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Mineral Wells, Texas

...and then every once in a blue moon...they like each other and everything is right. Thank you @macys_mom_has_got_it_going_on for capturing this moment.

It takes a village, of idiots, to get a pic of these 5. Seriously. What is wrong with us??! Especially me. I sound like a lunatic. @maggieraysmama @michaelmcanallybaum @rjay3131 @lovingnannie

The Market At 76067

Shopping with my favorite girl in my favorite town. I’m so proud of the things happening in Mineral Wells, and so happy to share the history of my hometown with my kids. 📸: @macys_mom_has_got_it_going_on @themarketat76067 @theflowershopat76067 @lovecrazywater #crazywater #crazywaterhotel #bakerhotel #thebakerhotel

6:30am Easter fun with stickers. I’m really proud of my keeping a straight face on this one. I deserve an Oscar (Meyer). #straightface #getit #imhilarious

I told @tollirhoades & Dylan to smile for a picture on the golf cart. I bet you can’t tell which one is mine.

He asked me if he could take this trophy to school. I tried to explain why he could not. I really feel bad because if your Dad is a badass, you should be able to tell the whole school.

The folks at @tjmartellfoundation are the real superheroes, but last night they let me wear the cape. I can’t get over the generosity and love from this town showing up for this amazing night. I have said it before, and I will say it again, I am truly surrounded by angels. I have been my whole life. I had childhood friends I’ve known for 40+ years...friends I’ve met along my insane dream chasing...my actual family...and my newest family of collaborators and co-workers...all there reminding me that the best medicine is love and laughter....and we got a huge dose of both last night. There are too many people to mention by name, so I’m just posting a ridiculous picture of me. I love my life.

One of the best nights I can remember. We raised 70k for @tjmartellfoundation and it was all at MY expense! Thank you to everyone who roasted and toasted me to filth. I felt very loved. 📸: @rdiamond54

So honored to get to share some amazing news with the hardest working guys I know. If I hadn’t been so nervous, I would have cried my eyes out. Love y’all @olddominionmusic @acmawards group of the year!! #Repost @olddominionmusic with @get_repost ・・・ Our buddy @shanemcanally surprised us with the award for #groupoftheyear on the carpet since our category wasn’t televised this year. So grateful. Thank you!! #ACMawards #makeitsweet

I got the hottest trophy to go with my trophy.

Javier's - Las Vegas

I remember when we couldn’t get arrested in this town. 10 years of writing songs and making memories with these fools... @joshosbornesongwriter @trosen41 @olddominionmusic @smacksongs - #pleasedropthesoap #smackvegas #trevorsface

Thank you @acmawards for acknowledging songwriters. I am truly honored and beyond grateful just to make a living writing songs.

Since Dad and Pop are on their way to Vegas...the kids sent us a safety briefing. Dylan seems ok with letting Dash be the captain...but the last 3 seconds tell the real story.

This was their 3rd attempt at an April Fool’s joke. 2 things to note: I have no idea where she got the word “straightaway” and I love when he yells “Happy Fools!” I miss these little April Fools for sure.

NBC Universal

I met this one over 15 years ago when we were both writing songs and playing anywhere they would let us. Sometimes for 10 people. Yesterday we wrapped the first season of the most unbelievable and unexpected chapter of both of our professional lives. I could never have made it thru the all day (and night) writing and recording and filming sessions without @ashleyarrison keeping me going and, more importantly, keeping me laughing. She just makes me better.

NBC Universal

I am so excited for the world to see this magic. It has been the most unbelievable experience having the privilege of working with these superstar artists and these incredible superstar songwriters to be. May 28. NBC. @esterdean @ryantedder @nbcsongland

Such an amazing night at the @humanrightscampaign gala. Thank you @justinmikita for all the incredible work you do and for including us.

Universal Studios Hollywood

The kids couldn’t care less about Dad doing a TV show...until they realized THIS is where I work. I’m finally (temporarily) cool. Dash, Dad, and Pop need to take smile lessons from Dylan...and she has a huge calf muscle.

Manhattan Beach, California

She’s having a hard time adjusting to Cali.

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