Сет Грин


Американский актёр, продюсер, комик, сценарист, режиссёр и писатель. Обладатель премии «Эмми».
  • Все 1846
  • Фото 1772
  • Видео 74
The Theatre at Ace Hotel DTLA

If you didn’t know, @alfredyankovic is currently crushing a tour with his amazing band and the legend @emophilips I’ve seen Al before but this intimate show is very special. Plus if you’ve never seen Emo, (he’s one of my early favorites) before, now is your chance.

Had enough time to catch your breath? We are here for you with sweet tasty comedy to fill you up late at night. We are here to fill you up. Season 9 returns May 20th @ 11:30pm

Also happy birthday to @breckinmeyer who became Wolverine when I wasn’t looking.

Available now! Season 3 premiere of @supermansion on @sonycrackle Catch up on the first two seasons if you’re the bingeing type. No judgement.

Jim Henson Company Lot

Got to help honor the great #CarollSpinney last night- his work and generosity have had an influence on me beyond calculation. As Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, he’s been one of the most effective teachers I’ve ever had. The world has truly been made better by his existence. #PuppetsForPuppetry

When paparazzi caught me lunching, but I didn’t mind at all. #MayTheFourthBeWithYou

Here’s @claregrant using the brass compass I got her to set the bronze sundial she got me for our anniversary.

Marrying @claregrant made me feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Thanks my love, for being my favorite everything, and for being the best partner I never dared to dream of. Thanks for these 8 years, here’s to a lifetime of anniversaries ❤️

#InfinityWar spoiler alert!

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

Hiding out in New Orleans, making magic & stirring things.

New Orleans, Louisiana

That moment when @rondarousey got tagged into @WWE forever #wrestlemania34 #TeamRowdy

Well that was awesomeness. Thanks @WWE for entertaining the hell out of us. #wrestlemania34

#FlashbackFriday Found a polaroid my mom kept from when I first got to work with the great @alydenisof -truly a favorite costar. She’s incredibly talented and generous in scenes, and knowing her so long I’ve gotten to watch her grow into an amazing mother and woman. She clearly hit her growth spurt before me, tho we eventually evened out. This was the first of many on screen date nights we’d share.

Had a great time at the @readyplayerone LA premiere. I’m such a fan of @ernestcline ‘s book- the movie is different but really captures the spirit and purpose of the book. The cast is great, and the movie is an incredible spectacle with real sweetness and fun at its core. Not just for gamers and gunters- I’m excited for everyone to share

Got some mutually consensual hugs from my pal @joelmchale - check out our fun on a new @theJoelMcHaleShow - Now Streaming on @Netflix

Stopped by #thejoelmchaleshow to visit my buddies and generally be silly- watch this Sunday on @netflix #Repost @joelmchale Here’s hairy @sethgreen & less hairy me, doing our most famous animated voices to promote an ALL NEW @thejoelmchaleshow (drops 12:05am Sunday) @familyguyfox @netflix @netflixuk @netflixlat @netflixanz @netflixca

In my mind they’re cheering for all of Stephen Hawking’s awesomeness.


Celebrating #Oscars90 with this literal gang- congratulations to all the nominees! What a fantastic year for movies.

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