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what is my life? #rebabombed

Since it's been raining non-stop...I thought we needed a little sunshine. 📷: @weisseubanks - you are my hero.

I think she thought this was a step and repeat. She asked @clkrame to take her picture with Bullseye the @target dog.

Shelby Park & Golf Course

"...I gave that one to the Daddy one!!"

Regal Cinemas Hollywood 27 & RPX

Just had the extreme honor and pleasure of watching my unbelievably talented friends on the big screen at @nashvillefilmfest in the AMAZING documentary "All the way to Tacoma" directed by @justinnolankey & starring the ever brilliant @caitlynsmith @bobdipiero @rustonkelly @paulmoak @rolliegaalswyk

This is a good day. @charlieworsham


Easter kisses from my girl on the boat today.

Thank goodness we got them new Easter outfits @maggieraysmama

it's official...the 3 of us are married.

wedding like a back road

This is from the end of last summer. Somehow @alexander01 made it into a gif and I can't stop staring at it. I thought I would make everybody's good Friday even gooder.

I just found this ticket stub in my guitar case from C2C in London last year....what an honor to play with @marenmorris & @thebarrydean - and, I know they were equally honored to play with Shane McANAL. #nohashtagisgoodenough

One of my all time favorite pics. This boy loves his Chi-Chi. Instead of TGIF...we all say TGFC (thank God for Chelsea). @clkrame you're the best.

About to give birth to a new song with @wruckestrike & @jammyrabbins

Dylan has decided she would like to be a big sister. I tried to explain to her that not all little sisters are as sweet or as pretty as Levi, so she decided she would just be her "bretend" big sister. This was at their brothers' soccer practice today and I love that Levi decided to wear Sawyer's soccer shorts over her clothes. @copelandisaacson @amyleeisaacson @michaelmcanallybaum - we are in some serious trouble with these 2.

I couldn't let sibling day go by without posting a pic of my favorite little sibling munchkins. Thank you @kelseycherry for capturing this rare moment of sweetness and thank you @rachaelkrupek for getting married and giving us an excuse to dress them up. We are living the dream with these 2. I love our life, @michaelmcanallybaum

In honor of sibling day, I'm posting a picture that is everything I love about my sister in one shot....this is a selfie from Rachael & Steve's wedding this weekend, and look very closely at my favorite photo bomb from my favorite person. @maggieraysmama

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