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Американский музыкальный продюсер.
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This is me guys. The photo on the LEFT was taken 2 months ago as soon as my home gym was built and the photo on the right was taken TODAY. So yeah, last 8 months has been a hell of a ride. I moved from Boston to Florida and having to rebuild my life took its toll. ---------------------------------------- I can’t say I’ve ever been “out of shape”, but I definitely haven’t been at my best since the move. My body fat % went up a bit, my muscles didn’t look as lean or hard and when I would go out for my casual 4 mile run, I was barely able to make it the entire way. But that’s LIFE guys. You can’t expect to make big changes and not have other parts of your life suffer. ---------------------------------------- Yeah, I could probably lie to the world like 99% of the other Fitness dudes on YT and just take SMALL DOSAGES OF DRUGS to stay lean and muscular all year round, but that isn’t my style. AND YES, TAKING STEROIDS DOESN’T MEAN YOU GET HUGE. IF YOU LOWER THE DOSAGE YOU STAY LEAN ALL YEAR LONG BABY! And I don’t care about that, it’s part of the industry, but I have to say it because the ignorant comments I read about roids are.. well.. very ignorant and I don’t like being compared to non-natural lifters. ---------------------------------------- I pride myself on being relatable to all of you as a NATURAL LIFTER because it gives my programs and videos credibility. I’m not afraid to show the world that shit happens and sometimes you might need to take a step back before you can take a GIANT step forward. ---------------------------------------- I started SHF and built my app because my goal has been and always will be to help all of you. So if you find yourself in a place where things might not be going as planned, just know that it happens to everyone.. even ya boy Scott. ---------------------------------------- As for how I turned things around. I tracked my macros on my app, kept my @Bsnsupplements stack focused on SYNTHA-6, AMINO-X & N.O.-Xplode and trained exclusively with my new Legendary Program which you can all try for free by clicking the link in my bro. Push your limits guys and NEVER SAY DIE!

Swipe Left! MUSCLE BUILDING Home Chest Workout! [Bookmark & Tag A Friend] ---------------------------------------- Who said you can’t get an INSANE chest workout with just bodyweight and light dumbbells? Guys, I did this workout 2 days ago and I’m STILL SORE! Chest, Triceps, Shoulders… everything is PUMPED, WRECKED & READY FOR MORE! ---------------------------------------- Here’s how you do the routine! It’s PYRAMID STYLE and you’re going to repeat the same 3 exercises starting with 20 reps of Push-Ups followed by 20 reps of Dumbbell Chest Flys and then 30 seconds of Alternating Toe-Touches! ---------------------------------------- As soon as you finished 30 seconds of Toe-Touches, you’re going to start over with 19 Push-Ups followed by 19 Dumbbell Chest Flys and then another 30 seconds of Alternating Toe-Touches until you get ALLLLLLL the way down to 5 reps! ---------------------------------------- But if you want a REAL CHALLENGE.. go to my YT channel right now and do the entire workout with me! #BreakingTheNattyLimit ---------------------------------------- 👇👇DOWNLOAD MY APP! 👇👇 Google Play -> MuscularStrength iOS App Store -> MuscularStrength ---------------------------------------- #sixpackabs #fitlifestyle #aestheticphysique #buildmuscle #nodaysoff #instahealth #motivation #bodybuilding #healthandfitness #fitnesstips #food #eatclean #shredded #nutrition #supplements #1 #lifting #gym #gymlife #fit #muscle #abs #train #champion #success #bodybuilder #lifestyle #workout #ripped

Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas

Where does TRUE inspiration comes from? Getting swole and seeing progress is great and all, but if I’m being 100% honest I don’t care about that in terms of what pushes me to reach my goals. Good looks come and go and everyone has the ability to build a big chest & chiseled abs. ---------------------------------------- Life is bigger than trying to look aesthetic. If anything fitness is the foundational platform for everything else that has brought joy to my life like creating relationships and strong bonds with people all over the world and of course meeting and marrying my best friend @ericasgirlyworld. We met in the gym. Who would have thought right? ---------------------------------------- Training makes me happy, but above all else, fitness gave me the courage and willpower to go out in the world and not be afraid to fail while risking everything to succeed. Years of training taught me disciple and patience and overtime also taught me the joys of sharing my knowledge with others who needed help and guidance. ---------------------------------------- But Kamehacon was my first cosplay and showed me that my passion for fitness reaches out further than the 4 walls of a gym and I want to thank @JustSaiyanGear for inviting me for such an amazing weekend. Whether it was bringing a smile to someones face taking a photo with the LEGENDARY BROLY, or they needed training advice, I was more than happy to help everyone I interacted with. ---------------------------------------- Guys, I wear my JS Gear when I train not just because it looks cool, but because wearing something that represents a huge passion in your life really does pump you up! Broly may be a villain, but when I wear my Broly JS Gear I think about how unstoppable and how unlimited his power is and when I start to feel weak or tired, I get inspired to push even harder. You all might not be anime fans, but for those of you who are Just Saiyan has extended their weekend promo for 20% off their entire store with CODE “MS10”. So pick up some of your favorite DBZ gear, get inspired to take all your goals to the next level and thank you ALL for always supporting and inspiring me!

Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas

I F”@$ing LOVE IT HERE!! @kamehacon rocks! So many like minded people talking about everything DBZ, DBS and of course all kinds of other Anime too! ---------------------------------------- I’ll be at the @justsaiyangear booth all weekend so make sure you swing by guys!! We are doing 20% off the entire online store with code “MS10”. So if you need more gear be sure to use it! ---------------------------------------- And.... don’t be afraid to ask me to choke you out in a photo. Thats been the number one request from everyone so far.... Everyone wants to be choked by Broly... lolol 😂😂 See you guys this weekend!!! ---------------------------------------- #broly #BostonBroly #justsaiyangear #Justsaiyan #kamehacon #kamehacon2019 #dragonballz #dragonballzfans #goku #vegeta #brolythelegendarysupersaiyan #dbz #Dbs #dbsbroly #dragonballsuper #frieza

Swipe Left! TOTAL BODY/FAT MELTING Workout! [Bookmark & Tag A Friend] ---------------------------------------- I have to admit, out of all the videos I have ever created for YouTube, REAL TIME workouts where I push you all to your limits while simultaneously testing my own are my favorite to film. ---------------------------------------- I’f you haven’t been on YT lately, I’ve been posting new real time workouts every Tuesday and will continue to come up with new creative ways to help you all reach your goals from home each and every week! ---------------------------------------- Well, unless a new Broly Movie or something comes out on a Tuesday.. then we will have to reschedule! haha ---------------------------------------- But seriously guys, you are ALL capable of SO MUCH and it’s my job to help you discover just how much untapped potential each and every single one of you has! ---------------------------------------- So grab a pair of dumbbells and let’s start shredding fat and building lean muscle TOGETHER TODAY!! ---------------------------------------- Oh and PS: I’m going to post the exercises below, but if you want a REAL CHALLENGE.. go to my YT channel right now and do the entire 20 minutes with me! ---------------------------------------- 1️⃣ Burpee 2️⃣ Russian Twist 3️⃣ Push-Up To Hand Kick 4️⃣ Curl To Press 5️⃣ Squat To Row ---------------------------------------- Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds before moving to the next exercise and your workout is over once you complete 4 rounds! #BreakingTheNattyLimit ---------------------------------------- 👇👇DOWNLOAD MY APP! 👇👇 Google Play -> MuscularStrength iOS App Store -> MuscularStrength ---------------------------------------- #MuscularStrength #SHFAthlete #ScottHerman #TeamBSN #SponsoredAthlete #ScottHermanFitness #sixpackabs #fitlifestyle #aestheticphysique #coretraining #buildmuscle #natty #gronkfitness #neversatisfied #nodaysoff #mensphysique #instahealth #motivation #bodybuilding #healthandfitness #fitnesstips

