Скотт Майкл Фостер


Американский актёр, наиболее известный ролями в сериалах ABC Family «Университет» (2007—2011) и «Погоня за жизнью» (2014—2015). В 2015 году он начал сниматься в роли основного злодея в прайм-тайм мыльной опере ABC «Кровь и нефть».
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#mammothmountain with these two pros.

#nationalsiblingday #ChuckandOllie

He takes direction so well..

Really feeling this right now.

Took these with my d3300. I might start a side gig taking photos for your grandma's bathroom.

Looks like I have a new friend.

Bad form. Easy level. But I did it.

He's been waiting so patiently for this.

This game is far too addicting.

So sleepy. So cute. So ☯️


TONIGHT! All new #crazyexgirlfriend. I sing and dance a bit. This is me rehearsing and trying not to freak out.

Classic dog head tilt.

#crazyexgirlfriend tonight 9/8c. I'll do stuff so you better check it out.


Sunrise in New Mexico

My first day on #CrazyExGirlfriend behind the scenes with @mrpetegardner. This guy cracks me up to the point of fluids escaping my body. Peeing pants, milk through nose, etc. 📷: @vrodrigueziii

#crazyexgirlfriend is on tonight. It's so funny I pee my pants when I watch it.

🎶When outside it's 29 degrees I'll take a warm fire please🎶

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