

She loves America so much that she asked me to make this video for him.

Happy Birthday to my best half @joshosbornesongwriter

@ajgarges had some awesome surprises for Dash's room, too! He got fixated on this "hat". #iwanthisroom #whoamikidding #iwantherroom

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