Сет Грин


Американский актёр, продюсер, комик, сценарист, режиссёр и писатель. Обладатель премии «Эмми».
  • Все 1874
  • Фото 1798
  • Видео 76

Well said.

I made a movie about love and friendship with some of my closest friends- can’t wait to share it with you all.

Happy 22nd birthday #buffythevampireslayer Graduating class of Sunnydale High- forged in fire, friends forever. The show is something special, and everyone who worked on it worked very hard to make it great. Especially @sarahmgellar who never ceases to impress. Getting to be Oz is a true honor. We got to play deeply complex characters dealing with mature and teenage problems. The writing is so strong, and the stories very relatable. What a gift for actors. Buffy fans are a unique breed, with a depth of compassion and empathy. It’s been incredible to meet fans who watched when they were young, who now share the show with their own kids. #JossWhedon #AmberBenson #AnthonyStuartHead #AlexisDenisof #JaneEspenson #DrewGoddard

That time we visited @zacharylevi on the set of @shazammovie Can’t wait for all of you to see this fantastically awesome movie- it’s so much fun and the cast is stellar. Sam Jaeger is also in this picture but not on Instagram.

Join me tomorrow, March 5th for the national #DayOfEmpathy raising awareness for criminal justice reform. Find the Day of Empathy event in your area and come be part of the solution. #Cut50

This bed was made for jumping (Photo by @steveagee )

Thanks for the very cool and potentially dangerous gift @usmovie Can’t wait to see the film!

It’s hard to believe we’ve been making this show for 20 years. It’s been my true honor to entertain you all this time. Thanks for coming on this crazy ride with me.

So long 2018. You were challenging. You were beautiful. And I’ll never forget the time we spent together. Or the lessons you taught me. Here are some of my moments from 2018. Thank you all for coming on this ride with me. Cheers to all of us having the best year ever.

Civil Axe Throwing - Memphis

Achievement Unlocked. Thanks @civilaxethrowingmemphis for adding this sweet skill to my arsenal.

King Jerry Lawler's Hall of Fame Bar & Grille

Met the GOAT while visiting the King @realjerrylawler #Memphis

Current mood

Hot #BlackFriday gift for the young superhero in your life: The Elements of Power Workbook featuring #IAmElemental Courage & Wisdom female action figures. All profits from workbooks sold in November benefits @UTR4Military #40MillionStories campaign, giving deployed parents around the world the opportunity to record themselves reading stories aloud for their children back home. Link to shop at @iamelementaltoy


This is what democracy looks like. #WeThePeople

Cruising through my old neighborhood. Always good to feel your #Roots

Just two Jedi alone in the universe with daddy issues. @claregrant spent the night asking everyone ‘are you my mommy?’ while I rolled my eyes and hard-chugged blue milk.

It’s not too early for Halloween, right? Thanks @horrornights & @unistudios for upping their game every year.

Ten seasons ago a bunch of silly friends got together to make something fun for ourselves. It’s almost unbelievable that such a thing could grow into this. Thanks to everyone who’s supported or worked on it, especially @adultswim It’s our honor to entertain you.

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