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Future Man has been picked up for a second season and I’m so fucking happy about it!!!! The first season is on Hulu and it’s funny and crazy so check it out if you have time. Yay!!!

Fun night. I’m hungover.


My sister found our old Hanukkah wish list. Mine is on the right. I wanted He-Men, I think George “The Animal” Steele, and My Little Pony. I don’t even know what some of this other shit is.

Me @ beach


Zelda on Zelda

Here’s a very weird pic I just found of me, Joan Rivers, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Joe Namath, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Lady Gaga. The conversation was exactly as awkward as you’d imagine.

Zelda had 15 of her little teeth pulled out but she’s doing great and has already killed three people in the last few days so she’s back to normal.

I finally fixed my instagram after not being able to log in AND I finally have a phone with a camera that works after two years so LOOK OUT!!


Season 3! #Preacher

Call this number. Franco might answer.


TBT to 2001 when I found a very inexpensive hookup in LA.


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