Скотт Майкл Фостер


Американский актёр, наиболее известный ролями в сериалах ABC Family «Университет» (2007—2011) и «Погоня за жизнью» (2014—2015). В 2015 году он начал сниматься в роли основного злодея в прайм-тайм мыльной опере ABC «Кровь и нефть».
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@mrpetegardner butterfly whisperer

Two can play at this game @gabrielleruiz #crazyexgirlfriend

We’re back..

Disregard the fine print.

Porter? #waketheriderlesshorse

I think country singers singing rap songs is gonna be a big music movement.

I hardly ever have photos of dad because he's always behind the camera. We made sure to snap some of him this year :) happy Father's Day pop!

These kids are about to drop the meanest Folk-Americana album ever.. #nieceandnephew

Sunflower on my land in Texas. The portrait effect makes it looks like it's floating. Pretty keen 👌🏻

Never a dull moment with this cast. #sagaftrafoundation #crazyexgirlfriend

These two are just crazy for the hollywood sign.

This beautiful boy has ringworm and needs to get all soaped up, not rinse for 15 minutes and whimper at me everyday for the next two weeks 😢


@italiaricci and I in Must Feed And Water. Now available to rent on amazon! Link in bio.

The short film I did with @italiaricci and @tomikelangman is available to rent on amazon! All the proceeds from Must Feed And Water will go to making another short film. Details on that to come soon. Link in bio, enjoy!

In the inspiring words of the great Ludacris... Roll out.

#mammothmountain with these two pros.

#nationalsiblingday #ChuckandOllie

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