Скотт Майкл Фостер


Американский актёр, наиболее известный ролями в сериалах ABC Family «Университет» (2007—2011) и «Погоня за жизнью» (2014—2015). В 2015 году он начал сниматься в роли основного злодея в прайм-тайм мыльной опере ABC «Кровь и нефть».
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When the show comes to LA for the first time...I find myself seeing it on broadway 🤔


Our AD’s are getting creative... #crazyexgirlfriend #gameofthrones

#cinespia #theprincessbride

#tca17 had a rad photo booth. #crazyexgirlfriend

Charlottes taking steroids.

Hello 👋🏻

I wouldn’t take the “come cab” if it was the last ride out of Coachella...


@mrpetegardner butterfly whisperer

Two can play at this game @gabrielleruiz #crazyexgirlfriend

We’re back..

Disregard the fine print.

Porter? #waketheriderlesshorse

I think country singers singing rap songs is gonna be a big music movement.

I hardly ever have photos of dad because he's always behind the camera. We made sure to snap some of him this year :) happy Father's Day pop!

These kids are about to drop the meanest Folk-Americana album ever.. #nieceandnephew

Sunflower on my land in Texas. The portrait effect makes it looks like it's floating. Pretty keen 👌🏻

Never a dull moment with this cast. #sagaftrafoundation #crazyexgirlfriend

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