Hey fam! I’ve always wondered what ASSUMPTIONS you’ve all made about me over the years! Haha So if you want to take part in this fun video I’m making, check out my latest STORY POST! 💥 ---------------------------------------- PS: DO NOT POST YOUR ASSUMPTION BELOW! Then everyone will see it and I wont put it in my video because the hype is gone. So only reply to the story question! ---------------------------------------- This video is going to be so fun!! 🤗😭 ---------------------------------------- 👇👇DOWNLOAD MY APP! 👇👇 Google Play -> MuscularStrength iOS App Store -> MuscularStrength ---------------------------------------- #MuscularStrength #SHFAthlete #ScottHerman #TeamBSN #SponsoredAthlete #ScottHermanFitness #sixpackabs #fitlifestyle #aestheticphysique #coretraining #buildmuscle #natty #gronkfitness #neversatisfied #nodaysoff #mensphysique #instahealth #motivation #bodybuilding #healthandfitness #fitnesstips #BreakingTheNattyLimit

KAKAROT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guys, I wasn’t kidding when I said a NEW LEGENDARY WORKOUT program is coming and if you haven’t downloaded it for free yet, just click the link in my BIO! This program combines just the right amount of HEAVY training with high VOLUME for maximum muscle building potential! For too long have other fitness trainers been preaching to just “lift heavy” to grow. Yes of course that is true! But that is just ONE of THREE muscle building mechanisms!! 💥 Mechanical Tension: This is about the load or weight that you put on your muscles when you exercise. The tension that the weight puts on your muscles when you are going through full range of motion causes them to respond by adapting, growing and getting stronger. 💥 Metabolic Stress: When you perform exercises that rely heavily on anaerobic glycolysis for energy production. In simpler words, metabolic stress happens when you do lots of repetitions and sets with short rest periods. This type of technique is what gives you THE PUMP that we all love. 💥 Muscle Damage: This occurs when you exercise and cause micro tears to your muscles. In order to fix these tears, your body creates new muscle tissue causing your muscles to grow. Muscle damage happens when you do new or different exercises, when you focus on the eccentric or descending part of the exercise and when you do exercises that put tension on the muscle when it’s in a stretched position. So do you wat a program that is built around SCIENCE and not just what bros say at the gym? Well then click the link in my bio and download the first workout of my new program for FREE! I’m looking to launch the complete program in May so this will give you plenty of time to try it out and get ready! ---------------------------------------- 👇👇DOWNLOAD MY APP! 👇👇 💥 MuscularStrength - LINK IN BIO 💥 ---------------------------------------- #MuscularStrength #TeamBSN #SponsoredAthlete #BreakingTheNattyLimit #bodybuilding #fitness #food #eatclean #shredded #nutrition #supplements #1 #lifting #gym #gymlife #body #fit #muscle #abs #train #champion #success #quote #bodybuilder #lifestyle #work #workout #strong #crazy #ripped

SWIPE LEFT & SAVE! 💥 Best Exercises For Quads & Hamstrings! | Workout Included! ---------------------------------------- Most people skip leg day because their workouts are too overwhelming! Most leg workouts I see have about 6 – 8 exercises of 4 – 5 sets each and for the average person, that’s a daunting task. So today, we’re going to greatly simplify things and go over the ONLY TWO exercises you need to grow your legs! ---------------------------------------- 1️⃣ Barbell Front Squat (4 Sets: 20 Reps & 4 Sets: 8 Reps) This is a QUAD focused movement and you’re only resting 60 – 90 seconds between sets! ---------------------------------------- 2️⃣ Romanian Deadlift (5 - 7 Sets: 10 - 15 Reps) This this exercise is going to primarily target your HAMSTRINGS with some GLUTES activation as well and you’re only resting 30 – 60 seconds between sets! ---------------------------------------- Oh and a quick form tip for the Romanian Deadlifts if the bathroom video wasn’t clear enough.. haha. This is not a lower back exercise guys. So if your lower back is fatiguing faster than your hamstrings, here is why. To perform this movement you do not “bend over”, you SIT BACK and let the barbell slide down your legs until it gets to about mid-shin. Then you pause for a moment to FEEL THE STRETCH, and return to the starting position and repeat. ---------------------------------------- Pretend like you have to take gigantic dump, your feet are stuck, and the toilet is about 3 feet behind you… GO! It’s all about the visuals! ---------------------------------------- But are you really maximizing both exercises? Why take a chance on missing out on quick & easy muscle growth when you can download my app and check out the FULL VERSION of the video complete with photos in the articles section? See you there! ---------------------------------------- 👇👇DOWNLOAD MY APP! 👇👇 💥 MuscularStrength - LINK IN BIO 💥 ---------------------------------------- #MuscularStrength #TeamBSN #SponsoredAthlete #BreakingTheNattyLimit #bodybuilding #fitness #food #eatclean #shredded #nutrition #supplements #1 #lifting #gym #gymlife #body #fit #muscle #abs #train #champion #success #quote #bodybuil

