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...can't touch my good as gold! @walkerhayes @monument.records


#beachbaums #4isthenew15

I'm about to use 2 words I have never and will never use again: no filter.

My bey's bday.

Cafe Thirty-A

Happy bday to THE BAUM!!!

beach time with my new best buddy #babymac

When she realizes I am taking a picture...she goes from smiley 4 year old...to some weird version of serious posing she has seen on TV (or that I may have taught her) and then back to smiling...and, when he tried to do what she was doing, I almost dropped my phone I was laughing so hard. #POParazzi #cockadoodledoo? #whenshekicksherlegout


She's already seeing the pitfalls of fame. #POParazzi

"I'm not gonna do money." #lazyaround #gettiredandeattreats

I'm real impressed with myself on this one. Sound up. @samhuntmusic @joshosbornesongwriter @crowellzach

A couple years ago, as a surprise, @clkrame had a mural painted in the kids' playroom with the lyrics of "Follow your Arrow". The playroom recently turned into Dash's bedroom and the wall was re-painted. I was really sad that we forgot to get a good picture to remember how it used to look. Well, Chelsea is always 10 steps ahead of everyone and she knows how sentimental I am, and she had already prepared this amazing smaller version to frame and have the kids give us for Father's Day. I am constantly blown away by her thoughtfulness and love. It's very appropriate that on Father's Day we would acknowledged the woman who is truly helping us to be the best Fathers we could possibly be. Thank you, Chi-Chi. We couldn't even begin to do this without you.

Old Hickory Lake

The tickle is real. And the bicep. Geez. Happy Father's Day to the best Dad I know.

Old Hickory Lake

Bubba and Baby Bubba.

Clos La Chance Winery, San Martin, Ca

So much freakin' fun last night with these 3. Thanks for having us @953krty !! Can't wait to be back! @lizrose0606 @walkerhayes @seth_ennis

I thought these lyrics were too specific to resonate with anyone else, but sometimes you have to tell it just like it happened for the sake of the song. Thank you @dariusrucker for taking a chance on such a personal song and to @rosscopperman & @jnitewriter for always bringing out the best in me and everyone who has the honor of making music with you. I'm so proud to be a part of this one.

Just catching up on the @cmt top 20, and look who showed up!!! @littlebigtown and @thekatiecook were so kind to invite Dylan over and let her twirl. She cannot stop talking about "the fashion show", and she is already planning her outfit(s) for next year! Thanks @cmt & @savannahchrisley & @karenfairchild for taking such good care of our girl. #daddyapproved

I got to share the story of how #forevercountry came together with the best @joshosbornesongwriter and the rest of the amazing team today. @cma #cmafest 📷: Larry Darling.

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