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I took ALOT of pictures of these boys and designed so many album covers for them, but ultimately they went with @harpersmithphoto , I guess it pays to be married to the bass player. But, I have included a few of my favorites that were NOT chosen...please swipe right to see my visions. Oh...and go pre-order this record. Even if the album art is subpar.

Morton Loggers Jubilee

@thebrandyclark + parades + pageants + small towns + family + friends = my idea of heaven

I don't really know what is going on here, she seems to be giving people these boards in our house. She also seems to be flipping the camera off thru the entire thing. Also...Kacey Ballerini is not a person. #lastbutnotleast

Morton Loggers Jubilee

He ain't blind, he's my brother. @joshosbornesongwriter

Morton Loggers Jubilee

There is nothing like seeing someone play for their hometown. Last night, Nashville went to Morton to see where it all begin. @thebrandyclark was their girl before she was ours, and it did my heart good to see the pride on thousands of faces as she beamed with pride right back. Thank you @gailgellman for capturing this moment.

Dash got to take a tour of Uncle Ra-Ra's new school, and he locked himself in a locker....we couldn't tell which one he was in, but he found a way to let us know. I have watched this video until my belly hurts. That is my sister's famous laugh in the background. #sogladitwashisfinger #thatswhatshesaid

My Mom is super proud of the garage sale she is having...so proud, in fact, she sent me a pic of some of the items for sale....and when I texted and asked her "who buys used bras?" - she responded: "they are like new". I don't know which part of this is more confusing...that my Mom has all these bras that were clearly never hers, that she is selling them, or that she sent me a picture....but, if you're a 32A looking for some barely used bras, DM me.

I'm so proud to introduce "BEARCHIlD by shane mcanally" - inspired by my dear friend @karenfairchild and her "FAIRCHIlD" clothing line. I've always wanted to design something practical for working Dads that don't always have time to put pants on. This particular piece is called "Rugburn" and you can literally roll out of bed and pick it up off the floor and walk out of the house, and when you come home you can throw it back on the floor or the couch, and it's an amazing showpiece for your home. For more information, link in bio. #blackBEARyfarm #bushman #bearchild #rugburn

Blackberry Farm

I don't think Hank done it this a-way. #bodylikeabathrobe #youknowthekind 📷:reid_long

Blackberry Farm

music & magic makers @wruckestrike @ryanhurd @lauraveltz

There is no punchline here...she just looks so pretty when she's mad. And her brother literally glows when she's upset about anything. "She doesn't like the dough"

When you're sleepy AF and somebody mentions a party.

My new life motto.

3 little ducks were waiting in the rain for me tonight when I got home. 🦆 🦆 🦆

25 weeks and counting!!! Congrats & thanks @joshosbornesongwriter @crowellzach @samhuntmusic @umgnashville - what an unbelievable ride!

this boy

Ryman Auditorium

Date night at the mother church!! What an amazing night getting to see our favorites @littlebigtown & @lorimckennama with our favorites @juliechrisley & @toddchrisley #happypeople #igotaboyandgirlcrush

love at first sight...#weareintrouble #daddyneedsmorehits @spaceykacey @lindsayknolan

So proud to be a part of this...y'all go check it out!!! @telemitry @thomasrhettakins #ashleygorley

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