FREE WORKOUT! SWIPE LEFT & SAVE 💥 ---------------------------------------- VIDEO 2: Barbell Shoulder Press (6 Sets: 6 – 8 Reps) The first shoulder exercise you absolutely need is the Barbell Shoulder Press. The reason why you’re doing a barbell press rather than with dumbbells is simply because you will be able to handle more weight. Dumbbells require more core control and stability, which is AWESOME, but not needed for our goals right now which is pure OVERLOADING (aka Mechanical Tension) for growth. But there are a few key components I want you to keep in mind when pressing. ---------------------------------------- VIDEO 3: Use A Shoulder-Width Grip You DON’T need to go super wide with this movement. Just grab the bar about shoulder-width apart or very slightly wider. This way, you’ll be able to use more of your triceps without straining your wrists or even worse, your shoulder joints. ---------------------------------------- VIDEO 4: Do NOT Bounce The Weight Off Your Chest Instead, try to maintain the following tempo. SLOW negative, briefly touch your chest, EXPLODE up with maximum force and repeat. ---------------------------------------- VIDEO 5: Dumbbell Reverse Fly (6 – 7 Sets: 10 – 15 Reps) Now, although the basic Barbell Shoulder Press will target all three deltoids (front, middle & rear), you DO WANT to add a bit more focus on the often-neglected rear delts. But let’s go over a few quick things before you start bending over and flailing your arms around. ---------------------------------------- VIDEO 6: DO NOT Engage The Upper Traps Maybe even have someone hold your phone and film you for a set. If you’re RAISING your shoulders (or shrugging) while performing the reverse fly, then you’re activating too much of your upper traps. ---------------------------------------- VIDEO 7: Do NOT Rush Your Reps! Unlike the barbell press, the reverse dumbbell fly is a precision movement. If you go too fast, you will never feel your rear delts activate and all will be for nothing. ---------------------------------------- VIDEO 8: BONUS TIP ONLY ON FULL VIDEO / ARTICE! ---------------------------------------- 👇👇DOWNLOAD MY APP! 👇👇 💥 MuscularStrength - LINK IN BIO 💥

What do you want out of life? The same repetitive thing day after day for the next 50 years, or the kind of life you used to only dream of? ---------------------------------------- Nobody is going to hold your hand or give you the keys to the kingdom. You need to put the work in and have the determination to fight through any obstacle. ---------------------------------------- That’s why fitness is so important guys. Every single time you complete a weeks worth of training, or increase your weight, lose bodyfat, gain muscle, or whatever your goals are. Each time you accomplish a goal you are boosting your confidence and that is going to transition to every other aspect of your life. ---------------------------------------- This is why it is so important to set LOTS of SMALL goals. Each one is like a stepping stone that once accomplished will boost your overall happiness and ability to believe that you can do anything! #BreakingTheNattyLimit ---------------------------------------- Rome wasn’t built in a day and you should take that old saying to heart. Don’t think that every single day you go to the gym that you have to kill yourself. What is important is completing all the volume (sets and reps) each day. Consistency is key and if you set a goal right now to make it to the gym at least 3 - 4 days this week, by Sunday you are going to feel UNSTOPPABLE! I believe in you guys, so you better believe in yourselves as well! 💥 ---------------------------------------- 👇👇DOWNLOAD MY APP! 👇👇 Google Play -> MuscularStrength iOS App Store -> MuscularStrength ---------------------------------------- Try any of my 6 programs and my custom meal planner for one month free by upgrading to PLATINUM with code “FREEFITNESS” once you download the app! ---------------------------------------- #MuscularStrength #SHFAthlete #ScottHerman #TeamBSN #SponsoredAthlete #ScottHermanFitness #sixpackabs #fitlifestyle #aestheticphysique #coretraining #buildmuscle #natty #gronkfitness #neversatisfied #nodaysoff #mensphysique #instahealth #motivation #bodybuilding #healthandfitness #fitnesstips

