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We tie up Zelda’s ears so they don’t flop in to her food.

Preacher season 3 starts June 24th. Not for the easily offended.

I put different filters in my joints so I can tell the strain because that’s what you do when you’re me. #indicasativahybrid

It’s sunny in Vancouver which is a special occasion.



If you live in LA I recommend checking out @beyondthestreetsart in downtown. It’s a great show with a great collection of artists. You will enjoy it!! (This is @dabsmyla who has a great installation)

Found this great old pic of my grandmother in the old country.

Sleepy Zelda.

I know it’s not 4/20 anymore but I like this picture. When the three of us smoked there was this unspoken thing like “we found each other”.

Happy 4/20. May you be lucky enough to find yourself somewhere that weed is plentiful and legal.

#TBT to me at a Bar Mitzvah. Now you see why Mclovin wears a vest in Superbad. I look like Aladdin.

I’m on @desusandmero tonight! Watch and enjoy. Their brand is strong.

I couldn’t be more moved by people’s emotional connection to my crazy comedy special, Hilarity For Charity. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s available on Netflix. Here’s a clip of @tiffanyhaddish saying what she legally can about @beyonce

My Netflix comedy special Hilarity For Charity is available to watch now! Here’s that clip of @johnmulaney expressing his love for @tchalamet

Watch me on @jimmykimmellive tonight where I will take you through the ACTUAL foreign titles for our new movie Blockers (which is really good and hilarious).

Here’s a trailer for Hilarity For Charity, my comedy special that comes to @netflixisajoke on April 6th. Enjoy!!!

My Netflix comedy special Hilarity For Charity has an original short film from Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland and it’s one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever seen. The special comes out April 6th!!

My mom loves explaining her favorite TV shows to me so I asked her to make videos of her doing it. Here’s Grey’s Anatomy.

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