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Soakin’ up every last drop of Chi-Chi and the Sunshine Band. Our kids are so blessed to have such an incredible role model in courage. As hard as it has been being separated for a couple of months, they get to watch @clkrame walk with faith and choose to do whatever it takes to heal herself and to receive all the love and help she deserves. She has given and given and given, and her greatest fear is letting others help. We are so proud and honored that she lets us grow with her. Please keep praying for our girl. The prayers are working.

Joe's Farm Grill

Amazing weekend in the desert 🌵

This is Smokey....the famous farting mule from Mesa, Arizona....I have never related to an animal more.

Chi-Chi bound!!! @clkrame

When we got home from the Grammys on Sunday night (actually Monday morning) - the kids had made us all these congratulations signs...but this was my favorite.

There truly has always been a Rainbow over this girl’s head, and last night she lit up the Grammy stage and stole everyone’s heart....although, mine was stolen the first night we met and wrote 2 songs in 3 hours and could barely stop talking long enough to even do a worktape. She gave me my first true producing job and even though I didn’t know what I was doing, she always inspired and challenged and asked the right questions and gave me the confidence to go and make a lot of records. I’m so proud of the music she makes, but even more of the person she is. Thank you @spaceykacey for letting me be along for this rocket ship ride.

Oh what a night!

5 years ago today my sister was having my first niece, Maggie Ray, and this weekend she was absolutely my Grammy good luck charm!! I love this girl and am so proud to be her Uncle CoCo.

Amazing night celebrating the Queen @dollyparton at @musicares @recordingacademy #grammys

Venice, California

Dylan on the set of “Three’s Company”.

Aviator Nation

Everyone in LA is so plastic.

Venice, California

Just like his Dad...he loves to snatch a wig.

Los Angeles, California

“Rainy days and Mondays...”

We’re not weird, you’re weird. @kelseaballerini

Friday night checklist for @kelseaballerini : Open for your idol @kellyclarkson in Phoenix ✔️. Get on a plane at midnight ✔️. Go on stage with @thechainsmokers at 2am in Vegas ✔️. Last night @michaelmcanallybaum & I were living our best 25 year old lives with this superstar.

I usually only work with professionals, like my 6 year old daughter...but she wasn’t available. So @michaelmcanallybaum had to do. I guess you get what you pay for. #outtakes #hehad2lines #heBaumed

Montage Los Cabos

I still feel small...

I love when I hear a song that my friends wrote that makes me wanna be a better writer. We were on the bus when the boys played me this one they wrote with @joshosbornesongwriter - and I was a little jealous...a lot proud...and mostly excited that I would get to be in the studio when they brought the words on the page to life with one of my all time favorite tracks. Matthew’s vocal is from the tracking session...one take. Sometimes magic just walks through the room, and you gotta be there when it does. OD never rests on their past successes, they raise the bar with every win. This song is proof. “One Man Band” is available everywhere. Go find it and get ready to hit repeat about 10,000 times.

Never my mother, but always my brother...and when Michael’s away...I call him my lover. A songwriter’s songwriter, whatever that means...he’s rich and he’s funny and he loves slot machines. The best that I’ve known...at rhyming and heart...and right where he belongs, at the top of the chart. Music Row’s #1 songwriter of the year is my bestie and the best songwriter to ever walk down music row: @joshosbornesongwriter - I love you. You have taught me more about music and storytelling and friendship and family than anyone will ever know. Thank you for being my friend. *please note that I wrote that poem without Josh’s help, which is why it’s ridiculous.

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