You know you wish this was you right now 💪🏻🤗 ---------------------------------------- 👇👇DOWNLOAD MY APP! 👇👇 Google Play -> MuscularStrength iOS App Store -> MuscularStrength ---------------------------------------- #MuscularStrength #SHFAthlete #ScottHerman #TeamBSN #SponsoredAthlete #ScottHermanFitness #sixpackabs #fitlifestyle #aestheticphysique #coretraining #buildmuscle #natty #gronkfitness #neversatisfied #nodaysoff #mensphysique #instahealth #motivation #bodybuilding #healthandfitness #fitnesstips

I’ve been training for the last few weeks testing out the routines for my new LEGENDARY Training program! The workouts are incredible and I know you guys are going to love them too! I’m still a few weeks away from filming them and putting together the 6 week calendar but I want to give you all a TASTE of what’s to come! ---------------------------------------- So if you want to try one of the workouts, click the link in my profile and enter your email! I will be sending out an email this weekend with the details! ---------------------------------------- PS: For those of you who sent me your emails already, you were not forgotten. I had the Flu for over a week sooo nothing got done unfortunately... But if you want to 100% make sure you’re on the list, you can easily click the link and add your email again! #BreakingTheNattyLimit ---------------------------------------- One last thing! Be sure to stock up on some @BSNsupplements #NOXPLODE. You are going to need it to take your energy levels OVER 9000!!! #SponsoredAthlete ---------------------------------------- 👇👇DOWNLOAD MY APP! 👇👇 Google Play -> MuscularStrength iOS App Store -> MuscularStrength ---------------------------------------- #MuscularStrength #SHFAthlete #ScottHerman #TeamBSN #SponsoredAthlete #ScottHermanFitness #sixpackabs #fitlifestyle #aestheticphysique #coretraining #buildmuscle #natty #gronkfitness #neversatisfied #nodaysoff #mensphysique #instahealth #motivation #bodybuilding #healthandfitness #fitnesstips

Ready for an INSANE PUMP!? This muscle building finisher will put your chest gains to the test my friends! ---------------------------------------- At the end of your next chest workout this is what you’re going to do as a CHEST FINISHER! ---------------------------------------- Cable Chest Flys - 25 reps: 4 sets ---------------------------------------- But there’s a twist!! The weight will be relatively light, but after every 5 reps you’re going to HOLD your hands together for 5 seconds and keep doing this until you reach 25 reps! ---------------------------------------- Be sure to let me know how you feel when you’re done and if you know someone who loves new chest training techniques, tag them below! ---------------------------------------- Then once the chest annihilation is complete, refuel with some @BSNsupplements AMINO-X! You’re going to need those BCAAs for recovery! #BreakingTheNattyLimit #StealTheShow #SponsoredAthlete ---------------------------------------- 👇👇DOWNLOAD MY APP! 👇👇 Google Play -> MuscularStrength iOS App Store -> MuscularStrength ---------------------------------------- #MuscularStrength #bodybuilding #fitness #food #eatclean#shredded #nutrition #supplements #1 #lifting #gym #gymlife #body #fit #muscle #abs #train #champion #success #quote #bodybuilder #lifestyle #work #workout #strong #crazy #ripped

The family and I took our first trip to Sea World!! And the best part was that Jane could come and enjoy the park too! This was my first Car Club meet-up with the Mid-Florida Camaro Club And we had a blast! Well, up until we road the rollercoaster called “The Manta”. This rollercoaster is crazy guys. You’re suspended in the air facing DOWN and do a backwards loop at one point. ---------------------------------------- Lets just say I came REAL close to puking. Haha. I thought I was ready from having the Flu all week... I guess not. 😭 ---------------------------------------- But I can’t wait to bring Jane to more car shows and I hope to see you guys at some of them in the future! #StealTheShow #CamaroDay ---------------------------------------- Jane is proudly sponsored by 👀 🔑 @carlock.co 🎥 @blackvueofficial 👉 MS10 - 10% Off All BlackVue Products 🤩 Link In BIO! ---------------------------------------- #camaro #camaro5 #dashcam #chevy #chevycamaro #camarosonly #camaross #chevrolet #chevroletcamaro #americanmusclecar #musclecar #musclecars #musclecarsdaily #camarofamily #camaroporn #camaro2ss #camarodaily #chevroletperformance #carswithoutlimits #amazingcars #amazingcars247 #camarosdaily #camaro_porn #camarolove #TeamBlackVue #carlock

Save this workout for those days when you say you’re too tired to train ABS!! And if you need a boost, just chuck some good ol’ @bsnsupplements #NOXplode! #SponsoredAthlete ---------------------------------------- Share this workout with a friend who needs to work on their ABS! ---------------------------------------- 1️⃣ Alt. DB Toe-Touch (15 per side) 2️⃣ DB Oblique Crunch (15 per side) 3️⃣ Knee Raise (20 - 30) 4️⃣ Ab Pulldown (10M, 10L, 10R) ---------------------------------------- Complete 4 sets of each exercise before moving to the next one! ---------------------------------------- Kill it guys! My ABS are already sore from this! #BreakingTheNattyLimit #StealTheShow ---------------------------------------- 👇👇DOWNLOAD MY APP! 👇👇 Google Play -> MuscularStrength iOS App Store -> MuscularStrength ---------------------------------------- #MuscularStrength #SHFAthlete #ScottHerman #TeamBSN #ScottHermanFitness #sixpackabs #fitlifestyle #aestheticphysique #coretraining #buildmuscle #natty #gronkfitness #neversatisfied #nodaysoff #mensphysique #instahealth #motivation #bodybuilding #healthandfitness #fitnesstips

A LEGENDARY new workout program is coming. DM me your E-MAIL if you want a sneak peak of one of the workouts 🤤 #StealTheShow #BreakingTheNattyLimit ---------------------------------------- 👇👇DOWNLOAD MY APP! 👇👇 Google Play -> MuscularStrength iOS App Store -> MuscularStrength ---------------------------------------- #bodybuilding #fitness #food #eatclean#shredded #nutrition #supplements #1 #lifting #gym #gymlife #body #fit #muscle #abs #train #champion #success #bodybuilder #lifestyle #workout #strong #crazy #ripped #Dbz #dbs #broly #dragonballz

Sorry Bello.. this is just too funny not to post 😭 #petsofinstagram #petstagram #petsociety #dog #dogfunny #funnydogvideos #dogsofinstagram #doggy #funnypets #matlese #dogstagram #dogoftheweek #dogoftheday #dogoftheyear

This is my Mom @kwillis730 and although she slapped my sunburned shoulders about 50 times today, I still love her very much ❤️. ---------------------------------------- My Mom and Step Dad Tom are in town visiting for the week and leave tomorrow. So @ericasgirlyworld and I have been showing them all over our new stomping grounds here in Florida and spent all day today at Universal and Islands of Adventure! We had so much fun! ---------------------------------------- Always remember to put family first guys! Always build new memories! Never forget that! So if you haven’t talked to your Family in a while, give them a call or stop by for a visit 💪🏻. #family #familyfirst #familyisforever

I want to say a special thank you to all of you who came out to support me and stop by for a chat at the @bsnsupplements booth this weekend! I had such a great time putting you all through the ringer with my insane challenges and even though some of them were SUPAHHHH HAHHHHHHD, not one of you gave up! I hope that showed you all that you can do anything you put your mind to! ---------------------------------------- I also had the honor of presenting awards to the amazing Athletes competing on behalf of BSN Friday night. Everyone on stage looked phenomenal and I’m glad I was only there to hand out the awards because at that level picking a winner is close to impossible! So much hard work and dedication in one place! I know everyone in that room left the Arnold Classic ready to go home and take their own goals to the next level. So inspiring! But if you couldnt make it to the show this year, there is always Arnold 2020! Follow your dreams, train hard and never give up guy! You Got This!💪🏻 #StealTheShow ---------------------------------------- 👇👇DOWNLOAD MY APP! 👇👇 Google Play -> MuscularStrength iOS App Store -> MuscularStrength ---------------------------------------- #bodybuilding #fitness #food #eatclean#shredded #nutrition #supplements #1 #lifting #gym #gymlife #body #fit #muscle #abs #train #champion #success #quote #bodybuilder #lifestyle #work #workout #strong#crazy #ripped #boy #girl #arnoldclassic2019

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